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YouTube is the only treasure for any business as the marketing trends veer towards the digital domain. It is hawking the business brands through its video advertising platform. YouTube is the second topmost search engine after Google. The brands are much aware of the significance of YouTube, and it is letting YouTube have a special status in the business world. Hence, most of the brands are going beyond the personal account by creating a YouTube Brand Account, where they can find plenty of benefits. Though you have the YouTube channel, you can connect it to the brand account.

What is YouTube Brand Account?

Is it important for businesses to create YouTube Brand Account?

Here is everything about it that guides you from beginning to end.

YouTube Brand Account

It is the business account which can be activated and managed by your personal YouTube channel. Through this account, your business brand can acquire a unique name, content, and branding on YouTube. The most benefit offered here is that you can add channel managers to this.

Steps to create YouTube Brand Account

Log-in to YouTube or Google Account:

  • If you already have the Google account, then sign in to YouTube through If not, then create a new account with the required data.
  • Go to Google account sign up.
  • Create the account by providing the required fields like name, email, and password, etc.
  • Then click on next.
  • Your new personal account will be confirmed by Google, which can be used to manage all Google products like Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube, etc.
  • You have created a personal account successfully. Now you can create this for your business.

Creating a YouTube Brand Account:

  • By using new personal Google credentials, sign in to YouTube.
  • On the top right corner of YouTube, click your profile image.
  • In the drop-down menu, choose the creator studio and click on settings gear appears next to creator studio.
  • Or scroll down to get the settings option and click on it.
  • Select create a new channel.
  • Then it is directed to ‘Brand Accounts’ where you need to give a brand account name.
  • Now click on create.
  • YouTube brand account channel created successfully where you can upload your brand videos.


Assigning the brand account should be given carefully as it reflects your brand.

Adding Managers to the YouTube Brand Account:

As it is different from a personal account, one can add managers and owners to the account just as its Facebook page.

The owners and managers play the same role as on Facebook page where the owners can add or remove managers, edit business information, responding to views, remove listings, and managing all videos.

Managers are enabled to do all the above except adding or removing managers and remove listings.

  • Sign in to the YouTube account.
  • Go to the creator studio and click on the settings gear icon or scroll down to find the settings and click on it.
  • Then click on Add or Remove managers.
  • Select manage permission.
  • Click on the invite new users appears on the top right corner.
  • Give the email address of the user that you want to add.
  • Also, choose the role of the person as a manager, owner, or communications manager.
  • Now click on Invite.
  • You have successfully set up your YouTube Brand Account and added others to manage it. You can upload the create videos of your company to engage your most loved audience.

Converting personal channel to brand account

  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • Click on profile image on the top right corner
  • Then select YouTube studio beta
  • Choose the creator studio classic at the left bottom corner.
  • Then click on view advanced settings.
  • You will be directed to ‘set up YouTube exactly how you want it.’
  • Then scroll down to select ‘move the channel to a brand account.’
  • It directs you to mention your email and password.
  • Then click next after mentioned your details.
  • You have successfully converted a personal channel to a brand account.


Creating this YouTube account not so tough just through the follow-up of the steps mentioned above that are displayed in the YouTube personal account itself directs you to setup. YouTube can make a million audiences to hear the echoes of your brand.

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Top 10 YouTube Full-length Hollywood Movies Tue, 15 Oct 2019 06:21:20 +0000 In this digital era, most of the people are watching movies online by spending a few bucks, which could be better for all to find entertainment at the most affordable price. The online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube Prime are offering the new trending movies basing on monthly or yearly subscriptions. […]

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In this digital era, most of the people are watching movies online by spending a few bucks, which could be better for all to find entertainment at the most affordable price. The online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube Prime are offering the new trending movies basing on monthly or yearly subscriptions. In the same way, the surfing of free online videos is the most haunted search on Google.

Who is more curious in watching the top Hollywood movies at free of cost?

The only audience-friendly source is YouTube. YouTube is the single library where we can get quality movies free if you are bugging of browsing the free Hollywood movies, then the only solution to heel that is YouTube.
Check out the below list to watch the free full-length movies that can save your money. Sure, that it would become your all-time favorite to watch.


In this movie, the retired CIA agent travels across Europe to save his estranged kidnapped daughter while they were on the Paris trip. It is action thriller movie.

Delivery Man

It is an American comedy film in which an ageing skiver and former donor of sperm realize that he is the biological father of about 533 children and from which 142 are filed litigation to reveal his identity. This video on YouTube has attained 3+ million views.


The 11-year-old Rudy went to the Tripper, the camp counselor at Camp North Star. Rudy has low self-confidence and where Tripper encourages Rudy to gain his confidence. This full movie is available on YouTube to watch now.

Akira Anime

In the year of 1988, this movie was released with the concept of animation along with a pure cinematic vision. We can say that it is the milestone of the Japanese film industry through extreme innovation.

Ronal The Barbarian

The young barbarian named Ronal who fights against the evil lord Volcazar on the responsibility of saving the tribes. This movie on YouTube got 27,786,385+ views.

Night of the Living Dead

It is the American horror movie where the recently deceased from grave uses the living as the food, and it all done through the radiation from the fallen satellite.

Better off Dead

This is the American comedy movie in which a teen named Lane Meyer with a bizarre obsession with his girlfriend and having a peculiar family. When she dumps him then starts killing himself by making awkward suicide attempts.

Steamboat Bill Jr.

It is a silent comedy film where the student attempts to win the competing captain’s daughter after taking his father’s riverboat.

The Ghost Beyond

It is the most horror movie. The writer moves to the country house along with his wife and son to write the next novel. The family was tortured by the presence which communicates with his son, and then they start to escape.

Angels in the Outfield

The young boy named Roger begs God for real family and victory of his favorite basketball team. Few angles decide to make his wish real.


Though the list mentioned above may contain the old movies that are more enjoyable to watch in the present era. The audience who are looking for the most exciting film to watch without spending a penny can watch from the above.

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YouTube Advertising 101: Guide to YouTube Ads 2019 Fri, 11 Oct 2019 10:57:48 +0000 Are you piqued about using popular YouTube as a lucrative advertising platform? But are you wary about how to start YouTube advertising? Well then, you aren’t alone in this dilemma. As per the recent survey conducted by Social Media Examiners, an approximate of 11% marketers are known to run ad campaigns on YouTube with rest […]

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Are you piqued about using popular YouTube as a lucrative advertising platform? But are you wary about how to start YouTube advertising? Well then, you aren’t alone in this dilemma. As per the recent survey conducted by Social Media Examiners, an approximate of 11% marketers are known to run ad campaigns on YouTube with rest 65% in the quest of learning what it has got to offer.

This is rooted in the fact which signifies how YouTube has turned into an effective medium that has a far reach among the audience.
Additionally, this Google-owned service giant is wholly centered on videos that have a wider reach globally (Estimated amount of time spent on watching video each day counts to thousands and millions with billions of users in over 88 countries.)

The platform is also extremely mobile-friendly, with more viewership garnered through mobile devices. This brings us to the next question as to how to leverage the potential of this active network and what are the points one should be aware before beginning the advertisements on it?

Get Viewership Where Everyone Is Watching

One of the advanced YouTube advertising targeting techniques comprises understanding the pulse of the users. As YouTube Ads increase the potential for generating leads, it should also be able to convert them into sales. Hence you need to search for ads that interest users. Over the past two years, there has been a considerable rise in the small and medium-sized businesses advertising on the platform.

Reach to the Audience That Matters to You!

Foremost, it is not mandatory to get your ad viewed by everybody. Instead, offering it to people, who are likely to show interest, can get you the desired result(s). For example: From sports fan to fashionistas – they are all in the block and targeting the niche crowd can deem helpful for you.

How to Start YouTube Advertising

Here are top tips on how to start YouTube advertising. Check out below:

  • Begin with uploading your video advertisement on the platform
  • Go on to create a fresh campaign on Google AdWords
  • Ensure to configure the created campaigns
  • Pick the niche segment you wish to target
  • Choose where you wish to showcase your Ads
  • Choose your marketing video
  • Further go on to configure the YouTube Adwords in the Video Ad.

Advertising Formats for YouTube

YouTube Advertising format plays an integral role which can thereby increase the view ads and also your Ad reach. Primarily there happen to be three important types of video for individuals to invest on in YouTube. These are

TrueView Ads:

Which are used for creating standard video ad type.

Preroll Ads:

These are in-stream ads that are usually non-skippable. These can be played either before, mid-roll or after the completion of the video.


At present, these are the prominent types of ads that are run on the platform:

Display Ads:

These are traditional web units that appear on the right side of the video.

Overlay Ads:

These are semi-transparent ads that are displayed on the lower portion covering 20% space of the video.

Skippable Video Ads:

These are video units that allow users to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

Non-Skippable Video Ads:

These are video units that cannot be skipped.

