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Top 10 Free Video Converters

Video Converter

Video converters allow conversion of video footage into desirable formats. Even full-featured be used completely for free. All that the user has to do is to upload the file, select the output format and save location to download the file.

1. HD Video Converter Factory is a completely free converter that converts the videos very fast. This supports HD video quality.

2. Any Video Converter is another free video converter that supports multiple languages and converts between any formats. Online videos can be downloaded and there is also a full featured media player.

3. Koyote Free Video Converter also supports multi languages and converts the videos quickly. Conversion cans be chosen for only some parts of the video.

4. Freemake video converter is compatible with windows operating system and it converts many file formats. This is easy to use software.

5. HandBrake is a free and open source video converts that convert from most of the formats. It is compatible with multi platforms.

6. MediaCoder can work on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Interesting features of the software are the speed, quality and maintaining original quality in all formats.

7. Cloud Converter is a web based converter software and is the best online tool. It can handle more than two hundred different formats.

8. Convertilla is video converter software for windows. This is for casual users and there is the least trouble with this.

9. The online converter is another web based converter for free conversion of videos. It can handle more than twenty popular formats.

10. Other free conversion software includes Super for windows, Hamster for Windows and Media Converter for Mac Os.

The above are few of the many best free video converters available. There are also other capable free video converters worth checking. Compare the features and then choose the best one.

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