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Big data is referred as data which is both structured and unstructured to a great form. It is tremendous and difficult to process the traditional database as well as the software technologies. The data volume is huge and goes very fast and might also exceed the capacity of processing.

The term big data is belonging the data sets which contain sophisticated traditional data software that can process the application and it is very inadequate to deal with. There are many challenges such as capture, storage, data curation, sharing, transfer, updating and other information.

What exactly is big data for a beginner?

Big Data concept has been around few months, and the same is continuing to evolve and considered many times. It relates to the ongoing digital transformation today means including the artificial intelligence, data science, and the internet.

We are digitizing everything whenever we go online. As a result, there is a large data online. We are creating every time we are using our smartphones; the data generation is shared one another and world is equipped with various sensors that gather as well as transmit the data. We can expect self-driving cars, 4D maps and much more in future.

What is the use of Big data?

The information including photos, text and voice is the primary foundation of the big data which we are using big data in many ways. At present, the big data projects are helping in various fields such as medical, agriculture, space science, natural and human-made disasters and crime prevention.

How does it work?

Big data enhances the ability to know about any situation or any information. By using the big data, you can gain good insights and can predict some business related things and allows us to learn more and more things that can be very helpful for future inventions.

The working of big data includes collection, simulations and tweaking of various data points basing on their values. It is an automated procedure, in which the current technology is an advanced one with analytics that can run simulations in millions.

It helps in solving the problems. The majority of data is in an unstructured form which means with data cannot be put in structured tables.

The big data projects are used with the cutting edge technology. It includes the cutting edge analytics including the machine learning and the artificial intelligence. It involves the image recognition, language processing and much more.

Today Big data is going as a significant trend which targets the data privacy, data discrimination and data security.

Big data and YouTube

YouTube is the most powerful medium which connects the people with video and elevating the communication between one another.

YouTube platform has incorporated the analysis and organization of information from Google. YouTube target the same as one of the top big data projects across the globe.

It has the largest rich data sets and the platform is focusing on the precise targeting. It also combines the Google advanced technology and transforming the real insights about various products.

The platform is continuously researching and analyzing the advertising ways to make the ads more efficiently by analyzing and optimizing the new algorithms for its platform.

The YouTube platform had fueled the recommendation systems in the new YouTube kids application which it is working on and therefore the advertisers will get more advantages with this big project with big data.

YouTube platform is currently working on video game consoles focusing on monetization and e-commerce offerings, partnership integrations. Focusing on precise  big data is going to be a huge one for YouTube.

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How YouTube is Tackling Conspiracy Theories Thu, 15 Aug 2019 18:29:03 +0000 The Conspiracy theory videos on YouTube have become the challenging task for the YouTube…

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The Conspiracy theory videos on YouTube have become the challenging task for the YouTube to prove its brand capability. By considering that YouTube is heading to launch the new feature that is unique and most advantageous to the YouTube users.

What are Conspiracy Videos on YouTube?

Due to the elevation of conspiracy and hoax videos on YouTube has let it to take the most advanced step to tackle the misinformation spread on YouTube. It is going to undertake the challenge of conspiracy videos.

To do that YouTube is going to add the Wikipedia links to the conspiracy videos as the text box beneath the videos and its lead to online source Wikipedia to find that topic which is stated by YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki.

It is announced in the Austin at the SXSW media festival. Through this, the information everything about the videos that are tends to be inclined to the conspiracy with the referral of Wikipedia.

Finally, YouTube is making amendments to serve the extreme video content to the viewers with most advanced algorithm recommendations those battles to eliminate the misinformation provided on YouTube.

Reasons Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theory is nothing but the explanation about the situation that is covering up by more than two people to engage the public who are much interested to know.

Here are the reasons that let the people believe conspiracy theories.

Evolved to be Suspicious:

Most of the researchers have proved that the cognitive mechanism of verbally encoded information will be intake by the human brain size. It helps us find when the others are tricking us.

The trust on someone could be established by determining the accent, grammatical errors, voice, and speed. The change of environment may lead to raising the suspicion. The suspicious individuals might have an advantage when the world is a place for threatening.

Anxiety and the Need:

Most of the conspiracy theories might contain the information about the threats. The anxious people will show more interest to believe the conspiracy theories that have been proved the psychology study.

Special knowledge makes special people:

The conspiracies are mostly around the big events that let the theorist knowledge to acquire the special status. The conspiracy theorists will make themselves special through those events.

