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Ecommerce companies are targeting the video as their marketing machine as it is the most effective medium to attract the consumers towards the company. E-commerce websites are also targeting the mobile video advertising as the main to increase their reach. They are practicing the various marketing procedures using the video. The video giant YouTube was also providing eCommerce marketers with various types of ads that can help them to market their products. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter have also included video services for the marketers.

How to generate ecommerce sales?

Go with a Good Quality Video with perfect Agenda

Many e-commerce companies are following the same, they are making high-quality video commercials which are clear and understandable to the audience.

Create Product and Post Testimonial Videos

Testimonials greatly influence the audience, and it is general human psychology. By posting the experiences of the other customers with your products has a significant influence on the minds of the customers online.

Promote your Videos on Different Platforms

Promote your videos on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook to increase the audience reach towards your site.

Embed the Video Links

Embed your video on to your blog and share with your friends, mutual friends, and relatives and ask them to share their suggestions on the video. This helps you to know about your video, and by following the viewer’s recommendations, you can implement more to favorableness.

YouTube Shoppable Videos

The new YouTube Shoppable videos are most favourable for the E-commerce marketers as these ads can directly take the customer to the product launching page and increase your site traffic too.

Use of special Facebook page

Create a particular Facebook page for your products and make invitations to visit your page by approaching the previous customers who will be involved in sharing with their circles. This can explore your product brand to get huge sales.

Generate product reviews on social media

Choose the concept of disclosing your product reviews videos at your customers especially on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is the ultimate way to get E-commerce sales in an unexpected way.

eCommerce Integrations for Video Marketing

Ecommerce has dramatically developed for few years across the web. The sales of the eCommerce industry have grown towards success. There are some millions of online stores had opened across the internet.

The e-commerce marketers are using various tactics and social media platforms as their primary target to target their audience towards their site. Even social platforms are also supporting eCommerce marketers with new ad formats and targeting tools designed especially for video marketers. The eCommerce was integrating video marketing to develop sales potential. The very social platform has created many exciting tools for marketers.

Ecommerce and Video Marketing

The video has the more substantial part in the success of eCommerce across the web. There are different types of videos in use in commerce video marketing. Online consumers were also showing their interest in buying online goods after watching the video content. Marketers were also designed their strategic plan with the product-related videos, tutorials, ads, trailers, product launches, etc.


YouTube had rolled out different types of ad formats for the video marketers. Shoppable ads become potent nowadays for e-commerce marketing. It was increasing the conversion rates and helping e-commerce marketers to improve sales.


The microblogging Twitter platform had already started allowing the video posts on its platform. The buy buttons were already in use across the United States. Marketers are utilizing the Twitter platform for their video promotions.


Facebook autoplay ads has created significant buzz in eCommerce video marketing and allowed the marketers to the next stage of success.

By these social media video marketing, the marketing has become more comfortable and as well as very attractive. The results, development, and sales made the E-commerce to integrate the video marketing completely.

After reading this article, you might get relief of struggling to get e-commerce sales traditionally. Now you might probably choose the stream of video marketing to drain the e-commerce sales.

Video Marketing for Online ecommerce

Online e-commerce have greatly developed in India. As people are looking for a smart way to buy their products, and they have their utilities done with e-commerce online. Online e-commerce made the new way for the marketing business by taking social media marketing as the medium today. The most effective form of advertising done with videos where the audience likes to watch the things and the new up comes through video content. There paves a way to video marketing today.

Business are using the videos to gain trust from the audience

Many of us like to buy from the seller who knows well, and people are not ready to buy a particular product from the unknown buyer. So, to expose their infrastructure and services to the customers, businesses are going with the video marketing as a tool.

Video Marketing — Product Videos

The product video marketing services provided by the video marketing professionals to the business. The product videos constituted the necessary information about the products and the utilization and how it is helpful for the customers in their daily life. These types of videos are beneficial for the companies to gain the trust of the customers

Product Review Videos Services

The product review video helps us to know about the main things about the product and the testimonials from the customers who have used make the business as a genuine mark.

Behind the Screen Videos

Behind the screen videos will constitute with the relative crew of the company, and their working stills inside the factory makes a better impression on the audience and helps the business well.

Ways to Generate More eCommerce Sales with YouTube Ads

The number of users who are watching YouTube videos is increasing year over year. It is a big opportunity for marketers to reach their target audience. YouTube marketing videos can be used to increase e-commerce sales.

E-commerce owners can utilize YouTube to publish their product description videos. This creates a personal bond between the product and the customers. The types of videos that can be uploaded by e-commerce owners on YouTube are how to use the product videos, making the product, employee testimonials, etc. These types of videos allow the customers to look into the company. closely

Creating a YouTube channel for the e-commerce business is also a good idea. Post the content consistently to attract more viewers. The more videos you upload, the high rank you will get in YouTube test results. This increases the viewers for your channel, and there will be an opportunity to be successful.

Use the annotations, which are the text bubbles that pop up while playing the YouTube videos. Use them a call to action. You can give a link to your landing page of the e-commerce site or the product page. You can also direct the viewers to other videos from where they can get related information about the product, brand, etc.

E-commerce sites selling products can create tutorial videos on how to use their product features. Do not forget to give links to your product page in the video to where people directed, and this can help in lead generation. YouTube ads are very powerful to deliver the right message to right people at right time. Generate leads by creating videos of customer interviews or videos in which the customers asked what they feel about your product. Show the customers the benefits and convenience of using your products in the YouTube ads, and this can influence them to buy the products.

Psychological Strategies to Increase eCommerce Sales with Video

Ecommerce was growing with new development and strategies across the web. The usage of video has increased the chances of a good e-commerce market. When it comes to consumer behavior towards purchasing something online, you must be aware of the good psychological strategy to grab the customer towards your product by applying some tactics. Some customers just attract with the offers, coupons, draws, contests etc. And some will buy based on the amount saved by purchasing a product from the web instead of the retail market. So, here are some best strategies to increase and boost your e-commerce sales on the web.

Increase Ecommerce Sales with Video

Increase Ecommerce Sales with Video

Place the Reviews

It is a general human behavior that we generally are confident when we see others experience with a particular products. So, place reviews that are place from your customer are which can help you to boost the sales. Don’t delete the negative comments on your product. As the mixture of some negative will not make a great down effect on your sales and instead boost the sales by building good customer trust towards your product.

Use Numerical than Alphabets

Numerical can reveal the things at one look than the alphabets when it comes to price, offer, discount, etc. so use the numbers with big fonts to catch the customers eye. Show them separate savings information on product and also give a comparison of price.

Add products basing on relevancy and go with good video contests

Create good video contest and offer the discounts and prizes to some customers which can help you to boost the things.

Go with Shoppable Video Ads on YouTube Platform

Shoppable videos on YouTube platform helps the ecommerce marketer to place the products within the video as the customers can buy directly from the video by clicking on the product takes them to the product buying page with one click.

eCommerce Product Video Marketing

E-commerce is the growing sector in the world today. It was connecting all the people globally, and many people are satisfied with the services that are provided by e-commerce retailers online. Every business people today were designing their websites for their companies, and this made to raise the competition among the companies on the web. The e-commerce was highly kind to the present day marketers to reach their ideal customers online.

Video plays an important role in E-commerce sector too.

The video is the most engaging form of medium for advertising online. The high-quality videos are the most effective video marketing strategy in the e-commerce sector. The web video impacts the behavior of the customers and helps in attracting and motivating the customers towards your brand. The customers are also very interested to know about a particular brand before they are buying their products. So, majority of consumers like to watch the product-specific and testimonial videos to get the purchases.

The strategies that are connected with video in Ecommerce

The video content promotes the brands or products of the companies effectively and impacts more to maximize the benefits. So, many retailers are focusing the marketing on the videos effectively, and they are also planning the marketing strategies that shoots the customer requirements.

Depending on the e-commerce infrastructure

The best video on products helps in improvement of the infrastructure of the companies and helps them to deliver the rich elements to the customers.

Outsourcing the videos and going with the brand ambassadors

The brands represented by the people with the brand ambassadors which attracts the people to watch the videos of that particular brand. The innovative approaches to the marketers help the brands to achieve things much ease. The products and testimonials videos are more engaging to the audience to approach the brands, and it was also revealed that the testimonial videos are the best way to grab customer attention.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Generating eCommerce Sales Using Video

Video has become an integral part of the eCommerce sales. Many eCommerce startups are choosing video marketing as their strategy to get succeed in heavy competition online. Today there are some millions of eCommerce sites are competing with one another to gain the audience’s attention as well as to increase their sales leads. Many of those companies got to succeed, and whereas some companies didn’t reach the success mark due to a lack of right tactics to play for better sales. So, let us move to the step by step guide to increase the sales and exposure of your eCommerce business online.


Make a Perfect Blueprint

Planning is essential to implement what you are expecting. So, go through your products, services, and everything and brainstorm your mind to make an artistic representation of your products and services to the audience. Keep your objectives in your mind, and go according to it. Approach the best video marketing expert for your business if you are not sure to handle by yourself.

Showcase your Product with Storytelling

Many successful companies are following the same strategy by showcasing their product with a new storytelling type of video content to the audience. Storytelling makes the audience to get interested in your videos as well as in your product too. So keep it more unique.

Display your Product Highlights by Sprinkling some Entertainment Part in your Videos

Don’t go with too much commercialization when you are doing video marketing for business. Add some entertainment part in your product highlights also. The agenda of your video marketing must be entertaining the audience along with attracting them towards your products.

Advice the Audience on Selection along with your Product Review Videos

It is the best way to utilize your product video with some advice to the audience, which can, in turn, helps you to build trust with your consumers. As well as the customers also can get to know about more knowledge of your product, this helps you to drive better sales.

The Top Ecommerce YouTube Channels, Ranked By Craziness

It turns out that video is a very powerful tool for businesses. As late as 2015, SEO experts were claiming that video content was some 57 times more powerful than text alone for improving Google ranking. The list of top eCommerce YouTube Channels has mentioned here.

But the video is more than just an SEO tool: it’s a critical part of your strategy to convey your company’s story, especially if you’re an e-commerce business. Here are some e-commerce YouTube channels that get it right.

#4: Performance Bicycle

Performance Bicycle decided that they didn’t want to be yet another online bicycle retailer. So instead, they took it upon themselves to offer customers videos and advice to go along with their products. The company knows that its customers are the type of people who would prefer to work on their bikes if they knew how, and so it offers an entire catalog of videos offering instructions on how to cycle, what accessories to get and how to perform maintenance. Some of its videos now have more than 9 million views – not bad for a company offering such a niche product.

#3: Orabrush



Wikimedia Commons

Orabrush has a pretty disgusting product: a brush designed to scrape the crap off your tongue. But it decided, through its YouTube channel, to make it’s business a little more fun. Their advertising features a man dressed as a giant tongue walking around as a mascot. Using these videos, they managed to rack up more than 190,000 subscribers and more than 42 million views all while launching an entirely new category of product.

#2: ThinkGeek




ThinkGeek are in the business of selling electronic devices that are, well, not exactly the most practical. Take their most popular video: the “Useless Box Kit from ThinkGeek.” The user flips the switch on the box to the on position, and immediately the box opens, outcomes an arm which then resets the switch back to off, and the box closes again. The whole thing is utterly pointless and utterly hilarious.

ThinkGeek likes to keep their videos short and to the point. But even though it is no-frills, the video has racked up more than 100 million views on YouTube,

#1: Blendtec

Blendtec is a company that makes and sells blenders. Like many other e-commerce businesses, it uses a Magento agency to build its site and boost its online presence. The company did well use this strategy, but it took its appeal to the next level when it decided to ditch its traditional marketing and do something radically different.




Instead of being sensible, Blendtec went full-on crazy. A well dressed, otherwise austere-looking man representing the company was wheeled out in front of the camera to make videos asking, “will it blend?” What was interesting about the videos was that they weren’t blending food items. Instead, they were blending things like iPads and golf balls, things that people had always wanted to try but never had the guts to do so themselves. Aside from being hilarious, the videos proved a point: Blendtec’s blenders were seriously heavy-duty, able to reduce metal-framed electronic gadgets to dust in a few seconds. Now the channel has nearly a million subscribers, and some videos have more than 250 million views.

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B2B Video Marketing Strategy: Best Practices For B2B Video Marketing Tue, 21 Jan 2020 07:10:00 +0000 Video marketing is very crucial for any business. Including video in the digital marketing strategy is giving positive results, according to the marketers. Video engages the audience more than text content. B2B marketers can include video content which is informative, entertaining, compel action by the viewer and is of right-sized to get positive results with […]

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Video marketing is very crucial for any business. Including video in the digital marketing strategy is giving positive results, according to the marketers. Video engages the audience more than text content. B2B marketers can include video content which is informative, entertaining, compel action by the viewer and is of right-sized to get positive results with their marketing strategy.

B2B Video Marketing Strategy

It is beneficial for the B2B marketers to incorporate video content into their marketing strategy. It is because more than ninety percent of the customers watch online videos. Forty-three percent of people search for online videos for products and other services. One the more important thing is that most marketing professionals include video in their marketing strategy.

Videos are powerful tools and can deliver the message more strongly. Videos increase engagement, and the B2B marketers can make the audience take some actions after watching the video. Videos can be used to communicate directly with the audience. Face to face interaction to connect personally with the clients is possible with video marketing. A well planned B2B video marketing strategy can generate qualified leads and engagement. Brand identity can be enhanced and SEO efforts can be improved and all this can create revenue.

5 Tips for B2B Video Marketing

A successful B2B video marketing strategy must define goals and objectives. It is not about high production cost but it is important to understand the audience to decide which type of video content needs to be produced. Here are few tips for successful B2B video marketing.

  1. The length of the video matters and the B2B video marketing content should not exceed two minutes. Unless the video contains lots of technical details, the best length is not more than ninety seconds.
  2. Keep the audience engaged with the storytelling technique. Instead of describing a product show the actual product in action to the audience this can effectively increase the views.
  3. Decide what social platforms are used for promoting the video content.
  4. Have a strategy for releasing the video content.
  5. Different kinds of video content that can make are the customer testimonials, product demonstration videos, tutorials, interviews, case studies, webinars, event videos and video blogs.

Using YouTube for B2B Video Marketing

Video can effectively deliver the message and tell a story easily than a written post. B2B marketers can share relevant content on YouTube such as product demonstrations, how-to videos, case studies, conferences, events, etc.

Posting the video on YouTube does not automatically bring likes, views, and shares. It should be made to be searchable. Write a proper description of the video, give the perfect title, and use the relevant keywords. Create a YouTube channel for your brand. Track the analytics to determine how the videos are performing. The most important thing is to create great content. The videos should be of great quality so that they are ranked high in search results.

Using Facebook for B2B Video Marketing

Most businesses now have a presence on Facebook. Facebook allows B2B marketers to target a specific audience. The Facebook advertising costs are cheaper, and the targeting capabilities are beautiful. B2B marketers can use Facebook for video marketing ass they can laser target the advertisements. The Retargeting option of Facebook can be used to show ads to people who already visited the specific URL. This will encourage the people who did not finish the process in their first visit.

Facebook serves the goal of lead generation better. Facebook is video-friendly, and the B2B marketers can use Facebook to generate leads by using tactics such as offering incentives for their video advertising.

A Video Advertising Checklist For B2B Brands

B2B Brands must remember that video advertising online is not to sell but to inform, entertain and increase brand awareness. The goal of any video advertising online is to influence the buying decision of the prospective customer. A call to action included in the video content must take the visitor to content that provides detailed information, a software download, etc. to educate the buyer more about the product or service. Here is the checklist to create B2B Brands engaging for video advertising.

Video Advertising Checklist for B2B Brands

• Check which lead the audience to the site. It can be the Facebook page, website or the video channel.

• Try to understand why the viewer arrived at the video

• Say something worthy in the beginning of the video to keep the viewer hooked.

• Let the visitors know that you value their time and attention and provide them with the thing expecting which they are here.

• Define the target audience and also define the goal of the video advertising.

• For professional looking video ad, hire professionals and set firm delivery date.

• Remember, the look and feel of the video ad depends on how much is spent on it.

• Adding 3D animations or graphics gives the ad a great look but this is expensive as well.

• Maximize the information conveyed in the visuals and minimize the words that the visitor has to listen.

• Use the video content intelligently. Have plans to distribute it and also to re-use it.

B2B Brands should create useful video ads for the customers. Measure the viewer engagement with analytics and determine what is working and what is not. Understand what the viewers want and create videos to reach their expectations. Optimize the video advertising to get more value for the money invested.

Best Practices For B2B YouTube Marketing Strategy

Digital marketers consider (and it is already proved) that YouTube is the hidden gem in digital marketing.   This fact is substantiated by statistics indicating that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine (immediately after Google).  The plus point for YouTube is it is offering the information through videos as well. B2B YouTube Marketing Strategy can be found here.

Few facts about the popularity indicate that a) there more than 1 billion users are visiting this channel every month, b) over 6 billion hours of video watch in every month, c) more than 100 hours of video are uploaded very minute.  All these indicate that there is huge potential for markets on this ever increasing popular platform in the field of digital marketing.

B2B is a concept where one business is in dialogue with another business. This is typically applicable in relations like job work, manufacturer-dealer, manufacturer-distributor etc.

To take the maximum advantage of this wonderful marketing tool, the marketers need to adopt some best practices to ensure that their B2B YouTube marketing strategy is a grand success.

a) Identify the potential viewers.

b) Prepare the content suiting the requirements of the targeted audience.

c) Provide proper and accurate credentials.

d) Provide and update the contact information on each page of the content.

e) Provide provision for feedback through comments/likes/remarks.

f) Answer the queries raised by the users within a reasonable time.

g) Schedule visits the site and maintains the schedules.

h) Present best quality output to the audience.

i) Constantly update the content suiting the requirements of the viewers.

j) Have required quantum of patience till you get the required level of traffic.

k) Monitor the visits using the inbuilt features of YouTube.

l) Constant follow up with the prospective customers.

m) Convert the visits (to the site) to purchase decision.

The digital marketer has to ensure that the proper content as published on his site is having required traffic as well as constant efforts to convert the visits to purchase decision.

10 Ways To Supercharge Your B2B Video Marketing

Video marketing has several different ways to implement and carry like from featured product videos to the explainer videos for various purposes. When it comes to video marketing for B2B companies, the lead generation for the companies is like a mystery, and there is a need to explore the different ways of video marketing that are effective and result oriented for the B2B companies. Here are some ten ways to supercharge your B2B video marketing.

1. Build social relations

The majority of the B2B marketers are using social media as a broadcasting tool, but it is not at all a good way to go. Start focusing the social media on influencing the people with definitive prospects for your video marketing. Utilize the LinkedIn and other professional networks to build a strong identity of your network which helps you to build the trust with the relations.

2. Webinars

In most of the lead generation environments, the most important thing is to educate the people with the events like seminars, webinars etc. it ca turn as a powerful trust building asset if you done it in a right way with video.

3. Go with different videos for different topics

It is better to go with the different types of videos for different niches you are dealing with. Try creating the videos that targeting the awareness in the people about your product. Try customer support and other information related video content that is useful to the people.

4. Utilize the video as a marketing tool

Improve the efficiency of creating the video content for marketing your product. Don’t do over promote the things for your marketing.

5. Go with live streaming

Try a live streaming session about your company products and build interaction with the audience in real time. Get suggestions and comments from the people which can helps you to know about the positive and negative side things.

6. Be informative

Your B2B video must be informative and have to focus on the subject as main. It is very important to deliver the information to the people what exactly you expect to deliver.

7. Follow good story telling in your video

Your video must not be very boring to the audience. So make it interactive, bright and colourful which can attract the audience attention.

8. Quality

Maintain good quality video and many companies just focus on the picture quality rather than the audio quality. But, audio is also an important factor if you want your video to be successful in marketing. So check your audio quality and move further.

9. Relevant

Don’t skip your relevancy while marketing your product using the video. Stay with your topics and what you want to convey to the audience with your video. So, don’t go to other topics in your video by keeping it relevant.

10. Insider and brand differentiation videos

Go with the videos that can differentiate your brand with others. Keep an eye on your content to avoid misleading the audience. Your video must market your products in the way audience like to watch.

All these above ways are very useful to supercharge your B2B video marketing online.

10 Ways To Produce B2B Marketing Videos On Budget

Marketers already know about the power of video marketing today. The video is the best media that can target the users much better than any other form of media for advertising or marketing. When it comes to marketing with videos in B2B companies, the small B2B companies are stepping back to the lack of great budgets. They are missing the strategy that there are some ways to go with the B2B Marketing Videos. Here are some important ways that can help your B2B Company for video marketing.

Budget friendly ways

1. Do in-house

Shoot your video in-house than hiring a videographer. It is also the newest trend in content marketing today.

2. Leverage what you already have

Utilize the available resources with you. Don’t search for something that is not required for your video making process.

3. Keywords

Focus on best keywords at exact locations in your content. Make an instructional video for your marketing and deliver the same to your audience. You can gain good exposure across search engines as Google rank your video content.

4. Shoot on iPhone or any other

It is not must to shoot your video with professional expensive cameras. There are many successful videos that an e-shot on iPhone itself. So cut down the budget for expensive cameras.

5. Use the free software’s

Utilize the free video editing software’s that are available online. Try avid video editing and adobe premiere etc for your video editing.

6. Make your own story

Hiring a writer for your video storyboard may add expenses to your plan. So discuss with the team of your marketers and write your own script and finalize it.

7. Go organic

Try organic advertising on different platforms with your videos. Many companies are succeeded with the organic approach in video marketing.

8. Add a call to actions

Don’t forget to add a call to actions to your video. Plan it before the video creation.

9. Limit the paid advertising

If you are serious about reaching an audience with paid ads rather than organic. Then develop a strategy which ca cut your unnecessary expenses by revealing what is your target.

10. Invest time

Time is more valuable than money when comes to B2B video promotion.

