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Social video is the video that can be shareable across different social media platforms. The social media platforms are the powerful destination for the marketers and advertisers to reach the targeted audience.

Social video Advertising is compelling, and it is the best way to make your video viral. It promotes real-time engagement across the web.

Introduction to Social Video

Social video is the most shareable content across the social platforms. Most of the people confused social video with viral videos but they are different. Every social video can’t turn as a viral video on social platforms.

The social video must have the best strategy as every social media platform is different from another platform. It requires a separate strategy for the social video to reach the targeted audience.

Social Video Services and Platforms

A social video service provides assurance to increase the user engagement with social video. They can support you to drive more viewers towards your social video content and also impact on the brand visibility and reach.

It also targets the social video marketing and advertising with different strategies form platform to platform.

When comes to the social video platforms, we all know about the famous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

YouTube Platform for Social Video

YouTube platform is the most engaging platform across the globe, which has great potential to reach the audience. Short-form social videos work well on YouTube platform comparing to long-form video content.

Visitors on YouTube platform generally target the value of production. The platform has good appeal from the audience as the YouTube platform has some millions of fan bases across the web. keep your videos around three minutes, and the shareability plays a key role in your content promotion.

Instagram Platform for Social Video

The Instagram platform is another best platform to go for social video strategy.

The platform allows 15 seconds videos which can help you to get high click through rates for your social videos.

It is best for small business to go with their social video strategy with Instagram Hyperlapse video ads. The editing tools are also very good on the Instagram platform.

Facebook Platform for Social Video

Facebook has been going well equal to the video giant YouTube platform with new features.

The platform consists of the huge audience following of all ages and it is mainly a demographic targeting platform.

The best suggestion for your social video on the Facebook platform is to share high-quality videos which can be more engaging.

There many other platforms where you can host social videos and above these are the most popular across the web.

10 Social Video Best Practices

  1. Focus on first three seconds in every social video.
  2. Go with compelling story telling.
  3. Make it unique
  4. Make it relevant
  5. Make it clear
  6. Deliver your brand message
  7. Post useful content
  8. Don’t over promote
  9. Try live social video
  10. Short span unboxing videos

Social Video Market Statistics

• More than 92 percent people aged between 18-35 years are likely to follow the brand after watching the social video.

• More than 60 percent people on social media are watching testimonial videos by online stores.

• 70 percent consumers are more likely to recommend a brand which posts social media videos regularly.

• Best time to post your video on Facebook is 3:00 PM on Wednesday and 1 to 4 PM on Thursdays and Fridays.

• Your business conversions will increase with videos on YouTube by 14 times more comparing to other platforms.

Social Video Trends

• Forecasting video ad spends on social videos has increased.

• Businesses are focusing on budget and activity trackers.

• Vertical video ads are continued its growth.

• Consumer spending on VR hardware was increased.

• Emojis are playing a great role in social videos as an emotional connection agents.

• Businesses are focusing on VR videos and $k technology to deliver 360-degree social videos on platforms.

All these above things reveal the growth of social video and act as a good guide for the social video beginners and followers.

Getting Started with Buffer for Social Video Upload & Schedule

Video become the viral word across the globe as it has that much importance in promotions and marketing of business products and the services. Previously, when you come across the video, then YouTube is the platform that strikes every brain. But, today, things are changed. With the rise of video marketing in business online, many social media platforms have turned towards the video and its development of services on their platforms. It results in a great revolution in the present era, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., already came forward with great video options.


So, when it comes to marketing, it is a great tactic to advertise and promote on every social media platform efficiently without skipping the timings. So, here comes the Buffer platform, which is free to use. So, whenever the user likes to upload the video to the multiple platforms n the web, there is no need to go with the several options and no need to spend more time on every platform for video upload. The Buffer platform offers past uploading services for its users. It helps to upload your video on time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The videos you uploaded via buffer can be looks like a native as the formats can be fitted exactly on the Buffer.


It also allows you to add the various video titles and the attractive thumbnails along with the option to add some messages to your video that can be provided by the Buffer platform. You can also schedule the uploading of the videos as the uploading frequency is also a factor to succeed worth the video marketing.

The time takes for an upload of a video is also decidedly less comparatively with the direct one to one uploading of video on different platforms. So, the buffer is the best way to manage and maintain uploads in one place.

The 10 Commandments of Social Videos Success

Video is one of the most important marketing tools on social media. The most effective content that marketers can create for their brand marketing, be it for Facebook, Snapchat, or YouTube, is the video. The video content distribution platforms that are more popular now are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. Social video can be anything from a live stream to a commercial. Here are the ten rules that must be followed for social media success.

1. Each social network has its unique audience, and to reach each of these subscribers, social videos need to optimize for these channels. The marketer may have to take different approaches to videos for different channels such as Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.

2. The social video needs to be shareable by the viewer. Research which types of videos, your followers and sharing.

3. Let the customer be the hero, not your brand. Videos with stories that customers can connect themselves will be shared by the customers most. Make the customer hero of your story. This makes the video successful.

4. Live stream videos are going to be very effective for building community, sell a product or increase subscribers.

5. The shorter the videos, the better for social media. When the videos are shorter, they will be watched until the end by the viewers.

6. The success of a video depends on the first 30 seconds of the video. The video must be able to hook the audience in these thirty seconds to engage them.

7. Social videos need to watched, shared, and found by the people. This is the goal of any social videos and to achieve this, take advantage of SEO and never ignore it.

8. Create an initial buzz for your video. Promote it through social media advertising. This can help the video to get more views when it is published.

9. Ensure social video success with calls to action at the end of them the video.

10. Be a good listener. Observe what your audience is saying about your video. Interact with them and reply to their queries.

The secret ingredients of a successful social video are friendliness, listening to fans, contribution etc. Social videos reach an important demographic, and thus video platforms cannot be ignored. Social Videos are a great way to connect with viewers. And finally, social media videos can get impressive ROI.

30 Mind-Numbing Facts and Figures about Social Video

As everyone knows that the trending one is Social video, which plays a vital role in media marketing throughout the World. But no one will have an idea of successful strategies for social video. Just have a look below to know more about it.

  1. Nearly 50 percent users are viewing at least one video online in a month.
  2. More then 85 percent colleges and other educational institutions are utilising the YouTube videos
  3. The mobile video consumption was raised by 100 percent every year on YouTube platform.
  4. 70 percent executives are utilizing the video content for work related content
  5. Average user was spending over 16 minutes on social videos
  6. More than 38 percent online consumers are trusted the video ads for purchasing the products
  7. The online video marketers are preferring the pre-roll ads
  8. Video ad spend was reached to 6$billion
  9. 93 percent mobile device users are sharing the social video
  10. 70 percent online video viewers are interacting on different social platforms with video
  11. 62 percent people are more likely to buy a product after watching social video ad
  12. Nearly 73 hours video was uploaded onto the platform every minute
  13. YouTube users are watching more than more than three billion hours of video per month
  14. Facebook has three billion video views per day
  15. Facebook video posts are 134 percent greater organic reach
  16. People had watched more than one million hours of video content
  17. Average time spent on Instagram video posts is 20 minutes
  18. Average time spent on Twitter video posts is 18 minutes
  19. Average time spent on snapchat video is 17 minutes
  20. Facebook is generating watch time which we equal to 700 years in a single day
  21. Twitter videos are acquiring great click rates for marketers
  22. People are in love with the native video content across the social platforms
  23. More than 70 percent Facebook users are uploading the native video content in their newsfeed
  24. Nearly 100 million people are watching the Vine videos
  25. Nearly 15 billion vine loops are playing daily
  26. 10 million videos are average vine videos iploaded to teh Twitter daily
  27. Eight videos are shared across the platforms every minute on Vine
  28. YouTube video ads with various types like shoppable, preroll etc. are most engaging social video ads which are highly successful and recorded as best.
  29. 72 percent of Vine users are Millennials
  30. 80 percent individual bloggers are sharing and embedding the social video content in their blog posts.

Social video can be in any form streaming media like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. These are top trending platforms to use the social video.

How to Build a Social Video Strategy in 10 Steps

Social video plays a vital role in the present web world as people are showing their interest in the video content rather than text content. Social media platforms are playing a huge role in the diversion of traffic towards your content, and businesses are focusing on the same to increase their consumer reach. It needs the best solid social video strategy to reach the target.

Step 1: Define your audience

Know your targeted audience to deliver the message to the right audience. If you can define your audience, you can easily earn through targeted marketing. Understand the need of the audience and think if you can provide something while targeting with your content.

Step 2: Craft it a unique way

Make your video unique to stand out from the crowded videos across the web. so make it interesting to the audience as well as unique for your rankings.

Step 3: Be interactive

Create your content in an interactive way to reach the audience with your social video. Though every social platform is different, your video content quality must be high and the content must be interactive and it will not change with the platform.

Step 4: Adding good title

The title is the first impression when it comes to video content because the audience didn’t know what your content is all about without watching the video. It is the title that pushes the audience towards video. So make your title relevant and targeting the audience.

Step 5: Be updated with trends

You must be updated with the latest trend and happenings in the relevant field and relevant topic. Try including some trending content in your videos to make more interesting to the audience.

Step 6: Choose the right social platform

Choose the social platform where your audience spends most of their time. Target that platform with your video content as a part of your plan. Because social platform you have chosen also has an impact on your overall strategy.

Step 7: Plan different for different platforms

The quality of the content can be same but the way of approach must be different for different platforms. So, know about the best timings for your video post and proceed.

Step 8: Consistent

Be consistent with your video uploads on the social platform. Keep perfect timing to the posting and follow the same to stay connected with the audience.

Step 9: Shareable

Don’t forget that your video must be shareable across the platform and then only you can get good leads.

Step 10: Interact

After publishing your social video on platforms, don’t forget to stay connected with the audience. Take their suggestion and feedback on your videos and reply their queries in a positive way.

All these above steps are very helpful for better social video strategy.

How to Use Social Video in eCommerce Marketing

Present the entire world switched to the E-commerce to buy anything from the step of the door or from anywhere at any time through online shopping. By keeping this in mind, the marketers are making amendments by using ultra-technology to satisfy the consumer. By this shopping, no one needs to wait in queues for long hours and need not to allocate a particular day for shopping. Just have a look to know up to what extent they are using social media for the commercial purpose.

Promotion through Ads:

These E-commerce companies will always care about to build the strong basement for their products brand by advertisements with famous figures. This is the main success secret of e-commerce business with no step out in the present huge competitive World.

Bond of Digital Marketing:

For these companies marketing of products is the key to run the business effectively. It could be easily done through digital marketing by launching own company blogs and pages on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, and YouTube. It is responsible for getting the huge response from the customers than the regular way.

Seasonal sales offers:

The only word that predicts the future of the e-commerce business is a Seasonal sale. Depending on this they attract the customers by offering gift coupons, vouchers and by assigning bid on particular products. It will be announced through social media.

Funding for Charities:

These companies will get the focus of the consumers by revealing the names of the charities for which they had contributed. This goes viral and makes a positive impression of that they are established for the social purpose. Everyone will choose to buy from them.

Arrival of new Products and Services:

When new products and services are designed then it will be brought to the customers by conducting digital campaigns. This gives the clear picture of the upcoming ones with unique advantages. This is the most commonly and significantly used approach in the history of e-commerce business.

Collection of Customer Feedback:

Everyone marketer will treat the feedback of the customer as the first step to continue the successful business with no fluctuations. So this can be done through the online services of the particular e-commerce site. Depending on the reviews of the consumers they make changes to go further with the best compliments.

Sponsoring for Entertainment and Sports:

When there will be a live broadcasting of any popular events or sports are there they will definitely go for sponsorship as they are the main –platforms to publish about their company. As all over the world will give preference to watch they can grab their attention.

Through Affiliate Marketing:

Most of the e-commerce business will work on the concept of Affiliate marketing in which the third party involves to get the customers by getting some commission. In this small companies and advertising agencies will tie up with these big e-commerce organizations to bring the consumers from their sites.

Making Partnership:

They are intended to make a partnership with the other branded companies, which will be the strong support to get the trademark of an unbeatable company in the world. Here the shadow from both brands will be fired on other branded companies and they will give publicity for their relationship through the social media.

These are the most common ways to use social media for the purpose of online marketing. By following all these advancements new entrepreneurs can easily find the path to the success of a business with unexpected satisfaction.

Best practices for Facebook video

Facebook audiences are habituated to watch different entertaining videos, and it is tough for the marketers to reach the audience with the business videos. To know about the best way or practices to be implemented for social video on Facebook is as follows.

Facebook video can reach up to 30 percent and whereas the embedded video that was taken from the other platforms has comparatively very less engagement. Auto-play video ads are also available for the native video uploaders only. So go native and upload native videos on Facebook.

Don’t waste time just to upload the videos one by one. Target the content by optimizing the video. Make a compelling video with a new thumbnail. The video must be interesting, whether it is an autoplay video ad or it might be another ad. optimize your video and go on. Always focus on the first few seconds and impress the viewers with relevant content which helps you to deliver the best.

Best practices for YouTube video

Understand the Youtube audience; the first thing you have to do is to understand the audience basing on your niche. It is better to understand the audience and create the content that is engaging to them. Focus where your audience spends most of their time.

Plan it for mobile, Majority of the successful social video user’s drives engagement through mobile devices. More than 68 percent youtube users are watching video content on mobile devices. So it is one of the best practices to reach the youtube audience.

Create short-form videos; don’t go for long-form video content unless you can make it impressive, innovative and informative to the audience. Try shoppable videos to increase the conversion leads.

Best practices for Twitter video

Every social platform has its own strengths when it is focused in the marketer point of view. Twitter platform and a LinkedIn platform is more professional social media forums that are very important for a B2B marketer. Native video rules on twitter platform just like Facebook. The native video uploads have great importance than the embedded video links on the platform. Twitter offers the best way to reach the audience basing on the geo-targeting and demographics targeting.

Best practices for Instagram video

Social video strategy without planning can’t be able to reach the targeted audience in one shot. It requires better planning to drive the social video engagement. The first thing you need to know about your business is what makes you unique on the platform. Have to go in that point of view to reach the targeted users. Instagram is famous for its attractive visuals. So make it eye capturing that drives better engagement. Follow major updates about the Instagram platform like video views, new logo, new timestamp, etc. tracks the trends and pan the future social video across the platform.