Fear worthy conspiracies:

Most of the conspiracies will come from the issues of global warming, disasters, threats to public and wars, etc. The people believing the conspiracy are most sensitive to fear-provoking events.

Persecution, Paranoia and Jealous:

Paranoia will let the conspiracy theorist feel special. These theorists will befit from the conspiracy when the good things happen to the others that projects the jealousy.

Blame Everything:

The conspiracy theorist will blame the entire world for his the own failures by believing that success of others is undeserved.

Group and Gossip:

The likeminded conspiracy theorists will group as communities and focus more on finding the proof of their explanation.

Conspiracy Theories Appear on YouTube Kids

Recently YouTube Kids app come under fire for allowing inappropriate cartoons and violence on Kids app. Multiple issues raised on YouTube platform like ad-related problems, conspiracy issues on YouTube Videos.

Business Insider says that “YouTube reportedly introducing Conspiracy Theories on Your Kids apps also.” YouTube issues the statement that YouTube kids are facing the content problems is another type of suggestion videos involving conspiracy theories to kids.

YouTube said Business Insiders statement that “YouTube is enhancing its mission to delete the inappropriate videos once they noticed and remained to other to follow the Guidelines.” If they Notice inappropriate videos on Kids channels, they take action immediately.

Sometimes they failed to identify those type of content. But, YouTube continues to keep an eye on child-oriented content on YouTube. Child-oriented apps should follow high-level security because the child should not see the false content, questionable materials.

For example, after Valentine’s day School shootings in Florida, the survivors of the attack who publicly went after the NRA. At that time Donald Trump ware wrongly branded by some channels.

The primary objective of the YouTube was “Keep consuming YouTube Videos as long as possible.” Hopefully, YouTube will come up with the more sophisticated solution for younger Generation.

Top 5 YouTube Conspiracy Theorists


The TruthLoader channel launched in 2012; it has provided fuel for many Conspiracy debates. This channel specialized for gaming news and Exclusive reports. It also offers alternatives to news and opinions. The most popular uploads contain shock factors, and all are designed to make questionable.

Lyn Leahz:

This channel also started in 2012, and it is an alternative to the News, media news reports and radio show host. Lyn Leahz all videos were widely watched, and she has got covered by Armageddon.

Corbett Report:

Corbettreport designed independent publicly accessible source and is independent listeners supported news channel. The New World Next Week playlist most densely populated with over 225 videos. All those videos are focused on how the society of tomorrow is the focus, but he gives his interpretation with confidence and clarity.

Paul Joseph Watson:

Paul Joseph Watson was one of the craziest controversial alternative news anchors on YouTube. He tackles most of the times about religions, culture, and Political issues. “ Hidden messages in New $100 bill” videos reached to 12 million views in his channel.


The William Tapley hosted this channel, and he is also known as “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse.”This channel has all religious videos, carries a simple presentation style which is self-proclaimed prophet preached in front of the camera. He firmly believes and love’s God.


Finally, YouTube is going to hack the Conspiracy Videos through the Wikipedia. Wikipedia is going to be the best Precaution Against YouTube Conspiracy Theory Videos.

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How To Add Hashtags To YouTube Videos Tue, 13 Aug 2019 10:54:08 +0000 Whether it is an online journal article, distribution, videos, pictures, podcasts, infographics or just…

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Whether it is an online journal article, distribution, videos, pictures, podcasts, infographics or just the content of your site, your content needs to be found, your content should be found.

The fundamental trouble is that there are so a considerable lot of these being distributed each day that yours is turning out to be progressively difficult to find. Researching the privilege keywords, expressions, labels and hashtags are more crucial than any other time in recent memory.

The case for keywords is essentially won. In any case, numerous advertisers still disregard the significance of inquiring about labels and hashtags.

The hashtag capacities here and there like labels, yet with the extra ability to include current undertakings and points important to the content. It has the briefest lifetime pertinence of the three.

Hashtags assume their part in the SEO of your site and content since they are unequivocally identified with the center keywords your site and association depend on.

Hashtags are a productive technique to discover content identified with particular themes and also, the general population discussing those subjects.

When you streamline discussions, content, and overhauls with hashtags, they turn out to be more obvious to others on online networking stages and web search tools.

A straightforward snap or scan for a hashtag will show those utilizing that hashtag as a part of discussion immediately distinguishing a crowd of people with primary interests.