10 Effective Strategies for Using YouTube for B2B Marketing

Irrespective of the size of the business, more and more marketers are using YouTube for business marketing. According to studies, B2B marketers are using YouTube videos as part of their business strategies. YouTube is one of the best platforms to give exposure and interaction to the businesses. Here are few strategies to use YouTube for B2B Marketing promotion.

YouTube for B2B Marketing stratagies

  1. The content you post should be of great quality. Be it written content or videos; you should gather resources that help to create good quality content.
  2. Make use of the tools offered by YouTube.
  3. Apart from the quality of the video, the content of the video is also playing a key role in attracting the viewers. Thus make your YouTube videos interesting and entertaining.
  4. Creating good quality videos are important as well as getting noticed. Videos do not automatically go viral, but you need to add perfect keywords and phrases that the customers use for searching.
  5. Use the same keywords that you used in the title in your video tags also, and these words should be related to the video. Find the terms that are trending using Google Trends.
  6. For any B2B marketing, the aim of using YouTube is to create brand awareness and increase sales. Use calls to action in the videos along with annotations to divert the viewers to your product page or official website.
  7. Use YouTube analytics to measure the performance of the videos.
  8. Identify the areas that need to be improved.
  9. To reach more target viewers create a channel banner and add your website links and social media page links.
  10. To take advantage of YouTube platform, the companies must create a channel trailer in which the viewers can get to know the type of content that the videos will have.

Group your videos.   You can have different playlists for videos, for example, one playlist for videos that describe the products, one playlist of videos that contain customer reviews, etc. Make your company logo as the channel icon.

All these above ways are best to develop the budget-friendly B2B videos and get successful in reaching your targeted audience online.

Guide To B2B Business Video Content Strategy

B2B companies need good marketing and advertising services. Video content is the best way to reach targeted customers across the web. But, it requires good strategy and strategic implementation. Here is the best guide to the B2B business video content strategy.

Business Video Content Strategy

Plan to execute

Plan your video content strategy basing on your business requirements and targets. The business video strategy must have a clear goal or objective. That means your content must target the present market. Point out each and every strategy basing on your objective and note it clearly to execute.

Choose the best channel

After planning your strategy, you need the best place to implement your strategy accordingly with your plan. So choose the right distribution channel where your customers are available. You can choose YouTube, Facebook and many other channels where your audience are connected with.

Encourage people

Don’t push the people to watch your content. Just encourage them by making your content more interesting and engaging to the audience.

Create useful content

Don’t over promote your B2B Company for your own promotion. Approach the audience with special featured content which can raise interest in the audience minds.

Stay connected

Always stay connected with the audience like by responding their comments in a positive way and ask them for suggestions on your videos etc which made them get connected with your content.

Video Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Business


The majority of the customers purchase products after going through the product demo videos. So create good demo videos for your customers and let them know about your product in detail.

Optimize your video

Plan for better optimization of the videos as your video rankings definitely reflects on your overall performance across the web.


Plan your B2B business strategy by targeting the local audience as the location-based targeting which helps you to reach the business.

Live video

Live video has become the trending buzz across the web. So, prepare yourself to start live video for your product demo or unboxing of your new products.

Display videos

Plan good display video ads which can maximize your business reach at low rates. Plan your strategy accordingly to deliver the brand message within the ads.

B2B Business Video Content Trends

Native advertising

Unlike cross-platform advertising and embedding of the video content, it is better to plan a native video advertising strategy. Native video helps the business to get good identity across the social platforms. So upload the content directly to the specific platform which can boost the engagement level.

Publish content relevantly

Publish content that is relevant to your company’s products and service offer. Don’t grab the customers with the fake titles and fake content which is irrelevant to your company may lead to bad impact.

Social media strategy

Plan good social media plan for the promotion B2B business. Don’t go for multiple platforms at a time if you are a startup company. Focus on a single platform and gain good popularity with best video content that is interactive to the audience.

User Generated content

User Generated Content is the most valuable content for the businesses as it can drive better engagement with the targeted audience. try to create instructions, how to, demo, review, unboxing and promotional video content to your audience.

YouTube video strategy

Plan smartly with YouTube video ads capability of delivering your message to your audience and choose your ad type smartly which must fit on your requirements and targets.

Finally, follow all these simple ideas to boost your B2B Video marketing strategy.

What is B2B Video Marketing Strategy?

Video content is becoming an important tactic for all B2B Video Marketing online. It is proved that any marketing strategy will give positive results if the video is included in it.

B2B Video Marketing

B2B marketing videos can be informative, entertaining, force the viewers to take some action, and let the audience feel the video is genuine etc. These are all the characteristics of the b2B video. How video marketing helps for B2B marketers. It helps in brand building, product demonstration, attract prospects and there are many more advantages with B2B video marketing.

B2B Video Marketing Best Practices

To get impressive results from B2B video marketing, everything has to be done right. Here are few tips to consider when creating a B2B video for marketing purpose. Understand what kind of content the audience wants to watch online. Create branded content that is unique. Decide what you want to achieve the video content. Find ways to use the B2B marketing video in a future project. Measure the success of the video campaign. Check whether it is reaching the right people and if the content can engage the audience.

How to Create B2B Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is important in overall business to business marketing strategy. Create videos targeting the defined audience. To get maximum from B2B marketing video, commit to the budget, and spend time promoting it also. Guide your B2B customer problems in the video. Ensure that the video content is relevant. The B2B marketing video should end with a call to action. Compel the audience to take one of the strong calls to action. Lead generation is the aim of B2B marketing videos and so guides the audience into taking action. B2B marketing videos can be done by adding annotations to the video with website link.

B2B Video Marketing Statistics

Online video marketing has become an exciting way to promote products for marketers. For more than eighty percent of the B2B marketers, lead generation is the most important goal for the videos. According to studies, fifty-four percent of the b2B companies are going to spend more on their SEO. It also said that the b2B companies are planning to increase their event budgets in the coming days. The video marketing budget of many marketing teams is also increasing in the coming days. Every two out of three businesses are opting for increasing their B2B video marketing budget.

B2B Video Marketing Trends

The video is being used by every business online, and before you begin to shoot videos for marketing, there are few things that you should know about the B2B marketing trends.

• Video need not be just a tool to provide the audience with facts and figures. It should create an experience.

• B2B video marketing can be boring. Add a little bit of humor to the videos so that it engages more viewers.

• Another key area for a B2B marketing video is to provide a solution to a problem that the audience is facing. This is not only for B2B marketing but also for all forms of marketing.

• Another popular trend of B2B marketing is to make videos that connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

• Ensure that the content and video quality is at the top level.

It is said that ninety-two percent of the B2B customers are watching online videos. Most businesses search online videos to research services or products for their businesses. Therefore it is important to make the B2B marketing videos unique, that tells the story of the company, and that helps build the brand reputation.

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How Virtual Reality Will Transform Video Advertising Sun, 19 Jan 2020 07:13:00 +0000 Virtual reality is the latest technology that is going to create significant changes to the digital world in the coming years. Facebook brought the attention of the audience to virtual reality when it purchased Oculus. After this Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Sony followed Facebook and made investments in this technology. Online video is compelling, and […]

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Virtual reality is the latest technology that is going to create significant changes to the digital world in the coming years. Facebook brought the attention of the audience to virtual reality when it purchased Oculus. After this Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Sony followed Facebook and made investments in this technology.

Online video is compelling, and marketers are going to spend more on digital video ads more in the coming few years. The virtual reality live video offers a high degree of interactivity with consumers. The broadcaster can get insights into how the audience is responding to their content.

Virtual Reality Video Trends

Virtual reality video at low-end was introduced to masses in 2015. People realize the value of VR in digital marketing. The mobile-driven virtual reality is going to introduce the technology to more people in the coming days.

The first VR cinema is going to be set up in Amsterdam this year. Similar locations are going to open in various cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, and Berlin. Another trend in virtual reality is drone races. Many games are going to come out on VR platforms.

Major technology companies are gearing up to develop VR content and a tech war is going to begin. However, it is good for the consumers as the VR product releases will accelerate. Another trend expected this year is the headsets going mainstream. These will hit the consumer market, and many options will be available. Smartphone-based head gear VR will also be made available to the consumers.

How Virtual Reality will Impact Video Advertising Market

Virtual reality offers great opportunities connect directly with the audience, from the brand perspective. VR is being used by many popular brands to create successful video campaigns. The common problems of brands when it comes to digital video advertising campaigns are failing to engage the audience, customers not recalling the marketing campaigns and little advantage over competitors.

Virtual reality solves all the above problems of the brands related to digital advertising. To view the virtual reality content, the user has to wear the headset, which will prevent distractions and helps pay more attention to the message. Virtual reality delivers the message strongly and can result in behavior change. VR experience is going to be in the memory of the user for the longest time. Since VR is a novel idea in digital advertising, early adopters can benefit than the competitors who are yet to adopt this technology.

Virtual Reality Video Advertising Trends

The growth of video in the past few years is very rapid. Marketers using virtual reality is the new trend in video advertising. Retailers of any size are using virtual reality to provide their customers with VR experience and thereby get benefits. Test drives are essential for automotive brands. Virtual Reality is going to be the next generation of test drives as it fulfills the feeling of consumers experiencing the vehicle personally on the digital level. Volvo was the first to adopt this technology. It developed a Volvo reality app that allows taking a virtual test drive of one of its model.

Food and Beverage are another industry that is adopting virtual reality to satisfy the craving and novelty of the consumers. McDonald embarked on virtual reality. A complementary app requires to download, and special meals can purchase.

Virtual reality is a marketing tool for brands for many brands. Virtual reality allows brands to increase consumer attention to their content. The consumer transported to a fascinating world through virtual reality, and this captures the consumers on an emotional level and drives them to take action.

Browse Web In Virtual Reality Using WebVR API

Virtual reality was changing the world towards new ways. The VR applications and the cameras are still trending with new concepts across the web. When it comes to VR on the web, it is a wonderful experience when it comes to the web as it powers the web to work across the browsers and as well as the hardware that can be accessed with one click. The VR developers are planning to see the new virtual web world with multiple ways to reach the things with headsets using the single application.

Developers are testing the beta for Android with Chrome 56, and web developers are focusing on the origin trail and WebVR API. The Web VR API provides the complete access to the input as well as the capabilities of the output of virtual reality supporting devices.


The new WebVR API is the JavaScript API which provides access towards the virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc. in the browser. It is considered to be the central API for the information capturing across the VR devices on computers and headsets and converts the information to the user data which can be utilized for the gaming and other apps efficiently.

The webVR API can be utilized with the two concepts one is to send the stereoscopic images to the lenses in the headset and the positional data receiver for the head from the sensors which can be handled by the HMDVRD

It is presently available in the Firefox nightly builds and can get the latest device which enables the builds.

to add the WebVR to the mobile compatible site, then you need to use the WebVR polyfill to support the cardboard mobile devices for both iOS as well as the Android platforms.

A-Frame, visor are some of the platforms that are utilizing the webVR technology.

Therefore the web VR is evolving with new changes accordingly to the feedback of the developers to enable the default pages and is extended to the desktop platforms as well as the supporting devices in future

Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Virtual Reality Camera [Review]

Every day, we are looking for something new and creative trends that are ultimately different from the used versions. In that view, the Kodak has brought up the extremely amazing device Kodak Pixpro SP360 4k virtual camera. By comparing others, this is completely uniquely designed by adding special features.

As the name itself defines the word virtual reality in 360 degrees containing the high resolution of 4k service. We can have more support from this that we never experienced before.

Features of Kodak Pixpro

It supports Facebook 360 degrees and YouTube 360 degrees.

The circular video resolution is 2880×2880 30fps, 1072×1072 30fps, 1440×1440 fps and 2048×2048 30fps.

We can find very wide angles with the unfolding of an image to explore 360 degrees.

It can be helpful to fix any tripod that we want to use.

It has the facility of NFC to exchange the data with nearby devices.

We can use standby remote control to operate in moving position.

It has 235 degrees two lens to view the field by covering all angles and it supports the UVC of USB while recording.

The additional feature is live streaming through wifi also done.

It is more flexible to record selfies and it has been provided with the ports like a battery, USB and micro SD of 128 GB.

We adjust the perfect sound alignment for the video we made.

Wireless operation can be done with device apps of ios and android.

Stitch software of Mac and Pc are fixed in it.


The Kodak Pixpro SP360 4k Virtual Reality Camera is available in two categories of premier pack and dual pro pack.

Premier pack:

In this we can get SP360 4k action camera, standard housing-B, bar mount, suction cup mount-A, protective covers, accessories tool, curved and flat adhesive mount-a and cleaning cloth.

Dual pro pack:

2-SP360 4k action cameras, remote control, battery, nylon wrist strip, cleaning cloth, suction cup mount-A, protective covers, standard housing-B, dual camera base mount, selfie stick and remote control mount are available while purchasing.

To have the high-quality video to elaborate the tours by visiting exciting places just go and get the Kodak Pixpro SP360 4k Virtual Reality Camera. This might be helpful to the vloggers to grab the audience.

Advantages of Nokia OZO 360 for Virtual Reality Video Creation

With the technical advancement, there is hue and cry about the 360 degrees virtual reality. Also called VR, this concept has been gaining momentum. As the viewers will have better enjoyment, VR is viewed with high expectations. There are so many hardware makers already competing for their share in the VR hardware market. Nokia introduced its new hardware product called Nokia OZO 360.

One of the initial launchers of VR enabled device is Nokia OZO 360. Fully understanding the requirements of 360 degrees VR, Nokia included the following interesting features in Nokia OZO 360.

Advantages of Nokia OZO 360

Video sensor: progressive scan

Video sensor array: eight, synchronized, 2Kx2K sensors

Video area coverage: Full spherical, 360 x 180 degrees.

Minimum imaging distance: 0.5 m/ 20” (spherical video coverage)

Lens angle of view: 195 degrees per lens.

Audio sensor type: Omni-directional, solid state

Nokia OZO 360 went on record to claim that their ultimate goal for VR is to create tools for the most brilliant, creative people in the world. A quick look at the above specs clearly indicates that the Nokia Ozo comes with all the features required to make the VR experience one of the most exciting. The device comes with inbuilt features – both video and audio – suitable for presenting the best VR experience & and also enable the creators to tell their stories through VR.

To make the product more widely available, Nokia is launching this product in other parts of the world including China. China will be able to enjoy Nokia Ozo as early as next month (expected shipments). Nokia is proud to claim that no other professional VR solution can offer this depth of solution: OZO software suite, OZO live, OZO camera and OZO Player SDK as well making a complete platform readily available for streaming 360 degrees VR content.

Not to be left behind, Nokia OZO has also loaded with 500 GB, solid-state media with 45 minutes record duration per media module. 30 fps capture frame rate makes Nokia OZO all the more attractive. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack combined with passive (fanless) cooling system enable the user to use OZO for longer duration without disruption. Nokia being one of the superior technology based companies, we can expect more and more advancements for the excitement of VR creators as well as VR viewers.

HTC Vive – Virtual Reality Headset [Reviews]

We are much awaited to see the amazing device HTC VIVE virtual reality system. Now it’s launched into the market with the unbeatable demand that wouldn’t be any other. Are you willing to know much more about HTC VIVE before buying, just go ahead to get a clear picture of it.

HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System:

This is designed to move freely in the virtual reality by having the real time experience just as a room-scale device.

This HTC VIVE can be used to get the virtual reality of being in the real world and to have the much through it just use it for gaming.


If the PC is disconnected from it won’t stop working as it has supporting battery to play continuously.

The motion controllers are easily fitted in hands as a remote controller.

The more comfortable adjustments made to the headsets while using it on the eyes. It maintains sufficient distance from eyes to lens.

We can get the ultimate enjoyment while we are playing by sitting, standing or any position with the help of Steam VR tracking.

The controllers are made very strongly though we make any accidents with the walls or furniture it could be unbreakable.

The 4 version of steam can be used to customize the computer by setting a lot of features.


It consists of an accelerometer, placed laser and gyrosensor to get the perfect point of the head.

Two wireless Cameras of an Infrared lighthouse like base stations will be offered to place at the corner of the room to go behind the 37 sensors of a headset.

It has 1800×1200 screen resolution, especially for the eye.

The buffering rate of the cam is 90Hz.

HTC in branding for promotion:

As we know that the HTC is the brand ambassador of branding in the electronic industry since a long time.

This concentrates on providing the highly qualified devices with advanced quality than making of devices at low cost.

Now the Virtual Reality is the Global trending one for which everyone is enthusiastic to get the innovated services by comparing with other devices.

By keeping this in mind they are launching new components with additional services that no one can offer.

It has built the strong basement of trust in the minds of the customers to buy any newly released product of HTC in the market.

This HTC VIVE is more helpful for the hunters of video gaming to get the feeling of playing in the real world by doing adventurous things in the game. To have much fun and thrill while playing the game with HTC VIVE virtual reality system just go and get it soon.

GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Cameras and Tools

Virtual reality has changed the world and new improvements and implementations were carrying across the globe. GoPro is one of the Famous Company in virtual reality firms across the world.

GoPro Virtual Reality

GoPro Company is officially launching the virtual reality channel for the 360-degree video play, which named GoPro VR. Along with this, the company also launched a HERO Cast wireless which is a streaming tool for Virtual Reality videos which also called a Live VR.

GoPro VR consists of a Virtual reality Headset which supports both iOS and Android platforms. The platform is planning to host the curated GoPro VR video content that is similar to the on-demand video channel which works as regular footage. The spherical video or virtual reality video content initially covers the sponsored athlete and other artists. It is going to cast the user-generated video content, and technically the GoPro virtual reality platform has acquired the Kolor eyes along with the video stitching software.

GoPro Virtual Reality Omni

GoPro has revealed the final design of the Omni, which can cost up to $3000. The whole package may cost up to $5000, which includes memory cards, cables, Kolor editing software, etc. if you have six cameras, then you can own a rig that costs 1500$. The rig is the frame for the Cameras, and it has the hardware that helps the six cameras to operate at a time with a remote system. The Omni VR consists of an aluminum rig and six Hero4 cameras, which prices under $5000US. The device is light in weight and can be suitable for the action shots which can capture the 8k videos.

GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Cameras

360 Hero cameras

360 Hero cameras are expensive cameras with 3D rig configurations. The main problem with the Go Pro camera is the choice of the head for the 360-degree video camera which is nonreliable as it is incapable of handling the data rates continuously. The users need a live stitch from the micro HDMI outputs which can easily break.

GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Tools

Live streaming has become the most ongoing trend. From live-streaming apps release to present virtual reality live streaming, has become the biggest buzz across the web. There various live streaming tools in GoPro VR live streaming camera. The GoPro VR is a new tool for wireless streaming, which named as a live VR. The VR headset is friendly for both platforms of iOS and Android applications. The platform mainly features the curated Virtual Reality providing the 360-degree video content.

All these above are the specifications of the new GoPro camera and the information about the new channel by GoPro for virtual reality content.

NextVR – Broadcasting Live Events in Virtual Reality [Review]

What is NextVR:

NextVR is the world’s best virtual reality live streaming technology device. It was launched in 2009, headquartered in California. NextVR is the world’s first Live streaming of Soccer game.

This was first launched in Lounge beach, California. Next VR has partnered with International Champions Cup tournament Live Telecast for the Soccer.

NextVr is the one of Live Streaming devices among all it has given high quality Virtual reality Videos. It was specially designed to shoot 360 degrees Live streaming.

This can broadcast live and recorded video, has partnered with some technological products like Samsung and Oculus Rift. NextVR is the official partner to NBA league pass.

NextVR and Live Nation Virtual Reality Concert Streams:

Live Nation, Citi and NextVR have started binding a partnership with some Concert series for the music lovers. This has become a business opportunity, the people can virtually enjoy anywhere, anyone in a virtual reality world.

It gives an opportunity to the world’s biggest artists to claim their backstage performance to see through virtual reality technology devices.

NextVR app is coming soon to watch a live performance of the “world’s biggest artists” in Virtual Reality devices.

Music, sports and live events are biggest income from the audience. As we all know that NextVR is well known for live streaming sports, live events and has partnered with Live Nation channel, NBA which telecast DJ event, artists’ performance in Virtual Reality view.

This NextVR company has also got a partnership with Thievery Corporation, which can promote actual tickets for live DJ, Music events. Live Nation also introduced a new website for 360 degree videos and Virtual reality events.

NextVR has given a chance to broadcasting Cutting Edge performance, boxing matches, Democratic debates as in Virtual Reality worldwide.

Advantages of NextVR:

NextVR best Virtual Reality Device that Broadcast live Streaming of Sports and Concert Streams.

NextVR has also broadcasting the Netflix movies and Live Tv.

It has launched Next3D for 3D television viewers.

It provides impressive 360 degree view for Live streaming of Soccer and Football tournaments.

The NextVr is beating the Live Concert, Sports and all internationally popular for streaming Virtual Reality events and getting more technological.

NextVR is now Live Streaming Highlights of Boxing in Virtual Reality.

All industries are waiting to get partnered with NextVR to get Virtual Reality views.

While viewing the NExtVR live streaming, you can feel and get the you watching in the front row experience or even better than that.

Combination of NextVR and Sports:

NextVR presenting the platform for Live Streaming Sports like Soccer, Football, Hockey and Golf tournaments.

NextVR has a partnership with United States Golf Tournaments, in Fox Sports Live Streaming Channel. Viewers are watching the game through the Samsung gear devices.

NextVR is going to launch the NextVR app for the audience of sports to get access to all Virtual Reality devices.

NextVR became a new platform for broadcasting boxing Highlights, audience can see the fights fell live they sit in the front row of the event.

NextVR is now getting high professional partnership with big companies and TV Live broadcasting.

NextVR has partnered with the NBA, Netflix, International Champions Cup of Soccer Tournaments, NHL and Fox Sports.

Samsung Gear VR headsets next allowing the NextVR app to give Live streaming earn more income through this app.

Getting Started with BBC Taster Virtual Reality App

The BBC is experimenting with Virtual Reality Converting BBC content into VR videos. BBC recently launched a Virtual Reality mobile app named as “BBC Taster” which broadcast all BBC content to 360-degree videos. BBC Taster Virtual Reality App is going to be the trending.