Best Practices for Mobile video

Mobile was ruling the social video strategies. Every marketer has to target mobile devices to reach the audience. Make sure your social video is compatible with the mobile and other devices. Compatibility is essential to deliver your video. Whatever platform you chose the Best Practices for Instagram Video must be fit playing on different devices with ease.

10 Best practices for social

  1. Know what your audiences are expecting from you.
  2. Maintain consistent uploads.
  3. Be unique and deliver the best quality video content
  4. Be relevant
  5. Follow analytics
  6. Connect with the people on multiple platforms.
  7. Follow separate strategy for every social platform.
  8. Optimize for mobile devices
  9. Promote your video with cross-platform promotions
  10. Drive the audience with interesting and useful content.

All these above ways cover the tips to follow while going with the social video across different social media platforms online. Follow these tips or ways and generate good conversions with your social video.

Multi-Platform Social Video Distribution – The Next Big Thing

Creating an audience experience

Whether on a TV or a laptop, visitors consume content in various ways. From direct TV to time-shifted video, to the opposite side of the range with multiple platforms like YouTube and considerably Twitter. visitors are no more indebted to linear content, and online social media networking has radically developed the route in which users connect with both substance and brand over different platforms.

This is of specific importance with news and games users who have indicated higher inclination for multi-screen utilization as the convenience of substance to these crowds is urgent, content makers have inconceivable chances to exploit audiences practices to fabricate promoting income and to convey a brilliant audiences experience.

Snapchat Discover

New York media administrators used to feel the anxiety to get a prime lunch reservation at Michael’s in Midtown Manhattan. Presently, they’re biting the dust to get into a significantly more select club: Snapchat Discover.

It’s very new. It’s hip with the children. It is quickly turning into a mobile media sensation, with a gathering of precisely chose media partners falling over themselves to give stories and video recordings to another era of customers, all from only the Snapchat application.

Anyone who’s anyone is there and. Nobodies who can’t get in are scrambling to change their story circumstance.

However, it isn’t so much that simple. With just 15 channels, Snapchat Discover is a platform promoting shortage in a digital universe of infinite blog entries, cat videos, hot takes, and Tweets. At the point when Snapchat added two new media organizations to Discover in July, it kicked out two others, Yahoo, and Warner Music Group. When it includes another batch in October, it might remove more.

Huge audience anticipate that content will be accessible when and wherever they need it. As a result, they are drawing in with and customizing the content in a way that is unique and sounds right to them. Content makers have another chance to utilize this further bolstering their good fortune and to the benefit of their image.

Of course, most gatherings of people who draw in with content over numerous stages observe more TV content1, which underscores the importance of what’s occurring in the media business.

Every platform no more capacities as different, discrete content, yet fortifies the others and drives viewers to invest expanding measures of time-consuming media over every one of them.

Facebook Live Journalism

Facebook has been sloping up to enhance its association with media organizations and journalists. The team has reported its endeavors to help media associations improve the utilization of their products to expand engagement, traffic, and the sky are the limits from there. Since July, the Avg media association has seen more than a 100% expansion in referral traffic from Facebook.


Online video is $6B+ market and developing, with business sector development comes platform multiplication

2.5 exclusive distributors on YouTube alone, and 1,268 of them have more than 1 million subscribers. YouTube is solid, which can look at last prompt more perspectives and maintained attitudes and engagement after some time. It’s embedded inserted video feature is blasting now, got to be accessible on YouTube efficiently and it likewise turned into a long tail sees on YouTube

The Video on Demand (VOD) platform, still in its early stages, is a perpetually developing, regularly changing kid with new characteristics and propensities shaping consistently.

VOD Platform Distribution

The film dissemination in the business sector is changing rapidly that articles turn out regularly about this new platform or that new circulation display, this is a significant rise in spilling income or that drop in DVD deals. What’s more, once more, nothing else is changing quicker than Video On Demand(VOD).

As for its numerous capabilities, implications, meanings, and results, the VOD world for the free movie producer is a minefield, to summarise movie producer turned-digital distributor master Jon Reiss. What’s more, until (if at any time) there is consistency in adaptation or, no less than, the institutionalization of the VOD market, we’ll need to adopt what we can at face value.

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Video Header Bidding: Programmatic Video Advertising 2020 Mon, 18 Nov 2019 04:17:00 +0000 What is Video Header Bidding?  An online video marketing platform has dispatched video header bidding, making it the first to market header bidding for video. Since, an underlying integration of header bidding into video platform of Playwire in December 2015, the organization’s U.S. distributed partners have seen an 85% lift in revenue when contrasting aberrant […]

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What is Video Header Bidding? 

An online video marketing platform has dispatched video header bidding, making it the first to market header bidding for video.

Since, an underlying integration of header bidding into video platform of Playwire in December 2015, the organization’s U.S. distributed partners have seen an 85% lift in revenue when contrasting aberrant campaigns with advertisers that utilizing this technology.

As the main arrangement on the market that has direct relationship with both publishers and brands, additionally responsibility for video player technology, Playwire is extraordinarily situated to activate video header bidding technology without publishers doing anything towards the back.

How Video Header Bidding works? 

The minute the video player begins loading the page, it begins an auction among different advertisers. When the player has got done with loading and a video is ready to play, the auction has closed.

The best offer is passed to the ad server when the viewer plays the video. Perceiving the estimation of this new in-page bidding system, advertisers are inking manages Playwire as the main video player to offer the technology

Technology behind Video Header Bidding 

Technology is incorporated with the video player, instead of obliging partners to add additional code to the headers of their sites, reducing the greatest torment purpose of header bidding up to this point.

Header bidding is a programmatic technique that allows advertisers to offer to advertise on a website while that page is as yet loading. The best offer in the auction gets encouraged to the ad server when it’s an ideal opportunity to show an advertisement. That the offer is sufficiently high, the ad server can pick and serve the proper ad promptly, leading to snappy ad load times.

Header bidding is an undeniably normal method in display advertising to contend immediately and interceded demand head to head. Publishers put the majority of their demand sources for the display ads on a similar footing, permitting purchasers to begin fighting once again it before the page even loads. This empowers the publishers to see who will give them the best price for ad slots on the page. The best price wins, regardless of where it originated from.

Advantages of Video Header Bidding 

It’s been said that header bidding is hacked besides inefficiencies in the ecosystem. At this moment, those inefficiencies don’t exist in the video. Today with regards to video, it’s about conveying top-notch sight, sound, and movement rapidly. Current technologies can do that.

More revenue: In the waterfall demonstrate, the estimation of the impression decreases after some time, and there is a considerable amount of hidden revenue potential. Header bidding guarantees that the estimation of the impression is maximized. Publishers utilizing the Cedato Publisher Analytics Dashboard have entry to statistics and execution, guaranteeing a straightforward and fair process.

Less time: In the waterfall show, the general time taken to render would be the sum of the considerable number of bounces, which can keep running into many seconds. In header bidding, the auction is directed in parallel with a cut-off time. This can significantly diminish an ideal opportunity to render the ad, and enhance the user experience.

How Ad Networks are utilizing Video Header Bidding 

From a distributer’s perspective, there are two unique channels for profiting from ads on your site: You can offer the ads specifically, utilizing your salesforce, or you can offer the ads by the implication of (at times called “remainder”) utilizing ad networks and exchanges.

More often than not, the ads you offer straightforwardly are worth more than the roundabout ones. Here’s the key point – some individual users go to your site that has a great degree profitable profiles, and numerous companies will pay much more for those particular users than your inward salesforce can understand.

What is Header Bidding?

Why is header bidding becoming a hot topic? What should we know about it? Who is benefited by head bidding – the publisher of the advertiser?

Header Bidding is being adopted by supply-side platforms. In this technique, the publishers who have the inventory offer it to multiple buyers. Whenever an impression is available, it collects multiple bids from various demand sources.

Introduction to Header Bidding

Header bidding is a strategy that helps the publishers to get more revenue. Before making access to the ad server, the publisher offers the inventory to many demand sources. Header bidding is a trading tool which automatically offers inventory to demand sources before calling as a server, and it is defined.

How is header bidding different from the traditional programmatic environment?

In a traditional environment, there was limited buyer access as per order or preference and terms of the ad server.

But in header bidding, the inventory is available not to limited sources but all demand sources. This increases competition, and the best bid sent to the ad server. The buyers, on the other hand, can see the inventory and choose their desired impressions.

Header Bidding Vs RTB

Header bidding is very advantageous for the publishers as their revenue is maximized and the opportunities to democratize ad server access are also created.

Header Bidding Vs DFP

DFP is double click for publishers, advertisement software run by Google.

Header bidding was created for the publishers to have more control over impressions sold. Publishers were aware of the value of bidding for the inventory and how much the demand sources are willing to pay for the impressions.

However, there were some negative issues with header bidding for both buyers and the publishers such as publishers running multiple auctions for an impression that increases CPMs.

Google recently updated their DFP, double-click for publishers, and there seems to be no need for header bidding now. Ad tech companies and other demand-side platforms need not pay ADX tax now but can access more ad inventory.

The demand sources can now bite against direct-sold inventory. Google DFP clients can also use the ‘First Look’ tool that allows publishers to give the ad buyers the chance to bid on inventory. ‘First look’ tool was earlier offered to the only group of publishers.

Benefits of Header Bidding for Publishers

Header bidding is a technique that increases the revenue of the publisher. The main benefits of header bidding for publishers are as follows.

• The buyers who place the bids for the inventory might be interested in the inventory that the publisher has and are ready to pay a higher price.

• The chances for the publisher to fill unsold and premium inventory as more buyers are now available for them.

• Another benefit is that the publisher can know the actual worth of his inventory. He may set the lowest price for the inventory but header bidding helps to sell it for more CPM.

Server-Side Header Bidding – Biggest Technology Trends In 2020

Server header bidding technology is faster and superior to the browser header bidding. More and more publishers are going to switch over to server-side header bidding in the coming days.

Header bidding is used by more than seventy percent of the publishers. There are two types of header bidding, and these are client-side header bidding and server-side header bidding. In client-side header bidding, a javascript piece is added to the website of the publisher. From the multiple bids that come, the highest bid wins. In server-side header bidding, an ad server sends the requests.

There are some disadvantages with browser-side header bidding. With server to server connections, it is possible to call more partners at the same time. The more bid the publishers receive, the more yield for them. In server-side header bidding, the auction operations occur outside the site browser of the publisher. Page latency is reduced as only one call is required in this type of bidding. Based on the type of the business and the requirement, some publishers prefer client-side and another server-side.

We cannot, however, say that server-side header bidding is the better version of the header bidding. There are some flaws in it, and one of the biggest is that this technology decreases the cookie match rate of the publisher. The cookie rate is said to decrease to seventy percent. This may result in decrease in bids and also the CPMs the advertisers pay.

However, these are only the early days of the server to server header bidding. It is already proved that the bid density and yield of the publisher increases with server-side header bidding. A certain number of partners can be added, and it is possible to save on latency. It is not clear whether this type of bidding will guarantee more money for the publishers. It is to be seen whether server-side header bidding will bring much-needed changes or not.


Header bidding has been in the news a great deal as of late as a new technique for content publishers to optimize its advertisement inventory sold over programmatic exchanges. Header bidding has now come to video advertising also, yet obviously, there are exceptional new challenges.

The industry needs to teach itself and comprehend intriguing issues. Any element that enhances publishers’ capacity to monetize ought to be upheld on the off chance that it’s to their greatest advantage and enhances the end-user experience. Since by the day’s end, regardless of how long consumers will hold up in line, they won’t sit tight for their content to load.

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What is YouTube HDR: Guide to High Dynamic Range (HDR) Videos Thu, 14 Nov 2019 19:17:29 +0000 Youtube has now supported the High dynamic range content. The YouTube HDR-compatible devices are already available and trending across the markets. Other media companies like Netflix and Amazon are also offering a high dynamic range. Most of the people are in confusion about how they can watch the favorite videos on youtube in HDR. Youtube […]

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Youtube has now supported the High dynamic range content. The YouTube HDR-compatible devices are already available and trending across the markets. Other media companies like Netflix and Amazon are also offering a high dynamic range. Most of the people are in confusion about how they can watch the favorite videos on youtube in HDR.

Youtube had formally announced its plan of HDR in January 2016.

The HDR videos have high contrast, which is very bright with a precise experience that stunningly highlights the image. The technology mainly improves the video quality by expanding the ratio of the contrast and color palette. It delivers a more realistic and natural type of image with rich colors that are bright and stunning. It consists of dark black shadowy scenes that are just beyond the HD TV. There are different levels of standards that are available in the HDR.

Users can watch HDR from the creators on Youtube platform who has uploaded using their HDR videos with the HDE capable cameras just like 360-degree videos. Users can also rent HDR movies from the Youtube platform. The HDR is mainly used for the high contrast color scenes.

How to Upload High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on YouTube

The HDR videos can upload all users of to youtube platform. it shows a great contrast of colors than the standard digital video.

Youtube users can watch the HDR on GDR supportive Television sets. They can also be able to stream the video by utilizing the chrome cast ultra for HDR TV. Users can confirm the HDR playback as it consists of HDR badge. The non-HDR users can only able to access the SDR which is known as the standard dynamic range.

When it comes to uploading of HDR videos, the video must have the metadata related to the HDR in the codec, which can play as HDR video content on youtube platform. The best way to upload the HDR video content is to record the metadata and export to for application support.

If users are using the different type of workflow. Users can also utilize the HDR metadata tool for the HDR metadata creation purpose. If they are not sure of using the HDR graded video, then it might affect the videos badly.

Once the video marked an HDR, then it must upload in the same process just like a normal video upload. Before that, the user has to follow the DCI P3 configuration which may vary depending upon the requirements.

Youtube HDR Video requirements

After uploading the video content the platform supports the resolution and will automatically convert the HDR video to the SDR video if it is necessary.

But the HDR need special requirements to be compatible with the platform. It is compatible with quality up to 2160p with up to 60 frame rate. The best frame bitrate for video encoded with H.264, which requires a specific upload encoding setting. The HDR video file encoding containers include MOV, MP4, and MKV. The HDR metadata can process with correct transfer functionality with PQ and HLG. It can utilize the PQ signaling that contains good information about the display which can master on ST 2086.

HDR Tools

It incorporated the DaVinci resolve software version 12.5.2. some of the HDR metadata can be exported. It is the one and only software that supports the standard metadata out of the box.