Most hashtags on YouTube are found in the comments. You can look by hashtag on YouTube, and it will give you distinctive results than if you sought with simply the same watchword. Diverse tests for list items with and without hashtags, the outcomes for # looks dependably indicated videos with littler perspective checks.

So, hashtags do have all the earmarks of being impacting the inquiry results.

Hashtag hunts will probably raise videos from different nations and in different dialects. One spot hashtags appeared to have the most power in an inquiry on YouTube is in the video titles.

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How to Use YouTube Ads to Drive Mobile App Downloads? Thu, 08 Aug 2019 18:40:24 +0000 The app installs or mobile app download ads can be done with the app…

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The app installs or mobile app download ads can be done with the app installation campaigns which can be run across the tabs and phones. Google Adwords helps you I creating your app installation ads based on your reviews; icon and these types of ads can draw the people’s attention towards the app store for downloading your app. Here is everything about mobile app downloads.

How Does YouTube Ads Work?

The ads run based on the type of targeting options and bid strategy. Basing on the bid strategy the ad will be targeted to the specific demographics.

YouTube Ad Costs & Getting Downloads with Your YouTube Ads

The ads generally work by linking up the app with the TrueView for the app promotion. The YouTube bidding is based on the Cost per View basis. The video ads for the app can be created automatically using the link from the YouTube account as well as the App ID. The name, icon, price and the concerned rating will be displayed next to your video ad

The TrueView for CPM view is around $80 at 0.09 CPV and at 20 percent view rate it will be around 17$ CPM. You can check the updated rates and calculate based on the type of bid you have chosen for your app download ads.

Let us go step by step for the App promotion to get more app downloads using the YouTube ads.

Step 1: Target Mobile-Only Device placements

You can select the mobile only placements while going with the app installation campaigns. You can target the mobile devices for your app installations.

Step 2: Target by device type (Android or iOS)

There is also an option to target your ads basing on the users operating system. the major operating systems are Android and iOS systems. You can target these two operating systems and can launch your campaign. You app installation ad will be reached to all users who are using these two operating systems.

Step 3: Target by connection type (Wi-Fi Only

You can target the ads basing on the connection that users are using to download the application. App promoters can enhance the opportunity to target the users who are using the Wi-Fi only for the app download.

Step 4: Use YouTube Retarget Ads

The Youtube retargeting ads are one of the best options for your app promotion and to boost the installations. Match up the previously engaged audience with your ad and retarget them to boost your app installations.

Step 5: Place your YouTube Ads on Target YouTube Videos

You can also place your youtube ads basing on the relevancy across different Youtube videos. So, target the Youtube videos more precisely.

Step 6: Create an Eye-Caching Custom Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first impression for your ad so; choose the attractive, relevant and interesting thumbnail for your video ad

Step 7: Test Multiple Ads

Try testing the multiple ad formats, so that you can know the behavior of your audience as well as a strength of your advertisement and targeting.

Step 8: Choose CTAs for app installs

Call to actions plays a huge role in drawing the attention of the viewers in a precise way. A strong call to action can fulfill your objective and helps in reaching the target.

Install Now – Use this CTA by giving the audience a link that directs to the app store to install the app.

Use App – You can redirect the audience towards your app feature page.

Book Now – Book now can be used to feature your service within the app and attract the viewers with the same using this CTA.

Download – Add a link to download your app directly.

Learn More – redirect the viewers to the app advantages and features by providing a download option.

Watch more, watch the video – you can also use these CTAs when you are ready with the app info video or services videos.

Step 9: Test ad delivery in different timings

It is better to know the different timings of Ad delivery to estimate the engagement levels of your mobile app downloads.

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Who is Digital Content Acquisition Strategist Wed, 07 Aug 2019 08:37:09 +0000 As part of an overall marketing strategy, content manager or head of digital content…

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As part of an overall marketing strategy, content manager or head of digital content strategist creates and manages digital content on the web for a brand, a company or institution in order to optimize customer relations. Its scope of action is multi-channel and multimedia in connection with the various marketing professions.

Negotiation skills to acquire new Digital Content

The ideal candidate will have the ability to negotiate difficult and multi-faceted contracts for a change of different types of digital content products.

The business component within the digital assets board, its main purpose is to negotiate the best possible pricing, terms and circumstances for certified digital content and services.

Define and improve Digital Content Acquisition and lead generation

The content manager can supervise a small team based on the importance of the brand and managed the organization of its business. It may be writers (or writers), in charge of content, photographers and video makers or the community managers.