Bumper Ads:

These are non-skippable video ads which are run up to 6 seconds.

Sponsored Cards:

These include Text or display units that are run alongside the main video.

How Is the Measurement of YouTube Campaigns Carried Out?

Below listed are the YouTube ad campaigns metrics to track:

  • Clicks render data on the number of times the video was clicked. It will aid you to understand whether the ad is intriguing or not.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) defines the number of clicks received on the ad divided by the number of times the ad is displayed in the form of a percentage.

What Are the Advanced YouTube Advertising Targeting Techniques?

To garner more profits out of YouTube advertising follow the below scripts:

  • Select appropriate YouTube advertising formats
  • Categorize in-stream and discovery ads into different campaigns
  • Utilize advanced YouTube targeting method
  • Carry out a campaign for video remarketing
  • Create well-scripted video ads that convey stories

What Does a YouTube Ad Cost?

The average cost of YouTube ads per view ranges from $0.10 to $0.30 and the views generated will be determined based on average YouTube viewer count. As of Oct 24, 2018, the average cost for viewership for 1,00,000 people cited $20.000

Does YouTube Advertising Help?

It is an effective platform considering its outreach to the audience. Although creating video content requires more work, yet numerous reasons make it a favorite platform for marketers to showcase their content.

Targeting the appropriate audience is essential to bringing out the best output from the ads. Using YouTube you can target public based on demographics such as interest, age group, gender, parental status, etc. Additionally, YouTube also allows one to target ads on specific videos or channels.
Cost of a Thirty Seconds Commercial

In the case of local television stations, the average cost for a 30-second commercial will cost a minimum of $5 per 1,000 views. However, based on data offered by Adage, the national broadcast of 30-second ads amounted to $115,000 in 2019. And the average cost for 30-second super bowl ads amounted to $5.25 million.

Are YouTubers Paid If Users Skip Ads?

Viewers will be required to interact actively with the ad if you deem to earn money. For skippable ads that can be skipped after 5 seconds, the YouTuber will be paid if the viewer at least engages for 30 seconds or watches the whole ad. These also make the most common type of YouTube Ad.

What Is Counted as a View on YouTube Ads?

Views are counted when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of your video ad (or if the duration is shorter than 30 seconds) or in the case, the viewer interacts with the ad, whichever is applied first.

Is Rewatching of a YouTube Video Counted as a View?

Yes, rewatching of the video is counted as a view. YouTube considers a 30-second viewership of a video as a view. In the case the video is less than 30 seconds, then YouTube treats it as a count based on the complete video. And the number of times you view the video, that many are counted as the total count.

Is One Required to Pay for Displaying Ads on YouTube?

On average one can earn $1 per 1000 views. Additionally, advertisers pay if the ads are clicked on or if someone watches for 5 to 30 seconds. Furthermore, even if your ad garners a million views but fails to get the click, then no money is earned. YouTube advertising is managed and tracked in Google Adwords.

YouTube Advertising Stats 2019:

  • Each month 1.9 billion signed-in users watch YouTube.
  • 50% of the American online users aged 75 and above use YouTube.
  • 70% of mobile users use YouTube.
  • YouTube is the top 2nd most using website in the world.
  • YouTube is available in 80 different languages.
  • In 2018 it was the top iOS app.
  • 51% of marketers run YouTube video ads.
  • 62% of marketers stated that they are planning to increase the YouTube ad spend.
  • 62% of mobile YouTube ad time receives the audience’s attention.
  • 9 out of 10 are considering the TrueView ads are better engaging ads.
  • 33% of YouTube’s large advertising brands use 6-second bumper ads.
  • 70% of short-form ads on YouTube brings awareness.
  • 90% of YouTube ads provide ad recall.
  • 95% of YouTube ads are audible.

6 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your YouTube Advertising

You may come across with the names of top brands and stars on YouTube platform and their success. You may strike with doubt about how they achieved and why some advertisers are failed to reach the mark. So, here are some innovative ways to improve your YouTube advertising to get succeed.


Go with In-Search and Promoted Video Ads

The promoted video ads are affordable, and even small budgeted companies can go with comfortably on YouTube platform. These types of ads appear in the top position according to the relevant keywords. YouTube has included the complimentary banner ads on just above the area of videos. These type of ads can help you to reach the target audience and also gain excellent exposure too.

Run Contests and let the Audience Involved in your Ad

Run an exciting contest within your video and make a link to connect the audience with your site. This helps in better advertising and promotion of your brand.

Go with Good Story Telling and Try to make Short Video Ads

Don’t go with a lengthy matter where the audience does not like to extend and waste their time watching ads. So, go with emotional content in the video which can go through the audience in an efficient way.

Use Different Types of Video Ads according to your Budget

YouTube offers different types of video ads for the advertisers, and you can use it innovatively. That means the content you are producing must be unique and impressive.

Advertise on Apps through Promotion of YouTube Videos

You can advertise your YouTube videos by sharing the video on various app platforms with a link. This helps to drive more traffic towards your video.

Advertise by Partnering with YouTube Stars

If you belong to the beauty or style-related brand, then it is the new trend to get partnered with YouTube star and include your product in their videos.

10 Do’s And Don’ts Of YouTube Advertising

You hear everyone talking about how extraordinary an open door YouTube advertising is. This video-sharing website guarantees that more than 4 billion videos viewed every day. That is greater than Facebook’s span and growing.

So you set up your in-stream promotions, and nothing happens. Your YouTube analytics demonstrate an insanely high number of “skips” – meaning that the people who saw your advertisement skipped it – and you’ re not getting any positive results. You cut your campaigns and revile everybody who let you know that getting into YouTube advertising was a smart thought in any case.

However, here’s the thing. It’s not YouTube advertising that is the problem. There are quite of incredible activity and change, generating chances of finding on the popular video service. The problem is you and the missteps that you made. Here are some dos and don’ts for YouTube advertising.


  1. Do utilise the In-stream ads
  2. Do use In-slate ads to target the audience
  3. Use good AdWords in In-Search Ads
  4. Go with best True view ad formats
  5. Target audience via mobile ads
  6. Try In-Display video ads
  7. Target the demographics
  8. Use A/B testing techniques
  9. Build efficient strategy
  10. Interact, follow and comment and as well as collaborate to expand your chances to succeed.


  1. Don’t neglect in targeting the ad insertions
  2. Don’t delay the publishing
  3. Don’t skip the consistency in video Ad interactions
  4. Don’t neglect tags
  5. Don’t neglect thumbnails
  6. Don’t ignore channel designing and ad targeting basing on analytics
  7. Don’t go for long-form video ads
  8. Don’t follow black hat techniques
  9. Don’t neglect mobile targeting
  10. Don’t over promote targeting your product or service. Just keep them interested and attracted.

10 YouTube Advertising Tips that can Rock your ROI

YouTube is like a big ocean of video in which you cannot row down to the island of success if you didn’t follow the right strategic plan and perfect implementation of the same planning in your YouTube video strategy.

The YouTube video advertising is the best way to connect with the huge audience base. there are several video ad formats with efficient targeting capabilities. These ads can be utilized to reach your targeted audience across the platforms.

Here are some important tips that can be helpful to your YouTube video advertising and can grab the best ROI.

1. Choose the right Video ad format which can be a perfect fit with your marketing objectives and advertising goals.

2. Couple with Google ad words to get a clear cut analytics and related metrics of your video ad performance.

3. Performance tracking is very important to know the effectiveness of your video advertising.

4. Go with definite video ad campaigns to target the audience demographics across the platform.

5. Be active and act smart while implementing your strategic plan in your ads.

6. The first five second is very important to reach your potential audience across the platform. Because audience will be busy and will not spend much time in watching ads. So your ad must capture their eye and attract them towards your content.

7. Place clickable annotations and links within the ads which can take the viewers to your concerned product landing page for websites. This can helps you to boost your ROI.

8. Try YouTube Shoppable video ads which are most effective comparing to other formats as they can provide a direct result and boost the sales conversions by directing the customers to the sales page.

9. Go with good quality output video

10. Leave the irrelevancy. If you make your ad with other attractive content instead of your relevant content, you may lose your audience trust and your ROI will go down. So avoid irrelevancy. Think Smart and Act smart.

Follow these above 10 tips to boost your Youtube advertising ROI.

Ways to Promote YouTube Videos With Effective YouTube Advertising

YouTube is on number position for video view that may be related to anything. Hundreds of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. Video advertising is growing day by day, promoting popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Advertisers promote their videos on YouTube, so we should increase the growth of YouTube advertising. Here we have given how many ways to promote YouTube videos with effective YouTube advertising.