Users can go to the project settings and can choose the DaVinci Resolve YRGB color managed. After that, you can access the color management p[age and choose the output color space.

All these above points can help the creators about how to deal with the new HDR feature on Youtube.

Do you know YouTube is going to buzz with the HDR videos?

This is the most exciting news for the YouTube audiences and creators, which give the fine quality video to watch.

Do you want to find more about YouTube HDR videos just keep on reading the below content?

YouTube HDR Video

The name itself defines the theme of launching i.e. High Dynamic Range.

The YouTube HDR will provide the videos that deliver the more naturality of viewing in reality with effective colors and images by enlarging the ratio of contrast.

This will be the most exciting concept to provide the best video service to the audience.

The HDR videos are available on YouTube which are incorporated by the creators using HDR supporting cameras.

How to Upload High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on YouTube?

Before Uploading the HDR video to YouTube must check that the video has the HDR meta data or container which plays the video as the HDR video on YouTube channel.

If not then make it have the HDR meta data by exporting the application from “BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve 12.5.2”.

By using YouTube HDR meta data tool the HDR meta data can be added to the video.

Better use of “BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve” software:

The DaVinci Resolve YRGB color managed color science will found at the Master Project settings.

Then choose the color management page.

Then pick the out color space of either HLG-2020 or ST.2084.

Specifications to upload HDR video on YouTube:

2160p, 1440p, 1080p and 720p are the required resolution.

The color primaries should be Rec.709 or Rec.2020.

23.976,30,50,48,60,94,59,25,24 and 29.97 is the needed frame rate.

H.264 encoded video bitrate is preferred one.

HLG or PQ will be the EOTF.

File encoding:

MP4 container requires H.264 10 bit and DNxHR HQX.

H.264 10 bit, ProRes 422, ProRes 4444 and DNxHR HQX are needed for MOV container.

MKV requires ProRes 422, H.264 10 bit, ProRes 4444, VP9 Profile2 and DNxHR HQX.

How to find and watch YouTube videos in HDR?

The HDR badge will enable the YouTube audiences to watch the HDR videos by confirming the HDR playback. The previously worked YouTube creators are preferred to promote these HDR videos. The mobiles, TVs and Gaming consoles etc. will support to watch the HDR videos on YouTube.


The Chromecast Ultra can enable the mobile users to watch the YouTube HDR videos.


Samsung, LG, Vizio, Hisense, TCL, Panasonic, Sony are flexible to watch YouTube HDR videos.

Gaming consoles:

PS4 PRO of Sony is can enable the users to watch YouTube HDR videos.


The above phrases will give the brief idea on YouTube HDR videos.If you want to gain more followers just go on making HDR videos for YouTube Platform.

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360 Degree And VR Videos 101 – A Guide to Virtual Reality Videos 2020 Wed, 13 Nov 2019 12:49:20 +0000 Do you want to dive into the new world of 360-degree virtual reality videos? Have you ever had the excitement while watching a video where you are? All these queries can have the full-stop by discussing the concept of 360-degree virtual reality videos what actually is. What is 360 Degree Videos? The video content which […]

The post 360 Degree And VR Videos 101 – A Guide to Virtual Reality Videos 2020 appeared first on ReelnReel.

Do you want to dive into the new world of 360-degree virtual reality videos?

Have you ever had the excitement while watching a video where you are?

All these queries can have the full-stop by discussing the concept of 360-degree virtual reality videos what actually is.

What is 360 Degree Videos?

The video content which has been dispatched to have the virtual reality experience that gives the immersive involvement is termed as 360-degree video. The entry of 360-degree virtual reality videos in the platform of games the virtual reality headsets have become the most seeking equipment on the market. The 360-degree videos can be stored to watch anytime.

How to Make 360 Degree Videos?

It is not possible to shoot 360-degree videos with all cameras and there are some specific cameras that exactly give the virtual reality experience by capturing all directions. They are

  1. Ricoh Theta S
  2. IC Real Tech Allie
  3. Kodak SP 360
  4. Giroptic 360 degree camera

How to Edit 360 Degree Videos – Kolor

Kolor is one of the best video editing software, especially for 360-degree videos.

By using this manifold videos can be captured at a time. This can make the videos to be compatible with all intended devices.

This can be operated on both Mac and Windows operating system. It has the most advanced features to mold the videos as we required.

Without bothering about the location where we are can share the videos by using this software.

How to Upload 360 Degree Videos on YouTube?

The ‘metadata app’ can be installed on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

On windows extract the app zip file where as it can be opened on Mac straight away.

Then the ‘open video’ option will be visible to find the 360-degree video to upload.

After clicking the ‘inject’ save the video file.

For every file you give should save it immediately.

Now the new file can be uploaded to the YouTube. Where the sufficient metadata can be observed.

How to Upload 360 Degree Videos on Facebook?

The video file that has been captured using 360-degree cameras should have the 360 metadata.

Then we can straight away upload the video file to the Facebook as the regular video has been uploaded.


The time duration of the Facebook 360 degree videos is up to 10 minutes and the length of the should not exceed 1.75 GB.

360 Degree Videos Advertising Stats

While comparing the 360-degree videos with the traditional videos the 360-degree video has 41% more earned actions and 46% higher view count.

Only through mobile, it has 85% engagement and average industry engagement is 2.5%.

Advertising brands are getting more engagement with 360-degree videos to watch up to 16 seconds and the industry average is 5 to 10 seconds.

The 360-degree videos will have 8x recall of the video content.

28x recall of brand and 3x more intent of purchasing through 360-degree videos.

Future of VR Videos

This will be the trending one for the education purpose i.e. for the online training sessions and to train the army.

In the category of entertainment, it is the most seeking one to enjoy movies, sports and events etc.

The health requires it for the exposure therapy and surgery training etc.

The VR videos are most useful for the Real Estate to have the viewing of the inside house.

Guide to YouTube 360 Degree Video/Audio File Types

The new YouTube 360 degree videos are trending across the web and virtual reality videos are the next biggest thing in the online video streaming. With the arrival of new 360-degree video content, users are more curious to know about the growth of VR video content and the supporting formats of audio and video that are compatible with the YouTube platform as main. Here are the details of audio and video formats that are supported with the YouTube platform.

We all know that the 360-degree video is produced by the six lens eye camera, which covers the entire area. The videos that are recorded were synchronized with the time and sound and also allowed the users to watch the video in six different angles.

Video formats that supports 360 video on YouTube platform

Most of the cases the 360-degree virtual reality video can be formatted with the MP4 and MKV formats which can be seen in YouTube 360 degree virtual reality videos. The users can also watch 4K 360 videos along with flash video formats such as WebM, MPEG, etc. The 360-degree short standard video generally maintains a file size of around 300 MB. The higher resolution videos normally cover the large space. The 4K video with 360 degree will need lot of time for buffering. To avoid buffering of the videos, it is better to save offline.

Audio formats that support 360 VR on YouTube platform

The audio effects that supports are spatial sound, ambisonic, 3D and binaural. The 360 degree spatial audio is came into being and the VR audio will get adjusted accordingly to the saturation level of the audio, intensity of sound, distance etc which ensure the audio sync with the video in the playback mechanism.

The uploading specification s for the YouTube platform when comes to the 360 degree Virtual reality video is MP4 container with audio codec of AAC-LC and video codec H.264. the file size must be less than one GB with ten minutes as maximum length at a frame rate of 25-60fps with 16:9 aspect ratio. It supports up to 8k resolution with a video bit rate of 16 to 68 mbps along with the audio bitrates of Mono stereo 5.1.

Therefore, these are the main specifications which are supported audio and video formats of the YouTube platform for 360 degree VR video support.

The Best 360 Degree Video Editing Software

To make the users feel comfortable with the use of video devices, the developers have created some excellent software in the video version. 360 Degree Video Editing Software software techniques can be used to edit the processing of the image, the surroundings of the recorded video entirely with the modern environment and to bring fantastic look with unexpected effects with graphic design for the video, which is even not recorded with highly featured cameras.

360 Degree Video Editing Software


Kolor auto pano video software will provide the facility of capturing multiple videos on a single time. Used to edit the videos with updated features. It will make the 360-degree videos to be realistic for the user, and it can be used to adjust the colors of the image, and this is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. A feature of sharing a video from anywhere to anywhere.


This provides the complete security for the users to upload personal media files without sharing information from the server to third parties. To create 360-degree videos with the multiple modifications these results best. Moreover, this is completely free of cost and easily installed.


Video stitching software to make 360-degree videos effectively. Video stitching changes the videos to 360-degree videos with automatic update. If the user records the video on moving vehicles by shaking the device, then this can automatically correct those mistakes by giving stability. When the user wants to use this software they will provide with complete security for the personal transactions.

Premiere Pro:

Premiere Pro is compatible with Mac and PC. It can be very useful to enhance the 360-degree video with the updated features. This software completely changes the appearance of the normal video to astounding quality which makes the real experience of being in that video. To get the installation of this software they had provided some plans to buy with additional unknown features.


SkyStitch will convert the videos to real-time experience. To capture the huge space with different devices and to club them is not an easy thing, by keeping this in mind the SkyStich had been developed to do all at a time. It adequately gives the result. It can be the unique app for good quality video.

IC Real Tech’s new Allie Pro:

By using this, all the video records can be made visualise, i.e., whole angles of the recorded video can view and get the real-time experience of being in that place we can use VR headsets. Impossible video records like paranormal activities can capture by using this. The live events and moments can make live forever.

Using Spatial Audio in 360 Degree and VR Videos

Video creators now can tell interesting stories with 360 degree or virtual reality videos. Watching a virtual reality of a 360-degree video will give immersive experience to the audience, and if it combines with Spatial Audio in 360, the experience will be more interesting. Spatial Audio in 360 is everything from depth, distance and intensity play equally important roles.

What is Spatial Audio in 360 Degree and VR Videos

3D sound is extremely important to get immersive 360 degree of VR experience. Audio recording for virtual reality or 360 degree video are different than the usual. Usually Ambisonic microphones are used to capture the sound for 360 degree videos from all the directors. To record sound for virtual reality videos, the microphones need to be small and should not be visible. Ambisonic microphones though are used one mic is not enough.

Spatial audio is the most familiar audio effect for 360 degree video and VR video.

YouTube Spatial Audio in 360 Degree and VR Videos

YouTube spatial Audio in 360 degrees and VR video can be used to experience a real lifelike sound. The sound in all directions takes the video experience to higher levels, and the viewers can be engaged more to the video content.

Spatial audio on headphones or speakers can listen when the users are watching the 360 degree and VR videos on devices that are working on YouTube android app on Android 4.2 version or higher and on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browsers.

Create a 360 degree or VR video and use the metadata tool to insert Spatial Audio metadata. You can only use a single audio track but not spatial as well as the stereo track in the same file. Run the metadata tool and then upload the video to YouTube.

YouTube even created a playlist for 360-degree videos with a spatial audio list which can enjoy on the android device. YouTube also offers spatial audio technology for 360 degrees live streaming.

Facebook Spatial Audio in 360 Degree and VR Video

Popular social site Facebook launched spatial audio for its 360 degree and VR videos. The launching announcement made by Abesh Thakur, Oculus VR product manager and Varun Nair of a Facebook technical lead. The audio is launched for iOS and other Android applications.

According to the description given by Facebook, the spatial audio is like 3D sound for 360 degree or VR videos. It gives a feeling of the real-life sound heard by humans but can experience over headphones. As the 360-degree video moved, the sound also moves.

Those who want to create spatial audio for their Facebook 360 degree or VR videos can use the ambisonic microphone or use the 360 spatial workstation tools of Facebook to edit the video in post-production stage. The future of audio for virtual reality or 360-degree video is likely to be very exciting.

How to Shoot at 360 Degree Video

The 360-degree video is a game-changing technology. It is being used for entertainment and also for many other purposes.

There are different types of 360 degrees VR which include life, real time etc.

The equipment needed to shoot 360-degree cameras includes cameras, rigs, editing software, etc.

What is 360 Degree Video?

Immersive video or 360-degree video is the technology in which the recording was done in every direction at the same time. Omnidirectional camera or some cameras used in this technology.

360 Degree Video is a form of virtual reality, and the viewer can change the viewing direction by dragging the video.

Cameras Used to Shoot 360 Degree Video

There are many cameras to shoot 360-degree video. Some of them are Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, Giroptic 360cam IC Real Tech Allie, and so on.

Prices of these cameras depend on the features and specifications it offers. There are two different 360-degree cameras – single-lens and dual-lens cameras.

• 360fly 4K camera shoots footage with 2,880 x 2,880 pixel resolution.

There is a single 240-degree fisheye lens. No content stitching is required. 64 GB built-in memory, water resistance, built-in gyroscope are the other features.

• LG 360 Cam allows recording to 360 degrees content with 2K resolution.

There are 13-megapixel sensors. Other features include expandable memory, 200-degree lenses, and so on.

• Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K captures 360-degree video content with the 235-degree lens.

There is a dedicated mobile app, and stitching software also offered. Two cameras can be combined to capture full spherical content.

How to Upload 360 Degree Video?

360-degree videos are the hottest trend. These videos are being uploaded both to Facebook and YouTube.

Let us now see how to upload them to these platforms and efficiently publish the videos.

Uploading 360-Degree Videos on Facebook

360-degree videos can be published on the Facebook timeline as well as in the pages. If the content shot with the camera that automatically adds the 360 metadata to the video file, then it can be uploaded to Facebook just like any other video.

But if 360 metadata not added to the file, the users manually have to do this. Choose the video to publish on Facebook.

Before publishing the 360 videos, click the advanced tab.

Check the box that says ‘this video recorded in a 360-degree format. Hit the 360 controls tab and set the field of view and initial camera orientation. Click the publish button.

Uploading 360 Videos on YouTube

To upload 360-degree videos on YouTube content needs to create a camera that is identified by YouTube.

The video should feature metadata. Make the video suitable to be uploaded to YouTube.

Download the video metadata app for windows or mac. Select the video file and choose a spherical checkbox. Give a name to the data and save it. Open the YouTube video upload page and drag and drop the video file.

Enter a description, tags, etc. and then click on publish. The 360-degree videos take around an hour to get posted on YouTube.

360-degree videos are exciting and new. These types of videos can be used to attract viewers.

This is an excellent way for brands and businesses to market the products. It proves that these types of videos are more likely to be watched by people for more extended periods and also showed to increase conversions.