In some companies, the content manager can combine its function with the manager of social media and community manager being in charge of a single product or a single brand to ensure optimum consistency of strategies and actions incurred.

Maximize market share, margin and revenue generated by the Digital Content

A concentrated market

The investments raise the question of the concentration of players in digital distribution. ” It seems some players will take more space than others, Quickly gives the explanation about the concentration  which is inevitable in an industry where margins are low and significant technical limits. “

This practice thus needs a substantial early investment, and parallel margins needed to make volume to happen, so to idealize. Today’s market is not settled enough for to make a profitable platform that works only in a single country.

Market is multiplied by three or four platforms that are somewhat more local or more specialized. But today, you still need a minimum of international dimension, if only for its profitability investments “Indeed, some of them already act as “giants” as Ioda and The Orchard in the United States. “

Tracking digital content partner feedback helps to aggregate more digital content

This helps to open the market activity, which can be obtained by focusing on online partner feedback and their journey. The Reviewing of partner websites, marketing practices, and competitor insights, etc. can be used to collect strategies to create more effective digital content.

By considering the digital content partner feedback, you can understand why, where, what, which and how these conversions take place. Moreover, what others opinion about your business will be projected. Hence, you can make an effective content strategy, future campaigns, overtake your competition, can establish a powerful influencer program, and also you can build strong brand partnerships.

Identifying emerging markets and tracking growing content partners

They develop strategies to build a relationship with partners by identifying developing marketing trends. Also, track the highly growing content partners to boost content creation. To market brand products or services, they collaborate with client managers.

To manage large scale partners, it is necessary to have proven experience and profitable insights. According to the market trends launch promotional programs by working with external and internal shareholders to drive traffic. They mainly discover market opportunities that are required for business growth.

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50 Best Free YouTube Tools for Video Marketers Tue, 06 Aug 2019 10:28:25 +0000 YouTube is the largest media site as well as the search engine.  There is…

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YouTube is the largest media site as well as the search engine.  There is more than this, millions of hours of content are streamed by YouTube every month and are the most sought after platform for marketers.  The success of any marketing campaign depends on to how many people it reached. There are tools to help the video marketers to promote and market their videos. 

1. YouTube analytics gives the view of the video analytics.  View count, traffic source, audience retention etc can be accessed using the tool. 

2. YouTube Capture helps to upload the video faster. 

3. YouTube Analytics Bulk suggests Tool helps in keyword research for the video. 

4. BirdSong Analytics YouTube Analysis tool can be used to analyze the channels of the competitor. 

5. Canvas is a tool that helps creating a graphic design component to get people to click on the links. 

6. Free end cards template tools from ReelSEO or Full Screen can be tried to visualize call to actions and clickable areas to use the end cards. 

7. Use the YouTube channel RSS feeds to distribute videos to various social media sites. 

8. The Tools named DrumUp helps schedule feed items to social media sites. 

9. ViralContentBee RSS Feature is another tool that allows social media users to share the YouTube content. 

10. Marketers can use Cyfe tool to analyze the statistics of individual videos and also to monitor the channel progress.

11. VidQ is a chrome extension that can be used to feature the marketing video as related video in the searches or for being recommended.  

12. YouTube Reputation Tool allows searching for names and keywords and checks your reputation. 

13. Tube Tool Box gathers info, automates, tasks, engages viewers and improves the overall success of the YouTube marketing videos. 

14. Brandcast can be used both for browser and mobiles. The user can promote their brands, share the content etc. 

15. Video Gating is a tool that allows recording the answers to fan questions sent to the marketer. It helps to have the direct relationship with fans. 

16. SEO is very important for video marketers Tube SEO Commando helps in increasing the subscriptions to the videos. 

17. Tube Launch helps people to get some extra money by promoting the marketing videos on other sites. 

18. Tube Naire has all the tools for the marketers to promote their videos. 

19. My Pyta can be used to promote the YouTube videos.  This increases views and subscriptions. 

20. AVS is another tool that can be used for affiliate marketing. 

21. Tube Nitro allows gathering the contact details of people who share, comment or respond to the videos. 

22. Latte allows to create targeted YouTube ads to reach the potential customers. 

23. Cappuccino gives an extra boost to video marketing by combing content marketing and advertisements. 

24. YouTube enhance improves the lighting and color of video. 

25. Views Reviews researches by comparing companies based on varieties of criteria. 

26. BuyViewsreview is another tool to get reviews and to start buying views. 

27. YouTube Suggest offers a list of autocomplete suggestions. Google Suggest 

28. Google Suggest allows choosing Videos options and shows the results of trending video terms. 

29. For Google Trends, YouTube is an option and it can filter results by location and time frame. 

30. Social Blade is the browser extension that allows spying on the YouTube tags of competitors. 

31. YouTube Autocomplete feature helps the marketers to find relevant keywords and built a list. 

32. YouTube Trends shows the topics that are trending and allows the marketers to use those topics for their ads or to use relevant keywords in their video titles. 