BBC Taster Virtual Reality app is available for free on iOS and Android mobiles. The British media network has best 360 video content in a YouTube playlist. This app was developed by “Taster”, BBC in-house they used “EEVO “ to publish BBC videos and news content to Virtual Reality.

Best Features Of BBC Taster Virtual Reality App:

BBC first experimented on the nature documentary “Planet Earth II” to give nature experience to the viewer with more content expected to be soon in a BBC Taster app. In the app, it allows users to choose their path to enjoy it.

It has also experimented on VR animated videos, interactive 360 videos, Branching narratives, and Dynamic Binaural. They are “One Deadly weekend in America” and Planet Earth II. If you are using mobile VR headsets, you can experience it properly to choose the path where they go.

BBC is experimenting on live events like 2016 Rio Olympic Games, planning to broadcast at least one event every day on iOS, Android, PC’s and Samsung Gear VR. Planning to give up to 100 live hours for the Taster VR app from dedicated PCs and mobile devices.

Taster app videos include Rio Olympic 2016 opening and closing ceremonies, sports like Basketball, gymnastics including facing, also promises the ringside view of boxing. Here one limitation happens the UK kept Geolocation that is locked for others.

The broadcaster says that the user can choose any of the videos from the Taster VR app, choose any of your adventure style programs this is an entirely different approach rather than traditional TV services from the BBC.

The BBC Taster app is currently available for iOS and Android mobiles outside the United Kingdom. If you are an Android user download app from play store and iOS user download BBC Taster app from app store.

After downloading it app by default have two videos “One Deadly Weekend in America VR” and Planet Earth II videos. Just download the videos and watch it. Planet Earth II is taking little bit late to download it.

You are allowed to watch the videos through Google Cardboard and compatible devices. You can select your own destinations, travel route from Deserts, Jungles, Grasslands, Islands, Mountains, and Cities.

To develop this platform BBC Research and Development included 120 different pilots, working from all various departments of the BBC, thousands of Feedbacks from different departments in the BBC.

You can watch BBC sports through Your computers using Beeb’s Experimental BBC Taster site without any help from VR headsets scrolling the mouse and moving around.

There is an app for Samsung VR Gear so, you use through your mobile to watch 360 degrees VR content in this app. BBC stated that “now they are pushing boundaries to get closer to the action than ever before”.

This is an Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with BBC Taster Virtual Reality App for everyone. People who are not aware of this app make use of this valuable information. Enjoy the Virtual reality experience from the Popular British Media BBC News, Documentaries and Sports Events in the closer look.

The Ultimate Guide to Hulu Virtual Reality

Hulu virtual reality allows you to experience watching movies or programs with 3D effects either on your Samsung Gear VR or other Samsung mobile devices that supported or the Oculus Rift. Hulu VR app subscribers can access the Hulu 2D library and enjoy the 360-degree environment.

Introduction to Hulu Virtual Reality

Hulu virtual reality allows you to stream select virtual reality content. Launch the Hulu app and choose the virtual reality content main screen and access the videos to enjoy the immersive 3D experience. Those who do not have a subscription of Hulu can also use the app, but they can only access a limited number of virtual reality videos.

Hulu app can use for free, but the access to the content is limited. There will no content limit for the subscribers.

The content can stream to the mobile device, game console, television with web-enabled etc. But when the subscription is only basic, they have to see the same amount of ads as free users. Paid services streamed in 720 p HD.

Hulu app can be run on Android and iOS mobile devices also. Hulu app can download from Google Play stores and Apple App, and it is free. For full access, there is a need to subscribe.

How to Experience Hulu Virtual Reality

Hulu virtual reality can experience with Samsung Gear VR and other supported devices are Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7 and others.

  • Connect the Gear VR headset, and the latest Oculus software automatically installed on the device.
  • The Samsung mobile which you are using must run on Android 5.1.1 version.
  • Go to the Oculus home screen while wearing the Gear VR headset. Select the Oculus store and choose either Select All or the Samsung and there select Hulu.
  • Go to the Install or Free options using the on-screen pointer. Confirm the selection by tapping the touchpad.
  • To log in to Hulu VR, there are two options. One is to use the Hulu mobile app, and the other is to use the website activation code.
  • When you are using Hulu VR on Oculus Rift, there is a need to have the latest software version of Oculus and one supported computer.
  • Go to the Oculus store and highlight the free option with the on-screen pointer.
  • Click the select button so that the Hulu app download.

Advantages and Specifications of Hulu Virtual Reality

Hulu virtual reality app is free. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Linux, Mac Os, Windows XP and Windows 7. When it started services, it seemed that it is going to fail, but now it has become essential for the media lives. There are some advantages and disadvantage with Hulu.

  • Hulu is a free app, and it gets the content very fast.
  • Hulu offers latest television shows the day after they air. Hulu VR is available on a wide number of platforms, the mobile devices, set-top boxes and consoles.
  • It is possible to link Hulu app to the Facebook and share what you are watching.
  • There is no limit on the amount of content that can watch on Hulu.
  • Hulu allows accessing its content for free on the desktop computer.
  • Hulu subscription is good for those who want to watch full seasons of the shows on different devices.
  • Hulu can be watched on the television also.
  • The experience of watching Hulu content on smartphones and tablets is excellent.
  • Hulu is the best for those who want the best of the internet as well as the television.

Getting Started Guide to YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube launched a dedicated virtual reality app for video content. Virtual reality app was part of Daydream, a mobile VR operating system based on Android. The app will work for Cardboard and also Daydream viewer.

YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube Virtual Reality app allows seeing the virtual reality videos and 360 video content using the headsets and devices that it supports.

YouTube VR App turns the videos on virtual reality platform a beautiful experience. The YouTube VR app works well with the Daydream View headset. When using the VR app for a long time, it is recommended to use Daydream View headset for more comfort.

YouTube VR app can be enjoyed with Google Cardboard and Daydream View headset and others. The app supports Pixel or Pixel XL devices, and soon more devices will be made to support the app. This app is available for the device that runs on Android 7.1+.

How to Install and Use YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube VR app can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store. Virtual Reality app can browse all the videos on YouTube. Immerse yourself in the 360-degree experience. Use the theatre mode to watch the videos on the virtual big screen.

Users can watch the videos enjoying the lean-back experience. You can switch to voice and keyboard controls.

Best Features of YouTube Virtual Reality App

The YouTube Virtual Reality app allows exploring the site. All the 360 3D videos on YouTube can be browsed and watched. Subscribe to it and watch the subscriptions, playlists, etc. before this you need to sign in going to Account sign in and choosing the account that you want to use.

To browse the videos on the home screen or to browse them in playlists, scroll up and down. Click the App button on the controller and click the Grid icon. There are two ways to search for specific videos in YouTube VR – voice search and keyboard search.

For Voice searching click the Search button and select voice. Say the search term. For Keyboard, click the search button, select the keyboard and type the search term. The selections include 360 degrees, Live, 3D, and 4K.

The VR control content can control with the VR app button on the controller or by clicking the touchpad. This way, you can access the player buttons. Using the player controls, you can increase or decrease the sound, go to the previous or next video, or adjust the viewing settings. The user can also turn off the captions or choose the desired language for captions.

Video quality, the curved screen on or off toggling, changing the environment are also possible with the player controls. Player controls are also used to zoom in or out the videos that are not 360 degrees. Slide the finger down on the touchpad to zoom out and up to zoom in.

The YouTube VR app that will be available first time on Daydream can turn any YouTube video content that is not built for VR viewing into an immersive experience. Theater mode is used to get this experience.

VR format is going to be a popular means of storytelling, according to Google. Most of the video created in the format now is in the experimental phase. To use the YouTube VR app, you will require a Daydream-ready phone like Pixel and the headset.

The app presents a bigger screen than the television screen about ten feet from the user. Few users found YouTube video streaming when the internet connection is not strong. Some users say that drawbacks of YouTube VR are the streaming and advertising.

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Science Behind Ranking YouTube Videos using Video SEO Thu, 16 Jan 2020 20:00:00 +0000 YouTube helps users to find new and intriguing videos. To do this, YouTube positions videos in light of their number of views, the measure of group engagement, and metadata. An ideal approach to enhance your ranking on YouTube is getting more views, likes, comments, and shares by making convincing videos that contain exhaustive unique titles, […]

The post Science Behind Ranking YouTube Videos using Video SEO appeared first on ReelnReel.

YouTube helps users to find new and intriguing videos. To do this, YouTube positions videos in light of their number of views, the measure of group engagement, and metadata. An ideal approach to enhance your ranking on YouTube is getting more views, likes, comments, and shares by making convincing videos that contain exhaustive unique titles, descriptions, tags and links.

Video Views was the essential measure of progress for video content on YouTube

Videos were positioned by, part, what number of views they had accumulated. Before, a creator could transfer a video with a spammy title and suggestive thumbnail to expand clicks to that video’s watch page – which, would then prompt an expansion in perspective mean that video.

Make Informative Metadata with Catchy Title and Suitable Description and Tags

YouTube Video metadata like title, description, and tags tell users and search engines and YouTube what your video contains. Metadata incorporates the title, description, and tags. To enhance your ranking on YouTube, make enlightening metadata. The title ought to propel, exact, and incorporate valuable catchphrases. The description ought to display the most pertinent data, to begin with, incorporate appropriate watchwords, and give links to extra content. Incorporate an assortment of general and particular compact expressions in the tag area. Proceed to screen and overhaul the tags, so your video stays important as individuals begin utilizing new search terms.

Publish Regularly and Frequently and make a Schedule. Don’t miss the Schedule Time

Publish Video content regularly to your channel to build views of your Videos. Video content constructs a crowd of people and makes your channel search ranking. As per YouTube’s Creator Playbook, you ought to post no less than one video for each week to keep your channel’s group of onlookers locked in. Make a Channel Schedule and stick to that schedule Time.

Connection to Additional Videos by directing to other videos

Counting links to extra content on your channel will expand your channel’s ranking. Urge your gathering of people to tap into another video towards the end of your video to keep them occupied with your channel. What’s more, YouTube needs your videos to direct people to other YouTube favorite videos and channels; subsequently, the search algorithm favors videos that do as such. Add links to related videos and channels utilizing explanations.

Keep an Eye on your Videos Watch-Time

Watch time is YouTube’s most vital ranking component. It’s a straightforward certainty: If you don’t have regular watch times, your videos will downgrade in the search. Keep in mind that it’s about what percentage of the video is watched, not merely add up to minutes.

How To Search YouTube Videos Using Voice Search?

It is becoming favorite day by day. New YouTube voice search is much more efficient and easy to navigate different parts of the YouTube app directly. Moreover, it has a billion audiences using it every day. If we take Google, most of the users are using this assistant to search for anything on it. In the same, the Google-owned YouTube also has this feature in the regular search bar itself. To make most out of your YouTube search results use voice assistant on YouTube. This lets you save your time while searching.

Android Smartphone YouTube Voice Search

  • Open YouTube App
  • Click on Voice Search Icon
  • Tap the Microphone Icon
  • Allow access to to the Microphone from your Smartphone
  • A recording will start whatever you speak
  • Tap Microphone icon to end your voice recording
  • You will get search results displayed on your YouTube App

iPhone/iPad Smartphone YouTube Voice Search

  • Open YouTube App
  • Click on the search icon
  • Tap the microphone icon
  • A recording will start
  • Speak what you what to search on YouTube
  • End Recording
  • Tap X to go back

How do you exclude a word in a YouTube Video Search?

Use the plus sign to force a word in the results.
Use the minus sign to force search to exclude any irrelevant search results.

Control your YouTube through this activity. This is going to be the most seeking search feature in the present and future. Even the creators are looking to optimize the videos to serve in that YouTube saerch results.

How To Add Hashtags To YouTube Videos

Whether it is an online journal article, distribution, videos, pictures, podcasts, infographics or just the content of your site, your content needs to be found, your content should be found.

The fundamental trouble is that there are so a considerable lot of these being distributed each day that yours is turning out to be progressively difficult to find. Researching the privilege keywords, expressions, labels, and hashtags are more crucial than any other time in recent memory.

The case for keywords is essentially won. In any case, numerous advertisers still disregard the significance of inquiring about labels and hashtags.

The hashtag capacities here and there like labels, yet with the extra ability to include current undertakings and points important to the content. It has the briefest lifetime pertinence of the three.

Hashtags assume their part in the SEO of your site and content since they are unequivocally identified with the center keywords your site and association depend on.

Hashtags are a productive technique to discover content identified with particular themes and also, the general population discussing those subjects.

When you streamline discussions, content, and overhauls with hashtags, they turn out to be more obvious to others on online networking stages and web search tools.

A straightforward snap or scan for a hashtag will show those utilizing that hashtag as a part of discussion immediately distinguishing a crowd of people with primary interests.

Most hashtags on YouTube are found in the comments. You can look by hashtag on YouTube, and it will give you distinctive results than if you sought with simply the same watchword. Diverse tests for list items with and without hashtags, the outcomes for # looks dependably indicated videos with littler perspective checks.

So, hashtags do have all the earmarks of being impacting the inquiry results.

Hashtag hunts will probably raise videos from different nations and in different dialects. One spot hashtags appeared to have the most power in an inquiry on YouTube is in the video titles.

Ways to Index YouTube Videos and Ranked Quickly

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the video destination across the web. More than 93 billion page views were recorded every month on the YouTube platform. That is the reason for the demand for video advertising and the marketing on the YouTube platform.

More than 30 million hours video was uploaded on to the platform every month. So, it is challenging for individual artists or creator or marketers to get their identity among the millions of videos on the YouTube platform.

So, to get good visibility and one must follow the steps to index and get good ranking for your videos. Here are some tips to get your video indexed and rank higher on search engines.

Attractive Ttitle

The title of the video is essential to get found in the search results. The title must be user-friendly and must not contain any abusive words. It must optimize according to search algorithm updates. Include some main keywords in the title which are relevant to the topic.

Description of the Videos

The description of the video must be within the two to three lines that matter the ranking on the search engines. You can also use different keyword tools to generate the keywords and can include them in the description. The description of the video must be informative and must not be very long to read.

Closed Captioning

Use the closed caption feature on YouTube, which can show the text over the videos. Closed Captioning is very much helpful to the viewers and new algorithm on YouTube platform coverts and translates the text according to the location, and the viewers from all regions can watch your content.

Promote your video on various platforms and embed it on to your blog or websites.

The title, tags, description plays a key role in ranking on search engines like Google. So focus on the long-tail keywords which can get good results. But focus on the relevancy and make frequent changes.

10 Reasons Why People Don’t Watch Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is like a video ocean, and it is not an easy thing to grab the audience’s attention towards your video. Creators are putting their efforts into the creation of new video with various specifications and equipment and finally uploading to YouTube to count the engagement. Brands and companies are also going with their new video content to reach their targeted audience. But, many videos are just not getting any views and engagement from the audience. There will be several reasons why your video not connected with the audience. Here are some top reasons why your YouTube video is not reaching the people.

People unable to find your video

Your video needs to optimize in order to get identified among the crowd and People must find your video in search results. Try to concentrate on the keyword research to reach the audience.

Lack of information

People may find your video but unable to know more about your video, which made them go away from your videos. So you need a good description of the video, which must convey why you have uploaded this video to the audience. So, it’s time to optimize the video description.

No reason to watch

People may think there is no use of watching your video and no reason. So, why not give them a reason to watch your content within the description and title itself.

Over promotion of your company or your product

Over promotion of yourself and your products or services will not work to increase your reach towards audience because the audience needs useful content whatever the purpose may. So, though you are creating some promotional video, you must not target blindly about your services. Try to create something useful to the audience.

Your social media promotion is weak

Social media plays a great role in your video success. Because it is the social media that can take your video to reach the people. So try to post and promote your video across social media platforms.

Self-hosting on zero traffic sites

Hosting your video across the websites which don’t have much traffic will not get you good engagement levels. So try to choose the best platforms to host your YouTube videos online in order to drive the traffic.

You are not linking or embedding

Another reason behind why your video is not watchable is you are not at all linking it towards your site. Linking and embedding can generate good traffic towards your site and makes your videos more watchable.


Your content is not relevant to the title or your thumbnail image may be not relevant to your videos. This is the biggest drawback.

Video length

Lengthy videos might not get good viewers as it takes a long time to watch your content. So make it short and interactive to the audience to gain good attention.

Finally, these are some of the main reasons behind why your YouTube videos are not engaging. Follow these and make a better plan.

How to Turn Your Old YouTube Videos into Brand New Videos?

YouTube as a brand for the promotion of commercial activities has been able to get itself established.  Some of the astonishing facts about the content of YouTube include the following:

Once you create your account and upload your videos, it becomes important for you to ensure that the same are receiving a proper response (monitoring the response).

Over a period of time, the YouTube videos uploaded by you might not receive any traffic with the passage of time.  This is true in the majority of cases.  To turn old YouTube videos into brand new videos following are some of the tips:

• Ensure consistency in traffic to your videos.

• Ensure proper titling and thumbnails for the videos.

• Optimize video tags.

• Ask viewers to view and rate (and comment) the videos.

• Use the inbuilt features of YouTube to get deeper insights into the performance of your videos.

• Build excitement (among your followers) by cross-promoting the content on various social media in addition to YouTube.

• Keep constant engagement with your viewers.

• Refine the video thumbnails.

• Promote unique content on your videos on various social media.

• Conducting contests at regular intervals will harness the followers to your videos on YouTube.

The user must exercise utmost care while choosing his weapons (instruments) to keep his old videos on YouTube into brand new videos.

Ways to optimize old YouTube videos

Relevant Thumbnail:

Thumbnail plays a vital role to grab the audience attention. Make sure to add the title that is completely relevant to thumbnail. Because thumbnail is the opening hook to go through the entire video.

Checkout Description:

Instead of placing the targeted keywords in the description, try to give the relevant content in the description that means what your video is about. Because the description is the one which lets the audience either to watch or not. Note that the first few lines are most precious in the description.

Also, use better keywords. Along with that, make your description just in one paragraph which is easy to understand.

Interactive Cards:

Add interactive cards (end screens) at the end of the video to extend your audience watch at your YouTube channel. It is one of the primary tactics to engage the audience at your channel for a long time.


Give the proper trending tags that make your video visible at the search results of YouTube.

Evaluate the video:

Enhance the video by managing the comments section that means if it has any negative comments, then disable the comments section. Don’t waste time on managing comments.

Use Playlists:

At the end of the YouTube video, it displays a list of video recommendations for the audience to watch further. In that list, all other’s videos will be included which are relevant to that watched content.

If you want the audience to be stick at your channel, then create playlists. When the audience or your fans watch your video from the playlists, then YouTube plays the next video of yours, which can make your audience spend more time.

Just uploading the video on YouTube not enough to acquire the audience retention. The YouTube video optimization skills are mandatory to reach the targeted audience and get your channel monetization.

How to Repurpose YouTube Videos to Really Boost Views and Subscribers

The digital marketer is generally interested in running video ad campaign. Sometimes the marketer may find that the campaign is not producing the desired results or he may also feel that the purpose of the content is served and he may want to use the content for some other purpose – other than the original intention.

1) Changing the format:

There are many formats that the YouTube videos can be presented.   To repurpose the video, changing the format is highly advisable.  Blog posts offer a lot of material on similar content and just by visiting 20-30 blogs reasonable content can be collected.   However, care has to be taken to ensure that there no duplicate issues.

2) Refreshing the content of own website:

The marketer is pretty sure about the content of his video and is also sure about the plus points of his campaign.  The various analytical tools give ample information about the successful portion of the content.  The marketer can use the successful portion for use in his other campaigns.

3) Numbering is the attraction:  

Numbering is available in two places on video marketing.  One is the number of visitors and the other one is putting the title starting with a number.  Ex. “10 ways to …..” will definitely attract more subscribers. This technique is also applicable when the marketer wants to repurpose his earlier and successful video.  Summarizing the information provided in other blogs is also possible in this process.

4) Text and content:

The text that is told in the video needs to be told in the desired tone to have the desired effect.  Once the digital marketer decides to repurpose his YouTube video, he has to modulate the text and also the content to suit the new campaign.

5) Branching system:

In this system, there is a central content which is permanent and there are the multiple branches of blogs.  The branch blogs can go on change depending on the product/service that is being added to the marketer’s basket of goods/services.

6)Convert the videos to sharable bites:

Split the old video into small bites by adding useful thumbnails which can attract the audience to share your video content.

7)Adding Multi-lingual Subtitles:

To make your videos most watched by a global audience, add subtitles which can understand easily.

Benefits of Repurposing the YouTube Videos


Most of the top brands couldn’t find time to create compelling video content. Simultaneously they want to hold the brand reputation. The only solution for this is Repurposing YouTube videos. It helps to save your money, time, and efforts. By recycling the content, you can earn more from the same input.

Find a new Audience:

The sharing of bites of your video content by your audience with their friends or families may help you find a new audience.

Diversifying Content:

Repurposing your video content can be the best marketing tactic to convey your business or personal message with your audience. Repurposing can expand your content strategy.

Improving Online Presence:

Repurposing the content will help to increase the online business presence. The high-quality content videos will be displayed at the first search results of YouTube, where it attains the audience engagement.

Tremendous Opportunities for unsuccessful Content:

The reformation of old dead videos can get a new life of engaging the vast audience.
Repurposing the YouTube videos will regain the power of engaging the audience. It helps the creators to find better opportunities for creating fresh and unique content for their business brand.

How To Link To Specific Timestamps On YouTube Videos

We all know that YouTube is the most powerful and engaging social media platform with a million real-time audience in the present market. All business brands, from start-ups to expert’s focus is only YouTube to elaborate their products or services primarily through video promotion. For that reason, they are mining many marketing strategies that are giving tough competition to one another. Here most of the advertisers or audiences might not have chances to know about Timestamps on YouTube.

Is it essential to add timestamp on YouTube videos?

Why do we need to discuss about timestamp on YouTube videos?

If you want to make your video ad more sharable on YouTube and if the audience likes a particular moment in the video. Then it might have chances to share that video with their friends. But here they need to share the entire video link.