  1. Using the standard banner ads with specified keywords along with colorful images attractive to the viewers
  2. Videos can be targeted by the selected queries contextually by using the In video overlays
  3. Hire a professional if necessary, if you are not consistent with your own work.
  4. Play your ad before playing a video by using the in stream ad services
  5. Try to attract the viewers for first five seconds of the video to increase the viewing time.
  6. Target your audience with latest trends that are including within your videos.
  7. While using the in stream video ad services, you must aware that the ad which was watched under 30 second still the end of video will only get paid
  8. Use in slate video ads for better advertising
  9. In slate video ads can help the viewers to watch the commercials and have an option of watching among the three ads.
  10. The In search video ads are generally seen in the right hand side of the search results on YouTube platform.
  11. In-search video ads are also very beneficial to target the AdWords and advertising
  12. In-display videos can be displayed along the YouTube channels.
  13. YouTube analytics tool helps the marketer to improve the advertising potential
  14. The Data that is available on YouTube analytics platform helps the marketers or advertisers to know about their present strategy and the variations must be made and many other things. So, that there is a no chance of repeating the same mistake in second time.
  15. Remarketing tactics are also one the way of video advertising on YouTube.
  16. By embedding the links of your Youtube videos and paste and promote the links on to various platforms
  17. Promote your videos by book marking them at various websites like #StumbleUpon.
  18. Create product trailers
  19. Create testimonial videos about your products
  20. Incorporate the latest trending topics in your field and let them know about them along with your content.

20 Facts About YouTube Advertising

The no.1 site to do marketing is YouTube, and through this, anyone can be benefited by uploading videos. When it is using for marketing, then the marketers should concentrate on video advertisements for the video they upload. The following will give an idea of YouTube advertising.

  1. Every month, more than one billion people visit YouTube and watch over six billion hours of YouTube videos. These are a lot of potential customers. And you can decide where and when a video ad shows up and which of these potential customers see them.
  2. YouTube’s unique combination of video access, sharing, and community creates an opportunity for audience engagement that is unmatched.
  3. Sight, sound, and motion elicit an emotional and physical involvement with content among users that isn’t available in other forms of media.
  4. You can aid discovery and engagement with your video content (for example, shares, comments, and likes) by promoting your videos via YouTube advertising and hosting them in a curated home, or profile page, via YouTube channels.
  5. Video creators can also learn an enormous amount about their video assets’ viewership through a sophisticated set of measurement tools, including YouTube Analytics.
  6. Audience demographics, levels of engagement, and performance compared to similar videos are just a few examples of the available data. Video creators can then use this data to drive larger and deeper viewership among a target audience.
  7. Video ads help you connect with potential customers unique and memorable. You can be personal, share your expertise with the world, or put the camera on yourself and explain how your product or service can benefit you
  8. You can show ads to the right people based on who they are, where they’re located, and what they’re interested in.
  9. With AdWords for video, you pay when a viewer actively selects your video or chooses to continue watching a video when it first loads as they browse video content.
  10. YouTube’s free analytics tool helps you understand who’s watching your ads and how people are interacting with them.
  11. YouTube is localized in 73 countries and across 61 languages.
  12. Advertisers don’t have to have video inventory to advertise on YouTube.
  13. YouTube supports a wide range of ad formats and targeting options.
  14. Using YouTube for your business can be a cost-effective way to grow it, if used regularly as part of your marketing strategy.
  15. 100 hours of video are uploaded every 60 seconds to YouTube.
  16. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any cable network.
  17. By utilizing YouTube as part of your marketing strategy for your business, you’re also increasing the authority of your website.
  18. R-purposontent you have already created is an effective form of content marketing, as you can reach an audience that will love that particular type of content.

10 YouTube Advertising Mistakes That Will Limit Your Ad Effectiveness

Online consumption of video is increasing and businesses are using this to effectively advertise their products. Advertising on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube is very effective in increasing sales. However, some mistakes may limit the effectiveness.

  1. Brands and businesses are utilizing the power of YouTube advertising properly because of many reasons which should be avoided.
  2. There are different types of YouTube ads among which in-stream ads are very effective. These skippable ads are neglected by the brands which should avoid.
  3. Another mistake that can affect the performance of a sales ad is the quality of it. The lower the quality, the less audience will trust it.
  4. Not having the right call to action is another mistake that brands commit. Try getting a viewer to take action in the first thirty seconds of the video ad.
  5. Not having a great story in the ad is another mistake which can affect the engagement of people with the ad.
  6. It is not enough to target the right audience, but it is equally important to deliver the right message to earn the attention of the viewer.
  7. Easily giving up not waiting patiently for the positive results should be avoided.
  8. Not choosing the right metrics such as view rate, lost impression share, etc. in a dashboard of YouTube should be avoided.
  9. Focusing more the making the videos viral should avoid.
  10. Not using proper thumbnails for the videos should be avoided. Thumbnail should be able to attract and make the audience click the play button.

If used perfectly, YouTube advertising can help in the growth of the business. However, concentrate on avoiding small mistakes that can lower the effectiveness. YouTube advertising is a great opportunity for more than four billion videos are watched on this platform every day which gives a chance to reach a wider audience.

Understanding YouTube Advertising Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

ROAS, Return on Advertising Spend is a metric that measures how effective the digital marketing campaign. It helps the businesses to know what is working and how they can make their advertising more efficient.

YouTube Return on Ad Spend is an important metric to evaluate the performance of YouTube ad campaign and how effective the ad is for the business.

By carefully following the Advertising Return on Spend, the online companies can take decisions on where to invest the money on advertising and how efficient they can make their marketing campaign.

Return on Advertising Spending is a key performance indicator. It can calculate for YouTube ad campaigns. It calculated as revenue from the advertisement and the cost of it.

Using ROAS helps in prioritizing what volume is needed to be profitable. Businesses want to have higher ROAS to make big money.

There are free and paid services online that help to track the return on ads spend. ROAS also helps in tracking the conversion rates. Taking the help of these services help the businesses to set goals.

Businesses, however, should not rely solely on YouTube ROAS to determine the effectiveness of their campaign. The goals of a YouTube ad campaign are the base to check the ROAS value.

Even when the marketing campaign is successful the company may lose money as the cost of advertising, production costs and shipping costs may be more.

Return on Ad spend a critical metric, and if it used correctly, it helps the businesses to determine whether their YouTube ad campaigns are helping them to make profits or not. Should companies use ROI or ROAS? Both the metrics can be used to optimize the drives, and both of them can use together.

YouTube Advertising : Digital Video Advertising Statistics and Trends

YouTube video marketers are looking ahead to the New Year determine the marketing campaign. Many marketers think whether to continue with the course they charted this year or make changes it. Here are few digital marketing trends to consider for YouTube for the coming year with best us of YouTube Advertising 2019.

YouTube Advertising 2019

Non-ad-based monetization opportunities

Monetization issues are not uncommon for YouTube. YouTube is exploring new ways in which the video creators can get revenue for their videos without depending on advertising.

It is likely that YouTube is going to expand non-ad-based monetization options for nonlive streams.

YouTube says they are concentrating on the monetization issues of the creators and they will continue to improve upon it.

It advised that creators must understand what their community wants and what changes they can make.

YouTube also added that they are trying to be as transparent as possible with the creators when it comes to demonetization issues.

More YouTube Ad Policies Introduced

As per the new changes made by YouTube to its ad policies, channels that have more than ten thousand views only are eligible for advertising.

Other types of content that are not eligible for promotion are the hateful content, incendiary and demeaning content and others.

There were reports that brand ads were showing up on violent and extremist content and many advertisers pulled out of YouTube.

YouTube promised to review and beef up policies for content and rolled out updated guidelines to regain the confidence of advertisers.

YouTube also launched Creator Academy Course using which the creators can understand how to make content that appeals to advertisers.

Raise of Super Chat Monetization for Creators

Super Chat is a feature for creators who can enable it to monetize the live streams.

When this feature enabled by the creator $ icon appears in the message area.

Viewers can select it to make purchases, and the message of these viewers stands out in a chat session.

This feature helps the creators to connect with their fans as well as earn revenue from live streams.

Income can track from Google AdSense dashboard. AdSense dashboard is the newest monetization option for YouTubers.

360 Degree YouTube Video Ads

360-degree video ads on YouTube have launched for both Chrome and YouTube mobile app on Android and iOS.

360-degree video ads are the new ad format and are compatible with Cardboard VR headset of Google.

360-degree video Ad gives the rich experience to the viewers and entirely engages them.

Advertisers will be happy as they can interact with consumers and sustain their attention more with this ad format.

A Google support camera is required to be used to advertise on 360-degree video.

This form is going to be adopted more by the advertisers in the coming months as this provides many benefits.

According to statistics, 360 degree video ads watched 28 percent higher than other formats.

Ninety percent users feel that 360-degree video ads are helpful for them to make purchase decisions as they can feel they are looking at the product in persons.