360 Degree Video Editing Software is the best video editing software that makes the best quality of virtual reality videos with automatic editing options. 360 Degree Video Editing Software has occupied a branded mark in the video recordings.


As the entire video world is going to merge with the concept of 360-degree videos, the trending video platform YouTube is making advancements to feed the audiences with 360-degree virtual reality videos. All of the creators are stepping ahead to generate the 360-degree virtual reality videos.

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Mobile Video Advertising: Tips for Successful Mobile Video Ads 2020 Tue, 12 Nov 2019 23:35:05 +0000 No one has left without knowing about the mobile as it is the daily usage device. Video usage is usually more than we expect. Most of the video advertisers are choosing this platform to explore their brand by launching the mobile video advertisements. Mobile video advertising Most of the users are clutching towards the mobile […]

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No one has left without knowing about the mobile as it is the daily usage device. Video usage is usually more than we expect. Most of the video advertisers are choosing this platform to explore their brand by launching the mobile video advertisements.

Mobile video advertising

Most of the users are clutching towards the mobile usage and the browsing through this device will hold less data usage.

For example, the YouTube plays a vital role in holding the mobile users than any other device. Along with the video that has been placed in the YouTube channel the video ads have been merged.

These may be in-stream, pre-roll and post-roll ads. Through the successful launch of mobile video advertising, the ROI will be rapidly increased.

The audience involvement in sharing the video will drain huge engagement.

Mobile Video Advertising Platforms


YouTube mobile app with the advanced features has stolen the plenty of users and this has billions of users by spending most of the time to watch videos. On this, the advertisers can place in-stream ads or skippable ads.


The best feature on the Facebook is the auto play ads which are being played with the scroll of a Facebook profile of the user. As it has more than a billion users everyone will be directed to view the video ad displayed. This can evaluate one’s brand in very less time.


Most of the advertisers are much familiar with this in-app video advertising app. The rare offer of Vungle Premium will provide the benefits of gathering ultra-tools to reach the audience which in return makes customers.


Most of the mobile apps and games will prioritize the NativeX, especially for mobile video advertising. It can support different types of ad formats that are being designed by the video advertisers by forecasting the analytics that makes the huge revenue.

Mobile Video Ad Formats

Since now we have discussed the mobile video advertising but in that, we have different categories which are being rolled to grab the audience attention.

In-stream video ads:

These ads most worthy ads which guarantee to engage the ad with a huge audience. These ads are of again different types like pre-roll, post-roll and mid-roll which can gain the higher click through rate. These ads can be played before, after or middle of the original video while playing.

Banner ads:

From the name of these ads, we can say that these ads will explore the brand and these are mentioned with a specific title at the top or bottom of the screen where the ads are displayed. These can be viewed by expanding the mobile screen.

Native video ads:

With the involvement of these ads, the audience will never feel that they are watching the ads and these seem like interesting to watch as the native video that has been placed. The native video ad will definitely blow the brand name at the targeted audience.

Rewarded video ad:

These types of video ads are most demandable in the video advertising platforms. To engage these ads with plenty of audiences they will be offered with some incentives like gifts coupons or vouchers which give some entertainment to watch those ads.

Interstitial Ads:

These ads will roll around the screen of the mobile when the particular app is closed or loading to open. This has the special feature like ‘call-to-action’ which can hook up the audience in real time.

Mobile Video Advertising Trends

  • VR 360 degree advertising is going to be the viral and challenging concept for video advertisers while launching ads.
  • Location based advertising is the key concept to blast the brand at the relevant audience.
  • Video optimization will be huge demanded as to make different formats of video ads.
  • Huge expectations on ROI can be predicted though it has the more than they expect.
  • Mobile gaming is the most focusable world to bombard the video ads which establish the brand awareness among the gaming players.

Global Mobile Video Advertising Statistics

  1. The global investment for video advertising on mobile is $592.43 billion.
  2. $189.06 spent on mobile video advertising just only in the US.
  3. By comparing the overall ad budget the only through mobile it’s getting 22.3% of Global income.
  4. In the category of Global mobile video ad market, Google and Facebook are showing upper hands by being in 2/3rd place.
  5. The click-through rate for the in-app mobile ads is 0.56%.
  6. The ad revenue of Facebook only through mobile is 53% which is unbelievable.
  7. The world’s number one trading country China has spent $22.14 billion on mobile ads.
  8. The UK is in the next place to spend much on mobile video ads, i.e., $7.24 billion.

Mobile Video Advertising Best Practices

Marketers are integrating their mobile video marketing strategies to get benefitted with the publishers and to provide the customers with the best experience. The mobile video ads are growing more than 200 percent from the previous year. Even companies are spending significant revenue for the mobile video adverting today and were earning better income and customer engagement levels via mobile. Now marketers are competing for one another with creative practices in mobile video advertising and participating in the competitive race to reach their targets. Here are some best practices that marketers are following in mobile video advertising.

Short form mobile videos

Marketers are following the creation of their videos in short form and simple form to make the customers get clear about the message conveyed by the brand through video ads. Viewers were also interested in the short form videos rather than long-form. So, marketers are following the same to reach the consumers online.

Skippable Vs non-Skippable video ads on Mobile

Marketers included the skippable and non-skippable video ads as their marketing plan because many viewers on mobile were watching both forms of videos equally. Sometimes they may not be interested in the ads and have an option to skip, and unskippable ads will remain up to 15 to 50 seconds long. From the research reports, it was revealed that the content which is attractive and creative got good responses from the consumers for the ads.

Relevant content

Marketers are avoiding the fake backlinks and popup on their sites and making their videos bandwidth get adjusted with the mobile user’s bandwidth to make the viewers comfortable on their devices. The viewers are also interested in the relevant content.

Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile Video Advertising is the new form and viral form of advertising today because more than 85 percent of people were using the smartphones and connecting with the brand videos online across the globe. So, there is a great chance to meet the huge range of audiences on mobile phones. It reported that more than 90 million people in the US were using the Smartphone to watch videos, and it was expected to be increased to 126 million when we reach the year 2018. More than 70 people were using their tablets only for better video watching through the devices.

Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising

Easy to Connect

Marketers were switching towards mobile video advertising as it is a very effective medium to reach the audience at their fingertips and have better interaction rates. With the increase in the usage of smartphones, everyone well versed in the applications, usage, and video watching, and connectivity. So, it is beneficial to go with mobile video advertising.

Better Interaction Levels

Engagement of audience previously with the desktops and laptops via social networking platforms were generally in use. since, from years and with the development of the smart technology across the world, it becomes effortless to interact with the consumers if the marketer was implementing the mobile video advertising strategy in his marketing plan.

Better Sharing

Sharing through mobile devices is very easy when we compared with the other devices in use. There are multiple platforms designed especially for mobile phones especially for the sharing of interesting videos on users choice and as well as many applications were also got developed for better advertising and reach.

Better Tracking

It is easy and accurate to track the mobile video analytics and to make the consumers reach your brand in real-time. Even call to actions on mobile video advertising has more chances to interact with the customers in real-time.

Better Engagement

Mobile video Advertising achieved the highest CTR, and the viewers also have an option to skip the video ad, which makes them comfortable.

Target Local

Localize your Ad, make it easy to drive views, and also share and have a customized CTA.

YouTube Mobile Video Advertising Steps :

1) Upload your Video Content to your YouTube Channel.
2) Go into Google Adwords and sync your Adwords account to your YouTube Channel.
3) Create a new Campaign and choose “Video Ad.”
4) Select In-Stream or In-Display
5) Provide Desired YouTube Video Like and Channel Link to promote
6) Select Targeting Options to Mobiles/Tables only
5) Submit for approval to the AdWords team. It will take a few hours to approve.

Facebook Mobile Video Advertising Steps :

1) Go to your Ads Manager
2) Choose Get Video Views
3) Select the Page URL you want to advertise for or enter it.
4) Customize the Setting of the audience you want to target and introduce a budget for the ad.
5) You can also upload in the Video section, upload the video you want to use in your ad.
6) Choose a Catchy thumbnail for your video ad. There will not be more text on the thumbnail
7) Click Place Order to save your new video ad.
8) Wait for review and approval.

Some of the Best Mobile Advertising Firms/Platforms

  • Vungle
  • AdsMobi
  • InMobi
  • Applovin
  • Altrooz
  • Glispa
  • RevMob

For Brands we can consider Vdopia, Videology, KARGO.

Best Mobile Advertising Platforms :

  • Brightroll
  • Yume
  • Adconion
  • Adotube
  • Appnexus
  • SpotXchange
  • TubeMogul, etc.

Mobile Video Advertising types and their advantages

Mobile video is growing steadily in the recent years and the amount spent on video ads is also doubled. The reasons for this are the growth in smartphones, easy availability of broadband services, and so on. Here are a few types of mobile video ads that are getting popular and are effective.

Vertical Video Ads

Mobile users prefer watching videos in upright position and this is why vertical videos are becoming popular. Studies revealed that vertical ads outperform other horizontal ads. The chances of users watching the video ads increase when these are vertical ads.

360- Degree Video Ads

This type of mobile video advertising is growing steadily. The attention span of mobile users is very shot, but with 360 – degree video ads, customer engagement increases. The click-through rates of this type of ads are also higher. The format also attracts more likes, shares, and subscriptions than the standard format of video ads. This format proved to be more engaging, and in future, we are going to see more of this type of video ads.

In-Banner Video Ads

These are the most popular mobile ad format. These types of ads are unobtrusive and appear at the top or bottom of the screen. Detailed information cannot be provided in these ads due to little space. These are simple and safe to increase brand recognition.

Shoppable Video Ads

Video ads are powerful tools, and digital video spending is increasing year by year. The new format of mobile video ads is shoppable video ads that combine content and business. The audience can know about the product and also get information about how to buy the product. Shop Now buttons are included in the video ad and the process of purchase complete on the spot. It is the most efficient way to increase conversions.

Carousel Video Ads

Initially carousel ads showed only photos and a call to action button. Now a video can also be added to the ad along with headlines and links. In a single ad unit, call to action and other above things can be added. Carousel video ads can be used to show products that businesses sell on their apps, show details about the product.

InLine Mobile Video Ads

These are also called the banners and these appear inline with the video content. Inline ads are placed on either at the top or at the bottom of the video ads. These are used on both smartphones and tablets.

Out stream Video Ads

Out stream video ads are quick to offer video inventory. Studies proved that stream mobile video ads are highly effective. These types of video ads offer better viewability.

Mobile video ads help in lead generation and to improve customer’s engagement. These ads also help to increase brand awareness. The click-through rate is higher on desktop ads. The viewers on social media share mobile video ads that are interesting and appealing. It helps the video to get more exposure. The ads that are around thirty seconds are watches till the end on mobile, unlike on desktop. The audio and visual elements in video ads help it to perform well and make them more effective.

Mobile Video Advertising Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

What is video advertising: It is online display advertisements that are served before, during and/or after a video stream.  These internet advertisements are available as Mid Page Units (MPUs) with video embedded within them.  In another version, video advertising is advertisements that occur on internet television.

The popularity of this channel is encouraging (rather forcing?) the marketers to feel that without video advertisement their content marketing mix are not complete.  Another important aspect to this direction is the phenomenal growth that this industry has been able to show.

One more and easier way to assess the importance of video advertising is through the established route of statistics.  As statistics are worldwide accepted procedure to establish any fact, following statistics are worth considering in this direction:

1) 65% of the world population prefer visual learning.

2) The mobile advertising industry experienced a worldwide growth of 65 percent in 2014 (that was from $19.3 Billion in 2013 to USD 31.9 Billion in the next year).

3) Twitter added another 5 million new users in Q1 of the current year.

4) Twitter recorded revenue of $2.21 Billion during the first 3 months of this year.

5) More viewers watch online: A rough estimate provides that around 92% of B2B prospects online video. More watching paves the way for more purchase decision.

6) Sharing is caring: Once the video is liked by the prospect, he/she is likely to forward and share the same among his/her circle there enabling wide coverage for the content through video advertising. On an average Twitter users share 700 videos every minute.

7) Video ads and sales are having direct relation.  As the video advertising can convince the viewers they can go for a purchase decision. An average increase of 35% in the sale through this channel has accepted the world over.

8) Video ads & mobile phones: The astonishing growth of mobile phone usage can have a direct impact of video advertising.  88%of short pieces (around 30 seconds) are watched from the beginning to end on mobile and this is not possible on computers.

9) Mobile video accounted for 55% mobile data usage by the end of 2014 and mobile users watch the video at a greater clip.

10) An estimate provides that by the year 2017, mobile devices will make up to 87% of total sales of internet-enabled technology.

Based on the above statistics (the list though not exhaustive) it can be safely concluded that video advertising is another big thing in the very near future.

Mobile Video Advertising CPM and Market Statistics [Study]

One of the latest trends in content marketing is video advertising and that too on mobile. Mobiles, on the one hand, are available at affordable cost and on the other hand, are offering advanced features.   This dual advantage is naturally shifting the focus of the mobile users to use mobile for viewing advertisements.

A quick look at the statistics in this regard indicates that the video is on the rise with 35% of respondents (to a study from IAB) preferred viewing content through mobile. Though, there were differences in usage pattern with the US (50% preferring video viewing), Canada (42%), New Zealand (42%), South Africa (42%), UK (40%), the common point is that the viewers are sticking to mobile viewing even for longer content as well.

There were statistics about viewers who regularly watch TV, 22% of viewers simultaneously stream video on their smartphones. This is further adding weight to video watching on mobiles.  2015 witnessed mobile video accounting for more than 50% of all digital video plays and the mobile video grows at 44% during Q2 of 2015.

Coming to demographics, 48% of millennial prefer video watching on mobile devices. Another 74% from the same segment followed brands on YouTube, and this amply shows the importance of digital video marketing can play – marketers may please note.   There are so many apps available in the market, and they are enabling stability in video streaming, particularly on mobiles.  Coming to video discovery, YouTube has been able to retain its supremacy (with lion’s share of 62%) immediately followed by social media at just half the range (33%) and SEO (20%).

Coming to video CPM, (CPM is the amount paid by the advertisers to have their ads shown for 1000 times) given below are some interesting facts:

• According to Video Mogul, YouTube CPM stands at $7.60 (for a 30-second pre-roll video ad).  AS the video ads might appear at 20% (about 2 in 10 views), after factoring You Tube’s 45% will be counted, there are about 84 cents left for the creator.

• According to, You Tube’s CPM ranges from $18-$24.