The drawback here the audience might not have much patience to watch the entire video till it gets the required moment.

The audience may skip watching that video in many cases. To avoid such problem, the adding of timestamps in the video fits better to reach a wide range of YouTube audience.

Most of the creators may not know how to add a timestamp in the videos of YouTube. Some of the creators are including timestamps, where the audience can add the start time of the particular moment of the video they need to watch before sharing the video to their friends.

This helps to increase audience engagement.

The faster learning of adding timestamps on YouTube videos will help you gain the million YouTube hearts who involve engaging your channel. It can be a simple step to get your YouTube channel reputation from a million miles.

Linking Timestamp on YouTube Video

Sign in to your YouTube account.

Go to your YouTube channel.

Open the video that you want to set the timestamp.

Now play the video and then pause where you find your interested moment.

Then click on the share option and select the start option.

Now add the time exactly where you want to play the video.

Copy that link and paste it on where either in the video description, comments section, or any other social media platforms.


Play the video that you want.

Pause the video at what time you want to watch it.

Right click on the video.

Then select ‘copy video URL at the current time.’

Now paste it on description, comments, and social media platforms to share.

How to use YouTube Timestamps

When you post a comment on YouTube video, then add the time on YouTube comment to let the others know where you are commenting.

To find the exact time of subscription, add the video timestamps for the transcription.

When your messaging or emailing the video link of YouTube, then linking timestamp will get the audience attention.

The time is more precious than we think. Most of the social media audience will not prefer to waste their time. In such cases, linking the timestamp works better.

When you upload the YouTube video then pin the comment with timestamp video URLs where they can find more information quickly. It can gain the audience attention keeps continuous engagement.

You can also share these links on social media platforms to make your friends watch immediately and make it sharable with their friends.

The use of timestamp in the YouTube videos will help you drive huge audience engagement and channel reputation in a short period. If it comes to branding, this strategy can be the best way to reach potential customers from the real-time audience.

The Ultimate Guide to Add End Screens to YouTube Videos

YouTube introduced the End screen feature that helps to keep viewers engaged at the end of the video. It is expected that this feature will increase the viewer’s engagement and watch time.

These are more or less similar to the YouTube cards. But there is the possibility to customize the end screens than the cards more. End screens add to the video in the last few seconds of the video. These can be seen on desktops as well as the mobiles.

What are End Screens to YouTube Videos

YouTube end screens can be added to the end of the videos to increase viewer engagement. Desktop users will be able to see more information by hovering over the end screens, and mobile users have to tap on the thumbnails.

End screens encourage the viewers to take action. The end screens can use for different purposes. A recent video or one of the videos that are picked up by YouTube or a video in the playlist can promote. You can request the viewers to subscribe to your channel or promote any other YouTube channel. End screens can also be used to divert the viewers to your website or blog or e-commerce site.

End cards will be helpful for the video creators to direct the audience to successive episodes. It is also possible to promote non-YouTube sites.

To add the end screens, sign in to YouTube account and go to Creator Studio. Select Video Manager and choose Videos. Click edit and go to End Screen. If the video already contains annotations, un-publish them. Click on add element. After adding the elements and adjusting them save them. Select the preview to view the elements and if needed edit the end screens and the elements.

End Screens To YouTube Videos

End Screens To YouTube Videos

Advantages of YouTube Video End Screens

YouTube end screens are similar to manually created annotations. This tool, however, was a desktop-only tool. The new end screens will work for both mobile and desktop viewers. Another advantage with end screens is that the viewers will see even when they disable the annotation. During the end cards, other elements such as featured content, watermarks, and card teasers suppressed.

YouTube Video End Screens Analytics

End screen analytics can be checked in YouTube analytics. To check the analytics sign into the YouTube account and go to the creator studio. Choose YouTube analytics and click on end screens.

End screen report of YouTube analytics gives you the complete information about how the audience is interacting with the end screens. Go to your YouTube account and click on the Creator Studio icon. Select the YouTube Analytics and go to End Screens Report.

You can see the end screen element clicks, clicks per end screen element, and end screen elements in the end screen data. More detailed information can be getting by hovering over individual end screen elements such as element title, element type, time range, call to action, customs message and so on.

What are the best practices creating the end screens? Here are a few of them. Use end cards to feature elements that are related to the video. Encourage the viewers to take action by including some call to action. The video must have enough space and time at the end of the video on the end screen. Editing considers including the end screens in the last twenty seconds of the video. You can make sure that different end screen elements appear in the video at different times.


YouTube end screens are a very useful tool and it should be used judiciously. However, YouTube should take care that advertisements and campaigns do not flood the videos due to which the users may lose interest in the feature.

Local Video SEO: How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos To Rank Higher In Google Localized Results

We know that everything runs on video especially by using the mainstream like YouTube. The life of a video will be given by YouTube after its establishment. Well, but how the YouTube is getting search results?

The YouTube is getting a searching feed from the world’s number one search engine Google.

We can find a lot of search results of a particular topic for example if we type “London new year fireworks video” then you can observe millions of search results on Google.

Then the audience might pick up the top positioned or first page videos. If you belong that area and being in the last position means there will be zero counts of views for your YouTube video.

How to eradicate this problem? Here are the best local video optimization strategies that help your YouTube video to get a higher ranking.

Use Localized Keywords for your Video:

Try to establish the mostly used local keywords when you create the video. That means if you belong to London then give the preference to local famous attributes like mention the keyword London for the every video you upload.

Example London universities, London attractions ………………………….

Create Geo-Targeted Videos:

Here you need to focus on the creation of videos basing on a universal search that means there are certain types of frequently searched videos like music, sports, universities, and Insurance, etc. This will lead to unexpected traffic to your YouTube video.

Use Localized Keyword Rich Titles:

When you make a video then it should have the titles that must eye-catch immediately.

The keywords should be merged with titles that relevant to local search which shows a great impact on your video.

If you make a video about the hotel in London then give the titles of ‘Great London hotels, Best hotels in London and budget hotels in London.

Here the keyword ‘hotel’ is associated with the local searchable word London and that two combinations must arrive in the title. This will enrich your title to clutch huge traffic.

Create a Localized Meta Description for your Video:

The description for the video is very significant which is going to be viewed by the user in the search engine.

This will specify that what the video contains and this should be localized format.

We all know that how famous the ‘London Eye’ is and if you generate about that then mention nearby famed places like river Thames and Tower Bridge as the clubbing words of your description.

Create Localized Custom Thumbnails using Popular Places:

To boost up your local search then you must use the effective thumbnails of your local popular places. This makes visitor enthusiastic to know what’s new about that.

The view of Tower Bridge looks amazing at the night time and everyone will love to look at that without skipping.

Share your Video on Local Portals and Local Listing like Google My Business:

When you have made all those changes then share that video on local portals and local listings like Google my Business as they are commonly searched and used by the local participants.

This in return gives huge sharing activity to other locations as well.

Use Local Link Building for your Video:

Give as many as links that are possible in your content that drives the audience to revise all stuff you have and this keeps audience to be at your video for a long time.

Try to give other local competitors links so that will in return build up your video link at their stuff.

These are best techniques for a YouTube video to be in the top position of Google localized results which improves your search ranking in the search engine. To experience those results just make use of applying to your YouTube video.

How to Reverse Engineering Competitor YouTube Videos

Here the overall concept works on reverse YouTube video by adding mostly required and searched keywords and content in the uploaded video. What is the best way to manipulate what the customers hear and to control their emotional range? What is the true way to influence the audience that is being the challenge to competitor YouTube videos?

Many of us know the answer to the above question, and it is the video. It is a powerful marketing tool. When you are creating a video content for promoting a product, you should be careful about the content as it should add value to your brand.

Videos rank higher in search results of Google as well. For this highly competitive search terms need to be used so that the search results show you on the first page.

There is a shortcut way to achieve this, and that is reverse-engineering the YouTube videos of the competitors.

Reverse Engineering Process for YouTube Videos

YouTube algorithms for promoting a video are difficult to understand. The platform does not make public the variables that factor into the algorithm.

However, there are few things like thumbnail, title impressions and viewing history that can help shed light on algorithms.

Optimizing the videos for watch time is a principle and the watch time combines total views, duration, session beginning and ending and upload frequency.

When the view velocity of a video is poor, YouTube will not serve the next video to a significant portion of the subscriber base.

When many subscribers do not watch the new uploads, the views of the library videos goes down and also the overall channel viewership.

Such YouTube channels are punished by YouTube by not actively promoting them. Another metric that can impact the YouTube algorithm is the view duration.

YouTube promotes the channels that make the people come back to the platform and makes people spend extended period of time on the platform.

YouTube determines how many views the videos and channel gets algorithmically. To make a channel successful, creators must focus on one type of videos.

Specific content type is watched more on the platform.

Analyzing Competitions YouTube Search

Most of knowing our competition websites and YouTube channels. Go their own sites or channel and see their videos. If you don’t know your competitors, then search for somebody in you niche on focus on topics on which you are making the videos.

Observe for what keywords, their videos are showing up in search results and what are the keywords commonly used by you and your competitor.

Also look at the titles, description and the content of the videos. Also find if there are faults in the videos.

This is to ensure to learn what they are doing right and also not to repeat their mistakes.

Analyzing Competitors Recommended Videos from YouTube

YouTube displays the recommended videos to the audience at the end of the videos they watch. This is good for the audience but may be bad for the video creators as this can promote the competitor’s videos which might result in other related videos getting more views and ranking higher in search results.

To stop related or recommended videos being displayed by YouTube at the end of the video, modify the default embed code from YouTube.

Request for the embed code when uploading the video by adding rel=0 in the code. Use this edited code on the website or the blog.

There is also another way to stop the recommended video display and this is by unchecking the show suggested videos when the video finishes.

However, reverse engineering cannot produce results instantly. You achieve it slowly, and for this, you need to pay attention to what right things you and your competitors are doing and what wrong things.

15 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Old YouTube Videos (Free Checklist)

I am having a YouTube Channel! Getting good views for all newly uploaded videos on my YouTube Channel. But what about my Old YouTube Videos. Are they almost dead? What do I need to do to Drive Traffic to your Old YouTube Videos?

Are there any new ways and ideas?

Yes, there are different ways to get traffic and views for your Old YouTube Videos.

Ways to Drive Traffic to your Old YouTube Videos

1. BOOST Up Video SEO:

Add New Tags to your old Videos. Rework the Videos titles so they’re keyword-friendly and click-worthy. Add tags (Keywords which are currently trending). Write new Meta description if you haven’t already.

Video SEO

Video SEO

2. Create New Video Thumbnail:

Create new Custom thumbnail and update it for your old video. Thumbnail should reflect new trends and designs.

3. Create a Second Video that Riffs off Old video and link back:

Think of the better ways you can elaborate on old videos or turn them into a series of new videos. Then link your new video back to your old videos to keep an engagement on your YouTube Channel.

4. Link back Old YouTube Videos:

For your newly uploaded videos link back old videos in the description of new videos.

5.Schedule the Social Media Promotion for your Old Videos with new thumbnails.

6.Write a new blog post and embed your relevant old videos in that blog post.

7.Add a Popular Videos Section in your YouTube Channel and add your old videos into that section.

8.Break your Old Long form Videos into Short form Videos and upload them to your YouTube Channel.

9.Create Playlists of old YouTube videos using current Trending Keywords with relevant old videos in it.

10.Share Your Old Videos to an Audience Likely to Share & Engage it.

11.Interact on Other YouTube Video Comments and leave your old videos link as a comment on relevant topic videos.
Note: Don’t overdo it.

12.Participate in Q+A Websites if you find the relevant question, and that matches your old video as the answer to it. Just drop your link over there.

13.Use Your Email Signature) to Promote Your Old YouTube Video.

14.Aggregate the Best of Your Old YouTube Videos and prepare useful tutorials.

15.Find Influential Social Media people In Your Niche and ask them to share your old video which is relevant to their audience.

Increase Audience Retention and Traffic for Older YouTube Videos

The statistical data and analytical data only show you about your count of views in consideration along with the number of people watched. But, with the audience retention, we can hold the attention of the viewers towards your video from the initial to final.

The YouTube insights can help you to know about your performance with the videos. When it comes to the older YouTube videos, many of us feel that our work becomes outdated and of no use. But, there is a chance to increase the engagement of the older YouTube videos and can get a good level of traffic.

Generally, the analytics on YouTube platform helps you to improve the various things in your videos by giving you the reports on each and everything about your videos. It also provides you with a complete report on the engagement if the audience and their interests in the videos, which helps you to develop the content online.

Audience Retention –YouTube Old Videos

An audience retention graph helps you to about the views and the total views of the videos in various timings and also shows the views regarding percentages also. The graph will rise with a curve if the audience has increased and if they decrease it will go down.

YouTube Audience Retention

YouTube Audience Retention

Audience Retention

These reports are beneficial for the older videos to improve them because the retention reports can be very brief and also reveals about at which minute and seconds of the video has more and fewer engagement levels helps the older videos to gain more traffic.

The information provided here is handy for the all YouTubers as they are waiting to know about Drive Traffic to your Old YouTube Videos, new thing which never given before.

Drive Traffic to your Old YouTube Videos could be the more enthusiastic topic for all the YouTube Marketers.

12 Reasons No One’s Watching your YouTube Videos

Are you a Vlogger? But you are not getting the expected response from the audience. Are you frustrated of following all others suggestions? No One’s Watching your YouTube Videos.

You might know about the “Philip DeFranco” who is well famous and no. one vlogger in YouTube.

He has almost 5,418,434+ subscribers and 1,889,466,309+ views which is not an ordinary thing.

What does he do to get that much engagement? He just simply reveals the news on politics, current topics, events and gossips of celebrities.

But whatever he chatters in YouTube channel it straightly strikes at the eye of the audience immediately.

What he considers to be an inspiration for others and why no one is watching your YouTube videos? Here are the reasons to blast that twist where you are neglecting.

1.Low Quality

I think your video quality is very low which has been captured with cheap equipment like cameras and mics.

Including that the background of the video might not be attractive. Allocate some sufficient budget to provide everything at a fine quality.

2.Boring Start

There might major defect in the initiation of video storytelling. Here the way of explanation with facial expressions and using hyperactive words in each sentence you deliver is very important.

Otherwise, the audience might get bored and never visit again as it claims ‘the first impression is the best’ forever.

If you are confused to take the extraordinary initiation just go through the YouTube masters channels.

3.Low Sound

The next step you might be failed is that video is having a low sound that no one gets the points that what you are expressing. It must be audible to the audience understands better.

4.Thumbnail is Not Catchy

The thumbnail is the life of the video and you are using the dull thumbnails that not at all clutching the audience. Add colored thumbnails with ultra-visual effects that can’t find anywhere.

5.Not Optimized for YouTube Search

Though you have good video content if there is no description, tags and titles for that video then it won’t get many results.

As the description and title are available in the search results of the search engine which leads much traffic your channel.

Here the description and title will impact the audience by directing them directly to your channel. Hence mention the ultimate titles and description.

6.No Link Building and External Embedding

You are uploading the video but not assigning the internal links of other video content on that video.

That you are not giving the external embed links of the video of yours and others at your channel.

Just follow the “Newton’s third law of for every action there is reaction” that is when you involve others at your’s they might obviously show interest to share your links with their videos.

7.Not Creating Video Content on Current Topics

You are not generating any videos that related to current trending topics. 90% of the audience from the public will be connected to the trending news which is very exciting to know the more and more.

8.You are only promoting your Brand

Everyone knows that ‘self-exaltation is the fool’s paradise’. You are just only promoting your brand by yourself without the involvement of others.

A single word from the mouth of others will impacts more than on our own. When you are not uttering others, they too do the same in vice versa.

9.Not giving value for User Engagement

You are not considering the comments and feedback of the audience at your video. This is the major fault that you are doing.

If you observe Pew Die Pie and Philip DeFranco they give an immediate reply to only fans cum subscribers. This is the secret of their winning.

When you don’t show interest towards the viewers they just kick of your videos by quitting to watch.

10.No Social Media Promotion

The blind mistake you doing is that you are not using the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,Snapchat and Twitter which are the most trending apps that connect millions of users for the video you upload to your channel. Try to share the links at those sites and your blog as well.

11.Your Channel is not having Subscriber Base

Your channel doesn’t have many subscribers that who looking for the content you upload. First of all, build up the subscribers by introducing the audience preferred content in the channel.

12.You recorded your Video with a lot of background Noise

The YouTube video you uploaded might have lots of background noise which annoys every visitor who is watching those videos. Just clean up those issues immediately.

These are the bullets of mistakes that mislead you to get a huge drop of your channel that allows audience not to watch your YouTube videos. Just consider all these points when you want to run a successful channel.

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Science behind Calculating Money made from YouTube videos

YouTube is one of the best platforms for generating income from videos. There are more than one billion users for YouTube and more than 300 hours of videos uploaded to the video-sharing platform per hour.

Income from YouTube videos can be earned in three ways and these ways are YouTube ads, sponsor ads and affiliate advertising. YouTube ads are a major source of Videos on YouTube.

Creators do not make money on YouTube based on the views their videos have. Engagement of viewers with the ads on videos can.

Adwords platform manage the YouTube advertising. There are different types of ads such as cost per click, cost per view etc. There are also TrueView ads types which are pre-roll, in-search and in-display ads, these are skippable ads.

Viewers can skip them after five seconds. Advertisers pay to the video creators when someone watches the video for a minimum of thirty seconds.

Even if a video is watched for ten million times, no money is made if nobody watches or clicks the ads.

YouTube RPM is the rate used to calculate the estimated earnings for one thousand impressions. The revenue of each YouTube video is calculated in estimated earnings for once in a month.

Estimated earnings per day can be calculated by dividing the video impressions with one thousand and multiplying the value with RPM rate.

This way we can get the estimated earnings per day. At, we can give the impression and RPM rate to get the estimated daily earnings value automatically.

Increasing the YouTube RPM helps to increase the earnings. There are few ways by which RPM can be increased.

Video quality must be very high. A high-quality video will be assigned with good ads by YouTube and this can improve the RMP.

More ads are displayed on the videos that get more social shares. Likes and comments on a video increase RPM of YouTube.

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Online Video : Internet Video Trends,Consumption & Editors Wed, 15 Jan 2020 08:52:00 +0000 Youtube is the largest video platform in which there are several artists, creators and brands meet at one place. Youtube is a giant in the video world, and it plays a vital role in the area of Digital video marketing today. Many platforms took Youtube as their main competitor in the marketing race and still […]

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Youtube is the largest video platform in which there are several artists, creators and brands meet at one place. Youtube is a giant in the video world, and it plays a vital role in the area of Digital video marketing today.

Many platforms took Youtube as their main competitor in the marketing race and still back to the Youtube platform in the race.

Youtube videos are unbeatable and rank at top place in search engine results. The platform was generating more than a hundred million video views per day. More than one billion active users are using Youtube daily.

Youtube platform provides various opportunities for the individual creators and artists to reach millions of audience across the platform and helps in building up their identity on the platform. Youtube become the ultimate choice of the majority of marketers and advertisers on the web.

Youtube have designed its content ID system better than any other platform today.

Many platforms like Facebook were accounted for the freebooting but, Youtube not. The platform provides various video ad formats with Shoppable, premium ads, True view, banner ads and many other types for advertisers to reach the audience.

The Youtube live streaming also enhances the real-time experience and marketing online. YouTube’s latest creator studio app and many other applications allow the advertisers to make an innovative approach towards the audience across the platform.

The online video marketing will go forward with a new avatar in the coming future. The Youtube platform also plan something new just like the previous years.

The platform already implemented the virtual reality 360-degree video formats and we can expect the same that are compatible with the mobile devices.

Online Video Trends for Next Generation Video Marketers

To say that watching video online is taking off would be the modest representation of the truth of the year. The online video industry has been moving at full speed and has achieved enormous extents. Video patterns in 2015 demonstrate that, for the occasion, each moment more than 500 hours of video are being updated on YouTube, which is too huge to ignore. The most important Online Video trends listed here.

Despite the business you’re in, you have to consider that your clients’ desires as far as videos are rising. Almost any sort of business can have a YouTube channel and it can in the end transform into your primary type of publicizing. How about we investigate the inexorably mainstream video patterns for 2015 and 2016.

360-Degree Videos

A 360 video is made with a camera framework that all the while records every one of the 360 degrees of a scene. Viewers can skillet and rotate a 360 video’s viewpoint to watch it from various perspectives.

At the point when viewing a 360 video on a PC, the review edge is changed by dragging with the mouse.

Ensure you’re utilizing the most recent updated web browser (ex. Chrome, Firefox).

Micro-moments: Real-time, intent-driven micro-moments

As an essential piece of our day 2 day lives, we’re seeing a crucial change in the way people devour media. What used to be our anticipated, day by day sessions online have been supplanted by numerous divided associations that now happen quickly. There are many these minutes consistently—checking the time, messaging a friend, chatting with companions on online social networking sites. Yet, then there are alternate minutes—I need-to-know minutes, I need to go minutes; I need to-do minutes, and I need to-purchase minutes—that truly matter. We call these “micro-moments,” and they’re game changers for both shoppers and brands.

Because of cell phones, micro-moments can happen at anytime, anyplace. In those minutes, customers anticipate that brands will address their necessities with constant significance.

Cell phones – especially cell phones – have everlastingly changed the way our clients live. It’s likewise broken the customer adventure to online buy into several constant, aims driven micro moments. What’s more, this has always shown signs of change what shoppers – particularly 18-to-34-year-olds – expect of brands. Also, that makes every one of these smaller scale minutes a basic open door for brands to shape their choices and inclinations.

Sharing of Mobile Video Increased:

“Video is a bright future of content marketing. That is if it’s not the here and now.” -Chris Trimble,

93% of the marketers are now using videos in their campaigns

84% are using video for website marketing

70% will increase spend on video

82% confirmed that video had progressive impact on their business

70% are optimizing video for search engines

Clearly, Video marketing works. Or marketers think it works. But where are they receiving their numbers from, and also what makes them feel so assured?