Implementation of More Advanced AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data Fraud detection Algorithms

Unskippable Ads Eliminated:

Unskippable ad format is said to be the most annoyed ad format for the users. In 2019, these videos will go. The 30 sec ads are going to eliminate, but the 20 and 16 sec unskippable videos will promoted. Unskippable Ads is to provide better ad experience for users.

Geo-Targeted Localized Ads:

Geo-targeted localized ads help people to find where you do business. It helps to see the location wise business and targeting a specific area of business. Mobile devices mainly focus on location-based Ads.

Supervised Learning:

Supervised learning comes where the lots of historical data comes when predicting the future events. These supervised learning , methods come under the advanced AI and popular machine learning algorithms.

What We Learned From Spending $5000 On YouTube Advertising

When we think about video then the immediately striking word is YouTube at which the online video parade has been organized. By considering that most of the companies are completely rely on YouTube to make the promotion of their products or services through the bombardment of video advertising especially on YouTube Advertising.

On behalf of that, they are spending dollars to seize all the available corners to do advertising. Then what could be experienced after doing all this?

Close Monitoring of Ads and dedicated resources will reduce CPV

The frequent analysis on the performance of video ad will project the image to make close monitoring of ads. For the completion of a specific task through the ad by using the committed resources will obviously minimize the cost per view to be paid for the YouTube.

Target your Audience at Rightime

The evaluation of estimating the audience online arrival time to surf the online streams will be done. This will make the advertiser focus on the targeted audience by pushing the relevant content at right time.

When the video ad strikes at the perfect audience then the brand exposed in that ad will get huge murmurings as a demanded one in the market.

ReTarget your Ads on the Right Competition Videos

Find the videos on your YouTube channel that are going viral or long living in the category of YouTube search then retarget your ads on those racing videos.

The icon of your brand will be visited by the vast number of viewers. This automatically clutches unexpected audience.

First 10 Seconds of the Ad is very important

This is the most precious thing that every video advertiser should know that the first 10 seconds of the Ad is a life of the long living brand of one’s products or services.

Most of the audience will be impacted at this moment whether to watch fully or not. The first sight of the ad will be the butterfly to bring the concentration of the audience that leads to becoming customers.

Experiment with Different Types of Ads at Different Timings

You might have an idea of the audience preferences but the same style of ad content will make them boring. Hence, the mission of injecting various ads at different timings will show impress the regular and new audience as well.

This might give a new experience of creating inventions as the best advantage to gain more customers.

Use In-Stream Ads for Instant Branding

The in-stream ad is the only bug that buzzes at each individual which doesn’t allow them to skip until the completion of the ad. These ads will cost a little bit more than other streams. These ads will immediately explore your brand at the doorstep of the audience.

Use Video Discovery Ads for Longterm Branding

The video discovery comes under the true view video ad format. In this, the thumbnail of your video ad will play major role which has been placed in the search results of YouTube.

While the user interested in watching that ad by clicking thumbnail then that view will be counted. This helps to strongly build the long-lasting brand in the market.

Language, Device & Mobile Bidding is Important

Most of the ads on YouTube will be displayed after making auctions though bid. When you choose to promote your brand through bidding on YouTube, then you should consider the language, device, and mobile as they play a vital role in the promotion of brands.

The ad words will display the devices with a specific operating system when the ad is delivered, and the rise or fall of a bid can be done based on that.

Optimize Your Video Thumbnails for YouTube Ads

A successful ad on YouTube depends on the thumbnail of the video and the thumbnail should eye-catch the audience at the first arrival. This obviously drains more traffic for the ad you generate on YouTube.

The Guide to YouTube Advertising for Big Brands

Is there anything that changed the entire marketing strategy in this new era? Yes, then what it’s going to be? Exactly what you think is YouTube.

As everyone is spending most of the times by being at the home of YouTube the marketers are using this strong point as a bridge to enlarge their business especially to make YouTube advertising about their products or services.

Are you excited to know how? Here is the information to break that suspense and helps in exploring your brand.

Creating and managing Branded YouTube Channel:

First of all, you should have the best equipment to capture the highly qualified videos and try to establish the strong team to do everything in a successful manner.

Take suggestions from the experts in a related field who had already been in the top position by running YouTube advertising.

Then you should analyze the customer interests and depend on that dispatch the video content that helps in building the brand of the YouTube channel.

Fill Basic Details about the Brand in About Section:

In the about section of your YouTube, close your brand for the question words like what, how, where, and why. Then the audience might know clearly about your brand while visiting your YouTube channel.

More Visual Thumbnails for Videos with respect to your Brand:

When you are decided to advertise on YouTube through the medium of video then choose the ultimate thumbnails that catch the attention of an audience.

Note that it must be completely relevant to your brand.

Pitch to your Customers using Videos:

The intimation through video gives 1000 times better results than audio and most of the customers prefer to buy through the assumptions of that video. So try to be in the field of customers.

But where we can find them? The bulk of audience will be available on the platform of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. So make use of them to explore your brand.

Check Analytics and see what is working:

To get the fine idea of making a better video just check the analytics. Through this analysis, you can find which type of videos are moving higher and dropping.

Plan your Branded Video Content using your Analytics:

After analyzing the analytics of videos that are in the audience preferred list just concentrate on creating such type of video content but it should be unique and must blast your brand.

Subscribers are key to Success:

Before everything you plan to implement on YouTube channel must sculpture subscribers in your mind. Because whatever you are going to do in exploring the brand will be greatly impacted by the subscribers.

When any visitor visits your site they definitely have a look at subscribers and make predictions about your performance.

Advertise using Customer Retargeting data:

When the customer visits your channel through the activity of call to action or visiting your land page then collect the data and generate the cookies that clutch your add directly to the user’s page.

Target Customers using:


Choose the format of ads that fits every device. But nowadays everyone is being on use of mobile as it is user-friendly. If you are attested to build your brand name at a vast number of customers then the mobile is best where you can find plenty of users.


Estimate the statistics of the people you have and target the specific number of audience to reach your channel.


Target the customers based on their interest and this can be achieved only through keeping observation on competitors.


You can reach your customers depend on the comparison of your performance at the beginning and now.


Approach your clients by picking the specific locations where you feel much easy to spread your brand name.

Use YouTube Cards as Call to Action:

By using YouTube cards the audience can find the URL of the other video that you have added in the currently playing video and attach the call to action option where the users can easily find the more information about the services or products.

Direct Users to your Landing Page with proper Call to Action:

The option of a call to action must be specified in a good format that must direct the users to your landing page.

Note that this must not be a bug of eating the precious time of users to get your land page.

Re-target Users by Collecting Landing Page Users:

Release the ads by targeting the already visited visitors of your landing page. That means should create the video ads with the assumption of visited users.

What is Brand Safety YouTube Advertising?

Brand Safety in digital marketing is to ensure that the ad does not appear in a place where the brand image is not damaged. Online advertisers pay millions of dollars for but do not want their ads to appear next to inappropriate and offensive content. This can affect the reputation and sales of the brand.

On platforms like YouTube, advertisers have very little control over where their ads appear. With analytical capabilities improved, it is now the duty of ad network providers to give priority to brand safety for the advertisers.

The things that fall under brand safety umbrella are the comments posted on social media advertising, social sites of the brand and the content that appears next to digital ads of the brand.

Importance of Brand Safety Online

The consumers talk about a company, or a brand decides what the brand is. It is a challenge to secure the brand, especially when information travels very fast on social media. Regarding programmatic advertising, it is essential to ensure that the ad does not appear next to content that could damage the reputation.

The ad should appear appealing to the consumers across all formats. The viewers should feel that it is safe to deal with the brand, which is professional. This will not give control over the brand safety but will help to control what people say about the brand.

The reputation of a brand and consumer perception can change in a second on the internet and social media. A marketing campaign can negatively influence people across all the countries.

Avoiding implementing measures to ensure brand safety can increase the risk of the business being ruined. Internet Advertising Bureau listed content next to which the ad placement should avoid. The content categories include military conflict, death, obscenity, piracy, illegal drugs, hate speech, terrorism, arms, crime tobacco and others.

YouTube and Brand Safety Crisis

Big advertisers on YouTube realized how little control they have over their digital marketing. Brand safety is not just the ads showing up on YouTube next to improper content.

When brands realized that their ads are being shown next to hate speech and violent content, they started pulling out their ads and diverting their spend away to other platforms. It is difficult to get back the trust of brands, but YouTube promised to fix the problems.

YouTube revamped the policies after the brand safety issue. Now the channels will require ten thousand viewers to make money from ads. Each video is being viewed on YouTube for Google preferred channels.

YouTube channels will need one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time in one year time to be able to run ads. Both the new and existing channels should meet the requirements. These guidelines are going to affect the majority of channels. YouTube also introduced a three-tiered system to have transparency over where the ads are appearing.

How to improve brand safety in YouTube Advertising?

Establishing brand safety in YouTube advertising is essential. There have been many issues over brand safety advertising on YouTube. Implementing the right strategies safeguards the brands on YouTube. Some key components should be considered to ensure brand safety.