33. BuzzBundle helps to engage more people faster. 

34. SerpStat is another keyword research tool to get insights of what the competitors are doing. 

35. Google Explore shows the relevant trends, user generated content and helps understand the keywords related to the base term. 

36. TubeBuddy is chrome extension that helps in managing YouTube channel and also helps in promotion. 

37. Keywordtool is another free tool for YouTube and gives keyword suggestions for free. 

38. Seotoolstation is a YouTube video keyword ranker that can be used for free.  It helps the marketers to rank their keywords on YouTube. 

39. Wideo is an online video platform tool using which the marketers can create videos not longer than 45 seconds for free. 

40. Slidely allows creating video slideshows with video or music clips and these can be shared to YouTube. 

41. Powtoon is another tool that a allows creation of professional videos to promote the products or services. There is a free version and the video can be posted to YouTube. 

42. WeVideo is another video service tool using which engaging videos can be created to promote the business.  The videos then can be shared on YouTube, free plan is available. 

43. Another tool using which YouTube marketing videos can be created is Stupeflix.  Creating the videos takes only a couple of minutes. 

44. YouTube Editor is a free tool that gives nice editing capabilities for the marketing videos. 

45. Fan Finder is a tool using which the marketer can create videos telling the viewers about themselves. 

46. YouTube cross promotion tools are helpful to those who manage multiple channels.  Cross promotion is an important element for the marketing campaign. 

47. Shareyt allows promoting YouTube marketing videos. 

48. Linkcollider works as a search engine optimizer and is free to use. 

49. Add-Me Fast can be used to promote the YouTube videos. This is also free to use. 

50. Follow like is another tool that can be used to promote the YouTube marketing videos and increase the views, comments, and likes for the video. 

There are many other free tools to help promote the YouTube marketing videos. These tools help enhance the videos, get more views, likes and comments etc.  

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A day in the life of a YouTube Copyright Claims Analyst Sat, 03 Aug 2019 12:09:15 +0000 Today the most annoying issue that has become the bug for every creator of…

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Today the most annoying issue that has become the bug for every creator of YouTube is copyright claim.

How are they going to deal with it in real time?

Do you want to find some find some strategies that they follow to claim the copyright?

Then go through the phrases that have been framed from real time experience that we can find nowhere.

Use tools to review content maintained in YouTube’s CMS (e.g. sound recordings, music videos) with a high level of detail, speed, and accuracy.

Proper management of digital assets on YouTube can be done.

Support the Rights team in researching and resolving rights-related issues on YouTube.

User disputes/appeals, 3rd party claims, and ownership conflicts will be considered.

Communicates directly via email with YouTube users.

Assist the Performance Rights Services team in researching, analyzing, and resolving master rights conflicts.

Participate in additional quality assurance initiatives to comply with YouTube Content ID guidelines.

An asset:

An asset is the only destination to find all the information about the particular uploaded video on YouTube.

It consists of individual sections of policies, details of ownership, reference files of content and claims which allow the actual owner of the video content to make claim on the copyright infringement.

The assets of YouTube might include a music video, sound recording, composition share, web, art track, movie and television episodes that each one will be defined that are matchless with others.


Most of the creators might not have the idea to pick the assets that help in claiming the copyright.

A reference:

To match the content ID of the creator then YouTube uses the asset’s audio or video file copy as the reference.

Since the content ID has been matched with the asset then it is assigned not view as the public video.

The creator can claim the video by creating the reference that enables the content ID of the video.

The YouTube will produce the digital finger prints by comparing the content ID of the videos that have been uploaded by the other creator and all this happens from reference.

Managing YouTube usage and match policies.

Automatic and manual claiming of UGC and taking required action.

Resolving copyright and community guidelines notices and strikes.

Preparing reports to have keen records in obtaining the ownership on own content.

Upload music reference files in YouTube Content ID and Facebook Rights Manager.

Keep records and whitelist our customer’s channels.

Research rights-related issues, such as 3rd party claims or user disputes, and resolve these through communication with relevant stakeholders.