Multi-stage Video Marketing 

Brands and creators working with video were urged to upload in mass to locales like Viddler, Metacafe, and Myspace, and additionally the fledging YouTube, and the objective was to get however much permeability for your content as could reasonably be expected. Things have changed incomprehensible since those early days, and video marketing groups have turned out to be all the more complex in their production and distribution strategies.

Email Marketing with Videos 

Videos in email have been appeared to build click-through rates by more than 96% on the primary early on email 60% are utilizing video for email advertising Get Response reported comparable numbers with its perception that emails with video have a 5.6% higher open rate and a 96.4% higher active click-through rate. The impact video has on press releases is significantly more noteworthy: interactive media press releases with video are seen 970% more than text-only.

Intelligent Vertical Mobile Videos 

The wires are buzzing with the news about Snapchat, promotion giant WPP and the Daily Mail collaborating to begin growing more vertical video advertisements. Snapchat reports that vertical videos have nine times the rate of completed views versus even. It was a splendid move that Snapchat grasped the organization, and it’s not in light of the squandered space that horizontal video has on mobile.

It’s vital to note that videos in 2016 will be altogether different from what we’re utilized to. For instance, vertical videos are acknowledged now, as well as it’s conceivable they’ll be favored. The reason: we invest around 30% of our energy with vertically-held gadgets, which implies a vertical video is beginning to look and work superior to a flat one, which we used to believe was “right.” Besides, in 2014 viewers invested 23% of their energy watching 30-hour long videos– more than on whatever another gadget. The 1-2 minute standard is gradually vanishing, which implies organizations like never before need to incorporate storytelling in their advertisements to serve current video trends.

CNN’s Online Video Success Strategy Using CNNgo

CNNgo is the online video streaming portal of CNN. The site and comparing streaming applications require a user to enter their TV username and secret password key to get to live CNN telecasts and whole episodes of CNN shows, yet watching news videos is free.

Introducing CNNgo – stay tuned to what you want, when you want, or can simply watch live at

Videos on CNNgo :

Watch a live CNN video feed online, on short clips and demand shows from
CNNgo allows every user to watch live CNN video feeds, on demanded shows, and short clips from CNN video is identical to CNN Pipeline in that it permits viewers to watch CNN live, and a user must enter TV credentials before watching the live TV, you can view news cuts costs nothing. And not at all like Pipeline, the users are not required to pay additional if they have a link supplier. Another contrast is that there is still no paid alternative, which means clients can’t watch CNN live if they don’t have digital TV.

CNN then reported they were conveying CNNgo to the Apple TV,[2] amid a flood of new channels transmitted to the Apple TV. In any case, a few users complained of having the issue to sign in to the Apple TV channel with the same number of credentials as with the applications or web portal.

Watch Live TV – CNNgo

Here we can watch Live Tv @ CNNgo here at this link where the user needs to choose their service provider then getting signed in and then he can able to watch the live TV – CNNgo

CNNgo on IOS, Apple TV, Roku Platforms

The accessibility of CNNgo on Apple TV. As a major aspect of the business-wide TV Everywhere activity, CNNgo is currently accessible in .”With releasing of the CNNgo on Roku’s streaming devices, CNN is CNNgo is likewise accessible on, CNN ‘s iPad application, and on Apple, crosswise, Apple TV, Roku, and iPad over CNN ‘s portable stages. After the CNNgo Launches on the Roku Platform. December third.CNNgo is the online streaming platform of CNN. The site and comparing streaming applications require a user to enter their TV username and watchword to get to live CNN telecasts and whole scenes of CNN, however, watching news CNN then reported they were conveying CNNgo to the Apple TV.

The accessibility of CNNgo on Roku players and Roku TV™ models conveying to content a great many clients in the U.S. As a feature of the business-wide TV Everywhere activity, accessible in 86 million homes. CNNgo is extending its impression to clients of taking an interest Pay-TV suppliers and conveying CNNgo to the Roku streaming platform.

CNNgo Statistics and Videos Views:

CNN registered as the unbeatable digital news leader in Feb 2016 with more multiplatform new visitors, views, and engagement spent than any other news outlet. Feb also marked CNN’s 10th consecutive month as the internet’s No. 1 source for short news clips and video, while also maintaining its standard position as the most followed news brand across social media.


CNN has welcomed more than 93 million unique visitors in February — millions more than any other news organization. On desktop & mobile devices, CNN beat second place of Yahoo News by 7% and third place of by 15%.

CNN: 93 Million Unique Visitors


Including desktop and mobile devices, visitors spent most of their time in consuming CNN content than various news organization with 3.3 billion minutes spent on the CNN Digital desktop and also on mobile platforms.

CNN: 3.3 Billion minutes spent


The clear and undefeated leader in news video, CNN once has a victory in beating all news competitors in video streams. With 259 millions of video streams in the month of February, CNN has topped second place Yahoo News by 112 millions streams & third-place beating by 113 million streams.

CNN: 259 Million Streams


More users watched video on CNN than on any other news website in Feb. With 26 million viewers, CNN beaten second place Yahoo News by total 9 million and above the doubled the viewers of 3rd place

CNN: 26 Million Unique Viewers


Users spent an astonishing 1.8 billion of minutes consuming the CNN video in February — more than any other news website on the internet. CNN video was consumed 37% more than the second place & 115% more than third place of Yahoo News.

CNN: 1.8 Billion Minutes

Online Video Energy Consumption

Currently, the Global market runs on the concept of the online video. All people are spending much time to watch videos, especially on YouTube. As they are spending much time at watching a video then the system will consume energy which they use for streaming.

The energy consumption can be measured in a laptop while playing the video.

This may be varies depending on the timings of the day we watch.

There is also a variation in the search engines we used for browsing YouTube i.e. like Google chrome and Internet explorer.

The consumption of energy can be measured by using the software Joulemeter.

This gives the individual values of CPU, monitor, base, disk and application to run.

In the morning:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 232 586
Monitor (W) 1769 2040

Disk (W) 1 1

Base (W) 3105 3060

Application (W) 141 557
Total power(W) 5110 5689

Time in sec 256 292

Here we can find that the chrome consumes more energy than explorer which are considered in the morning time.

There could be 36 seconds change in the time to complete the video.

In the afternoon:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 1.3 3.1
Monitor (W) 10 10

Disk (W) 0 0

Base (W) 15 15

Application (W) 0.8 3.3
Total power(W) 26.4 28.2

Time in sec 1.233 1.457

Here we can find a lot of difference in energy consumption from morning to afternoon.

The CPU, monitor, disk and all are having varied values.

At the Night:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 1 5
Monitor(W) 10 10

Disk(W) 0 0

Base(W) 15 15

Application(W) 1.5 5
total power(W) 26 30

Time in sec 1.362 1.908

By comparing all three readings we can get an idea of playing a video on YouTube at the night time will utilise less energy than morning and afternoon.

This will give us the brief knowledge about how to surf the videos which can be drawn at search engines using less energy and also used to find at what time the energy is consumed more while watching a video in a laptop.

10 Future Online Video Trends

Video advertising is changing from time to time with new technology and approach. Marketers and advertisers are following the new tactics to reach the audience with their content strategy. There are several Online Video Trends to look out.

1. Facebook Video Consumption rates will Increase

The daily views on the Facebook platform had already increased 8 times comparing to the previous year and is expected increase more in 2017.

2. Live Video Trend

Live video has become the most important trend across the web and people love live videos and marketers will focus more on live video strategy.

3. 360-Degree Videos

The new 360-degree video cameras are presently trending across the web. The marketers and advertisers will focus more on the 360 degree 4K videos to reach the audience with new events, trailers and product releases.

4. Marketing with Multi-Channel Strategy

Brands will create great videos to upload them on YouTube platform. The multi-channel marketing will definitely be on the rise with new approaches.

5. Video Apps

The video app marketing and advertisement of different apps will increase on different platforms.

6. Information and entertainment collaboration

Marketing videos will focus on delivering the brand message or product videos by focusing on the entertainment content and delivers to the targeted audience.

7. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will undergo new changes that will push the marketers to take advantage of marketing by gaining complete attention from the viewers.

8. Email Marketing will continue with Video

Email marketing and campaigns will include the video within the campaigns to attract and drive the customers.

9. Video Web designing

Web designing will change to video web designing by including the video content on website designing to grab the attention of audience towards a website with a unique approach.

10. Video Bots

Video Chat bots can be expected in 2017 which may become the next trending thing in online video marketing.

All these above points relate the new expectations of future video marketing and advertising for the year 2017.

Top 10 Free Online Video Editors

Many people love to shoot video clips and want their video footage to look perfect. Using video editor ensures that the videos look professional. What people want from video editors may differ and will be based on individual requirements. There are many free, easy to use online free video editors that can try.

YouTube video editor

It is the most popular tool user by the people over internet. This tool is very easy to use. This can be used to cut the video clips, combine clips into one file and so on.


Apart from being a video editor allows to record using the Android app. The videos can be saved to WeVideo Google drive.


It is another video editing and video creating tool using which 45 seconds of video can be edited or created for the free version users.


It allows creating videos, upload own video footage and also audio files. Many elements can be used apart from the regular drawing, images, text and cartoons.


This allows video editing in very less time. It also allows sharing the videos to various social websites apart from storing it in Google Drive.

Online Video Cutter

It is the place to find many advanced editing tools. Videos can be rotated; cropped, trimmed or professional style editing features can be used.


It helps to create professional style videos. based on the user’s needs, animations can be added. All the features can be accessed without registering.


It offers interesting set of video editing features. Audio, movie editors, cartoonist and mindomo editing tools are available.

Video Toolbox

It allows not only edit the video freely but provides the user with bit rate, frame rate, resolution and other information.


This is a very quick to use and user friendly platform.

Video creation and editing are no more the domains of professionals. Online video editors need not be downloaded or installed. Have a good internet connection and access these free video editors online.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Saving Online Videos

Videos are the most viewed content on the internet. Online videos entertain kids, teens, and adults around the world. Videos are being downloaded and saved on various devices to watch them later or to watch them offline. Downloading the videos is easier now with Google Chrome Extensions making it the easiest. These are the Google Chrome Extensions to help and to save online videos.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Flash video player:

Flash video player allows downloading and saving file from different sources on the internet.


FBDown Video Downloader allows downloading multiple videos at the same town. It supports extensions such as 3GP, MP4, WMV, FLV, and SWF.

VGet Extension:

VGet Extension not only allows downloading the videos but also to stream content. This content is minimally invasive.


FVD Video downloader is a multi task extension. It allows downloading content in many formats including FLV, AVI, ASF, MPEG etc. can be used to download any video from any site. The download quality can be chosen to be FLV, MP4, WEBM or 3GP.

Facebook Video:

Facebook Video Downloader allows downloading social media videos in standard and high definition quality.

Video DownloadHelper:

Video DownloadHelper allows downloading videos from Facebook and other sources. Videos can be downloaded in MP4, 3GPP, WEBM and other formats.

Video Downloader :

Video Downloader Professional helps to download videos in different formats and qualities. A list of videos can be created without having to download them to your device.

HD Video Downloader:

HD Video Downloader allows downloading videos from any website.


GetThemall Video Downloader allows downloading videos from any source and also from PDF files, images, and HTML content.

Whatever the reason for downloading internet videos is, the above Google Chrome extensions work well for downloading and saving the online videos. There are also other extensions and plug-in to make offline video experience better.

Clipchamp – Free Online Video Compressor

If you have a video file to share on social media sites and to watch the larger videos to upload on mobile devices are difficult. There are some ways to optimize the large video files and reduce the size of the video file without compromising the quality of video clips. There is an amazing tool to edit and compress the video files in the browser named “Clipchamp.” Many of the video editors, Bloggers, Vloggers use this Clipchamp, and it’s the free tool to compress the recorded videos. There are no more software updates needed to install the Clipchamp Online Video Compressor.

Key Features Of Online Video Compressor Clipchamp:

Although it’s a free online video compressor it makes your work done within 3 minutes. You can the Files like MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV and.GIF file formats.

video compressor. This provides much faster, safer, uploading videos from the browser and if you press start only it starts compressing the videos it does not allow automatically.

It gives resolution options on clipchamp app as 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p as like normal input file resolutions.

It gives you options for Convert video files, record video from webcam, Edit and Compresses the video files, API and Video request options from a clipchamp home button.

How To Compress Video Files Via Clipchamp:

Online Video compressors are the best solutions to compress the large size video files. Clipchamp is a free easy to use tool for compressing webcam videos also.

Open website in the browser to compress a video file, record a video and for webcam recording a video easily.

Next click on “ Convert Video File “ button on the homepage of Clip champ.

Start “Sign In” with Google, Facebook or with an Email account.

“Upload or Drag and Drop” a video file onto the Online video compressor. The video files may be one or more than that you can upload a number of video files.

Select any of them from these four output optimization options like WEB, WINDOW, MOBILE or ANIMATION.

I have selected WEB from that window and click on “Start” option.

Then you will see a window like this that video file compressing like this.

After that, you will get the customized video file from the window just click on “Save “ to save the compressed file to your computer.

If you would like to share on Facebook, YouTube and other social media site click on “UPLOAD & SHARE” option to share compressed video file.


The above article is an excellent guide for How to compress a video file, record from webcam, and record a video file. Make use of this online video compressor Clipchamp to share, record and compress the large size video file to required size video clips.

Online Video Consumption Statstics 2020

  • By 2022 the smartphones will consume 44% of internet traffic where the PCs will account for 19%by 2022.
  • In 2022 the IP video traffic is expected 82% of all IP traffic globally.
  • Video-on-demand consumption will become double by the year 2022.
  • From 2017 to 2022, video gaming consumption will rise to nine-fold.
  • By 2022 the live video consumption will be 17 of overall internet video traffic.
  • 73% of consumers stated that they are making buying decisions by watching videos on social media.
  • The visitors spend 88% of more time on websites having video.
  • Weekly on average, the audience watches 6 hours 48 minutes online video.
  • The online video streaming and downloads account for 82% of internet traffic.

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How to Dominate Local SEO using Video Marketing Sat, 11 Jan 2020 04:08:00 +0000 Local SEO has the craze in online web market as every user will be allocated to visit the content of a local area. This is most useful for the businesses to explore their brand with in short span. Every marketer or advertiser will prefer to step into the universal market by starting at the local […]

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Local SEO has the craze in online web market as every user will be allocated to visit the content of a local area. This is most useful for the businesses to explore their brand with in short span.

Every marketer or advertiser will prefer to step into the universal market by starting at the local preferences. A successful video marketing needs to have the better SEO results, especially from the local area.

How is it possible to have the unbeatable video marketing strategy to govern the local SEO?

Are there any tactics to hold the local audiences through local SEO?

Yes, we can find plenty of ways for the establishment of a brand using video.

While comparing with pictures, the video content gains more backlinks that mean more than 90% of the audience who watch the video content will be shared on their profiles. It helps to find the relevant website backlinks. The local SEO for video marketing drives potential customers as it finds massive search results on a search engine and improves Google search ranking. The targeting of local customers becomes easier to push huge business sales. Geotagging helps in improving the search engine optimization strategy for video marketing.

Upload Video Content Related to Your Area

The initial thing is that you need to upload the video content which is completely related to your area.

Most of the users will prefer to search for the local concept on the web.

For example, if you want to make the videos of places or figures etc. then choose the one which is most popular in your area.

Optimize Your Video Titles and Meta Descriptions with Area Names

When the videos are created then assign the area names along with the video titles and meta description which can be easily recognizable and searchable.

For example, if you want to upload the tourist videos, then make them as “top tourist places in London” if you are local to London. Because the titles with the area names will be most searchable on the site.

Add Local Keywords

Choose the bunch of keywords which are most chanted in your local and as well as in the search history of a search engine.

Hence, the video will appear in the search results where the relevant keyword appears.

Create Custom Thumbnail which is related to that area

The thumbnail is the most significant one at which the audience will be magnetized. Select the thumbnail that is completely related to your local area.

Embed and Share Video on Local Websites and Blogs, Communities

Always be in touch with the social sites in terms of websites, blogs and communities to share the embed videos at your circle.

Sharing on social media will make your video to go viral at an instance.

Make Press Release by Targeting the Location and embed your video in it

The press release is the best way to reach the targeted audiences with in short period of time.

To find the extraordinary results make the press release by targeting the location and embed your video in it.

10 Video Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

According to studies, online video can influence people to make a product purchase. Online video marketing is one of the effective ways to connect with the audience for local businesses. Video Marketing Tips are used to show and inform the people about the products and services. Video marketing is not about selling anything, but it is about providing people with required information about the local business.

1. Online marketing can help local businesses to reach a specific audience. It can be used to target the right audience.

2. Local businesses can track the impact of their video marketing by analyzing the views, comments and ratings.

3. Creating a promotional video can be done within a budget. Local businesses can produce the video by themselves or can hire a professional to shot the video for them. A promotional video can be published online for free on video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

4. Google is the place where people search for local businesses. Though video marketing local businesses can become visible in local searches online.

5. Having an online video on the official website helps in increasing traffic.

6. A well crafted, compelling video can help the local businesses to show to the people that they are experts in their area.

7. An online promotional video for local businesses will help increase credibility. The audience can get to see who is in the business and can trust the business.

8. Local businesses can create how-to videos or than you, video messages as these are very powerful.

9. Make the videos entertaining and convey clear messages through them.

10. Include a call to action in the promotional videos and use the videos to offer discounts, special offers to the audience.

Video content is necessary for any successful digital marketing campaign. Concentrate on creating a great video strategy. video marketing proved to increase conversions.


If you want to reach the targeted audiences then go on implementing all these tactics at your video marketing strategy. A unique change will be identified from your regular view after implantation.

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How to Increase Sales Conversions with Video Marketing Fri, 10 Jan 2020 09:00:00 +0000 Video is the integral part of the content marketing today. Video has a great impact on the audience and become the biggest revolution in the digital world. Today you can observe various trends in the video marketing across the web. All we know that most internet users are spending time watching the video content. YouTube […]

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Video is the integral part of the content marketing today. Video has a great impact on the audience and become the biggest revolution in the digital world. Today you can observe various trends in the video marketing across the web.

All we know that most internet users are spending time watching the video content. YouTube is the best example to know how the audience is much excited about watching the video content. Hence, the businesses are obtaining their sales by prompting video promotions on their business path. The video will not only showcase your products or services; it will describe the nature and working of your products while comparing with the textual promotions on social media. Moreover, the brands can find huge sales as it reaches to the relevant and potential customers. The added features like ‘visit website’ are offering more online sales through video streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The video was crossed multiple devices and expanded its market. The small business owners to the large business were using the video in their marketing and advertising.

The video viewing behavior was also changed, and the people are interested in watching the video content than spending the time to read the long journals and articles with text. The watch time has greatly increased and there are various video applications that are trending on mobile devices.

But, only a few marketers are getting identified and successful in making their mark on the millions of videos on YouTube, and many other platforms lack best tactics to drive the sales with video marketing.

Go with Present Trends

Visit video marketing and online video trends of the latest year reports and plan your strategy. Watch various video campaigns, live streams, live video Blabs, YouTube Shoppable ads and many other formats that are related to the video.

So, you will get a clear picture of how to use and how to approach with the audience with your content after accessing all these types of information. Include the trending topics in your video along with the brand message you want to convey.

Optimization of Video

Hire best SEO for your video optimization because video optimization can help you to rake at top position in search engine results which ca helps you to gain good exposure.

YouTube Shoppable Video Ads

The YouTube Shoppable video ads are the most engaging, and if you are one of the e-commerce company, you can place your products within the Shoppable videos which takes the customers directly onto your product page to buy. YouTube Shoppable Video Ads helps you to drive more sales.

Create Product Video and How to Tutorials

Product related videos, testimonials; tutorials are the best ways to get connected with the consumers. The audience likes to know more about the product and the testimonial which can increase the high conversions of sales.

Social Video

Social video is a great way to reach the audience. So, promote your sale on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc to gain more exposure.

Target your Customers with a Analytics

The YouTube platform used to provide the in-depth analytics of your videos by providing the details about which type of audience is viewing your video and the growth of views. It helps you to know your target audience and increase sales.

10 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Video Marketing

Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve video marketing efforts. Brands are harnessing the power of this technology to enhance the experience for the customers.

1. Artificial intelligence is used to develop and test video marketing campaigns and strategies.

2. It is possible to identify trending video content with specific keywords and find the topics that best resonate with the audience. Make video content on this topic.

3. AI analyzes hundreds of posts and discovers successful keywords which can be included in the description and title of the video.

4. It also analyzes the video content already created and identifies the keywords that were used and the keywords that are not used recently.

5. AI technology also allows creating multiple variations of the video by use of platform, audience, product, ROI performance.

6. AI helps in making the video marketing effective by focusing on ROI.

7. Using AI, the video creators can see the reaction of the people when they are watching the videos and know which part of the video is most loved by them. With this kind of A/B testing, the companies can share the video that gets good response.

8. AI can help in the process of new product launch.

9. AI can help generate insights from the vast quantities of data and help to improve the performance of video marketing.

10. AI can be used to automatically generate and optimize the ads.

Artificial intelligence also helps in web designing and to analyze the behavior patterns of the customers. AI can change the way marketers interact with the customers. In the coming years, AI is going to accelerate marketing and also help increase sales. The impact of artificial intelligence is going to be significant in marketing. AI also helps in eliminating marketing waste.

10 Video Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Verizon

Verizon communication was launched in the year 2000 in an America. This is also a broadband company with headquarters located in New York. This is one of the largest companies and is providing coverage at minimal rates. Its three units as a small business are the eEnterprise, wireless and residential service. Let us see how Verizon uses Video for its marketing strategy.

1. Verizon says that native content is effective for video marketing campaigns.

2. Whether telling an effective brand story of transforming business strategy, quality video content is most important.

3. Verizon has a Facebook page and it uploads video content regularly to inform its fans about its new plans.

4. Verizon also has a YouTube channel and follows consistency in posting new videos.

5. Verizon leverages mobile footprint.

6. Acquisition of AOL was a thoughtful digital strategy of Verizon to target millennial embracing mobile video.

7. It creates video content that appeals to a variety of audiences.

8. Subscriber engagement was the best practice for Verizon for several years. It includes videos in its email marketing to target it, subscribers.