• According to ReelSEO Hulu’s detailed analysis, Hulu generated about $608 million from ad revenue from about 16.8 billion ad views. (This puts the CPM @ $27.61).

Though there are varying figures indicating CPM, the common point is that the CPM can be as low as 84 cents.

Key Trends in Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile advertising is the most popular and quickly growing advertising platform. The percentage of people watching video content is keeping on increasing and is expected to increase further in the future. The mobile platform is a huge marketplace and incorporating this into your advertising strategy means a lot of benefits for your business.

Businesses having websites and blogs should see that these are mobile-friendly, but the mobile marketing strategies should not end there. Smartphones are becoming the number one devices on which the users access the internet, and instead of making the content you already have to fit mobiles, you should create cross-platform content especially for mobiles.

Virtual Reality is the latest inexpensive technology that is going to drive the mobile advertisers to experiment. Mobile advertising supply platforms such as Facebook are going to attract more and more advertisers, and the CPM prices are likely to be stabilized.

The companies that are already investing in mobile marketing say around 25 percent of digital revenue is from mobile video ads, and this is likely to increase further in the coming days. Those who want to get into mobile advertising should learn from these successful brands and plan their mobile ad strategy.

Mobile video ads not only help in increasing brand awareness but also good for retail brands to increase sales. Deliver the crucial message in the first five seconds of the video, and it will reach the audience right in the beginning.

Mobile advertisements that use Beacon signals are found to be more effective. Native ads are also fascinating and can be beneficial on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Users will be able to recollect the brands easily with native advertising. Interactive ads are going to be used more and more in mobile advertising and these help in engaging the users. Mobile chats are also going to be very popular and these help the customers directly connect to the brands.


This article will define the role of mobile video advertising in the present and future era. This path will be in reaching a peak position without any fluctuations. The placing of a mobile video ad is the best thought to boom the brand at the audience.

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Twitter Video Advertising: Best Tips for Twitter Video Ads 2020 Fri, 08 Nov 2019 22:05:40 +0000 Brands can use video to provide more luxurious experience to their followers. Videos also help the followers to get to know the brand better, like them, and trust them. Twitter has more than eight hundred million visitors every month. Among these, 82% actively engage with brands. More and more videos accessed on Twitter, and 93% […]

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Brands can use video to provide more luxurious experience to their followers. Videos also help the followers to get to know the brand better, like them, and trust them. Twitter has more than eight hundred million visitors every month. Among these, 82% actively engage with brands. More and more videos accessed on Twitter, and 93% of it is on mobile devices.Breaking news, celebrity news, and entertainment are what people want from the Twitter video.

Twitter video ads are the excellent tool for businesses of any size. The Twitter video has proved to make people more aware of the market. Studies also demonstrated that people become more favorable towards the brand. The goal of a video marketing campaign for any business is to increase sales and Twitter video advertising increase the higher purchase intentions.

Twitter allows posting the video of duration up to 2 minutes and twenty seconds. Thus brands have to plan well what the video Ad will contain and ensure that the video is concise, informative and is entertaining to the audience.

Twitter was the last on the list of businesses for video marketing. But now marketers are tapping the potential of it as they understand the tremendous reach of it.

Twitter is fast becoming an alternative to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. It is a perfect platform for video marketers to begin their video marketing and monitor the conversation about their brand and products.

Twitter Video Advertising Tips for Businesses

  • Find the famous hashtags that the audience follow and include the tags in the tweets with video content.
  • Video ads should tap the emotions. The audience must connect with the video content emotionally.
  • Videos on Twitter should be as short as popular. The audience loves short and sweet videos. Studies have proved that short videos attract more views and audience.Mention the length of the video in the tweet so that the Twitter followers know it and watch the video.
  • Twitter video marketing can be used to generate leads to landing pages. A short video can create, and a link to the main content can included in the tweet. It drives views to the video that uploaded on other platforms such as YouTube.
  • Marketers should try to deliver the message at the beginning of the video itself. They should promote the products and brands in the first few seconds. It happens because there is no guarantee that the audience will watch the video until the end.
  • Create multiple short videos and find which one is more effective. Marketers can have numerous calls to action in the tweet.
  • To increase overall reach, promote the same videos with a variety of messages. Try targeting different people with different copies to increase overall views.
  • Brands should pin their latest video to the top of Twitter profile page, so that audience who visit the profile will watch it.
  • Have a compelling call to action and drive the followers to watch your video.
  • When using hashtags, find the relevant ones. Using a trending hashtag in the video campaign drives traffic, and people will talk about it. Adding hashtags expands the reach of the video.
  • Make sure that the videos are informative so that the videos on Twitter perform better.
  • The audience is hooked to the video content when it contains behind the scenes or exclusive content.
  • Use close-ups in the opening shots of the video to grab the attention. Videos that show people in the first few seconds are more likely to be viewed two times more.
  • Use the brand logo at the beginning of the video.
  • Drive higher retention by including people in the first frames of the video.
  • Tell the whole story with the video. Videos with beginning and ending proved to increase viewerships.
  • Maximize viewership with the sound off strategy.
  • Respond to tweets from others with a video.
  • Ask the followers to share their videos of using the product in action.
  • Entertaining videos are shared by audience fifteen times higher.
  • The maximum length of the video that brands can create for Twitter is 150 seconds, and the file size should be up to 512 MB.
  • Twitter supports different video formats and for mobile apps supported video formats are MP4 and MOV.

Different forms of video for Twitter

Three various types of video can be used by businesses and brands to promote their products and brands on Twitter. These kinds of videos are instrumental for companies to deliver their messages.

Twitter video content plays automatically and so can be used to gain the attention of the new customers. Videos can create directed using a Twitter app, or existing video content can be uploaded to the platform.

Live video is another powerful tool for businesses to use on Twitter. Behind the scenes, content helps the firms to show to the followers what the market is. Industry events, product launches or product tutorials can create with this.

GIFs are another format that can be used by businesses to create marketing content. Followers can retweet them to share the information. More extended video content can cut into GIFs and products can be showcased.

Twitter Video Advertising Best Practices

Twitter platform is the busiest and noisy platform on the web. It is the best option to connect with the people in real-time because it is always busy with millions of Tweets every minute on different topics. So, advertisers had targeted the Twitter platform for their advertising as they can reach their potential audience on the Twitter platform. The Twitter platform has included the video ad feature on its platform for the advertisers. The video becomes part of every advertising blueprint today. Here are some best practices for Twitter video advertising.


Get updated all the Time

People on Twitter love to share and read the updates, and with the arrival new video on the Twitter platform, people started to love to watch the real updates in the form of video. Many users are interested in viewing various video ads that are attractive and useful to them. So, get updated your profile, video, and conversations too on the Twitter platform.

Twitter Cards

The lead generation cards on Twitter specially designed for the advertisers to increase the audience engagement on Twitter. These cards are helpful to advertisers to access the information of the user’s contacts with a call to action buttons. While clicking on to the call to action. The users submit the report before leaving Twitter, which can store in the advertiser database. There much another type of Cards on the Twitter platform is helpful to the video advertisers.

Twitter’s Native Video ads

The Native video ad on the Twitter platform provides a real-time promotion using the Video on Twitter platform. The native video tools are beneficial in expanding the video ad on the platform. The new video tools on Twitter helps the advertisers to record behind the scenes view of team or product or company working.

Always try to be consistent

Connect with the people wherever they go as they can reach mobile to tablet and other new gadgets and make sure your ad is compatible with the majority of formats that are generally in use. Upload and retweets to the audience opinions and stay connected in their minds.

20 Facts and Figures of Twitter Video Advertising 2020

If you would like to spend more on social ads, then Twitter video advertising came into the picture for promoting your social video ads. Twitter focuses on the Keywords so that it can go around the search engine to catch up easily.

Twitter video ads guaranteeing for brand promotion. Now twitter extended its advertising program to add ads before video content so that all people can see it, not the only publisher. Through this program, twitter gave high revenue to the brands.

  1. Twitter video was introduced with the six-second Vine video app in 2013 January
  2. The Twitter platform started the live video streaming by acquiring the Periscope app for 100 million dollars
  3. More than 500 million active users (approximately) are noticed monthly on Twitter platform
  4. 30% gain was credited to the Twitter’s account from the 200 million monthly mobile Twitter users
  5. More than 81 percent of revenue is coming from the mobile video ads
  6. Twitter credited with more than 200 times forward earning than the social platform Facebook
  7. Twitter allowed the Promoted videos and promoted Tweets on its Audience platform
  8. More than 60 percent video monetisation revenue was credited to Twitter from video ads
  9. Publisher network allowing the particular marketers for ad extensions on various third-party apps
  10. Twitter also enhanced the ad creation service for mobile users
  11. MoPub services was acquired by the Twitter
  12. The advertiser’s campaign on Twitter has doubled their reach comparing to previous year reports
  13. 30 percent of advertisers on Twitter have extended their campaigns on Twitter platform.
  14. The advertisers are more likely to choose Twitter, and more than 45 percent marketers are choosing Twitter platform.


Publishers are choosing twitter video ads for brand promotion instead of spending more revenue on News channels and television ads. Here we have given 20 facts and figures about twitter video advertising.

Twitter is the very active platform for video marketing. Marketers can see what their competitions are doing and not do. Go through the customer’s complaints about the competitor and find ways to gain an edge over the competitors.

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Lead Generation using Video Marketing: YouTube for B2B Leads 2020 Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:00:38 +0000 Social Media Video Lead Generation Utilizing social media to mark your business isn’t pivotal any longer. Been there, done that? Be that as it may, albeit social is still vital for marking and producing a buzz, it’s necessarily utilized for video lead generation. Lead Generation using Video Marketing will be explained here. Successfully focusing on […]

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Social Media Video Lead Generation

Utilizing social media to mark your business isn’t pivotal any longer. Been there, done that? Be that as it may, albeit social is still vital for marking and producing a buzz, it’s necessarily utilized for video lead generation. Lead Generation using Video Marketing will be explained here.

Successfully focusing on social media requires watchful content management to social media video lead generation. It’s vital to comprehend the contrasts between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to make the best utilization of these channels. In any case, social channels are a perfect spot to test new or imaginative informing, particularly for viral video lead generation.

Analyzing your Current Video Data and integrating with your` existing Analytics

Imagine that we tended to this subject commonly, yet it’s generally a decent time to say the significance of measuring your online marketing efforts all in all, and video marketing efforts specifically (hey, that is our main thing!). On the off chance that you are not ready to investigate the effect it has on your audiences, it will all be futile. 3 fundamental tips to entrance video marketing analytics data

1) Analyzing the KPIs

2) Choosing the Right Tools

3) Creating Customized Dashboards

Now coordinate with different examination apparatuses as a matter of course. The Analytics Integration alternatives contain out of the case combination with the absolute most prevalent apparatuses. In the event that you are new to reconciliations, please first visit our Introduction to Integrations article.

Using Calls-to-Action to drive Leads

An invitation to take action (CTA) is a button or link that you put on your site to drive imminent customers to end up leads by rounding out a structure on the point of arrival. A CTA is a link between the normal content that your potential client is keen on, and a page with an all the more high-esteem offer on it (the landing page) that is applicable and sufficiently intriguing to induce your guest to finish a short shape.

Your CTA is the activity you need your site guest to take. It doesn’t make a difference if you’re presentation page goal is expanding deals, generating leads and generating email leads or creating customer relationships, we as a whole need more changes!

Video Gating for Lead Generation

Gating video content can drive qualified leads, you risk losing the individuals who would prefer not to round out your structure since they aren’t prepared or essentially don’t have any desire to impart further. If somebody isn’t keen on interchanges from your image – perhaps there are occasions where it’s alright not to share your best content with them.

– Pre-Roll Video Gating

A pre-roll advertisement is a special video message that plays before the content the client has chosen. The video ads are regularly repurposed TV advertisements, at times abbreviated to 10 or 15 seconds because the 30-second standard for ads on TV is not reasonable for videos, which are themselves now and again just a couple of minutes long.

Another video format known as TrueView permits clients to avoid the promotion following five seconds. Be that as it may, half of all viewers watch pre-roll ads to the end, even though they have the alternative to skip them.

– Mid-Roll Video Gating

By numerous estimations, a mid-roll ad offers strong returns. Mid-roll advertisements appreciate a higher consummation rate than both pre-and post-roll ads. Viewers have as of now observed a portion of the video content; if they make it to a mid-roll promotion, it implies they have stayed connected with through generally 50% of the video. Since such a substantial lump of the video remains, they are all the more eager to be persistent.

Mid-roll ads additionally fit the general schedule that viewers are usual to on TV. They are utilized for networking shows that interfered with halfway through by notices. It doesn’t trouble the viewer in the way different advertisements may.

Facebook Video Lead Ads

Facebook reported more redesigns to its lead advertisements alternative Wednesday, including the expansion of video. The social network presented lead advertisements last October with the point of empowering organizations to streamline the procedure of having customers or potential customers finish the procedure of signing up for things like newsletters, occasions, events, offers or data.

YouTube for Lead Generation

Since, the essential objective of most advertising campaigns drive new leads and changes the majority of corporate advertisers. concur that it looks bad to drive potential prompts because there is no real way to catch leads or drive transformations on utilizing YouTube for lead generation campaigns:

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about utilizing an implanted YouTube video on a site or point of arrival? Even though it’s genuinely normal, there are some genuine downsides to utilizing YouTube recordings for lead generation campaigns.

How to Use B2B Video Marketing For Lead Generation

The present marketing trend works on the B2B marketing where the business tools and services are promoted to the other business organizations. In B2B marketing, the process of buying will take place depending on the profit and price. In this busy schedule to continue this system the Video plays a major throughout the world.

Product videos:

The marketers will make the video content for the products they want to sell and this will deliver perfect inception of the originality of the products for the other entrepreneur.

Customer testimonials:

While doing B2B marketing the purchaser of the product will ask for the previous customer reference which means the customer testimonials. For that purpose, they will use the video content that had been given to the clients. It used to gain the trust when they are going on with B2B marketing.

Success videos:

The target of the marketer is to reach the expectations of the clients. To do all these they present the most successful videos of the product that mean which has been showed the best performance of selling at the customers. Immediately, this will make to blink in the entrepreneur’s mind that they can give the best result.

Promotion through Email and website:

They promote their product by generating video content through emails and websites. They used to develop their own blogs to give the clear explanation about their products and services. Here search engine is the mainstream to explore the data contained in their own website.