Coordinate daily work with other reviewers.

Provide regular reporting and progress updates.

Together with the team continuously work to improve processes and workflows.

Impeccable follow-up and follow-through capabilities will be observed to attain the own authority.

Might have excellent knowledge of YouTube ecosystem.

He must acquire YouTube Certified in Digital Rights Management.

He should have MCN (Multi Channel Network) Work Experience.


After reading this article you might get an idea of how the YouTube creator can run the successful channel by overcoming all those hard-hitting signs. It might be simple to read but very tough while facing in the real time.

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How to Add Video to Your Amazon Listing Fri, 02 Aug 2019 11:45:42 +0000 Amazon is the most important search engine for the product marketers. Amazon video features…

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Amazon is the most important search engine for the product marketers. Amazon video features have come for the Amazon sellers who want to add videos to the product listing. Amazon seller who would like to promote their videos like products you can now add your videos to the product lists.

Finally, Amazon has launched an Amazon direct feature to upload and add to the product list as Beta version selected a group of Amazon sellers tested on them. Amazon has provided list requirements for the seller to upload images in Amazon site.

All the third party user are not allowed to add a video to the listing, you have to request Amazon for uploading a video which is on retailer listing.

How To Add Video To Your Amazon Listing:

According to Amazon the video adding feature can have two possibilities. The Placements options are in the Main image Block area and another one is related videos widgets or related video short widgets.

The new seller’s Central video option is accessible from the “Enhanced Brand Content” page which comes under “ Advertising” header Manu.

Advertising Header Menu which comes under the “Seller’s Central”.

In the sellers’ Central Go to the “Posts” tab Add the title to the Post and click on “Add Media” option.

The new Add Media Window opens, you will a list of three options like “ Create a gallery, Insert Post element and Insert from URL”.

Under that click on “ Insert post element” a new window with multiple video uploading options appears.

Choose “ List Videos” and click on it. Next check the options select which category your video belongs to and click on “Insert Element”.

Your video will be uploaded in the seller central then click on “Save Drafts”. Your video is added to the Amazon list.

Then go to preview option check if your video is added to the product listing.


Amazon sellers are eagerly waiting to promote their videos content in Amazon other than only product. The above is the Guide for how to add video to your Amazon listing.

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How To Get Famous On YouTube: Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel Thu, 01 Aug 2019 18:54:41 +0000 How to become famous on YouTube? How to make the YouTube channel successful? The…

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How to become famous on YouTube?

How to make the YouTube channel successful?

The first thing to do is to start a YouTube account. Many YouTubers made it big with their hard work and dedication. Get inspired by them.

Consistency and collaboration are the two essential things on YouTube platform. Observe the work of successful YouTubers, and you will find that they work with each other so that they can share the audience and reach a new set of audience.

Tips to get the videos noticed on YouTube

Overnight success is not possible on YouTube. Remember that even the now top YouTubers started with no subscribers and only tens of views for their videos.

Competition is very high on YouTube, and a lot of hard work and determination are required to make it big.

Every YouTubers has to struggle to get noticed. Creating high-quality content is not enough, it is vital to the people see the videos.

There are some ways following which can help to make the people get noticed of the YouTube videos.

Do not get discouraged if your newly uploaded videos do not get any views. It is necessary that the videos are optimized and promoted after they uploaded.

Before uploading the videos

  • Rename the video file that created. The video file name should be the same as the title of the video. It also should include main keywords.
  • Open the video file properties and add the right title and tags.

After uploading the video

  • Optimize the video title by including targeted keywords and phrases. Write the keyword at the beginning of the title. Total characters in the title should not exceed seventy though the limit is 100. This is because characters will be chopped off in search results.
  • Let the video description be clear. Include the necessary links including the social media links related to the video in a story. Video description should appear in the first few lines of the narrative. Include the link to the landing page. Another way to use this space is to including the transcription of the video content.
  • YouTube allows uploading the videos in fifteen different categories. Choose the right type to upload the videos. Let the division be consistent for all the uploads.
  • Using tags is the best way to get discovered in search engines. Include the tags that are relevant and related to the video. Include the channel username in the tags so that the video appears in the suggested videos.
  • Transcribe the video content so that people who cannot hear can understand the video content.
  • Create a playlist on your channel with related videos. Viewers who watch a video will be able to see other videos on the same topic in the playlist and might watch multiple videos. Use a right thumbnail, title, and description to optimize the playlist.
  • An attractive thumbnail for the videos attracts more views to your video. Thumbnails are like covers of a book. If they are beautiful and can create interest, visitors will click on them to watch the video. Ensure that the thumbnails are unique to the channel so that they stand out in the search engine results.
  • To expand the reach, share the videos on other social media sites. Also, embed on the website or blogs. The more you share the video link, the more it will be discussed y people and also helps to reach more people.
  • An active end cared in the video to prompt the viewers to subscribe to the channel. Set up interactive end cards where you can cross-promote other videos in the channel.