9. By using social media to publish its video content, Verizon studies the customer experience and see the journey of the individual customer.

10. Verizon listens to the conversations of its video audience and gains actual insights and then takes appropriate actions.

Verizon concentrates on providing original video content to its audience. It ensures that the video is engaging and can be accessed from everywhere on every device. Verizon also understood that if the video quality is poor the abandonment rates of viewers are going to be high.  With more and more people watching video online, it is required to focus on improving the video quality so that viewers are not lost.

Offbeat Video Marketing Growth Strategies to Follow

Digital marketing and video marketing go hand in hand and successful video ad campaign depends on the effective marketing growth strategy.  The digital marketer has the responsibility to see that the costly campaign pays rich returns through desired output.

Given below are some of the video marketing growth strategies:

1)    Skywriting:

This is one of the excellent and cost effective tools of unusual video marketing.  There are many organizations offering this facility at cost effective manner. While the output can be viewed in the radius of 15 miles, the pricing depends on the location and price package that the marketer chooses.

2)    Go viral with video:

The largest video ad channel YouTube is offering a facility where every viewer is allowed to upload videos of his choice on varied subjects (without causing emotional harm to other users).    The marketer as well can take advantage of this facility and upload his own content for promotion of his business.  Preparation of own videos should not be tedious as many formats of videos are readily available on YouTube for ready reference.  The videos themselves offer for copying the concept and using the same for the business of the marketer.

3)    Flash Mob:

As today’s many social functions are offering this attractive facility, this same technique may also be used by the marketer for his product/service.  This is a very novel concept and the cost for this is also minimal and well within the budget.

4)    A hashtag is another attractive way to do offbeat marketing.  Twitter and Instagram are some of the channels offering innovating vending machines and this can take the offbeat marketing to newer levels.

5)    Promotion of the video ad campaign in social media with attractive tiles and/or thumbnails will give the expected result for the marketer.

10 B2B Video Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Video marketing is one of the effective tools to reach the consumers. But creating a useful video is a challenging task for the marketers. Marketing the video to get maximum benefits from it is another challenge. There is a significant increase in video content online in recent times. Here are some of the B2B video marketing trends.

1. Giving an experience of being there for the consumers by taking them to the virtual tour and show them from where the product is coming.

2. B2B companies are trying to ad humor to their video content and make people laugh.

3. Video marketing strategy of B2B companies includes offering a solution to the problem and keeps their marketing strategy different from others.

4. Problem-solving video marketing ideas for B2B video include an interview with customers, how to videos etc.

5. B2B companies are following clever marketing for making people connect with the brands.

6. The video content is strategy is being developed so that it will boost the engagement.

7. The introduction of 360 videos by Facebook opened further opportunities for B2B marketers to grab the attention of the audience and they are using the right content to achieve this.

8. B2B companies are also trying Snapchat for marketing with vertical video to give more engaging experience to the consumers.

9. It is also a good idea to include video in the About Us section of the page to make an introduction to the consumer.

10. B2B companies are also experimenting with Live video after understanding that people watch live videos three times more than other videos.

It is never too late for B2B companies to begin their video content marketing. Big budgets are not needed to get the attention of the consumers if the content created is appealing and relevant. A successful video marketing strategy will result in increased ROI.

Ways to do Video Marketing Using a Smartphone

The importance of video marketing can’t be underestimated. Video enables the marketer/publisher to convey the subject of his intention within a short span. As already established, a single video can do miracles than some pages of text content. Video marketing platforms are vying for their respective share in this wonderful market. Here are the ways to do Video Marketing Using a Smartphone.

Though there are various methods to shoot video before uploading the content on online platforms, the easiest of the methods being the smartphone.

Smartphone comes with many inbuilt features/advantages such as:

• It is economical.

• It is easy to carry.

• It is always carried by the owner.

• It has many advanced features including video shooting as well.

• There are many apps that further promote the functionality of the smartphone

In view of what has stated above, using a smart phone for video marketing is one of the best options for the marketer/content creator.

Let’s briefly discuss the ways to ensure the best quality of video using the smartphone:

• Proper lighting of the location.

• The positioning of the smartphone.

• Best of audio and music.

• Best shooting by keeping the objects close to video recording.

• Avoid using a smart phone in vertical position.

• Last but not least, use the available mobile apps to fine tune the video.

Coming to marketing of the videos recorded using the smartphone, following aspects need special attention:

• Prepare, finalize, declare and stick to the publishing schedule.

• Short form videos are getting increased support.

• Post relevant tutorials & tips in relation to your video.

• Customer generated content gives impressive support from the public for your videos.

As the wonderful concept of video marketing offers huge marketing potential, the marketer should take full advantage of the same and ensure proper marketing of his content.

10 Ways to make your First Online Sale using Video Marketing

Videos can bring a significant difference in your online marketing as they are the most effective form of content for online sales. Here are some ten ways to make your first online purchase using video marketing.

Make sample video content about your product

Shoot a sample video content about your product to send as a promotional beginning to your friends and relatives. Make it short, simple and informative.

Build community

Start connecting with the people by creating the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc to start interaction with the people.

Create brand pages on social networks

Create a brand page and switch your standard logo for product sale. Post the video trailer about your product.

Publish a press release with video

Publish a press release type of video across the platforms. Share with your friends and bring awareness about the product you are selling.

Use Live Video Streaming

Go live video broadcasting about your product with clickable shopping link to the audience and rise your chances to sell your product online.

Offer a freebie and inauguration discounts to the audience

Offer some attractive discounts or freebie with your first product sale in your video advertising.

Go shoppable

Utilize the YouTube Shoppable ads where the audience can direct to your shopping site in the video itself. It helps you to grab the first customer.

Try in-stream video ads

Try using in-stream video ads on YouTube platform about your product launch by announcing a best offer to the audience.


Unbox your product before the audience and ask them to click the purchase link in the video. That purchase link must be direct to the shopping site.

Unboxing by influencers

Go for influencer marketing and start the same before your product launch. Prepare some product trailer videos and unboxing videos and make influencer marketing by finding the right influencer that is relevant to your niche.

Video Marketing Tips For Bootstrapped YouTube Channels

YouTube is the most popular online channel after Facebook.  YouTube is viewed both as an entertainment channel and also as an encyclopedia containing vast information on varied topics.  YouTube is one of the excellent channels to promote the business through video ad campaigns.

Given below are some of the video marketing tips which may be useful to digital marketer.

1) Interconnecting the start up video meaning that the marketer integrates all his tools throughout the web.  The marketer has to provide contact details (including social media details) and those details should be contactable and responsive as well.

2) Informative content coupled with keywords is necessary.   The content shall be providing interesting and actual data about the product and for the viewer to reach the content without much difficulty the keywords need to be incorporated.

3) Maintain interest of the viewer.  The marketer should ensure that the interest of the viewer is maintained until the end of the video.  There are lot more techniques to keep the viewer glued to the video until the end.

4) The file name is another important concept that YouTube place rather than the content of the video.  Being the 2nd largest SEO, YouTube wants maximized SEO in the content as well.

5) Co-view web is another method that the start up video marketer can follow to improve the visibility of his video.  Co-view web is the process of clicking on the next set of suggested videos (not belonging to him) and inserting the URL of his own video.  Though this is time-consuming process, the results are astonishing.

6) Keep the viewer engaged with regular stuff like ‘like’, ’subscribe’, ‘share’ etc.  Almost all the videos are having a provision to like/subscribe/share. This is one way of gluing the viewer to the video.

7) Attractive thumbnail and call to action are other usual techniques to increase the visibility of the start up YouTube channel.

Video Marketing Tactics for Multi-Platform Content Distribution

While the marketer is interested in ensuring the proper promotion and reasonable response/result for his content, he can’t depend on the single-channel/platform for this purpose.

He is required to adopt a multi-platform content distribution approach in this regard.

What is multi-platform content distribution?

This is a process where the marketer puts his content on different channels at a similar time. This would enable him to take advantage of the increased viewership of different platforms.

What are the different platforms that are available today – this is quite a simple question to ask. But the answer is complicated as the list is increasing day by day.

The platforms include personal computers, iPads, CD-ROMs, smartphones, tablets, and much more. With each of the platform offering its advantages, the marketer can’t ignore any of the mentioned platforms.

Given below are some of the video marketing tactics to achieve optimum results from multi-platform content distribution.

• Attractive content is the first and foremost requirement to attract the content viewer.

• Presentation of the content in the most appropriate (and presentable) format is equally essential for the marketer to achieve the desired results.

• The optimum video is another important criterion. As some of the displays are smaller in size, the lengthier videos may not get the required attention from the viewers.

• Maintaining regular programming schedule is another important factor that the marketer of the content can’t ignore. The viewers might like the interaction with the marketer, and there has to be a provision for providing the required contact details and contact timings as well.

• Playlists as a concept work very well in making the viewer sit in front of the video till all the content in the playlist displayed.

• Attractive titling and thumbnail attracts and retains the viewers to the content.

Cross-advertisement is required to attract subscribers of one channel to the content of the marketers on other channels.

How to Win the Video Marketing Game?

The open secret of winning the video marketing game is by creating the engaging, interactive content which increases the image of the brand by targeting the audience and converting them into your customers. It can practice with the interactive content which focuses on the imagination and emotions of the audience online. How to Win the Video Marketing Game? Across the web. People love watching videos than text content. But, according to the marketer perspective, video marketing is a game that every marketer must explore their winning marketing strategy. Here is how you can win this marketing game.

Customer testimonial in Video Marketing Game

The stories of successful customers who are satisfied with your services can be prepared as the customer experience videos which can be utilized as the customer testimonials to drive the traffic towards your video. So include the customer testimonial in your video to get good interaction.

Share instructive content that is useful to the audience

Share the content beyond advertising the things. If a toy can provide the audience with engaging content then they will definitely connect with your brand as the content you provided them is very helpful to them.

Explainer videos

Explainer video content that starts with titles like, How, Why and What about product or services which can definitely work to grab the people’s attention towards your videos.

Make a clear picture about your company

The audience wants to know more about your company and its success stories. So, let them know about the company standards to the audience in an honest way.

Go with tutorial videos

Tutorial videos also depend on how much a user can gain information and the utilization of the tutorials the by your customers.

All these above are some of the best winning ways of video marketing game and the rest of the things rely on how you implement the same in your video marketing strategy.

10 Ways Chatbots can Transform Video Marketing and Advertising

Chatbots gained popularity as the most important tool for marketers.Chatbot tools can be programmed to collect data, respond to keywords and to offer products to consumers.Chatbots are the better way to keep interacting with the consumers and give an overall improved consumer experience and to increase sales. How chatbots can benefit marketers in their video marketing and advertising? Let us know Chatbots can Transform Video Marketing and Advertising

1. Consumers want to contact the businesses not just in the banker’s hours but anytime during day or night to get information.Chatbots can be used to keep in touch with the consumers all the time.

2. Chatbots make it easy for the consumers to access the businesses.

3. Chatbots are programmed to track the purchasing patterns.This data helps the marketers to know how to advertise a specific product.

4. Chatbots are programmed to make the consumer feel that they are talking to a real person.

5. Chatbots address the consumer with the first name during the interaction session. A personalized video advertisement should be played to the consumer to introduce new products.

6. Facebook recently announced new features for Chatbots.The marketers can now use video, audio and GIF responses for customers queries though Facebook chatbots.

7. Based on the information provided by the consumers while using chatbots, these can ask the consumers to wait for some time and in the meanwhile show video advertisements that suit to their queries.

8. Chatbots minimize the gap between customers and brands and open doors to improve the customer’s experience.

9. Chatbots allow gaining customer insights.The more insights the brands gain, the better experience they can give to the consumers this in turn helps in better targeting and more sales.

10. The analytics data got through chatbots will help predict the trends and identify the buying patterns.

The marketers must try to capture meaningful data with chatbots and properly analyze it. This data can be used to make improve the advertising and video marketing strategies.

Holiday Video Marketing Tips for Businesses

Video Marketing turns more effective in the holiday season. The video content increases the conversion rates of the content and increases sales leads. When it comes to holiday season like Christmas, there will be new possibilities to build to your sales target even more effective than any other season. The holiday season sales have a great influence on the market. Many reports were reported that 79 percent of market sales increased during the holiday season. During the holiday season, the customers are interested, and it becomes the regular habit to purchase new products and clothing, etc. this is the main key to focus on for the marketers. Here are some best ways to reach the customers and video marketing during the holiday season.

Video Landing pages and attractive showcase

The first thing you have to do is to highlight your business with an attractive Video landing page and design your holiday video campaign with the girl of colors, which can attract the audience online. Grab the attraction of the people smartly by showcasing your products more attractively.

Offer promotional offers with video

Festive season and holidays bring most joyous moments got the people. So, special promotions are a must to grab the viewer’s attention. So, start selling your products or goods from your website with special promotions this season.

Video Email Campaign

Start new video campaign for the holiday marketing. Include your promotional video content in your mail and send to the audience.

Promote your holiday campaign on social platforms Make your holiday campaign a big buzz on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. social platforms are the best places to get good engagement to your holiday video campaign.

Go with Special Offers

Make a promo on special offers for the holiday season and promote it by targeting your audience. Make special video trailer on all categories you are offering.

Go through and follow Audience

Go through the audience interest and visit important sites and blogs and research on audience interest and also estimate what your competitors offering this season and plan something unique and new which can be most engaging.

Best Ways to Implement Personalized Video Marketing

Video marketing revealed the most effective way in digital marketing approaches, and it is changing with trends. Today the personalization of the video is the trending concept in video marketing. The personalized video is very effective and become the biggest marketing trend across the B2B marketing online.

The personalized videos increase the conversion rates, which help to reach the maximum audience across the web. It is the new best way to attract the audience towards your content and convert them into your customers. The personalized video engages the customers at different levels. It also helps in building the one to one relationship with every single viewer.

Here are some different ways to use the personalized videos.

Utilize them in the Branded video campaigns

Attract and grab the audience attention by adding their name and make them included in the story. One can personalize and engage more than 100 viewers to thousands of viewers. So it is simple to reach a real one to one content to a number of people at a time.

Use in explainer video and entertainment videos

Include the logo of the company and the title to helps the audience to know about the concept of the life to increase the watch time. Create best videos that that are funny and interesting to the audience and go for a shareable content.

Use in webinars and product tour related video content

Use the personalization in the videos that are used on the product tours and the webinars. Let the audience feel that you have curated the video content specifically. When it comes to product tour type of videos, add contact name, photo and more in the product screenshots and let them experience the attention you are paying to your viewer.

Utilize the personalization key in customer and prospective videos

Use the personalization video content in the technical support videos, which makes the customers feel that you are there for them to support technically. It helps in delivering better customer experience with personalization. These can also be included in the recruitment videos which can make a powerful impression on the candidates.

10 Brands with Highly Successful Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is the enormous opportunity for brands. But it is a challenge to make people choose the video over a thousand other videos online. Brands need to create content that is unique, interesting, and entertaining to earn attention from the audience. The following brands tried to tell stories to create visual interest and achieved success through Video Marketing Strategies.

Successful Video Marketing Strategies

1. The campaign of Android that says Friends Forever used the videos and pictures of cute animals. Android used the animals as the centre of attraction and did not seem to focus on selling their product. Very fewer dialogues used and Android let the video speak for itself.

2. Gainsight: Blank space is the video advertising campaign of annual Pulse Conference of Gainsight. The brand used playful approach for their video advertising. They used influencers in ways that are not expected. The brand focused on entertaining the audience.

3. Always: Like a girl is the video marketing campaign of Always a brand that cells feminine hygiene products. They made the video empowering, inspiring and they thought about how the life of customers interests with the product.

4. GoPro: Hero in Action is the successful video marketing strategy of GoPro. They told a compelling human story and reached a wider audience.

5. American Greetings: World’s Toughest Job video campaign helped get the meaning of the product. The candid reaction video became very popular.

6. FedEx’s Growing Business campaign used subtle humor to attract the audience.

7. ‘Look who’s driving’ is the popular video marketing campaign of Volvo.

8. In The Scarecrow campaign, Chipotle let the audience know about the food used in their restaurants.

9. LG’s popular campaign is the End of the World Job Interview is the video campaign to promote a new line of HD TVs.

10. Dove: Real Beauty Sketches got millions of views and the ad went viral as women shared it among themselves.

A well-used video ad campaign tells a story, and it should appeal to the emotions. The above said are the marketing videos that went viral because of the elements such as humour, heartwarming or the surprise ending used in it.

20 Key Skills needed for Video Marketing Professionals

Video Marketing Professionals need increasingly varied skills to lead an interview or a job in his profession. Video marketing is more than hitting a record and uploading videos in all aspects. Today’s computerized showcasing specialists must have a various expertise set, including an elaborate handle of accessible media channels, the capacity to recognize cutting-edge openings, on top of having the fundamental attitudes of a splendid advertiser.

  1. Main aim of video marketing is a creation of the shareable video which connects audience. So, the video marketer must have keen ability to understand the audience
  2. Must have excellent communication and writing skills as it is essential to get connected
  3. Must know about different types of video styles for content marketing
  4. Must be good at decision making as it plays the significant role in critical situations which may raise the status of a company.
  5. Must have the ability to choose the right platform and applications to reach the marketing goals
  6. Must follow the latest trends in the market as it is imperative for the modern marketer to crack the strategy of success
  7. Must know about the metadata and its importance
  8. Must have the excellent knowledge on various social video platforms across the web
  9. Must manage the time, people and the deliveries of video marketing services
  10. must have good skills in video optimization
  11. must know about the community management
  12. Must have the ability to apply tactics to drive more traffic towards the organisation video content.
  13. Must be creative
  14. Must have the ability to work under pressure
  15. Must have excellent analytical skills as analysis is very important to reach the success point
  16. Must be well versed with the mobile video marketing and various applications
  17. Must have good knowledge at working of search engines and rankings on the web
  18. Must have good skill in PPC areas
  19. Must have ability to manage the content on multiple platforms
  20. Must be ready to take targets and reach confidently.

Youngsters who are entering in the field of video marketing, the digital marketing they should have some key skill factors to lead the profession. The above are the top 20 key skills needed for a video marketing professional and make use of this valuable information.

12 Video Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Video Traffic

Video marketing is one of the more traffic attracting marketing tools.A few minute’s videos are worth several words.   Most companies who are into digital marketing for their products and services add videos to their websites, blogs, and post them on social media networks. If your landing page has a video, your conversion rate is going to be increased. According to studies, Video Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket your video Traffic..

The effect of a moving picture on the minds of the people should not be underestimated. A video campaign has more effect on the minds of consumers than any magazine ad or a radio ad.   The Internet is making it possible to use video marketing for product production and to boost brand awareness.

Video Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Video

1. Video marketing can be done on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope

2. Interviews with experts in the related field help you get more video traffic.

3. Tutorials are also great for increasing traffic.  Choose a topic related to your service and product and make a small video. Behind the scenes, the demo for using a product etc can go viral.

4. Want to send your message to consumers? Make a slideshow video with bullet points and graphics.

5. Make a video of your product review and post them on social media networks as part of your digital marketing. These videos influence the decision making of the viewers and can help boost conversion rate.

6. Request your existing clients to record testimonials about the product or service you are offering.  Publish it on your social media pages or on your landing page.

7. Optimize your YouTube channel,if you have any.

8. Optimize all the videos you upload. Use correct keywords, description and tags to find by the search engines.

9. Follow regular schedule to post your marketing videos to build viewership.

10. Add call to action. This can be asking the viewers to like the video, share the video, comment or register.

11. Share your videos on social media networks.

12. Email marketing also helps to bring viewers to your marketing videos.

The aboue are the top 12 Video Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Video traffic.

10 Video Marketing Mistakes will Sink your YouTube Channel Growth

It already proved that video is the most powerful tool to reach the target audience. YouTube is one of the popular platforms for video and this platform cannot be ignored. Video consumption is the highest, whether on computers or mobile devices. YouTube is thus considered the best option to boost business. Some video marketing mistakes should be avoided to prevent the effect on the growth of the YouTube channel. Here are the most commonly arriving Video Marketing Mistakes that vanishes the brand name of the channel.

  1. Do not use the thumbnails chosen by YouTube. Since the thumbnails are the like covers of the book for the videos, customize the thumbnails to attract more viewers but do not use the random snapshots of the video taken by YouTube.
  2. Since YouTube videos are for entertainment purpose for many, do not use videos to sell your products but to incorporate brand essence into a powerful message and let it reach the audience.
  3. If right keywords are not selected, it will affect the SEO which is an important part of video marketing strategy.
  4. Do not neglect to promote the channel as the goal of the channel will not be reached if there is no one to watch.
  5. Not using social media page for promoting the YouTube channel is another mistake that should be avoided.
  6. Though an ancient strategy, email marketing is one of the powerful tools so do not make the mistake of not sharing videos with your clients via email marketing.
  7. If you want more likes and leads for your official site with the channel, then you should give way to your viewers to reach the site. Do not forget to add a link to your site.
  8. Adding the right call to action directs the audience to take corrective action. Do not create videos without a right call to action.
  9. Do not avoid optimizing the title, description of the videos on your YouTube channel.
  10. Do not make the mistake of uploading poor quality videos.

The purpose of any YouTube channel is to achieve the marketing goals. Do not make any mistakes with video marketing and use video analytics to check what is working right for the channel and what is not.

How to Build a Strong Video Marketing Team

Now a day’s video marketing has become a major platform to promote the products or services or brand. The success or failure of that company depends on the hands of the whole team of video marketing. Then how to build such a strong team that never bounce back. Don’t need to struggle for that here are some strategies to form the strong video marketing team.

Define Your Organization/Brand Need:

Branding means how the clients will figure out about your company by considering the services, products, tools, response to clients and the fulfillment of customer requirements.

So when you have decided to build the strong pillar of a brand that shakes the entire marketing world just discuss all the mentioned branding requirements to your team members.