Advertising videos:

The marketer will produce the advertising video with relevant content and this will go to the higher reachability of the clients through social media. This might be useful to have the huge sales for the products or services that they want to go head.

Engaging their niche:

In B2B marketing strategy, they always concentrate on improving their niche by developing the video content. Most of the marketers will fail to build the strong niche which might be used for the growth of the company.

How to Increase the Lead Generation Potential of Your YouTube Video

As everyone knows that YouTube is the primary stream to expand oneself either exploring the personal videos or business category. But both require the lead generation to establish indistinguishable growth in their flow by using the video as the medium between the YouTube channel and the audience.

Optimize Your Video for Lead Generation:

If you are looking to get lead generation for videos on YouTube channel first enhance the channel by conducting video campaigns, assign rich tags and keywords, unique titles and consider comments by using the featured optimizing tools in your YouTube channel.

This will definitely drain the unexpected traffic for your videos.

Create User Engagement Video:

Before creating the videos just consider the requirement of the audience about a video and then go ahead to make those videos first.

But how can you find their intended videos? No worries just go through the YouTube analytics of your previous videos.

Which has acquired huge traffic, which device and from which location it’s engaged much then pick up that video concept.

Now create the videos by considering those then this type video will clutch the continuous engagement of users for your channel.

Have a Great Start:

We all familiar with the quote “first impression is the best impression” yes absolutely it’s true.

When you started your channel the initiation is very important as draws the image that will be in the frame of user expectations.

Before uploading your video must choose proper timings that every user of social media will be on usage.

Follow best promotion strategies through all available sources before launching.

Catchy Custom Thumbnail:

The basic and the most significant thing in the life of a video to get more views is Thumbnail.

This pulls the concentration of audience towards to watch the video completely.

By keeping that in mind give much preference to create the eye-catching custom thumbnails that never used before by anyone else.

Call-to-action buttons:

Always mention call-to-action buttons at your videos by providing the related content that might be useful to follow your channel by your audience. A coffee with a cup and saucer will be nice to have a great coffee day.

In such a way an ultimate video with call-to-action will be the best option to raise the lead generation for a successful YouTube channel.

Video Description with CTA:

Assign a link at the videos of description that directs to your content related email to sign up for the other good videos to watch and update the information about it the upcoming stuff.

Lead Generation for Business using Live Video

Video content proved to be very popular with advertisers and marketers. It is an important component of business marketing. With the usage of social media, increasing the way video content is delivered and consumed is completely changed. Live streaming video is also on the rise and it is just not limited to be used by journalists or individuals. It has become the best tool for advertisers for businesses of all sizes.

Live Video Streaming

Video live streaming is transmitting the live footage over the internet where the active audience will access it. Social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook expanded the reach of live video by introducing the streaming feature, and it is now easier to live stream even with a smartphone.

When the live video is broadcasted, the viewers can interact with the brands directly. It is also possible to share the recorded live video afterward. Live videos are attractive because the audience can directly interact with the people behind the products and services. All the followers will get a notification when the live video starts and interested people can join the live stream.

Live Video for Lead Generation

Live video can be used to tease new product launches, provide information that the audience wants, make an announcement about upcoming events in the company, etc. During the live streaming, the brands can ask the viewers to sign up to get more information. Because of the exclusivity element, people will act immediately and this help in increasing the leads.

Generating leads with live video streaming is a challenge. Live streaming helps acquire the trust of the prospects.

How to use the live streaming to increase leads?

Live streaming should be of something interesting to the audience. Live stream, as it proved, is a powerful tool for lead generation and business promotion, but at the same time, the right content is needed to get the attention of the prospects. Keep the branding consistent. Think about the goal of live streaming. It could be sending the audience to the landing page, asking them to sign up for the website or the sales site or sending them to another video that provides more information about the topic.

The benefit of live streaming is to build community. People will comment on the live stream and can interact in real-time. It strengthens the relationship between the brand and the follower. If the community is strong, it helps for the lead generation. Potential leads can get the review of the product or service from the previous customer and can be encouraged to make a purchase.

Ways to use Live Video for Lead Generation

• Bring the events such as exhibitions, trade shows or conferences to the prospects.

• Behind the scenes, live videos is another effective strategy to personalize the brand. Live video can be used to stream the interview with employees of the company or interviews of the satisfied customers. These interviews establish a relationship between the employees and the potential prospects.

• Another way in which live video streaming can be used is to hosting live training classes. This also helps in lead generation.

The real challenge of getting the full benefits with live video is to make a large number of audience to tune in during the live feed. Tease on social media and other such paces about the live feed. Email newsletter also helps a lot in sending the information to the followers. Live video streaming thus can help in attracting and nurturing the leads and so is used as an important part of digital marketing strategy.

How To Use YouTube Videos For Lead Generation

What is the most powerful tool to build your brand online?

Every one of us knows the answer. It is a video. Using videos, you can convey the message. The video is the most engaging form of content. Studies proved that video content is more likely to be viewed and shared. It is also one of the best ways to use for lead generation. There are many channels for distribution of videos online and some of these are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. But among these YouTube is the more powerful channel as it reaches the right audience and increases conversions.

Why is YouTube powerful?

YouTube is one of the popular search engines in the world. The number of daily visitors is more than thirty million. It is said that more than three billion minutes of videos are watched on YouTube per month.

How to generate leads using YouTube?

The most important thing to do to generate leads using YouTube is to optimize the videos for YouTube search engines. Another important thing is to use the right keywords. Make sure that video quality you are creating is of high quality. High definition videos can be created without spending much on production. Even a phone camera can be used to create professional-looking videos. Apart from good camera and lighting, editing the video Is also important to make the videos look professional.

Optimize the YouTube video content for SEO. Use the right keywords in your title. Use the right meta tags as they help the viewers to find the videos. Use YouTube cards to interact with the viewers. Keep your video content on YouTube branded by uploading your logo to the video.

Tips to use YouTube for Lead Generation

• The content of videos should be selected based on the marketing strategy. Decide the aim of the videos. it could be to get views, subscribers, embed on the website, drive traffic to the website, etc.

• Create a great title for the video. The title must be attractive and should grab the attention of the viewers. They should be relevant to what the user is searching for.

• Adding subscribe buttons to the videos is essential. Use annotations properly. These are the pop-up boxes that can be used to link to landing pages or request people to subscribe to the channel or watch the playlist etc.

• Do not neglect to add a call to action to the videos. It should be at the end of the video because a person who watched the video until the end is more likely to follow the call to action due to the high levels of engagement.

• Call to action can be in many forms. Annotations can be used for this purpose; call to actions can be verbal also. Write the call to action as a full-screen image at the end of the video.

• Make sure that the video content you are using is not repeated.

• Give your contact information in the videos. Embed the URLs of your contact information in the video. It helps the viewers to reach you and turn them into leads.

• Autoplay should always be turned on to make the video start playing immediately.

• Having transcriptions for closed captions will also help to increase the lead generation.

YouTube is undoubtedly the powerful platform for lead generation. Let your strategy helps you harness the power to increase the number of leads. Best results can be delivered by creating, monitoring, and assessing YouTube video consent. Positive leads can be generated by choosing the right content, branding and presenting it well.

10 Video Lead Generation Approaches for Technology Companies

There is no limit of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Irrespective of the size, most tech companies are now focusing on online presence. Customers also have a lot of options while choosing a company; qualified leads are to be attracted. Here are some video lead generation approaches for tech companies.

1. Understand why people come to your site. Focus on what questions and problems bring them to your site.

2. Give offers for each individual problem. The free offer can be an e-book, video series etc.

3. Make them to subscribe for the mailing list to receive the free offers.

4. After offering a solution to the problem of the prospect, direct them to the high-level content you created to differentiate yourself from competitors.

5. Let the prospect know how you are different from others and what you do differently.

6. With the growth of mobile usages, the buying process is happening on mobile devices and so optimizes digital presence for the mobile web.

7. Include video content in the buyer journey. This is a powerful tool to influence the buying decision of the prospect.

8. Technology companies must also use social media. LinkedIn is the best place to focus on lead generation.

9. Host webinars to educate the leads and create interest in your products.

10. Include testimonial videos from your customers and add them to your landing page.

Lead generation is very important in the marketing strategy of any company. This is key for business growth. Have an effective video lead generation strategy to keep the sales funnel full.


As you want to increase the lead generation potential for your YouTube videos, follow the strategies mentioned above. When you trail all these tactics then immediately you can claim the good result.

B2B marketers always try to enlighten their skills, which are used to elaborate on the success of the company. Hence, these marketers will work on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube frequently with new marketing strategies.

Video rules as a communication medium. At the point when utilized suitably, it’s likewise an excellent tool in accomplishing advertising destinations. For some organizations, these aims spin around video lead generation. Shockingly, the main part of the video content discovered online is capriciously created and needs improvement optimization over channels along these lines neglecting to convey fulfilling results. In any case, it doesn’t need to be that way.

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YouTube for Political Advertising: Guide to Political Ad Campaign 2020 Wed, 06 Nov 2019 11:35:13 +0000 As the elections are reaching the near line of the election date, the politicians are more aggressive in expelling their ad campaign strategy. We can say that it is an excellent luck time for media companies to find a flood of political advertising dollars. Rising awareness about politics is the major challenge for advertisers, especially […]

The post YouTube for Political Advertising: Guide to Political Ad Campaign 2020 appeared first on ReelnReel.

As the elections are reaching the near line of the election date, the politicians are more aggressive in expelling their ad campaign strategy. We can say that it is an excellent luck time for media companies to find a flood of political advertising dollars.

Rising awareness about politics is the major challenge for advertisers, especially using social media channels. The winning of any political party stands to depend on the delivery of their message and lookouts at the relevant voters through which they can profoundly influence them to vote for their party or person.

To do that, any politician should make the echoes of their political campaign with the most effective advertising strategy. Especially in today’s political campaign, when you don’t include the digital frame of the advertising strategy, then it is useless to explore your political campaign.

Why is it going to happen?

As we compare social media usage from the last decades to present, there are a lot of changes that occurred in the usage of social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, etc. But in all of them, YouTube is the most engaged channel as it is streaming video content at free or low cost.

Video is the most preferred content by the audience to watch all-time whenever they need it. The candidates are raising funds successfully through online advertising on YouTube. It is showing the most significant impact on politicians to reach their most engaging voters.

The launch of political ads on YouTube helps to win the competition and bang their political party name.

“Knock the voter’s digital door to delivery your message – possible on YouTube.”

Politicians can reserve advertising space on YouTube

YouTube is letting the political parties make the purchase of ad space on its platform to target their voters. The early voting states such as South Carolina in the United States can make use of this campaign opportunity.

In Google Ads, we can find the YouTube tool like ‘Instant Reserve’ to launch their ad campaigns. It is testing this tool with multiple advertisers over many industries.

The marketers can plan and book the campaign slots with a fixed budget by using this tool. Moreover, they can predict the reach of the political campaign in advance of launch.

YouTube parent Google has seen that top trending politicians like Donald Trump, along with other forefront election runners who are more competing for the election race, spend nearly $21.8 million to launch their advertising campaigns on its platform.

The most significant benefit of placing political campaigns on YouTube is that the ads are also served on the homepage, which is the most engaging landing page of YouTube.

How Can Politicians take advantage of YouTube’s Instant Reserve?

Under Control:

At the fixed budget, you can buy the impressions.

Great Prominence:

The political ads campaigns can be placed at the top of the YouTube home page.

Brand Awareness:

Any political party can reach a wide range of audiences while comparing with the auction-based campaign; you can reach a huge audience through this campaign tool.

Categories of YouTube Campaign Advertisements


Here the election candidates introduce themselves to gain the audience attention by highly influential messages.


These are ads in which the celebrities or industrialists involve in ad campaigns by supporting the particular candidate or party. This ads show huge impact on the voters to choose their candidate.


The intention of this ad campaign is touching the emotions of the audience that directs them to connect with the words of the presenter in the ad campaign.


These are the ads where one candidate or party targets the personality, opinion and past record of the opponent. The contrast ad campaigns are highly influential source as they deliver the positive information or message of the person.

Citizen Testimonial:

In this type of ad campaigns the involvement of common citizens takes place to elevate the specific leader and their capabilities. This is also another most workable ad campaign type to get the voter attention.

Attack Ad Campaigns:

the negative ads are mainly intended to attack the opponent incapabilities and not revealing the truth.

Bandwagon Ad Campaign:

This is where most of the people will be influenced that there should be done something.

Character Ad Campaign:

What type of person the nominated candidate will be defined here.

Fear Ad:

Motivating the audience to vote for the candidate if not something bad will happen.

Lip Flopping Ad Campaign:

The weaknesses of the opponent will be elevated here.

Music or Jingle Ad Campaign:

The slogan or song that immediately catched by the audience will be composed.

Plain Folk Ad Campaign:

Composing the campaign by using the language that all understand.

Evidence Ad:

The actual information including the facts will be used.

Political Advertising completely becoming Digital

  • For each $1 spent about $ 0.03 to 0.05 is going to digital.
  • Top digital advertising spenders inclining to be contested, statewide races, broad and now Presidential candidates.
  • The top trending political leader Trump spent 44% on digital media, while S. Senate spent 4 to 7 percent and 54% by commercial companies.
  • 2020 Presidential election race is on fire that Trump has spent more on YouTube than any other politicians.

Tips for running successful political ad campaigns on YouTube

  • Before running the ad campaigns on YouTube, go through the YouTube political advertising policy guidelines.
  • Defining and investing in an exact voter audience mandatory to engage your ad campaign.
  • Always be on top to compose the careful and strategic ad campaign messages to the YouTube audience that reaches the wider audience.
  • Go on takedown act on YouTube if you find any content images of you on opponents’ videos. There are too many third parties available to take off this activity.
  • Go ahead on building both the YouTube skippable ads and non-skippable ads.
  • Set the budget before launch the ad campaign.
  • Hire the best advertising agencies that are entirely relevant to politics or who have expert and practical knowledge of politics.

Buying YouTube Instant Reservation Advertising – Political

The advertising agencies or advertisers can make the purchase of reservation advertising on cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), fixed cost per day (CPD), or fixed budget category.

Here the advertisers need to book the CPM campaign and should deliver the creative assets to implement; also, this should happen 3 business days before the start of the campaign date.