To make a YouTube channel more successful we should maintain variation in the video content that created. Different kinds of content can produce and published on this second largest search engine.

One type of content is the evergreen content. This can reach a wider audience and is more likely to go viral. This kind of content can bring lots of new visitors to the channel. It also will convince the new viewers to subscribe to the channel. All these tips help you become famous on YouTube quickly.

Another type of channel is the one that created for the target audience. YouTubers usually have an idea of what their target audiences want to watch and what type of content they expect from the channel. Create this type of content to retain subscribers and viewers.

To become a more successful YouTuber, you should have both types of content. Do not always create content related to the niche but try including a different kind of content which has more appeal. This helps in reaching a new audience. To become more famous on YouTube, involve your audience in the channel.

This can be done by reading out the comments of the audience in the videos and asking them questions and encouraging them to answer them in the comments.

Enterprise YouTube Channel: A Marketer’s Guide

YouTube has been at the top level in video search destinations across the web. Entrepreneurs are focusing on the YouTube platform for their promotion. Generally, B2B marketers focus on the YouTube for hosting their video content and getting successful with better reach.

The enterprise video content helps the companies to get connected with the employees as well as with the audience. Marketers are also focusing on the same to reach the things out of the box for enterprises.

Enterprises are showing their interest in utilizing the YouTube platform as their main marketing lace as YouTube videos can get better ranking comparing to other platforms.

Startups, as well as big companies, are focusing on the YouTube marketing today and they are going with the product videos to training videos on YouTube platform. According to the marketers perspective, different marketers are approaching the enterprise YouTube channel strategy with different strategies.

The first thing that every marketer must focus on is about the building positive brand recognition across the platform. Yes, building recognition to the particular company or brand can help to get good identity among the millions of videos across the platform.

YouTube has many cost-effective marketing tools which can allow the marketers to reach their strategic plan.

Most of the successful marketers are going with the product demonstrations and live video marketing procedures to build a strong market for the respective enterprise clients on YouTube platform.

Video content with product demonstration is the best way to reach the people with your product. The training type of videos also works well with the enterprise marketing strategy on the YouTube platform.

Leveraging the enterprise services with the videos is the best marketing approach that the majority of marketers used to follow.

Creating content that is useful to the audience can help the enterprises to market better. Instead of over-promoting your services or products, create a content that has a value which increases your marketing value across the platform.

Marketers also following the live video sessions to make the enterprises get closer to the audience online.


To become a more successful YouTuber, you should have both types of content. Know the ingredients of the successful YouTube channel and implement some of them. It is not easy to become famous on YouTube but trying some of the above can increase the chances of succeeding.

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Why Live Video is Powerful Tool for PR Professionals Wed, 31 Jul 2019 06:07:21 +0000 is by all accounts the following boondocks, despite the fact that the class has…

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is by all accounts the following boondocks, despite the fact that the class has attempted to increase mass fame throughout the years.

Facebook too is hopped in with both feet putting resources into verbose substance and capable makers while additionally revealing a live streaming service of its own.

Though YouTube and Facebook aren’t homered in the live video space starting yet, live streaming is relentlessly discovering its approach to buyer screens all over the place. The benefits of live video for PR is explained here.

As the innovation hits standard, it will keep on shaping discernments. That implies PR should include new strategies and methodologies that are VR-based. Before long, PR experts will be requested that how to utilize VR to drive informing and purchase ins.

What makes VR so distinctive is its capacity to drench the crowd in an envisioned world. Not at all like photographs, design, videos, and sound, it gets the group of onlookers to live, inhale, and encounter the message in a different situation.

It offers an intense device for both advertisers and PR experts to shape thought and conduct that goes past composed word, a video or a podcast.

Ongoing correspondence, and is the immediate consequence of apps like Meerkat and Periscope going standard. It offers constant food for a particular occasion. This implies there is next to no time for PR to think of an eloquent answer.