Make them be as masters in all aspects of branding.

Define an Objective to Achieve:

Here you need to explain the mission- vision of the company that means how you are running the company now and what are the amendments you are going to take to attain the vision.

The team members should treat these words seriously as it is their lifetime target.

Write your Goals to Achieve:

Initially, when you have started the company you might have some goals to reach.

But when you overcome those with good reputation then the real target of unexpected and hard goals will approach your mind.

Then you should share those with the team by revealing the tactics to claim those.

Conduct an Interview for the Candidates:

When you want to have the more powerful team then choose the concept of conducting interviews for the candidates.

Due to this, the aspirants with higher and required capabilities will be gathered.

When you have done this then it’s enough to give little push-up for them.

Screen Candidates according to your Requirements:

After taking interview then it’s better to go for partitioning the candidates by choosing a particular role.

This could be beneficial as they have knowledge of what they do and easy for them to complete the assigned task.

10 Video Marketing Must Do’s for Brands

Video marketing is an art and professional tactic. When it comes to brands, it plays an important role in their success. So here are some ten video marketing must do’s for Brands. Here we go.

Produce Engaging your Story

Produce Engaging content and it must not deviate with your own brand promotion which can make the viewer uninterested to watch the video. So, make sure you centered your story in the video to get good brand engagement.

First Ten Seconds

Concentrate on the first ten seconds of your video with more attention as it can change your video future views and shares. So, make the viewers to stick to your ad with attractive, interesting and useful content.

Make it Interesting

Create a video that is helpful and useful to the audience and it must not bore them. Add some fun elements to the video to cash the engagement.


Optimize your video content to the search engines to get identified among the millions of video content across the web.

Short Videos

Go with short form content within one to two minutes to get good viewability and engagement.

Go with Unboxing

Unbox your latest product related to your brand in a video which can grab the audience attention as well as can gain good loyalty from audience.

Social Video

Don’t forget the social media platforms. Choose the right open to implement your strategy in order to reach the right audience for your brand.

Email Campaign

Add video n email campaigns as the open rate are 23 percent higher on emails that are included with the video content.


Make shareable videos in the name if your brand which can deliver the better brand message.

Go Live

Live streaming has become the most important thing in the brand success. So go live with different live streaming applications or go live on social media platforms to reach your audience.

Finally, follow the above steps for better branding in your own way. Don’t forget that implementation must be in a right way to reach the right audience to your brand.

Shoppable Videos – The Next Big Video Marketing Trend

With the advent of content promotion, there has been a tremendous change in the outlook of the marketers in terms of promotion of their products and also brand building. Seeing a huge success that content has been able to provide, lot more channels are praying for their pie in this segment.

With more and more players offering content marketing opportunities and marketers trying to get their due market share through this platform, the result is that there is a lot more content (in terms of video as well) available on the net. This naturally creates a kind of fatigue in the minds of customers/viewers.

A solution to this problem can be through shoppable videos. The main idea behind the shoppable video is that the consumer is provided with the accurate and required information to enable him to go for a purchase decision. This will save a lot of his time as well as a lot of bandwidths also. The shoppable video is like a twin edge blade – on one side it allows the marketer to provide a more demonstrative explanation of both the story and urgency of the offer, it also forces the viewers towards the purchase decision as there is a purchase link attached to the video.

A brief note on creating shoppable interactive videos.  

There are apps available that can streamline (along with inbuilt analytics) the video creation process at a reasonable cost. These tools automatically provide ‘call to action’ buttons, sign up forms and also spaces for email registration. These are all the inputs that the marketer needs to promote his product and also the brand of his company. One of the tools ‘Shoppable videos – The Next Big Video Marketing Trend video’ needs just connecting URL to the interactive options presented in the sidebar and also ensuring the required color combination. It is as simple as that. The tool’s inbuilt analytics track the success of the ad by itself.


Some of the early users of shoppable videos could see a large jump in their view count, which is the ultimate criteria to measure the success of the ad. As per the reports available, the number of views for product-related videos went up by 40% on the platform (YouTube) since the introduction of True View Cards. Another credentials are available from (TV channel), increased its digital audience by 91%.

Shoppable videos can shorten the purchase process at the viewer’s end as he is provided with the accurate, updated, and required information that will help him in his purchase decision. This also helps the marketer to ensure that his ad campaign is successful.

10 Video Marketing Tips that will Increase your ROI

Content marketing is the latest trend and that too with the video being more powerful there is heavy competition among competitors to position their product on video sharing platforms like YouTube. The marketer has multiple objectives, i.e., increasing the sales, promoting the image of the company and of course the ROI (the bottom line for company operations).

One of the best bets that the marketers are considering for this perhaps is video marketing.   The present-day technology is offering the viewers (users) an option to search for the product (on the net) once they see the video about the product.   This can be proved by the fact that the traditional marketing mix compared to the latest trend, i.e., video marketing, is way far behind.   The marketer needs to adopt certain strategies suitable for his organization to ensure that his marketing mix strategy is successful.   Naturally, this success is calculated based on the RoI.

Give below are some of the strategies that the marketer can adopt.

1) Move to forecasting: Traditional marketing mix is based on historical data (backcasting).  To move forward, the marketer needs to forecast.

2) There are reports that lion share of mobile web usage is through appropriate mobile apps.

3) ‘Call to Action’ is the trump card to direct the viewer to go for a purchase decision.

4) Monitoring the success of the videos is required to ensure the viewer behavior in relation to your videos.  This is also useful to ensure that necessary updations/corrections are carried out for your content.

5) Swiftness is sweeter.  You need to keep your video short and also ‘answer to the point’ type providing required information within the smallest possible time.

6) Variety is the spice of life.  You can prepare and launch as many varieties of videos of your products as possible (within your budgets).  More videos naturally return more benefits.

7) SEO is the CEO for content marketing.  Search Engine Optimization is the concept that the marketer has to always remember while finalizing his content.

8) Demographics to be given their due share.  Each segment of your viewers needs special attention to ensure that they are also involved in your viewer base.

9) Music to the ears of viewers is money to the marketers.  Suitable and attractive melodious music will enhance the interest of the viewer in the video thereby leading to more views and more sales as well.

10) “Link” to your website. This quick link will enable the viewer to hasten up his purchase decision.

The above are some of the strategies that the marketer can consider to ensure the best of ROI. The marketer, however, needs to ensure that the overall marketing activity is well within the budget and organizational goals.


To establish the strong video marketing team to grow up in the field of online video marketing then you should follow the above-mentioned strategies. If you are at the startup stage of video marketing then immediately focus on this article that not to make any excuses later on.

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YouTube for Healthcare Brands: Online Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry Thu, 09 Jan 2020 08:27:00 +0000 Thinking about promoting your brand? Are you belonging to healthcare category?? Confused about video marketing on YouTube for your healthcare brand?? Don’t worry!! Follow this simple guide for beginners and dummies to get good knowledge. Present Healthcare industry scenario You may go through some ads and videos across the YouTube platform by reputed hospitals, clinics […]

The post YouTube for Healthcare Brands: Online Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry appeared first on ReelnReel.

Thinking about promoting your brand?

Are you belonging to healthcare category??

Confused about video marketing on YouTube for your healthcare brand??

Don’t worry!!

Follow this simple guide for beginners and dummies to get good knowledge.

Present Healthcare industry scenario

You may go through some ads and videos across the YouTube platform by reputed hospitals, clinics and other nutrition and fitness based content.

Yes, the healthcare industry is growing by utilizing the powerful video marketing to reach their audience and consumers.

Healthcare industry is vast as it had several branches and categories. But everything relates to health and wellness of the people.

So, at present, there is a huge competition in the healthcare industry and every brand is approaching with their own unique strategy to reach the people across the web.

How to market your healthcare brand on YouTube platform?

YouTube has some millions of active users so there is a good chance to reach a number of people on a single platform.

Yes, along with advantage there is also a big challenge to reach people. That big challenge is to reach the right audience and to get good engagement to the videos.

The challenge is to get identified among millions and to get good recognition to your brand in order to generate good leads.

The launch of testimonial videos, either YouTube or any social media platform, is the primary source to gain the reputation of health care in public. This happens due to the live characters like patients or who experienced your service can easily define your service or products. Also, the comments on the particular video of you can help the audiences find more about your products or services. Before watching any video, the audience will scroll to find the comments of that particular video. Hence, it is necessary to consider the comment section before creating the video content. The video is the trending category for the promotion of any business.

Here some best practices for your healthcare video marketing on YouTube platform

Start with a welcome video

Create a good welcome video about your company or brand and the services provided. The video must be short and sweet that audience must not get bored with your video.

Use motion graphics and animated characters

Try using the motion pictures to tell a story about your services. Don’t over promote. Your way of promoting your services must be entertaining and useful to your audience.

Create health tips videos

User generated and user loved content plays a great role in your success, try to post the best health tips videos by attaching your logo on your videos. Try not to copy the things as it may reduce your rankings.

Make how to videos

Start how to videos on your services and their usage. Benefits etc. Also, create some useful content for your audience to engage them with your videos.

Drive traffic towards your website and social media using videos

Insert clickable links in your video to drive traffic to your website and boost the app downloads too. Useful content will definitely provide great value to your content.

Try Q&A videos

Create some question and answer type of videos and take suggestions from your audience. include the frequently asked queries in your video.

Hospital and product videos

Make a detailed product video and target the advantages of the product with your audience. if you relate to the clinics or a hospital, shoot the video testimonials and surgery related videos and upload on your channel.

Conduct contests and announce new offers and free health checkups

Make the video as your main platform and conduct interesting contests and offer your audience with free checkups and new offers.

How to promote your videos and go beyond?

The next step after the creation of your video content is to promote the video content in order to provide more value to your content.

Promotion in the sense it will not be reserved for only videos and it also applies for your concerned websites, blogs and wherever your services and brand exists.

So utilize the videos and insert the links of-of your website, blogs, and other social media platforms.

So that people can click on those links can be diverted your homepage as well as concerned page who want them to see.

Use keywords

Utilize best keywords by making the good research on keywords usage. Optimize the video metadata to boost your rankings.

Get connected with comments

Always be respond in a positive way to reach your audience. Also, do comment on other videos that are relevant to your field and connect with the new audience to drive them towards your videos.

Go live

Live streaming one of the most effective forms of promotion. You can make new releases announcements and get live comments as suggestions and critic reviews in real time.

But, it requires a separate strategy to promote before and after your live stream.

So there is a great scope to build strong audience base across the web.

Try paid promotion on YouTube

Use different YouTube video ads like skippable, unskippable, shoppable, banner and many other ads to boost your brand promotion.

You can also use annotations to your video.


Utilize YouTube SEO to get good rankings in search engine results by optimizing your video content across the search engine results.

There are several advantages for healthcare marketers on YouTube because people have good awareness on health and especially on fitness and food habits to follow daily.

So make a daily routine diet and fitness videos to stay at the top priority.

Finally, these are the general strategies and tips that can be followed to build the strong presence on the YouTube platform in the healthcare industry.

Video Marketing for Healthcare Brands

The healthcare industry had also jumped towards video marketing to attract new customers. They are going with various tactics to build trust in the people about the company because the healthcare industry depends upon the trust of the customers to grow. So, the companies are practicing the SEO and making their steps towards success with video marketing. Here are some tips to follow in video marketing for healthcare companies.

Make Clear and Informative Content

Define your objective of marketing and plan to create a better awareness of the audience. For example, if you want to create some resources on your services, then make sure the topics you are going with must be understandable by the audience, and it must be clear. The content which is not informative cannot able to grab the attention of the customers.

Don’t Lag with High Language Usage

It is not required to use high terminology as many people didn’t know about different types of terminology related to healthcare, your video must be in a single standard which can be understandable by the general public about what you are saying. So, explain them but don’t be lazy in language usage.

Go with Animated Videos Too

Don’t use too much graphical content but, plan it perfectly by knowing about your audience expectations in view. Many large healthcare institutions are posting the animated videos on the Youtube platform to grab the customers online as animated videos are attractive and easy to understand.

Get Connected with the People Emotionally

Emotions always work in video. It revealed that video which contains emotional content turned as viral videos on various platforms. But, it must be natural and should not appear to the audience as artificial. So, be creative and approach the audience.

Tutorial Videos

Make some tutorial videos about health and the maintenance of good health-related tutorials with some tips for people. Post regularly and stay connected by answering the questions of people patiently if they question in the comments section. Also, post some surgical videos that your institution offers. It makes the people know more about the surgeries too.

10 Tips for Successful Pharma Video Marketing

The most businesses adopting the digital platform for marketing their products and promoting their brands, it is also important for the pharma companies to make digital marketing a part of their marketing strategy. Videos are compelling, and these effectively deliver the message to the businesses. Video has become an integral part of any online business strategy. Here are few tips that help for the success of pharma video marketing.

1. Leveraging social media is an important aspect of digital marketing. Pharma companies can find a big number of patients and consumers in social media sites.

2. Videos help to say a lot in just a few words. Use this powerful medium to deliver the message by developing interesting content.

3. Do not ignore to add links to your videos that direct the people to the website or blog that provides more information about the service or the product.

4. Creating a video is for improving interaction with people, and it does not make sense to lose the opportunity to request them to take some call to action.

5. Pharma companies must consider the response they get from their audience as the feedback helps to provide the information of whether the campaign is a success or not.

6. Pharma marketers must maintain the consistency which is the key to success.

7. The effectiveness of video marketing strategy can improvby personalising it. Collect valuable insights and deliver what the audience wants.

8. With analytics measure, the level of engagement and audience interaction and assess the success of the marketing campaign.

9. Pharma brands use SEO optimisation for their videos to make them viral.

10. Make the videos easy to share so that they reach a wider audience.

Video marketing is adopted by most popular pharma brands and this helps in interacting with the consumers and to keep the consumers engaged. Increased engagement helps in ROI increase and makes the digital marketing strategy a big success.

Importance of YouTube on the Healthcare Industry

Most businesses use online marketing today to grow and connect with customers. Social media sites such as YouTube are turning into productive platforms for generating leads. Healthcare industry is also using social media for generating leads. People are more active on social media sites making it the perfect choice for targeting the people. YouTube on Healthcare Industry is the key concept to discuss here.

People who are looking for medical information go to YouTube, and ninety percent of these people are in the early twenties. Studies proved that nineteen percent of the people who use smartphone got the apps related to diet, exercise, and weight installed on their phones.

More than fifty percent of the people look for practical advice on the internet for their health problems. It is also proved that more than forty percent of people rely on social media to make decisions. It is observed that there is a lot of increase in the diversion of YouTube traffic to hospital sites.

YouTube Popularity in Medical Field

The role of video in medical education proved to be effective in improving the performance of the students. Students will pay more attention to the learning the subject when teaching is integrated with multimedia tools such as video.

YouTube is the most visited website for information even by the medical professionals and students. YouTube has become home to high-quality educational content.

Tips for using YouTube in Medical Education

  • Many educational institutes and organization made videos one of their tools for online learning. This format gained popularity even in medical education also both at the undergraduate level and postgraduate levels.
  • The use of online tools such as videos offer many advantages in medical education.
  • Online medical education eliminates the challenge of physical distance, and these are also economical regarding both the time and money.
  • YouTube videos for medical education can enhance learning, and these can be integrated easily into instructional methods.
  • The high quality of videos can be created, and by uploading them to YouTube, worldwide access is permitted for the users.
  • The medical education videos can reach global viewership.
  • Posting educational videos on YouTube results in getting large numbers of views and reach broader audiences.
  • YouTube can be used to upload videos of some procedures such as endoscopy so that students will easily understand them.
  • Videos with simple illustrations of procedures can be created which can make the channel popular with the students.
  • Topics such as symptoms and signs of health problems, treatments, etc. are used to create the medical education videos.

YouTube for Healthcare Marketing

YouTube is the most popular website and search engine. It offers the healthcare business exposure to potential patients and customers. YouTube is the perfect platform for sharing information about the healthcare products and promote them.

Healthcare brands can create videos in which doctors speak to the patients about the products. Doctors can educate patients about various diseases, health problems, symptoms and their treatments.

YouTube videos can be accessed freely by anyone from anywhere, and so the audience can connect with the healthcare providers with comfort and convenience.

Top Healthcare YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines, and it allows people to share their videos with the world. Healthcare companies and businesses also use this platform to show latest developments and innovations.

There are many YouTube channels in belonging to the healthcare industry, and some of the popular channels include the GE Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Philips Healthcare, American Heart Association and Novartis.

Other popular YouTube channels such as American Cancer society, Elekta, Siements, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Medical Association create videos to share personal medical stories, new inventions in medicines and many more.

World’s Most Amazing Medical Videos on YouTube

There are many YouTube channels that create medical videos. Some of the amazing medical videos you will find on YouTube are the cardiology videos which are short, sweet and well illustrated.

You can also find medical videos on topics like glycolysis and bacteriology. Great medical videos on various topics which are very helpful for the medical students can be accessed from Lecturio YouTube channel.

Strong Medicine is another channel where you will find great video lessons on chest X-rays interpreting, tests for pulmonary functions, etc.

YouTube Impact on Healthcare Industry Statistics

  • This is the generation which goes to social media sites such as YouTube to get answers to general health questions instead of going to a doctor.
  • More than forty percent of the consumers say that social media sites such as YouTube affects that way they deal with their health problems.
  • It is proved that people in the age of a group of 18 to 24 years use social media twice more than other age group people to find information about health-related issues. It is also revealed that the information shared on YouTube is trusted more by people in this group.
  • More than 54% of the patients find it comfortable to seek advice from social media sites such as YouTube to get their conditions treated.
  • Studies also revealed that 31% of the professionals belonging to the healthcare industry use YouTube for networking professionally.
  • YouTube also influences the decision taken by the patients about hospital or doctor, as said by 41% of people.

Significance of Virtual Reality Videos in Healthcare

Virtual reality mostly associated with the entertainment. But it can significantly improve the lives of patients also who have autism, pain, etc. Training medical students are one of the prime uses of Virtual Reality Videos in Healthcare and apart from that virtual organ models are helping surgeons to prepare for complicated surgeries.

Virtual reality is changing the face of medicine not only for doctors but also for the patients as well. VR can help phobia patients get over their fears with VR therapy.

Medical Education with 360 Videos

360-degree videos can be used to train people in healthcare to perform better at a task. Favorite medical schools are making 360-degree videos a part of their curriculum.

Complicated surgical procedures are shown to the students in 360-degree videos which are interactive. The students can practice and perfect them.

More and more training tools are being developed to create immersive video modules which the students can access using their mobile apps.

360-degree immersive videos are created that enable students to observe surgeries closely. The students can explore the human anatomy.

Human nervous system, muscles, and bones or cardiovascular systems can be investigated using VR.

Ways Medical VR Videos Changing Healthcare

Virtual reality is getting better. Most exciting applications are being created in healthcare. Doctors, as well as patients, are getting benefit from VR. Virtual reality videos can be potentially used as a therapeutic tool.

VR videos are being used to treat pain, stress, and anxiety. Healthcare video also is a cost-saving tool for medical healthcare training. The videos created can be accessed on mobile and desktop devices. This saves money, time and energy as the trainers can avoid going to the training sessions personally.

VR videos are also used to explain people understand the effects of smoking or alcohol. Showing adverse effects of tobacco and alcohol through VR is believed to discourage younger generations to stop these habits. Healthcare industry is changing rapidly.

Healthcare gets Innovative with VR Videos

Virtual reality videos in healthcare are predicated on generating billions of dollars in the coming few years. The two areas where VR videos are most utilized are the trainiHealthcare gets Innovative with VR Videosng and the rehabilitation.

VR videos enable the medical professionals anywhere in the world to see and use them for training purposes. Young doctors can be trained using the immersive 3D operative room simulations in real life situations.

This helps them gain experience and improve their skills to save lives. Eve professionals can fine-tune their skills using these videos. VR videos are developed that show colonoscopy, laparoscopy, robotic and also organ transplant surgeries.

VR videos were showing breathing control and meditation help patients to relax and control their breathing. This helps in lessening pain. Another innovative way VR is used in healthcare is for the drug addicts.

There are millions of people with drug use disorders. VR is being used to help individuals learn to deal with the temptation of drugs. Physical rehabilitation is getting more pleasant with VR.

Patients terrified of the treatment that they are getting can get help from VR videos understand what is ahead. They also can understand how to deal with their medical condition.

Uses of Virtual Reality Videos in Healthcare

Though entertainment and gaming are the two popular areas when it comes to usage of virtual reality, there are other areas such as medicine which is gradually adopting and applying this technology.

Virtual Reality is being used to help patients get relief from pain and stress. One example is the video of KindVR which helps Sickle Cell Disease patients remove focus from their pain.

Medical virtual reality is also being used for medical training. Students are allowed to perform hands-on procedures in a safe and controlled setting preventing any risk to the patients as the students might make mistakes.

Dentistry is another critical area where VR is playing an important role. The students can perform the range of virtual procedures and improve their skills and adjust their technique.  VR is also used to train paramedics to learn life-saving skills.

Another use of virtual reality in medicine is to educate patients about the need to stop smoking, alcohol intake and make positive changes to their lifestyle such as healthy eating and exercise.

Best Documentaries of Medical Virtual Reality

VR is being used for varying purposes in medicine. People are using VR to improve research and to reach broader audiences. Documentaries are being made in virtual reality in medicine, and one of such documentaries is ‘To Err is Human.’ This documentary focuses on preventable medical errors and issues. There are other documentaries available online.

Virtual reality in medicine can revolutionize the whole industry. Apart from training students, VR is also used as a tool for effectively treating mental disorders. It can increase modern medicine level all over the world.

This technology can help the medical specialists, surgeons, dentists, and physicians to learn the skills without risking human lives. Computer technology is advancing, and along with it, VR solutions are also continuing to progress.

Virtual reality is producing impactful experiences for the users. It is improving diagnostics, predicting outcomes and is also changing the way doctors are planning to provide care for the patients.

The numerous benefits and uses of virtual reality are taking the industry by storm. By using this technology, innovative advancements are being brought in healthcare.


