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Top 10 Free Online Video Editors

Many people love to shoot video clips and want their video footage to look perfect. Using video editor ensures that the videos look professional. What people want from video editors may differ and will be based on individual requirements. There are many free, easy to use online free video editors that can try.

YouTube video editor

It is the most popular tool user by the people over internet. This tool is very easy to use. This can be used to cut the video clips, combine clips into one file and so on.


Apart from being a video editor allows to record using the Android app. The videos can be saved to WeVideo Google drive.


It is another video editing and video creating tool using which 45 seconds of video can be edited or created for the free version users.


It allows creating videos, upload own video footage and also audio files. Many elements can be used apart from the regular drawing, images, text and cartoons.


This allows video editing in very less time. It also allows sharing the videos to various social websites apart from storing it in Google Drive.

Online Video Cutter

It is the place to find many advanced editing tools. Videos can be rotated; cropped, trimmed or professional style editing features can be used.


It helps to create professional style videos. based on the user’s needs, animations can be added. All the features can be accessed without registering.


It offers interesting set of video editing features. Audio, movie editors, cartoonist and mindomo editing tools are available.

Video Toolbox

It allows not only edit the video freely but provides the user with bit rate, frame rate, resolution and other information.


This is a very quick to use and user friendly platform.

Video creation and editing are no more the domains of professionals. Online video editors need not be downloaded or installed. Have a good internet connection and access these free video editors online.

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