Rather, PR should instruct their customers on the most proficient method to answer and react progressively.

RTC is additionally unedited. The live bolster is instantly devoured. This implies PR should moderate dangers as far as informing route ahead of time. Like this, this will lift the status of PR in an organization.

No more simply the mouthpiece of an organization, it will end up being a more strategic and vital part of an organization.

Notice the jammed field out there as far as informing. Imparting your customer’s accomplishments or declarations is no more as simple as it once seemed to be. With such a variety of channels accessible, each organization is presently packing the pipelines with thought administration pieces, declarations, public statements and online journals.

Every one of this persuades 2016 will be the year when focused on informing gets to be imperative. Distinguishing your group of onlookers and driving online media impressions are no more going to be sufficient. PR experts need to shape their substance to be particular to the group of onlookers or media to pick up the important footing.

Top tools to broadcast live video online

Facebook Live:

By using this tool, you can engage the worldwide audience by live streaming. Just by creating a profile or page on facebook, you can hold both the Android and iOS devices audience along with Facebook Mentions. The live video appears in News Feed and the profile or page of the broadcaster with live indicator.

Instagram Live Video:

You can live stream to your followers on Instagram, and when it is finished, then the video is no longer available on Instagram. The interface of the live video on Instagram displays the number of views and comments. You can turn off or respond to ongoing comments.

YouTube Live:

YouTube is famous for video streaming. In the same way the feature ‘Live events’ allows you to broadcast live video. You can engage millions of audiences in real-time and also it enables you to reply to audience comments lively.

IBM Cloud Video:

It is a cloud-based platform that delivers both the on-demand and live video content. It used to play in the category of event or marketing streaming to audiences by considering the business as the primary service.


Twitter introduced Periscope to live stream on its platform. It enables users to broadcast live from both iOS and Android smartphones and other devices. Where the tweet goes on Twitter, the live video will go there. When live streaming ends, you can save that live video as a tweet.

Twitter Live Streaming – The Next Big Thing

Live streaming is the latest buzzword doing rounds in the entertainment world. Live streaming is made possible with the latest technological advancements.

Some of the famous names in the world of live streaming include Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook Live, etc. The specialty or to say the primary and attractive feature of live streaming is that there is only a need for a smartphone to take a video of any incident and post the same on the net.

The followers will be able to watch the stream live and also interact with the publisher in almost real-time.

Twitter is one of the largest social media with increasing number of followers and as such is able to attract many followers. This wide popularity is giving this social media a natural advantage for promoting the new concept of live streaming.

Maybe it is a music concert, a sit-out or a demonstration taking place in public or it may be a private function happening in one’s own guest house, live streaming enables the publisher to take video of the happening and immediately publish the content on the net.

The concept of live streaming is gaining popularity and is now almost a daily event for most of the followers on social media.

Another version of live streaming can be ‘selfie culture’ that is also gaining momentum. The latest features of many smartphones are enabling anyone and everyone to take the selfie and post the same on the net.

The video is naturally going viral, and there is a widespread viewing as well as commenting that is taking place about the video/selfie.

Twitter can cash on this much increasing popularity of live streaming through its ‘Periscope.’ Periscope is a name that needs no introduction to followers of social media. Backed by much more powerful Twitter, Periscope is showing its worth within months of its start-up.

Despite initial bumps, the venture is one of the leaders in the social media offering the live stream. Though being a brainchild of Twitter, Periscope acts independent and still has access to technology & finance from Twitter. The live stream is offering ready audience and is definitely a publicity tool for digital marketers as well.

Live streaming is having certain inbuilt technological limitations like poor quality of video that is being published. Another important aspect of live streaming is ‘is live streaming is free. Of course, many people don’t like to be recorded as they feel that it is an infringement to their personal life.

Some questions generally arise about the ability to get continued support for a live stream. The main issue is the ‘liveliness’ of the content. The published video may be interesting for instant watching. But the same may not be able to command similar interest/viewership from the very next day. It means that the video is losing its ‘liveliness.’

Despite the larger number of followers, Periscope is finding tough competition from Facebook Live.

This kind of tough competition and the addition of newer features makes it amply clear that the live streaming is the next big thing that is going to happen in social media and Twitter is sure to capture on this next big happening.


Every one of this persuades 2016 will be the year when focused on informing gets to be imperative. Distinguishing your group of onlookers and driving online media impressions are no more going to be sufficient. PR experts need to shape their substance to be particular to the group of onlookers or media to pick up the important footing.

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