Before three weeks, the CPD campaign should be booked, and within 3 business days before the start of the campaign, the creative assets should be delivered.

The Ad-formats that are available on YouTube Instant Reservation Tool

Non-skippable video ads:

These can be played before, after, and during the video plays on YouTube. The politicians can make the best use of it to deliver powerful and simple message and can find greater visibility.

Masthead CPM ads:

These ad formats allow your ads to display on the top of the YouTube homepage, which is the most engaging home feed of audiences. These ads are available on YouTube over desktop, YouTube apps for TV, and mobile apps.

Skippable Video Ads:

When the audience plays the video, these skippable ads start playing. This ad length can be up to 6 minutes, which can be skipped after 5 seconds. It increments the audience’s view count on YouTube video ads.

Bumper ads:

It is 6 seconds of video ads, which is non-skippable.

Masthead CPD:

This is a CPD ad that enables your ads to be displayed on the top of the Home feed of YouTube. These are available on YouTube across mobile apps and desktop.


The goal of YouTube Instant Reservation ads for political ad campaigns is to provide more transparency in the launch of political campaigns that reach the real-time voters. To make your election campaign more effective election campaigns reserve the ad space on YouTube. Make effective use of YouTube to engage your voters with creative ad campaigns.

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What is OTT, or Over-the-Top? – OTT Video Streaming Trends 2020 Fri, 01 Nov 2019 10:26:32 +0000 Over-the–top content refers to the content that is useful for delivering the TV and other film content through the internet without any need of subscribing to the traditional cable cords and Pay TV services and much more. The OTT apps and the associated services can be delivered through internet and everything that users need. It […]

The post What is OTT, or Over-the-Top? – OTT Video Streaming Trends 2020 appeared first on ReelnReel.

Over-the–top content refers to the content that is useful for delivering the TV and other film content through the internet without any need of subscribing to the traditional cable cords and Pay TV services and much more.

The OTT apps and the associated services can be delivered through internet and everything that users need. It has become the top entertainment today.

When comes to OTT applications and services, They are divided into three different kinds of revenue models like SVOD, TVOD and AVOD.

The subscription-based services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Ad-supported services like Crackle and transaction services like Vimeo can be provided under the OTT services.

The telecom industry is also undergoing several changes with new things that are changing the business environment. There is a significant impact of OTT service providers on the operators. There are several new regulations which were included with the laws of net neutrality which remove the barriers to OTT apps success.

There is an enormous impact on the on the traditional operator’s revenue streams. The OTT services are raised more than 700 Billion sources of income and it is expected to increase the OTT revenues.

Benefits of OTT services

• The Over the Top content had changed the way of using the internet and many businesses are also finding new opportunities to reach their potential audience across the web.

• With the advent of mobile devices, the communication has become the means of accessing the information.

• The main advantages of the streaming media through OTT services and applications are the 50 percent of the web content is entirely go towards the streaming media.

• The central fact that is vital for the business is to be on the right track to make use of the technology.

• More people are turning towards the streaming media than the text content.

• The streamed media allows the users to have a good control over the content and user can forward or backward the content.

• Another key advantage of OTT content is its quality. The quality of streaming media is comparatively very good and improved.

• Hence it turned as a useful tool for businesses. The streaming media can deliver real quality content.

• Users are attracted towards the streaming content and they simply like to consume the top content. Business who can provide the best content can win their audience with their services.

• Though companies are offering the media that is downloadable, the streamed content has greater priority.

• The streaming content is too hard to duplicate, so no worries about the content pirating.

• OTT video can provide the businesses a significant opportunity to take advantage of the emerging technology.

Pros and Cons of OTT services


Consumer friendly

The rise in competition the business to hire the qualified vendors to provide their services. So, consumers can get the best of all when comes to OTT services.

Best choice

There is no need to go for different packages which are too confusing for all. The best providers will not get the penalty and hence they can provide the best customer support as well as the best resolution to the customers.

Low costs

The monthly pricing is very low which starts from $5 with lots of free content from the major platforms like YouTube, Hulu, etc.

Easy installation

It is very easy to install the OTT applications on laptop or phones and saves a lot of time and effort.

The original programming will be offered from OTT services just like the cable operators do.


The main disadvantage of the OTT is its quality. Yes, OTT can provide good quality output to the users, but the quality will also depend upon the internet connection speed of the users.

Sometimes, the user might experience the buffering while watching the video content over OTT services or applications.

Some programs cannot reach faster on OTT compared to TV. Your program seasons might complete in cable and slow on OTT.

OTT & Its Facts

• OTT does not have the web browser capabilities.

• There will not be any cookies or flash.

• Some digital ads and third party tags are not compatible on OTT.

• The audiences on OTT are diversified and they are not limited.

• More than 24 percent video ad views in the year 2016 come from desktop and laptops only.

• The total OTT views on OTT devices have risen to 65 % at the end of Q3 in the year 2016.

Growth of OTT

OTT users are growing year by year and there is an increased number of viewers across the globe who gave the green flag to the OTT services instead of cable and other traditional Pay TV networks.

When comes to device targeting, 16 percent more growth is reported on VODs and 36% increase is reported on desktop or laptop.

9% increased the Tablet OTT users and smartphone users grew by 17%.

OTT platforms

OTT platforms are ideal platforms for where users can access from their device and it is very comfortable comparing to other modes of content consumption through traditional cord connectors.

It can be accessible to anyone with a very limited expertise and the consumer can quickly perform all the required functionalities and the tasks where users can find the content with ease.

Some of the top OTT platforms are Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Sling TV. Discovering the new content can be very fast and precise on OTT platforms.

Users mainly refer OTT platforms as they can get the top rated premium content which cannot be able to fetch in traditional cable networks.

OTT is the most comfortable way to watch favorite programs as users are more likely use their smart devices beyond just for calling and receiving.

That is the reason why the OTT communications were also significantly developed and people made these services as the part of their daily routine. We can expect more developments in OTT in future to enhance the viewer’s experience and marketer’s opportunities in new directions.

The Ultimate Guide to OTT

Over The Top or OTT is the most buzzing word across the web especially in entertainment. It occupied a central role with an impending merger of television and digital world.

OTT stands for Over The Top the term is used in the delivery of a film or TV content through the Internet without the requirement of any subscriptions like traditional cable or satellite TV services. The OTT services also include the Instant message and voice calls.

We all know that video traffic is on rising, and according to the recent reports, it is also revealed that video will make up to 70 percent of mobile traffic by 2021. The expectations of the consumer are also evolving, and they are expecting the quality services.

Did OTP have crushed the income of Cable operators?

Not exactly instead it increased another revenue stream for cable operators because, OTT the users need an internet connection which they need to consult the cable operators again.

The traditional distributors will continue to play a significant role in the OTT development and its growth.

OTT is a bit slow in development because of lack of strategy for better marketing and advertising.

It is lucrative for the pay TV providers to go with the current model that center the sale of bundles to the customers if they do not need them.

This model is working well, and it is the best for major media companies that have owned TV networks. They bundle the top favorite channels.

OTT revenue model

OTT is differentiated into three different revenue models such as SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD.


  • It is defined as a subscription video on Demand.
  • This type of service offers the subscription agreement that allows you to access the services where you can watch the shows with no limit.
  • Most of these services are operated like monthly subscriptions type, and users can renew their subscription until they cancel the subscription.
  • The general lock periods are six to 12 months. The subscription-based services are Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, etc.


  • AVOD means Advertising based Video on Demand. It is free for the users and has no subscription fee to access the service.
  • It is the least explored model in business and OTT market.
  • It is similar to YouTube platform type.


  • TVOD means Transactional Video on Demand.
  • ·The TVOD did not charge anything for a normal while sign up for a service to create the User profile.
  • You only need to pay some amount basing on the type of content you watch.
  • The TVOD services try and retain the customers by offering the attractive pricing specifically on selected content.
  • It is also offering some new releases and has potential to build the business.

Benefits of OTT for business

  • OTT content has changed the usage of internet and for businesses, it is new opportunity to reach the potential customers.
  • The OTT had changed the communication system and hence changed the marketing ecosystem and interactions.
  • The main benefits of streaming media for businesses are technology.
  • More people are utilizing the technology, and the streaming media becomes the most convenient system.
  • The streaming media is just limited with the bandwidth speed, and it makes an easy way to reach the potential customers.
  • It also gives control over the content to move forward as well as backward if there is any need.
  • Another potential benefit of using the OTT is quality content.
  • The streaming content always attracts the users and businesses need to provide consistently.
  • To get the high definition quality content, the speed of just 5MBPS to 7 MBPS are well enough for the super quality content and businesses can reach their customers with ease.
  • Some companies offer the downloadable media in which the streamed content is hard to pirate, and there is very less choice to embed the same in another site.
  • The streaming of OTT content can ensure better protection of your content.

Difference between the OTT and IPTV

The IPTV is a traditional type which delivers the content to a fully managed network. The protocol is commonly utilized in video content streaming with internet protocol. It is just like a private network which is not able to access externally.

In IPTV the video streams are delivered within the private network, and it is only accessible from the devices that are issued by the service providers or operators.

OTT, on the other hand, is available publicly over the internet and delivers the video streams. This type of content can be found in the setup boxes and also through any smart device which has the capability of accessing the internet.

IPTV has controlled networks where the operators are enabling to go multicasting with full efficiency. The playback devices will not support proprietary technologies. It has complete control over the bandwidth. The main disadvantage is that it does not serve the viewers who like to play the content whenever they want. Hence, the OTT delivered video content has become more popular.

Effect of OTT on Telecom

According to the recent research reports, it is revealed that Telecom had lost nearly 390 billion due to the OTT applications. They become dependent only on the cellular voice and SMS services. OTT has become the present as well as the future communication system across the web.

On the other hand, the OTT providers are fetching new opportunities for their business and remain at the top of the services. If telecom can go with the bundling of OTT with the various Telecom deliverables can be an excellent strategy to boost the ROI.

Finally, the OTT streaming has many considerable differences like its supports multi-platform, very few advertisements while watching the top content and it is much faster than the video on demand type of content. Consumers also benefit from the OTT content comparing with other services. So, OTT is always the Top in quality and deliverability.

OTT Revenues Forecast [Study]

Over the Top video had lead its services that are drive by the advertising which is expected to be doubled by 2020. According to the reports, it has good catch up internationally and the countries, such as China and Japan. OTT Revenues Forecast is explained here.

Both these countries had occupied the second and third places in the revenue generation in the over the top market.

In China the online television have soared its revenue of 38 million in 2010 and it was expected to increase more than 3000 million according to the reports.

The advertising with the video online have expected to be more than 8 billion and may doubled in the coming years.

According to the reports, it was expected to reach 18.2 billion by 2019 and even the SVOD services also get doubled from 4 billion to eight billion.

It is very interesting and as well as shocking to know about the video delivered through internet which changes the economy of entertainment.

It is predicted that, in the next seven years, there will be great dominance by the television which poises the growth towards 215 billion by 2018.

Even the mobile internet is also plays an important t role in OTT raise as the mobile users are increased drastically in the world.

By using the smart devices the accessing of internet and the web usage have tremendously raised and increased the penetration up to 56% which drives the digitalized advertising with increase in the revenue rates.

It was also expected that the streaming from the electronic devices also dominates the discs in the coming year.

Over-The-Top Mobile Video Content Market [Study]

Well, the term “over-the-top” first really came into prominence in the paid TV industry. It refers to one business model coming in and disrupting other existing business models.

So the classic case in the case of the paid TV industry was over-the-top, online video services coming into the market and disrupting the business of existing paid TV companies.

Now, when it comes to mobile, the over-the-top business model has really come into use with the introduction of smartphone vendors into the market.

So, Apple is the classic case, came into the market and through its own app store and content services disrupted the existing services of the operators.

Now, we’re seeing not just Apple, but other companies, Google in particular, with their app stores, also coming in over-the-top of existing services.

It’s a trend that we expect to continue from a whole range of different services and really every player in the mobile industry ecosystem must be aware of the possibility of competitors coming in over-the-top of their services and disrupting what they’re doing.

Video is already very important to mobile operators, especially as the ownership of smartphones amongst their subscriber base has increased.

Smartphones, of course, increasingly optimized for video viewing. Now, this has become especially important as we move into the era of 4G. 4G networks, of course, offering greater speed, higher bandwidth, and optimized for delivering video over the cellular network.

Increasingly, the big mobile operators are offering at least triple play, sometimes quad-play services.

So mobile of course, but also fixed-line broadband, fixed-line telephony, and often TV. So, TV, video services are becoming increasingly important to operators as we go forward. Everything about OTT Revenues Forecast is sketched in a detail way.

Roku Ad Insights Suite For OTT Advertising Measurements [Review]

Roku is one of the best TV streaming services among all Over the Top services. Recently Roku introduced a new Roku Ad Insights Suite for advertising measurements to check the effectiveness of OTT TV and Linear Campaigns.

The suite named as “Ad Insights” which helps the marketers to measure and check how effective advertising campaigns are running at the same time estimate the demography of Linear and OTT TV Ad content.

Roku Ad Insights Suite was driven by the Roku’s First party data and the linear and streaming viewership habits of millions of monthly active Account holders and billions of Roku TV streaming hours.

Roku is also collaborating with the research providers such as Kantar Millward Brown, Experian, Oracle Data Cloud, etc., to provide third-party measurements.

The Roku Ad Insights Suite allows marketers able to measure or quantify the demographic segments across OTT, i.e., apps, Linear TV, Desktop, Mobile, TV services provided networks like Roku.

Advertisers can target and measure the campaigns delivered to the Roku users who do not use traditional TV subscription services.

“Our Investment in New Measurement Tool reflects our strong commitment to helping the brands fully leverage the benefits of OTT advertising,” said Scott Rosenberg, GM of platform Business at Roku.

Roku Ad Insights Suite Includes

Reach Insights:

Marketers can measure or quantify the unique results of campaign reach by demographic segments across OTT, Linear TV, desktop, Mobile and TV streaming services like Roku.

Tune-in Insights:

Advertisers and Marketers can measure the effectiveness content promotion; TV ad Campaigns run on Linear TV, desktop, Mobile, and OTT Streaming.

Cord-Cutter Insights:

Marketers can measure the result and target the campaigns delivered to the Roku OTT users who do not use traditional pay-TV subscription.

Survey Insights:

Marketers can gather and survey the real-time feedbacks, demographic insights.