Preventing measures such as constructing negative keywords list, etc. helps to combat brand safety issues with YouTube. An online YouTube ad can be protected from being associated with the content that has terrible keywords in the title, description, or metadata. Make sure that the list is updated continuously.

Violence, terrorism, and sexual content are the topics that should be placed in exclusion to make sure that the ads do not run on any videos related to these topics. Other issues that brands want to exclude are religion, news, and politics which at times can host inappropriate content.

Unsavory channels also should be excluded. Update the blacklist list continuously for maximum effect. This is because millions of hours of content are uploaded to the most significant platform on YouTube every day. Identify the placements that are safe to show the ad. AI can help with this. Other advanced tools also might be used to find reliable channels to run advertising campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence and Brand Safety on YouTube

After the brand safety crisis, YouTube introduced new measures for brand safety. According to the world’s second-largest platform, artificial intelligence system is more effective at removing content that violates the rules of YouTube.

Many numbers of extremist videos were removed from YouTube after it started testing the tools powered by artificial intelligence. Machine learning improves the accuracy of the YouTube systems, it is said.

Here is how the online advertising industry can use AI for solving the ad fraud issues. Brand agencies and publishers must find the right partners when they are investing in brand safety. Picking up the rig tools and testing them is also essential.

The artificial intelligence products are tailored to the needs of clients so that they work more effectively. Make sure to choose a popular programmatic platform. Try choosing premium inventory only. This ensures that the ads do not end up with unsafe content. Track where the ads are showing using real-time data.


Building brand safety is a must when advertising on online platforms such as YouTube. There is a lot of tools for publishers and markets to deal with brand safety problems. Tackling the issue will benefit everyone who is dealing with digital advertising online.

YouTube is a great platform for advertising. So if you have not yet played your cards here, then this is the time to go on and do it right away!

These are evergreen strategies that build up your brand while doing YouTube advertising and this will dump the competitor’s high-tech tactics. If you didn’t yet start implementing it, then it might be a chance for competitors to do early than you.

These are the most required and genuine key points that every video advertiser should know before launching the ad rocket on YouTube. This article might reveal all these phrases when we have real-time experience.

YouTube advertising is very valuable to any digital marketing strategies.Here is the guide for the Future of YouTube Advertising trends and statistics.

If the people who are doing business through YouTube must have clear knowledge about YouTube advertising and this will keep engaging their channel if they have unique content.

This above is an excellent guide to how may ways promote YouTube videos with effective YouTube advertising. Entrepreneurs and advertisers get ready to use this information for their business growth.

In the above article we have listed some Do’s what you should follow for YouTube video advertising and Don’ts for what not use for the YouTube video adverting.

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Royalty-Free Music: Top Royalty Free Music Sites for YouTube Videos 2019 Wed, 09 Oct 2019 14:05:33 +0000 Royalty free music can be defined as a type of stock music whose application is witnessed in productions and composition of music. This type of music is often translated as copyright free royalty-free music, which is free of any additional fee for license levied on the publishers and composers at the time of use. Furthermore, […]

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Royalty free music can be defined as a type of stock music whose application is witnessed in productions and composition of music. This type of music is often translated as copyright free royalty-free music, which is free of any additional fee for license levied on the publishers and composers at the time of use. Furthermore, it happens to be royalty-free, but the user is still supposed to pay for it. And this fee is not always; the user is required to pay only once. Once paid, you can use the background music for videos as many times as you deem to.

YouTube Audio Libray

Often people tend to get obscure between royalty-free music and YouTube royalty-free music. However, both happen to be quite different from one another. While in the case of Free Music,

you can download any song for free, yet you may be required to pay a fee to use it. In case you fail to pay for the use, you will be levied with copyright charges.

On the other hand, copyright-free music is free in an overall manner, i.e., once you have paid the royal free, you can use it free lifelong. After you have brought the track for commercial use royalty-free music can be used in any video without being charged for music based on the views.

Top 10 Royalty-Free Music Sites for Your YouTube Videos

Are you asking yourself – which are the best sites I can find royalty-free music from? Herein, we present your top 10 websites; wherein, you can download royalty-free music for YouTube videos playlist.
YouTube Audio Library

This video streaming giant, YouTube has a lot of free stuff in its kitty to offer the public. You can find a plethora of choices to pick sound effects and tracks which are suitable for you.

YouTube Audio Library happens to be the best stop for you to pick in some fantastic freebies and can particularly turn into a bonanza deal if you are fixated on a tight budget.

The songs are categorized based on duration, instruments, mood, genre, taking into consideration other attributes. Hence for finding the appropriate one, you may have to dig a little deeper. However, it is a bet worth falling for. It’s best for:

  • A popular stop for landing on best audio files from YouTube’s music library
  • Options to either download offline or add directly to your videos
  • Royalty free music, tracks and sound effects that can be filtered based on individual requirements.
  • Ensure to view if attribution is needed. If yes, make sure to credit the artist on the description.

Epidemic Sound

Established in the year 2009, Epidemic Sound is one of the best sites to download amazing royalty free music which marvelously tackles with the complexities with licensing of music. While other music libraries too claim to offer royalty-free music but often require users to report usage and pay fees, epidemic sound offers a complete package.

It is packaged with legal rights that come in one license. It includes easy navigation of libraries through tunes thus claiming to be one of the best sites to download royalty free music for YouTube. The charges for single track licensing are $79 while for YouTube it starts at $10 per month.


Well-curated, enticing and one of the best royalty free production music sites, HookSounds presents to users a wide range of original tracks picked from across the globe. The website provides users unique and contemporary music which is distinct and can keep the audience hooked to the videos.

It is a royalty-free music company which includes over 1, 00,000 people in its community using its exclusive collection of royalty free music. The music is produced by Creative Commons which is free of copyright and can be downloaded for free through amazing genres like ‘Ukulele’ and ‘Enthusiastic’, etc. Licensing charges for basic pro is $24 and $580 for Premier Broadcast License.

Free Stock Music

Stock Music Site presents to royalty free music and song hunters the best platform presenting over 8,36,000 tracks from well-known musicians including Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and other top names. You can either purchase full-length music starting from $44.95 or opt for MusicPack starting at $99.95 rendering users a great package of tracks at discounted rates.


  • MP3, WAV, AIFF formats available
  • Attribution free music
  • Easy and Free Sign-up


This is one of the 10 best royalty free music sites for YouTube videos offering easy search and filter to browse through hundreds of enticing tracks. It comprises of a well-curated library consisting of songs from top musicians. However, this website does ask for attribution in a specific format.


All the tracks presented by TeknoAxe are curated by the Creative Commons License. This implies that if you can give appropriate credit then you can easily share and use the tracks for commercial purposes too. TeknoAxe presents a huge variety of playlist from dance songs, breakbeat, metal as well as rock.


  • Over a thousand tracks from varied genres
  • MP3 format available
  • Attribution required (C.C. 3.0 license).

Machinima Sound

Machinima Sound presents a wide arena of tracks and genres to pick from making it one of the best royalty free production music sites. They are available in MP3 format and make the best websites to add in some wonderful music to your videos. However, attribution is required for all the music under specific licensed formats.

Josh Woodward

This is noted as one of the top musicians presenting a wide range of music and vocals. With over 10 albums and 200 songs, making it the one-stop destination for getting the best free royalty music for YouTube videos. However, do not forget to give him credits and you can download a range of tracks free of royalty fee.


Users can select commercial use royalty free music using the licensing option for getting music free of copyright. You can also find free music for making quality videos for your website.


A renowned and popular platform, Amazon offers a spectacular range of tracks ranging in the price of 79p to 99p. Although the navigation is slow, there is an enticing list of tracks and albums categorized into genres and themes. It has the biggest music libraries offering music at cheap prices.


In the present day techno era, the music or track that you choose for your endeavors can either pique the interest of the audience or break them apart. The crux is picking the appropriate track that matches your film, app, or game. Finding royalty-free tracks can aid you in meeting your goal unless, of course, if you don’t wish to spend thousands of bucks to the publishing agent. And this is the very reason we have brought you the best royalty-free production music sites.

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Top 10 Most Popular OTT Platforms in India 2019 Thu, 03 Oct 2019 07:29:35 +0000 The Top Ones in the Race of Over-the-Top Understanding OTT and OTT Platforms The full form for OTT is over-the-top. This technology was used initially for the devices that go on the top of a cable box to give the users access to TV contents. This new technology allows the content to be delivered to […]

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The Top Ones in the Race of Over-the-Top

Understanding OTT and OTT Platforms

The full form for OTT is over-the-top. This technology was used initially for the devices that go on the top of a cable box to give the users access to TV contents. This new technology allows the content to be delivered to the users through an internet connection in place of a traditional cable/broadcast provider. This technology uses an application or service to pass the contents to their users; thus, bypassing the traditional distributions. These technologies and applications are mostly related to media and communications; and thus, they are much cheaper in cost than the traditional cable providers. For example, some of the very common names in OTT platforms in India include Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, HotStar, Zee5, Voot, Viu and many others.