YouTube is a platform that provides maximum exposure at little expense. That is why everyone in the healthcare industry is considering this platform for broadening their reach and get positive results.

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Instagram Video Promotion: Best Practices for Instagram Video for Business Wed, 08 Jan 2020 07:15:00 +0000 The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. This instant social networking platform is being used extensively worldwide. Many companies are using their Instagram accounts to increase their popularity. Here are few best practices to use the Instagram videos effectively. • When a video is posted on Instagram the goal of it is […]

The post Instagram Video Promotion: Best Practices for Instagram Video for Business appeared first on ReelnReel.

The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. This instant social networking platform is being used extensively worldwide. Many companies are using their Instagram accounts to increase their popularity. Here are few best practices to use the Instagram videos effectively.

• When a video is posted on Instagram the goal of it is to reach number of people and for this using hashtags is necessary.  The hashtag is a clickable word and can be used in the photo description. See that all your videos on Instagram have common hashtags.

• If you are promoting the content related to your blog or shopping portal through a video, it should be related to your tops. You cannot reach targeted viewers by using off-topic images.

• Instagram works in real time basis and thus postings should be regular.

• When promoting content related to blot or shopping portal on Instagram, choose the targeted accounts. Give proper descriptions to your videos to attract more followers.

• Like feature is very popular on Instagram and use this feature to like the postings of others to get more likes to your videos.

• Multiple accounts can be run on Instagram with the use of Android immolator App.

• Shoot the videos in landscape or vertical mode.

• Though the quality of the Instagram video must be good, it is not enough to make the video successful.  Make your videos unique, interesting and watchable.

• Product demos and FAQ videos are the best for brand promotion.

• Instagram video promotion can be effective when the description field is used to reinforce the message in video.

Instagram videos are very useful for building a brand. Marketers can use Instagram videos to build awareness and to drive sales. As these videos are short, these retain the viewer engagement.

10 Tips to Build an Engaging Instagram Video Ad Campaign

Instagram is photo and video sharing platform and the popularity of it is going on increasing. There are large numbers of individual users and in recent times, this platform is also being used by marketers to get benefits of social media marketing. There are many reasons for this which include the growth of mobiles and the simple nature of the platform that is making Instagram the best option for advertisers.

1. Using Instagram for video ads deliver very effective results as the videos are more engaging and help build the brand.  Make video ads that capture the interest of the consumers in just a few seconds.

2. To build an engaging Instagram ad campaign is to leverage hashtag campaigns.

3. Use the ad format for Instagram that allows advertisers to create ads with multiple photos to tell the viewers about their brand, services and products.

4. Make sure that your content works well on mobiles also as Instagram is basically a mobile platform.

5. The success of any ad campaign including on Instagram can be affected by the call to action.  Ask the users to take an action after viewing your video ad.

6. Know what your target customers love to watch and at the same time stay relevant to your brand.

7. Do not over post. This is an important point to be included in your Instagram video campaign as this can lead to people losing interest in your page and there is also the risk of unsubscribing you.

8. Post pictures of your office and work environment as this helps build brands.

9. Instagram is offering new features and all these tools can be used to make your video ad campaign a great success.

10. Get inspired by what your competitors are doing. Do not blindly copy them.

Instagram is a great platform for marketers as they can reach their target audience easily. Interact with the followers and be active for best results.

10 Best Practices for Instagram Video for Business

Instagram is a platform offering online mobile sharing (photo/video) and social networking service. This sharing can be either public or private in the app. Instagram also enables using other social networking platforms in this regard.

Following are some of the best practices for using Instagram Video for business.

1) Familiarize yourself with operations of Instagram.

2) Include funny images with pictures in your video. Simultaneously you need to track the engagement on your images and find out what your followers are interested in.

3) Cultivate huge following though simple 1-2-3 process. I) Connect your Facebook account, 2) Use relevant, popular hashtags, and 3) Engage by following others and liking their photos. Cross-posting selected images to your FB page would help people that you are on Instagram.

4) Instagram launched its latest addition ‘Video on Instagram’ offering video length of 15 seconds, filter-enabled, editable video functionality. This feature is overtaking Vin’s video offers of 6.5 seconds.

5) Embedding your Instagram video in your stationery and other social media platforms will be adding mileage to your ad campaign on Instagram.

6) The power of apps to be used to the maximum. Dozens of apps offer enhanced photo/video sharing experience. These apps allow users to print images, search tags and download Instagram photos and much more.

7) Change is always for better. You may kick-start Instagram efforts with a change in perspective. Some of the tips for this include: sharing a distinctive view of the world, capture things that are interesting to the brand, training you’re to focus on what makes a great, provocative and engaging image.

8) Networking has always the secret of business success. This rule applies to Instagram as well.

9) Optimization of profile – personal or business – is required to ensure that there is constant promotion of your content on Instagram. To be a successful marketer on Instagram, you need to complete (and update) your profile with all the required information that the prospective buyers might be interested to know.

10) Review of performance of your brand on Instagram is to done on a periodical basis. Necessary corrective action can take as and when required based on the input (through comments/reviews by the users)

The importance of Instagram needs to properly handled by the marketer for the promotion of his products, and he has to research and update the content. continuously

How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram Videos

Instagram has millions of monthly viewers who share and view photos. Instagram is the best platform for businesses to tell a story in an instant to their customers. Instagram Videos  proved that the content posted on Instagram gets a good response and as many as 75 people per 100 take actions such as going to the official website or shopping after watching the business post on Instagram.

How to Create an Instagram Page for Small Business

  • To promote business on Instagram, first, a profile has to be created. Download the app on smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Sign up with the email address or phone number. Choose the best username relevant to your business.
  • It is also possible to create the account through Facebook.
  • For business usage, connect the Instagram profile with the Facebook business page.
  • Provide details such as phone number, email, and address for the business.
  • If the details were already given on your Facebook business page, the information would be auto-filled.
  • Click done. If the Facebook business page not created, it could be built now. Invite contacts to follow your Instagram page.

Use Instagram to Post Video Ads

It is not difficult to create video ads for Instagram. Most of the audience on Instagram watch the content on their mobiles.

Therefore make sure that the message reaches the audience even when the sound is off.

Use text or captions to deliver the message. Use square videos which are the big hit.

Let the videos be less than thirty seconds long. There are standard and video carousel ads.

Standard video ads allow including a call to action and video carousel ads enable adding up to five videos to a single ad and the users can view one by one. A call to action also can be included.

Tips to Advertise Your Business on Instagram

Here are some tips to advertise the business on Instagram and to consider while creating video marketing campaigns for the app.

  • Have a goal for the video ad. Be clear with the message you are delivering. Define the goals of the campaign. Is it for increasing website traffic, conversion or building brand awareness?
  • Let the videos be short and sweet and have a punchy approach to the message you are delivering. Grab the attention of the viewers in the very first few seconds of the video.
  • Ensure that the content is eye-catching and also meaningful.
  • Paid video ads on Instagram include a call to action. These include Shop now, book now, signup, download, contact us, etc. Include a compelling call to action.
  • Be consistent in messaging, branding and visuals.
  • Engage with the audience with funny comments.

Pros and Cons of Advertising on Instagram

Instagram video advertising is suitable for all types of business. With Instagram advertising precise targeting is possible. Higher reach on the content can achieved.

Paid advertising is helpful for the brands to showcase more products. Using collection ads businesses can combine photos and videos to promote their products and users need not leave the platform to make purchases.

Though Instagram advertising is a perfect fit for most businesses, there are some cons. Active users of Instagram are in the age group of 18-29 years.

Instagram might not be the right place to reach older audiences. Time management and update of Instagram ads are time-consuming.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, frequent updates for keeping the message fresh is required.

While considering Instagram for advertising, make sure to keep in mind the pros and cons. Any social media platform is capable of creating or destroying brand loyalty.

It is for the brands to find the customers and promote the product or service to them. Instagram is one method of delivery that helps in connecting the brand to potential customers.

Reasons to Consider Instagram for Video Marketing

Studies revealed that internet users under 25 years of age spend more than half an hour in a day on Instagram. Over 25 spend more than twenty minutes a day.

This shows that Instagram offers a significant marketing opportunity for businesses. More than 25% of advertisements on Instagram are now videos.

The platform has great potential to attract new customers. Instagram offers the best opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing.

The businesses not only have access to potential customers, they also allow the audience to share the brand with their network.

Having active followers and engaging them with the video content helps foster credibility and generate brand awareness.

Instagram is the ideal platform for increased visibility and to increase brand awareness.

Instagram Video Marketing Statistics

  • Instagram allows uploading photos as well as videos. Studies revealed that 25%of advertisements on Instagram are videos.
  • Instagram video ads must hook the audience in the first 30 seconds. Though the videos can be of 60 seconds long, the length of the video can affect the engagement.
  • Instagram ads increased by 28% in the later part of 2017.
  • 35% of the total Instagram users create or view videos via stories.
  • Many businesses are using Instagram videos to connect with their followers.
  • Millions of people are watching Instagram videos created by brands.
  • 500 million Instagram stories are being used by the Instagrammers each day.
  • 200 million audiences will visit one business Instagram profile every day.
  • It has 1+ Billion monthly active users.
  • 70% of the Instagram audience most likely to make online buying via mobile.
  • 71% of Instagram users are below 35 years old.
  • The potential advertising reach of Instagram is 849.3 Million users.
  • 80% of users are following a business on Instagram.
  • 83% of Instagram users will find the new products and services on it.
  • Above 100 Million users share or watch the live on Instagram.
  • 16.6 Million Google searches for Instagram will take place.
  • Each month more than 130 Million Instagram users click shopping posts.


Audience irrespective of age, gender, place of living, etc. love watching video content. Video content is more engaging and the Instagram platform is one of the best places to grow business. Businesses can directly market to potential clients.

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How to get 1 Million YouTube Views in 24 Hours Tue, 07 Jan 2020 04:46:00 +0000 Have ever imagined that you can get a million YouTube Views just only in One Day for a regular video? Do fixed to the word impossible to reach that Target? You can make the impossible to possible easily just by implementing the below defined extraordinary strategies. Stratagies Optimize your Video for Massive Organic Reach Always […]

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Have ever imagined that you can get a million YouTube Views just only in One Day for a regular video?

Do fixed to the word impossible to reach that Target?

You can make the impossible to possible easily just by implementing the below defined extraordinary strategies.


Optimize your Video for Massive Organic Reach

Always Optimize the videos by creating innovative titles, trending keywords, description and note of call-to-action for subscription which are going to play the vital role to gain the organic reach that helps in feed the YouTube Channel with continuous traffic.

The Video Optimization technique will lead to increase the WatchTime and Views.

Have a Strategy behind your Video with Creative Thumbnail

The brand ambassador for the success of the YouTube Video is ‘Thumbnail’.

When it plays a role on the screen of the YouTube then the audience will be much awaited to view the video content.

Hence, Create the Eye Catching Thumbnail. Mostly Design the Thumbnail by your own than preferring someones.

Publish your Video at Right Time

Everything is fine that you have refined video content and make sure to publish the video at right time.

Upload your Video at right time when your YouTube Channel Audiance are Active and your Video Target audiance are active on Social Media.

Observe arrival timings of the web users. This tactic will be the spoon feeding your Video with more than targeted audience.

Create Playlists and Feature your recent Video

Playlists are the backbone of the Video in generating continues Audience Engagement.

Generate the Video Playlists that are relevant or sequel of the currently playing video.

Then the user might go ahead to watch the video in the playlist as they are interested in the current video topic.

Use your recent Video Upload as Information Card for all your best performing old videos

Pick the best performing long life videos on your channel and by concentrating on those videos to create the one as the information card that defines the performance of those videos.

The regular Subscrbers or new entries might have a chance to find the exclusive content from your channel.

Place your Video as End Card to all your Best Old Performing Videos

After analyzing the analytics of your YouTube Channel which shows the performance of each individual video you might frame the list which is highly demandable at the audiences.

Then at the each of those videos place the videos that are recently uploaded or being drowsy using the concept of ‘End Card’.

When they visit the upper hand videos then they can click the sleepy ones.

Note: The end cards will alert the audience to view further videos.

Use your Email Subscribers and send a blast of Video Campaign

Use your Email Database and send the blast of Video Campaign that fully describing the motive of your Video.

Send your Recent Videos as Featured Video for your all Videos

When you create any recent video then make use of it as the Featured Video of the remaining channel videos.

Boost your Video on Facebook with Ads

No One has left without having a Facebook Profile and this is the only hub to make communication.

Hence use Facebook Platform for Viral Sharing of your Video and Start boosting this Video Link to the target audiance and Location.

This can lift the Video in Short time to the target audiance.

Use YouTube Advertising to get Initial Traction for your Video

Start YouTube Advertising that really adds initial traction for your video

This strategy will improve the ad revenue of your Video.

10 Ways to Boost your YouTube views with Newsjacking

News Jacking is the art of using current trending news which can be flash news as well as sensational news in the current content being promoted by the marketer.Current news is flashed while the main content is being streamed.Similar logic applies for written blogs as well and gain the YouTube views with Newsjacking.

What is the advantage of News Jacking? While the original content is still being streamed, there is a news item about the flash/sensational news that is currently trending.The importance of the jacked news will add interest in the minds of the viewer about the content as well.This will ensure that the marketers’ video is getting maximum viewers.

Are there any limitations in applying the technique of News Jacking? News Jacking is a freelancer technique that can be employed depending on the technical capabilities of the creator/marketer.  As the News Jacking is believed to be of help to promote boost YouTube viewership as well, the following aspects need to be taken care of, to ensure that the newsjacking is able to contribute its share to the success of the content.

1) Timing is of the essence.

2) The relevance of the flash news in relation to the content being streamed.

3) The length of the jacked news.

4) The quality of the jacked news.

5) The presentation of the jacked news including the background music, description of the jacked news etc.

6) The appeal of the jacked news to the viewers of the original content.

7) Monitoring of the response of the jacked news.

8) Monitoring the contribution of the jacked news to the promotion of main content being streamed.

9) Repetition of the jacked news.

10) Modifications to the jacked news as and when the update is available.

As News Jacking is considered as one of the important tools in the hands of marketers, it is equally essential that he is able to make use of this tool for promotion.

How To Spot Fake YouTube Views

Generating fake YouTube views has become the most hunting game for many YouTube creators and not all. Some are being aside from not to buy fake YouTube views. Some other creators are being neutral either to purchase or not. Each question of the creators either to buy fake views or not will be explained here.

What happens when you buy fake YouTube views?

Is this activity going to ruin your YouTube channel performance?

YouTube fake video views

  • Everyone knows that YouTube video views help the creators to add bucks through the impression of ads.
  • As the video has more views that much of higher search ranking that video grabs.
  • This credential will make the YouTube channel to gain popularity. Here both the audience and YouTube are accepting our challenging of buying fake YouTube views traditionally.
  • This is what we all think about the process of generating fake video views.
  • Now it is easy to spot the fake views as they got the attention of the media.
  • YouTube users can make use of video statistics to find the random views obtained from one source.

How to spot fake YouTube views?

When a specific YouTube video has bulk views with very fewer comments, likes, shares, and dislikes then those can be considered as fake views. It might be simple to spot than we think.

Suspicious activity of having a high view count:

  • For example, if you take one YouTube channel video having above 2 million views with 2000 likes, 500 comments, 20 dislikes, and 43 shares.
  • Then what it sounds like? Do you find any abnormal activity of having huge views?
  • Yes, it is the tactic that all we need to find. We can say it has fake video views.
  • Most of the YouTube creators may know that which type of videos will have a higher count of views.
  • Websites having embed videos of yours:
  • This is one of the best tactics to spot fake views. Make observation your video statistics where you can find the statistics of your embed videos on other websites.
  • If you think that those websites are not relevant to your YouTube channel, then we can say that they are fake views.

Making the video private:

It is another solution to find the fake views of YouTube video as a creator.

Make that video to be in private for a while and still it is getting the fake views then we can confirm the spam activity of fake views.

Use the feedback button:

Intimate the YouTube about fake views of your channel using the feedback button appears at the video editor menu.

Let them know that you are looking for the source and make sure not going to happen again.

Invalid Clicks Contact Form:

If you are using the monetization then intimate AdSense by using the Invalid Clicks Contact Form.

The past invalid clicks will lead to terminate your AdSense account permanently.

Why YouTube cracks down hard on creators with fake video views?

If your YouTube channel and videos have proven that you bought fake views, then YouTube has the right to terminate the channel or videos along with the takedown fake views.

The purchasing of YouTube fake video views cracks the relation between YouTube and the advertisers as the medium of creators. Due to this reason, YouTube cracks down on creators using fake video views.

What factors will project real-time engagement?

The high quality and reliable views always come from the real people that obtained through marketing or organically.

These audience are watching your videos with interest. This helps to gain continuous engagement with real-time audience including-

Likes, comments, dislikes, subscriptions, Ad revenue, shares, and clicks.

YouTube fake engagement policy

The unusual third-party activities that blown-up the views, subscriber and likes are not permitted on YouTube.

How YouTube measures engagement?

YouTube updates the subscriber’s number in user channel page, video watch page, account switcher and third-party applications which are using YouTube Data API.

When the page traffic considered as artificial that means through fake views, then YouTube will not count that subscribers. It makes your channel to have strikes.

Suspended subscribers and accounts which are treated as spam then views and subscribers will not be counted.

Consequences of buying YouTube fake video views

The obtained views through the activity of buying fake views will disappear or not be counted.

Such YouTube videos are removed immediately after confirming the spam activity.

The last and most significant thing is your YouTube account will be suspended.

The buying of fake views will damage your channel reputation. If you are not in the stream of buying fake video views and if it happens at your channel, then go ahead of implementing the above tactics which helps you surely.

Ways to Use Twitter Moments to Increase Your YouTube Views

Twitter is the best platform to boost the conversion rates. It is the top micro-blogging platform which has a greater number of engagement levels compared to other social media platforms.

The majority of brands like to connect with the Twitter for their business as it offers expanded targeting where you can reach a huge audience across the globe.

The platform was providing different features for both users and marketers to get good conversion rates to their business. Individuals are focusing on the Twitter platform to build dynamic community and conversations with the audience on Twitter.

Twitter moments are one of the best and exciting features to learn and enjoy. It is an active medium to stay engaged with the public and to get their attention.

Did you go through what is Twitter moments and surprise with this title about using the Twitter moments for YouTube views?

Yeah, what you have read was right. To know about the information related to the Twitter moments, you just need to learn about everything about the Twitter moments. So, let’s start.

What are Twitter moments?

The Twitter moments are nothing but the collection of a curated tweet which is specially designed for the narration of a story on Twitter platform. You can create and share the Twitter moments to reach huge community across the Twitter platform.

The content curation tool helps you to gather and share the collection of tweets about the particular topic, and you can curate the content which conveys the story.

How to create Twitter Moments?

The primary thing you have to do before entering into the Twitter moment is to log-in to your Twitter account and find the Twitter moments tab on your profile page screen.

Go to the moments Tab so that you can find the Twitter moments and you can also have a choice to choose the most recent and relevant moments that can be displayed.

You can also check your minutes on Twitter if you created any by checking the Moments Tab on your account page screen.

Create your moments on Twitter with Twitter moments

• Go to your account page and click on the Twitter moments

• You can now select three dots on the Tweet and select New moment option.

• Click on the profile page to find the Moments tab that comes next to the Lists.

• Click on the LISTS TAB to select the create new moment option.

Tips for creation of your personal Twitter moments

Every Twitter moment you have created must need good description and title. So, pass them at first. After adding these descriptions, you can make your tweets ready for your Twitter moment.

There are many options you can utilize and select the tweets you love.

After choosing your title and description to your Twitter moments, you can quickly grab better engagement levels towards your Twitter moments.

After deciding about which moment to create, you can scroll downwards to add tweets which we have explained above and after that, you can also find the tweet you want to add to your moment. Click on the grey colored mark which presents on the right side of the tweet. So you can add tweets manually for your moments.

Add a good cover image to your Twitter moments. It will appear as a thumbnail just like in YouTube videos.

Customize your moments

You can customize your Twitter moments by setting the mobile theme and its color, and you can also decide the location you want to share your Twitter moments. You can also manage the Twitter moments by unpublishing or delete the same.

If you are pretty sure you want to share and publish, just click on the Publish button which is present at the top right corner of your page.

Promote it

Promote your Twitter moments using the Tweets. Compose a good tweet on your moment and share the link of your Twitter moments in the Tweet box.

You can also have an edit and delete option after the composition of your tweet.

How to use Twitter Moments for YouTube Video Promotion

Marketers are utilizing the Twitter moments and conveying their message to their audience using the Twitter moments for their YouTube marketing to boost huge view count for their videos.

It is clear to all that YouTube is an excellent place to experiments and in particular for the individual businesses and brands. The majority of channels on YouTube has promoted their channels successful with the Twitter moments feature.

There are many ways how marketers can utilize the Twitter moments ad can boost their YouTube views.

Content curation

Twitter is the most significant platform for the content curation where the Twitter moments can be very useful for organized the various interesting resources and curate the content in an organized way.

Compelling storytelling

Twitter moments are the best way to convey your story through moments. It is an active storytelling medium. It also offers an excellent way to repurpose the various content even your YouTube videos.

How to boost YouTube video views

Yes, you can promote your YouTube video views by taking a snapshot of your videos and posting those links in the twitter moments promotion. It helps your audience to find out something new and special from your Twitter moments.

You can explain your YouTube video in your Twitter moments and engage the audience towards your YouTube videos and can fetch good video views towards your videos.

You can also promote the upcoming videos from your YouTube channel and make them audience-pleasing towards your content on YouTube platform.

Sharing Old YouTube Videos into Twitter Moments

Repurposing your videos is one the best way to get connected with your audience gain through Twitter moments.

Incorporate the video tweets at the moment and tell an effective story in your creative way to your audience. You can also use the video as your cover for your moment which can bring you great interaction with your moments.


The words of mouth will not be the hallmark to believe something heart fully. To find the result in real-time implement all these strategies at your channel with no back step.

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