Indian OTT Platforms (2019) – Statistics Speak!

As it is clear from various reports that the Indian OTT market mainly comprises of content streaming services. This market, as per reports, is likely to get a hike in recent years and will be ranked among the top 10 markets in the world.

The market size, as per a report by PWC, is estimated to grow up to USD 823 million by the year 2022. The report also stated that the Indian video OTT market has entered the growth phase of its market lifecycle, and is supposed to outperform in the markets globally with a CAGR of 22.6% in the period of 2017-2022.

Top 10 Most Popular OTT Platforms in India (2019)

Since Indian video OTT market has been outperforming in the global markets for quite some time, here is a list of the top 10 most-popular OTT platforms in India in the year 2019, which one must try:

Amazon Prime Video:

Just as Netflix was launched in India; Amazon came up with their new OTT player in the market called the Amazon Prime Video. The subscription rates are currently Rs.999/year.

As per the internal reports by the Director of Content at Amazon Prime Video, India has the highest accounts for prime membership, and is a growing very fast among all the 16 countries where they have launched it.

Hot Star:

The video streaming platform called Hot Star by Disney Company is getting a record viewership of 267 million in its recent inception in the Indian market. The venture is a subsidiary of Star India, which was officially launched in February 2014.

During the launch time, this application generated a whopping high of 340 million views for the ongoing IPL and World Cup series 2015. The Hot Star platform is accessible via many modes like websites and mobile apps on Android and iOS devices.


One of the biggest OTT players in the Indian market is Netflix, which was launched in the year of 2015. The Company is headquartered in USA, and is now available in many countries including India.

The subscription charges range from Rs.500/month to Rs.800/month. They also provide one-month free trial as well. The reason behind the wide usage of Netflix globally is their strategy of advertisement-free content streaming in India.

Sony LIV:

Launched by Multi-Screen Media in the year of 2013, Sony LIV has been doing well in the market. The player provides its viewers with both free and premium content.

To go an extra mile, they have also partnered with SPI International to bring seven international television channels belonging to different genres in order to attract more audiences. The subscription is as low as Rs.99/month.

Sun NXT:

The Sun TV Network has been lately trying to expand its presence in the OTT segment with the name, Sun NXT. The Company has been earning some major growth through its OTT segment.

The Company majorly launched its digital contents in four languages – namely Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada in the year of 2017, but lately it has expanded the content library to many genres and languages based on subscriptions.

ALT Balaji:

This OTT platform is an advertisement free subscription-based service provided by the Balaji Telefilms Ltd.; the content consists of both films and television productions by the Company.

They telecast over 32 original shows in varied languages right from Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali and Tamil for a subscription charge of Rs.300/year.

They are coming with the idea that over the time, customers will pay for the content they want to watch; and thus, ALT Balaji provides them with diversified contents belonging to not only different languages but also from different genres.


Charged with a subscription amount of Rs. 99/month, Viu was launched in India by a Hong Kong based PCCW Media Company named Viuclip. This is also a video-on-demand service for those customers, who like to watch advertisement free content as per choice and likes.

They also telecast fresh Bollywood and Indian regional movies over 10+ languages giving the users a 17,000+ hours of content viewership.


Launched by Zee Entertainment Limited, the Zee5 is an OTT platform for expanding its operations in the digital segment as well. They provide both Indian and International content over 12 languages, which majorly include Hindi, English, Bengali, Malayalam, and many more.

They charge a subscription of Rs.99/month for a premium viewership and provides with 1,00,000+ hours of content, which includes both the TV shows as well as web series.


Viacom18 launched its digital segment by the name of Voot, which is basically a video-on-demand platform. Belonging to one of India’s largest growing media networks, Voot offer its audiences a variety of choices for content.

Its contents include a range from COLORS, MTV, Nickelodeon and many more. Also, they have been aiming at capturing the fresh and new age contents without costing much for the subscriptions.

Eros Now:

Eros International launched its digital segment in the year of 2015 with the name, Eros Now. The platform telecasts contents both from their parent firm’s library along with some original segments as well.

The languages that the platform caters include Hindi and English, and have a user base of over 80 million registered users.

End Note

This new technology has over the time disrupted the entire traditional model of cable service providers, which has changed the entire face of the entertainment industry, especially for the young generation. As a result, there is a rising conflict between the companies that provide similar services in the industry. The good part being a great choice offered to the viewers, who are getting a great dose of at-home entertainment!

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YouTube Multi-Channel Network Ecosystem in 2019 Mon, 30 Sep 2019 10:33:57 +0000 A YouTube channel is launched and is growing. What should be done to take the channel to the next level? Joining the multi-channel networks of YouTube can be considered. Multi-channel networks are the affiliates of multiple YouTube channels. These assist the creators in producing, programming, cross-promoting and in sales/monetization, audience development also. YouTube MCN can […]

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A YouTube channel is launched and is growing. What should be done to take the channel to the next level?

Joining the multi-channel networks of YouTube can be considered. Multi-channel networks are the affiliates of multiple YouTube channels. These assist the creators in producing, programming, cross-promoting and in sales/monetization, audience development also.

YouTube MCN can compared to talent agencies. The channel owners will exchange a percentage of AdSense and revenue, and the MCN will help in brand deals. Connect the owner with other YouTube talent and can also provide studio space.

Guidelines and Rules to Follow for YouTube MCNs

Before joining YouTube multi-channel networks make sure that you understand all the services and results it will deliver. Remember that a percentage of the AdSense revenue is to share with the networks.

Consult legal counsel before signing a contract with MCN and is Because the agreements are legally binding. The fee charged by the networks and specific services and support offered.

Know about the duration of the contract and also understand if you can terminate the agreement.

YouTube set up some best practices that all multi-channel networks must follow. These are to be followed by them, and the responsibility of them is to provide value to their creators.

  • MCNs should not use any misleading or spammy language to lure the channels to join them.
  • The service and support that the creators will get have to be explained clearly in the contract.
  • They should act honestly and transparently when it comes to respecting the services and obligations.

Benefits of MCNs for YouTubers

Singing onto a multichannel network means lots of viewers, access to better studio space and equipment and getting support for the creators.

MCNs help their audience to discover content independently conceive by their favorite stars on YouTube.

The MCNs help the content creators to get more popularity and help YouTubers to generate higher CPMs.

YouTube Multichannel Networks Trends

In the last few years, the role MCNs are playing has changed significantly. These are beneficial for MCNs, advertisers and also the creators.

This business model is sure improving but is not going anywhere. Multi-channel networks will continue to provide services for creators who are buying.

This is going to stay as long as there are creators, viewers and brand advertisers and do not count out MCNs playing the vital role in YouTube video in the coming days.

YouTube MCN survival in 2019

YouTube multi-channel networks might consider the future of the entertainment business, but there are some issues.

MCNs conceived as collaboration groups where creators can create content together and also get help to promote one another. MCNs were funded by each creator contribution a part of advertising earnings. The business model gained momentum quickly. But soon cracks began to show.

Most of these multi-channel networks have no technology to offer financial transparency and creative tools to manage the business. Smaller creators found that they are tied with multi-year exclusive contracts but are not getting the expected hands-on services and interact with their favorite YouTubers.

MCNs are now providing hands-on assistance to creators and also focusing on making these high value and scalable. The key to success of the MCNs is transparent about the services they offer to the creators and being responsive.

There are also examples of small creators in an MCN outgrowing it and move onto another that offered more high-touch services. The YouTube MCN business worldwide is continuing to grow with the growth of mobile broadband and smartphone usage.

These networks are now focusing on geographic, language and content-specific niches to cater to the regional audience and attract local brands. Influencers are expecting high-quality service from the networks, in this time of evolution of MCNs.

Top YouTube MCNs

Here is the list of YouTube top multi-channel networks based on the revenue share, contract length and the services they offer to creators.

  • Maker Studio is one of the top MCN and offers several tools to their users and helps them to grow.
  • Machinimia Inc. is another top MCN and is the best place starting place for gamers.
  • Fullscreen was founded in the year 2011 and generates more than five billion monthly views. It offers facilities such as Audiomicro, Spreadshirt, Videoblocks, Cover Song License, etc. Joining this network is difficult as the requirements are hard. It has more than 48000 YouTubers in its system.
  • Broadband TV corp is another to YouTube MCN that generates over ten billion monthly views and has 1.6 lac YouTube channels. The requirements needed to join this network are no tough. Lock-in period is two years.
  • As the YouTube and YouTubers are evolving, MCNs are offering services such as digital right management, funding, monetization and others to the creators apart from collaborations and partnerships. The competition around large multichannel networks is narrow. Niche MCNs are going to develop more as they cater to specific needs of creators.


There are pros and cons of joining YouTube Multi-channel networks. Consider what value can provide it for you before deciding to join. If it is just for negotiating brand deals, creators can do it on their own. But MCN offers a lot of support and opportunities. Ask for a trial period or a short-term contract if possible. Choose the network very carefully.

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5 Game-Changing YouTube Platform Trends for 2019 Mon, 30 Sep 2019 10:29:38 +0000 There are several changes that have been made in the social media trends in 2018. We can expect further directions in the year 2019 on YouTube platform which can be game-changing trends. The adaptations of the new developments were made on the social platforms to reach the next stage of development. With the latest technology […]

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There are several changes that have been made in the social media trends in 2018. We can expect further directions in the year 2019 on YouTube platform which can be game-changing trends.

The adaptations of the new developments were made on the social platforms to reach the next stage of development.

With the latest technology and digital revolution, the factors are becoming more favorable for the better usage of trends. Here are some five game-changing trends on YouTube platform for 2019.

YouTube 360 Video Growth

The new 360-degree video format was first introduced on YouTube platform only.

Later it was announced by other platforms like Facebook. The 360-degree videos were very soon can be integrated into the video marketing strategies as it can provide a very different high quality and innovative experience to the audience.

YouTube Kids App for more Countries

YouTube kid’s app has become very famous as the platform was providing kids friendly video content with different features with user-friendly parent controls over the application. it also increased the watch time of the platform and many people have voted the app as the best one.

So, very soon it is going to start in more countries with new developments in its features in 2019.

YouTube Red with more quality content for more Countries

YouTube Red application has become very famous and adding more visitors as its subscribers.

In 2019 the YouTube red can be more improved with high quality content and can be accessible to more countries with its expansion.

YouTube Gaming Growth

YouTube was already a step forward in gaming competing with the Twitch. It has already provided very comfortable features for the gamers.

We can expect new features which can turn every gamer towards the YouTube gaming platform very soon in 2019.

YouTube Vertical Video Growth

Vertical video is nine times more engaging than the traditional view as the users are interested in watching without rotating their mobile phones to watch the next clip number of times.

We can also expect the reducing black screen at top and bottom and increase in the video watch screen in 2019 which can be the next big thing.

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How Nike is using Video Marketing Strategy to Build a Global Brand Sun, 29 Sep 2019 07:34:53 +0000 Nike is one of the main brands and biggest suppliers of athletic shoes and clothing with incomes surpassing US billions. Through the brand’s history, Nike, alongside Wieden Kennedy, has launched successful and helpful brand campaigns that have included worth past the item itself. Nike began advancing and marketing their products perfectly customized for ladies in […]

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Nike is one of the main brands and biggest suppliers of athletic shoes and clothing with incomes surpassing US billions. Through the brand’s history, Nike, alongside Wieden Kennedy, has launched successful and helpful brand campaigns that have included worth past the item itself. Nike began advancing and marketing their products perfectly customized for ladies in the 1990s.

Nike was not the harbinger in ladies’ games clothing: Reebok being the first in 1981, which expanded their piece of the pie of 13% and diminishing the piece of the pie of Nike by an astounding 28%. Nike gradually changed course in the 1990’s and has not thought back, forcefully advancing and marketing fitness for Women.

Why Nike’s Video Marketing Strategy is different from others

Nike brand technique is to assemble a capable brand – so that it motivates intense customer devotion from individuals everywhere throughout the world. This is because Nike marketing utilizes the emotional branding procedure of prime examples in its publicizing – all the more particularly, the account of the Hero.

Emotional Branding:

Emotional branding is a kind of marketing method that uses speak to a customer needs, goals, or emotional branding with a specific end goal to manufacture a specific brand.

Building Customer Loyalty with Heroism:

Nike marketing isn’t the main gathering that uses the Hero paradigm to move customer steadfastness. Numerous different organizations utilize this emotional branding system to awesome impact. By and large, the adversary is outside.

Digital Sport

Nike Digital Sport is a moderately new division at Nike, propelled in 2010 (that year they burned through $800 million on nontraditional marketing), which concentrates on creating innovation and gadgets that empower users to track their own wellness insights.

Social Media

Like the majority share of huge corporations, Nike has taken in the advantages of a sweeping online networking nearness.

Nike’s Multi-Platform Marketing Strategy

Television: drive one’s fame in the shortest time:

To accomplish the reason for acquainting LeBron James with the business sector through TV plugs and further make individuals have the further impression of Nike, Nike composed a progression of commercials called “Chamber of Fear”.

Web + Game + Blog:

Besides sitting in front of the TV, the youngsters between the ages of 15 to 24 are additionally substantial users of the Internet. “Utilizing advertisements are insufficient, we need to entice them to visit our site for more profound collaboration,” said Tsai, Wen-Ting. She believed that it was the way to achievement.


Not the same as the profundity of Internet correspondence, Messenger can spread data broadly in a quick way. Nike collaborated with Yahoo to plan audible for the characters in Chamber of Fear ads. Thusly, Internet users could utilize them as emoticons or entertainment instruments.


Nike is presently doing a test in Times Square, where 1 million and 5 hundred thousand individuals go by regular. Nike leased the mammoth announcement of the Reuters 23-story working for open air publicizing.

Nike’s Best Practices to Making Viral Videos

An intelligent film for Nike, where users can tap on highlighted footballers for details and online networking join has turned into the most shared advert on the social web this week with 585,286 shares.

A significant number of them tie into its overall #MakeItCount activity and the Nike+ system; however others are noteworthy viral videos or intriguing social rivalries.

This methodology is contained organizations creating three particular sorts of video for YouTube:

● Hero content – significant publicizing activities that contact a wide gathering of people (this could be a viral video or real business push)

● Hub Content – frequently discharged videos customized to user interests and interests (normally a general content arrangement)

● Hygiene content – comprising of the “dependable on” videos streamlined to address potential purchaser interests (this regularly takes the type of ‘how to videos’)

What You Can Learn from Nike’s Video Marketing Tactics

A famous trademark for as far as back to 26 years, does It reverberates with pretty much anybody. It interfaces with people all around, permitting anybody and everybody to concoct their particular elucidation. Nike makes you need to get off your butt and move! It’s forceful and direct approach functions admirably and has made Nike into the notable brand it is today (also it’s shoes!!).

  1. Learning #1: Create a Compelling Tagline
  2. Learning #2: Empower Your Target Audience, particularly WOMEN
  3. Learning #3: Leverage the Power of Social Media
  4. Learning #4: Use #Hashtags and Themes to Build Community
  5. Learning #5: Rock the Digital World!

Nike’s Best Video Marketing Campaigns

A publicizing campaign is a gathering of promotions concentrated around one message. They frequently utilize various advertising channels to get this thought over. The planning of these campaigns is additionally and plainly characterized.

So here they are, with no specific request (however don’t hesitate to tell us which one is your most loved in the remarks) – 12 of the best marketing and publicizing campaigns ever, and the lessons we can gain from them.

Just Do It.

Nike’s marketing office knew they expected to exploit it to surpass their first rival, Reebok. (At the time, Reebok was offering a larger number of shoes than Nike). Thus in the late 1980s, Nike finished the “Just Do It.” campaigns. It was a hit.


This campaign may have lost some of its gleams since Armstrong’s destruction; however it’s still a decent case of how Nike utilizes portable to include shoppers as a part of advertising campaigns.

Fuel Your Team

Nike ran this intuitive campaign utilizing its Nike+ social stage, which now has more than six million individuals.

The Chance

Another of Nike’s repeating campaigns is The Chance, which allows adolescents around the globe to win a spot in The Nike Academy for a year.

Times Square billboard

In this versatile campaign Nike setup an intelligent bulletin in Times Square that permitted individuals to content their own specially craft for an opportunity to win a couple of Nike IDs.

The Chosen

Nike at first launched this campaign in 2011, yet it has additionally been keeping running in consequent years.

Nike Grid

In 2010 the games brand launched Nike Grid, which transformed London into a goliath virtual gameboard.

Free Running

Keeping in mind the end goal to advance its new Free Running shoes Nike propelled social campaigns that tested runners to clock their quickest time more than two miles utilizing Nike+.

Catch The Flash

To advance another intelligent running coat Nike ran an occasion called ‘Catch The Flash’ in Vienna.


Content marketing is developing, and that normally brings fluffy definitions that obscure the lines between what something really is and what it is getting to be. It’s frequently pegged as a procedure instead of a technique, yet content marketing doesn’t rely on upon a particular arrangement of apparatuses or a typical work process.

The Nike marketing strategy that a large portion of us perceive isn’t the one that made them acclaimed. Finding the Nike marketing strategy that put them in the guide is the place the gold is.

Besides, much the same as any genuine content marketing system, it isn’t generally quite a bit of a “technique” by any stretch of the imagination. In the same way as other comparable examples of overcoming adversity, it was as straightforward as giving genuine customer esteem.

Image Source:Nike Inc.

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LinkedIn Live Video: How to Live Stream to LinkedIn Live? Thu, 26 Sep 2019 15:14:52 +0000 There is no doubt that visual content has taken over the internet now and you can gauge it by the popularity of YouTube, Instagram, and the various video-sharing apps. Live video streaming has been started by almost all the popular social media platforms, and LinkedIn has joined the bandwagon through its LinkedIn Live. Introduction to […]

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There is no doubt that visual content has taken over the internet now and you can gauge it by the popularity of YouTube, Instagram, and the various video-sharing apps. Live video streaming has been started by almost all the popular social media platforms, and LinkedIn has joined the bandwagon through its LinkedIn Live.

Introduction to LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is a live-streaming service launched by LinkedIn to cash-in on the rising popularity of online video contents. Purely for business and career, this feature is directed to the growing professional audience who are looking for ways and means to promote their businesses and services.

Applying for LinkedIn Live Video

Since LinkedIn Live is in the testing phase, it is not open to all. In fact, when it was launched, it began on an invite-only basis in the United States. Others who need LinkedIn Live Video services have to fill an application form.

Only when LinkedIn approves your application, will you be able to use it. The LinkedIn Live Broadcaster application is available online on LinkedIn and you can search for it using the LinkedIn Help tool.

This application can be filled as an individual or on behalf of your organization (LinkedIn page). The application details are simple and you have to give a convincing answer on how well you intend to use this feature. If you are filling it on behalf of your company, LinkedIn gives the streaming access to three more page admins.

Requirements for LinkedIn Live Streaming

  • To go live on LinkedIn, you need to leverage a third-party broadcast tool which then allows for you to go live from your personal profile or organization’s page. The partner tools that are allowed by LinkedIn are
  • Socialive
  • Switcher Studio (for iOS only)
  • Wirecast
  • StreamYard
  • Wowza Cloud and some others.
  • Most of these offer free trails. You will have to pay certain broadcasting associated fees when you use the services of these tools.
  • You should have at least 10 MBPS upload speed in your internet connection.
  • Confirm that the following of your ports are open

TCP port 1935 + 1936
TCP port 2936

These are the LinkedIn Live Stream requirements.

Steps for Using LinkedIn Live

  • Submit an application to LinkedIn and you will be eligible for live streaming after their acceptance.
  • Sign-up for a third-party partner tool to help you to broadcast the video.
  • Authenticate your LinkedIn account using this tool.
  • Check your internet connection speed (Upload speed of 10 MBPS recommended by LinkedIn)
  • Prepare well in advance for the live shot regarding the topic, discussion, camera, audio, background and so on.
  • Start your live broadcast
  • Ask for help from your partner to monitor the live comments and reactions.
  • Click on the ‘End Broadcast’ button when you are done.
  • The video will still be available on Recent Activity or Page feed for viewer access.

How to Broadcast to LinkedIn Live?

  • The first step to start LinkedIn Live is to select an appropriate third-party partner broadcaster tool based on your budget and streaming requirements.
  • The selected tool will then be integrated into your LinkedIn profile.
  • The integration process requires authentication and other processes which will be detailed by the selected broadcaster tool.

Some checkpoints before you start your LinkedIn Live streaming:

  • Your internet should have at least 10 MBPS upload speed.
  • Plan your stream before you go live.
  • Get only the required people inside the room.
  • Use relevant hashtags in the stream description to get more people to watch it.
  • Analyze your audience and select a convenient date and time to go live.
  • You can make use of the sponsored content to boost promotions of your LinkedIn Live Stream.
  • To end live streaming, you have to just click on the ‘End Broadcast’ button on the broadcaster tool that you have selected to stream. The replay will stay on the Page feed as a regular video. You can also view it on ‘Recent Activity’.
  • The live stream can be downloaded for re-purposing it. The live stream can be analyzed for these parameters.
  • Live stream- count of viewers, total minutes watched, viewer count for replay version
  • Engagement- Number of reactions, comments, and likes
  • Location from where it was watched, top pages etc.
  • Use can measure the drop-off point and drop-off rate to see what your viewers did not like.

How Can Businesses Leverage LinkedIn Live?

Launch of new product /service:

Companies can come live to demonstrate their new product or service. They can also answer viewer queries related to the use of the product or service.

Interviews and Q&A sessions:

If businesses have to demonstrate authority in your field, they can conduct Q&A sessions or interview with their experts to promote their services.


If businesses are conducting an event or are a part of it, then they can cover their sessions live in that event. Events may be celebrations, seminars, conferences, keynotes, the launch of a new product, etc.

Weekly/ fortnightly, or series-based episodes:

In the weekly live streaming, you can share tips, tricks, and best practices regarding your niche. It can be a combination of interviews, Q&A, tips, analysis, insights, reviews, showcasing your talent, etc.

Post- live benefits:

The live videos can be downloaded and its clips can be used by the businesses for promotion purposes on every other social media platforms.

Live Video Analysis:

The analysis of LinkedIn Live video streaming helps organizations to know customer insights. The analysis can be optimized for the next live streaming to attract more viewers and added engagement.

To Sum It All!

LinkedIn Live Streaming 2019 holds promise because video content is the future and it goes without reasoning that businesses need to take advantage of it. Even though other social media platforms have already rolled out their live video streaming, LinkedIn will still rule the roost for professionals and business houses.

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How YouTube is using Artificial Intelligence Tue, 24 Sep 2019 18:18:47 +0000 Google is finding all it’s best possible ways to make sure that YouTube content is safe for all brands through the implementation machine learning that better identifies the content which estimated as offensive for the audience and advertisers. We can observe YouTube transformation from the day it launched to till now. Through the launch of […]

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Google is finding all it’s best possible ways to make sure that YouTube content is safe for all brands through the implementation machine learning that better identifies the content which estimated as offensive for the audience and advertisers.

We can observe YouTube transformation from the day it launched to till now. Through the launch of experiments and user intended redesigns in the field of artificial intelligence elevating the best capability of YouTube as the #1 entertaining video platform. By comparing with the past activity of YouTube now, it’s predicting and featuring the user interested content for which the audience is looking for.

YouTube also stated that machines flagged above 83% of now-deleted videos to review rather than humans.

Above three-quarters of videos taken down before they were getting views, and most of them are related to spam or porn.

Without human involvement, artificial intelligence technology lets them train algorithms on data which can be used to spot the objectionable videos and take actions.

YouTube Recommendation Algorithm

Google Brain drives YouTube recommendations, which is opensource TensorFlow. With the help of this, one can conduct experiments on multiple deep neural network architectures with distributed training.

This system works on two neural networks in that one is a candidate generation in which it takes the audience to watch history and filters videos in hundreds.

For the performance of the recommendation algorithm, Google uses offline metrics and then conducts A/B testing between the best performing algorithms to get the final decision.

The only intention of developing this recommendation algorithm is to serve the audience what they want to watch and improve the long-term engagement of the viewers.

The YouTube recommendation algorithm affects ‘in search results, in trending streams, in notifications, in the recommended streams, in channel subscriptions, and on the YouTube homepage.’

YouTube Spam Video Cleaning and Comments Cleaning

YouTube is cleaning the offensive videos, unsolicited bulk subscriptions, and spam comments on the platform. Due to this, most of the YouTube creators have a rapid drop in subscribers count. YouTube has given a clear and clever explanation about the efforts and effects of it to the creators.

YouTube stated that they verify the legality of YouTube accounts and actions on your channel.

YouTube sorted the most recent posts in removing the comments. The cleaning of spam videos, subscribers, and comments building the fidelity of YouTube towards the audience and creators as well.

Creating Mix Playlists using the User Search Query

Depending on the audience watch history, the YouTube Mix provides playlist automatically.

YouTube Mix Playlists can be created randomly and automatically or by calling the same playlists through bookmark or link.

This never leads to the same video result again. The user can find YouTube Mixes ‘in search results, on music cards, on the home page, and in the suggested sections.’

Cracking Down Extremist Video Content

YouTube cracks down on the extremist videos that promote neo-Nazi, white supremacy, and other types of hate speech.

The expansion of this takedown policy will affect the video content who feature the violent content or hate speech projecting the groups or individual.

The implementation of machine learning technology helps YouTube to identify and delete the offensive extremism and terrorism relevant video content.

By the execution of machine learning technology, YouTube removes 75% of offensive videos before flagged by anyone. The accurate flagging of videos has been observed than compared to a human.


YouTube is making the best use of artificial intelligence to monitor and manage user activity in all possible ways. The above discussed are the unique ways that YouTube implements artificial intelligence that ultimately makes it be as the top user-friendly platform in the world.

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