Roku announced that Ad Insights was the First Over the Top platform to integrate Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings(DAR) and offers audience guaranteed demographic insights to the marketers.

Growth Statistics of OTT Industry in Brazil [Study]

Over-The-Top Content (OTT) is delivery by the third party, of audio, video, and other media. Always, the channel that will use in this process is the Internet. The ISP is aware of the content of the ‘packets’ being used to deliver the OTT, but he has no role to play either to view, control the distribution of the same. OTT Industry in Brazil is unique in itself that it differs from purchase/rental of video/audio from ISP. Everything about OTT Industry in Brazil is explained here.

OTT Industry in Brazil

Despite the enormous increase in number and usage of smartphones, the revenues of telecom companies offering SMS package are declining steadily. This decline is directly attributable to the concept of OTT. The number of smartphone users using OTT communications services is expected to be around 2.1 billion by the end of 2017. This one statement amply suggests the importance and popularity of OTT.

Brazil is considered a country offering a promising future for OTT. Brazil is a country in South America with a population of more than 200 million (July 2014 estimates). Coming to OTT in Brazil, this Latin American country has around 20 million Pay-TV subscribers and is the biggest market for this concept in all Latin American countries. As Pay-TV penetration is below 30%, there is huge potential for growth of Pay TV.

The industry is upbeat with an expected expansion of 300% till 2018. Though the business estimates are encouraging, certain ground-level issues need to handled before enjoying the huge potential of Brazil in the OTT market. Brazil has slow broadband speeds, and most of the population is devoid of credit cards (for making an online payment, etc.). This issue is to be resolved at the earliest to ensure proper revenue models once the industry starts getting rewards for its potential.

OTT industry in Brazil is different from other countries. Once if you check the Statistics of OTT Industry in Brazil that will show you the perfect way how the Brazilian people use Over the Top Content.

OTT Live Sports Streaming – The Next Big Thing

many sports lovers do not want to miss the live-action of any sports event. OTT live sports streaming is getting bigger and bigger in popularity and is also getting better. Virtual reality technology and subscription services and further technology advancements might make us see shifting towards live online sports from watching the sports event on television, the traditional way.

Recent studies revealed that people using OTT services for watching the live sports streaming are increasing. Though this is not a threat to the television services right now, it shows how important online streaming of sports is becoming. Large no.of people are subscribing to OTT sports services.

With the usage of mobile devices increasing, there is an appetite for sports content on these devices. Sports lovers want to access sports content on their smartphones and mobiles. Live streaming of sports is important for global tournaments that continue for a couple of days such as world cups or Olympics.

Big things are going to happen in the coming days in the sports streaming market. Amazon formed its sports group and recruited James Delorenzo as the head. Amazon is competing with the likes of Netflix and Hulu in sports streaming services. Hulu is also launching a live streaming service, which is exciting news for sports fans. Live sports streaming is going to get hotter in the coming days as more and more OTT providers are competing to win the audience.

The Internet is going to be the popular distribution platform for live sports. OTT live sports streaming will help improve the reach of a global audience. The live streaming of sports expands the audience and generated revenue for the leagues. The demand for sports leagues will be global once they adopt for OTT live sports streaming.

4K OTT Video – The Next Big Thing

Video production is finding new avenues and the latest addition is the 4K OTT (over the top). There are large numbers of players in the field of OTT (like that of Amazon, Youtube, UltraFlix, M-Go, Netflix, etc.) and all of them are thrilled about the 4K resolution.

4K OTT creation as well as providing the content is very easy. The creation of 4K can be taken up with new types of storage & video equipment. However, the whole exercise is economical as well. As such OTT is well ahead of Pay-TV and competition from broadcast companies.

4K OTT is having advantages like low entry cost (than regular broadcasters). Lower cost enables the OTT to have greater penetration into the market and overtake the existing players who are burdened with high entry cost as well as high running costs.

Potential of 4K OTT is huge and is poised to grow further in the times to come. A few facts about 4K OTT mention that: Presently, there are 2.3 million unique users. And more than 189 million unique users are expected to tap into 4K OTT by 2021. This phenomenal growth is quite a lucrative arena for the marketers.

Being the newest concept, 4K OTT is having limitations like lack of 4K content coupled with the lack of 4K streaming devices, and this is limiting the growth of 4K OTT. Despite the limitations, the OTT video services are already hot with Hulu nearing 12 million paid subscribers, Netflix with more than 75 million subscribers & Amazon with almost 50 million prime members.

4K OTT is gaining momentum but is still in its infancy stage. With the world-leading providers – software and hardware – this concept is going to the next big thing. The reality is not far as there are positive indications in this direction. Japan already showed its interest in broadcasting the 2020 Olympics in 8K, and this can be a boosting point for the 4K OTT segment. As such 4K OTT is the next big thing.

OTT Video Analytics – The Next Big Thing

The online content range is increasing, and it is even more important now that the preferences and behavior of the user are understood and is put to good use. Content owners are consuming data, but using it to improve the customer experience is important.OTT Video Analytics is trending in the streaming industry.

OTT Video Analytics

Using analytics to understand the customers is good, but it must identify what data is useful to us and what is not. Analyzing the OTT video analytics and understanding the traffic source, trends in consumption, etc., the content providers can manage the video deliver better.

Customers are making the OTT video phenomena popular. They are shifting from watching traditional television, and there is a great demand for them for streaming videos. They are ready to pay for video streaming services. OTT video analytics will help the operators to provide the quality of experience that the customer wants.

OTT video analytics help the content providers to get data about OTT video consumption, and they also can know their most popular videos, consumption trends, and much more. By understanding this data, they can develop premium products and consumer packages.

OTT video analytics helps to find the top content and how the viewers engaged with the content. The user attention span and which of the video content is not being watched by the viewers fully can be understood. Geolocation of the viewers can also be appreciated.

Data-drove OTT video services can be used to understand the behavior of the viewers and of the content that will increase the engagement. The video analytics can be used by the streaming company to improve its ad revenue also.

Overall video quality of the OTT video should be increased as poor video quality results in viewers abandoning the video. This is a performance metric that should be identified by the content providers. This is just an example of how OTT video analytics help in improving the user experience.

20 Facts about Enterprise Video Analytics & Streaming

The present trend works on the theme of video-on-demand services, and this made easy by the word enterprise by providing extraordinary services for the customers by merging with the corporate level, Enterprise Video Analytics.

  1. Television industry lost more than 30 percent of its consumers due to raise of video usage through mobile devices
  2. More than 20 percent people are watching the videos liner viewing per week
  3. The people of age group from 18-24 years are spending more than 17 hours in a week
  4. Mobile video viewing had increased the video share to more than 389 percent.
  5. Online video streaming increased to 60 percent growth
  6. More than 2.5M world cup live streaming viewers are noticed online viewing from the mobile apps
  7. The video ad views had grown towards 200 percent raise.
  8. More than 20 percent views video ad views were increased comparing to the previous year reports.
  9. Long form content and the live content viewing have greatly increased
  10. The video is considered as a top three marketing tactic by the B2B and B2C companies
  11. More than 65 percent CTR rates have noticed from video campaigns through emails
  12. More than 94 percent marketers are using video in their marketing
  13. More than 50 percent marketers are turned towards the streaming apps and marketing through live streaming
  14. More than 66 percent of viewers are watching up to third part of the whole video
  15. Video advertising reduced the unsubscriptions
  16. More than 80 percent traffic is estimated on the web when we reach 20-17 due to videos.
  17. Video streaming app have greatly increased and more than 25 percent growth was noticed
  18. More than 50 percent of startup enterprises got good success with video advertising
  19. The global enterprise video market was expected to grow more than 50$ billion when we reached towards 2019

These will define the how it is influencing the customers by following the highly qualified strategies and the steps to rule the market through the utilization of video will be notified.

20 OTT Market Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

The biggest challenge of Over the Top market-facing providing the services to the consumers as per the Government regulation all over the world. The OTT market has already proven consumption over the Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix channels.

Heads of TV annalist and researchers concluded that Mobile OTT content has high in demand whereas compared to TV telecasts. The present and future generation live streaming, and Live broadcasting plays a dominant role.

  1. Nearly 100+ million people are using the OTT services in US
  2. It is expected that more than 500 million smartphone users will get increased by 2020
  3. The OTT communications had penetrated its reach to 50 percent during 2013 and expected to increase 80 percent by 2020
  4. The smartphone users are using the OTT services which increased from 80 percent by 2020
  5. More than 20% was accounted to US in global smart phone OTT service users by 2020
  6. In the next three years, it is expected that US will be on the top place in OTT services
  7. China is the leader of OTT market in 2013.China has more than 500 million OTT users in its country
  8. China, US, Brazil, India and Germany are in the top five positions in the OTT service usage.
  9. The total of 800 million OTT users are noticed from the top five markets in the countries.
  10. The North American market has raised to more than 30 percent in the OTT video streaming
  11. North America had reached to 15 billion in OTT during the 2019 year
  12. The Video on demand services is expected to make more than half revenue from the services like Netflix
  13. The OTT revenue for 2019 is predicted to be get doubled revenue and it is expected to be around 17.8 billion
  14. Subscription based OTT had increased to 25 percent growth
  15. OTT content which was in the form of video ads accounts more than 40 percent in the revenue during 2019
  16. North American OTT users are spending some 28$ as an average on OTT services on 2018 and now it increased more than 19 percent from previous years.
  17. The subscription revenues for OTT may be increased to more than 60 percent in the coming year
  18. The advertising revenue from the OTT services was noticed as 10 billion dollars
  19. It is expected that in the next five years, the OTT revenues may cross 80 million more.
  20. More than 60 million subscriptions are noticed from the OTT service providers like Netflix, Hulu etc.

Note: All the above stats are predictions based on previous years’ stats with respect to OTT Video Streaming.


Here are the mind-blowing fact about OTT Market statistics that you nerve know. There is a continuous growth in the statistics of OTT market every year raising the consumption about 50% according to stats.

The post What is OTT, or Over-the-Top? – OTT Video Streaming Trends 2020 appeared first on ReelnReel.

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eCommerce Video Marketing: Powerful eCommerce Video Trends in 2020 Wed, 30 Oct 2019 06:12:30 +0000 Ways to execute an eCommerce Video Strategy to Increase Your Sales & Traffic Ecommerce is like an ocean, and you must dive with your skill with the perfect strategy to shot the success target. E-commerce business greatly increased from the past few years and marketers were targeting the consumers with different tactics and making the […]

The post eCommerce Video Marketing: Powerful eCommerce Video Trends in 2020 appeared first on ReelnReel.

Ways to execute an eCommerce Video Strategy to Increase Your Sales & Traffic

Ecommerce is like an ocean, and you must dive with your skill with the perfect strategy to shot the success target. E-commerce business greatly increased from the past few years and marketers were targeting the consumers with different tactics and making the audience into their customers on their sites. They are trying to grab customer attention and making them purchase more than they want to buy from them. It is tough for a new startup to face the heavy competition that is facing in the present eCommerce business through eCommerce Video Marketing strategies.

Every business need recognition and must stamp a better identity among the other sites. So, the strategy must be executed in a right way with perfect planning.

Apply your strategy by connecting with audience on your blogs

Maintain the blogs for your eCommerce site and post the related content that audience is interested in and make a view line scrolling on your website which allows the audience to land on your blog to watch your video content. So, maintain URL and get linked with the audience with newsletters in their mailbox with attractive video ad.

Become social and react to the people queries

Some eCommerce sites didn’t bother the negative comments and queries that usually people were asking. Don’t do that, if the comment that was made by the audience was genuine, then interact with them in real-time and answer them about your products and their questions. That makes you build the audience towards your site.

Tips for Better eCommerce Video Result

Ecommerce is the biggest thing in business. Every small startup to the large-scale business holders was going online and making their presence even better by reaching millions of people with different social media platforms and by constructing the blogs and websites. There is a huge competition in eCommerce, and many businesses were competing one another for the better identity. Majority of the marketers were switching to the

Construct good website with responsive design

Mobile devices are playing a great role in the advertising online as people were surfing the internet via smart devices. More than 89 percent people were shopping via smartphones on eCommerce websites. So, you must focus on the responsive designing of the website succeed in eCommerce marketing. The website must be perfectly suited and must be compatible with the mobile screens that are in use to reach the consumers.

Connect with social media and use it professionally

Social media are the great way to connect some billions of consumers online. So, you can make your eCommerce business profile pages and maintain your blog and get connected with every platform like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube etc. always share the content via social media.

Create better videos like product videos, testimonial videos, demonstration videos, beauty tutorials…

Create the videos, not for just advertising but, create them for people and your consumers. The product related and the tutorial videos are beneficial for the consumers, and they can attract them towards your site

Ecommerce Video Advertising Trends

Ecommerce business is very vast, and today every retailer was transforming their business to online. They are focusing on their websites and especially on advertising. When comes to advertising online, Video advertising was one of the most effective ones to target the audience online towards your site. The marketer targets the audience interests and the growth of their sales. They explore the link between the audience and videos and they are trying to attract the consumers online towards their products or services by following various trends in eCommerce. Here are some interesting trends in eCommerce video advertising.

Responsive web designing

More than seventy percent people were watching the videos from the smart devices. They are also spending their time on eCommerce websites to know about the offers and latest updates from different stores. So, marketers are targeting the responsive web designing and following this trend to make their marketing videos compatible with the mobile screens. That is the most important point that must be focused to grab the customer attention.

Product videos in eCommerce

The description of the products and services help the consumers as well as they also like to watch the videos to know more information about the product they are going to buy. It is ongoing trend that every online retailer was following online today.

Demonstration videos

Some demonstration and working videos are also one of the trends in eCommerce. The videos become a guide for the consumers and they can learn how to use the products and everything about what they had ordered. This made them to come again to the same store for the best support that marketers are provided with video tutorials, guides and many other things only in the form of videos.

Using YouTube Video for eCommerce Marketing

Video is the best way to convey your words into the hearts of the audience. There is no other form of advertising that is effective than the videos. When comes to the word Video at once, the name of the platform that strikes in every mind is “YouTube”. Yes, YouTube is the biggest video searching platform on the web which allows the marketers, artists, individuals to with their favourite videos with a free account to reach millions of people across the globe. It is the effective platform to succeed with your marketing tactics. YouTube will be there in every marketer’s strategy when they plan videos.

YouTube is very helpful for the eCommerce marketers in the following ways in marketing

Go with your ads on YouTube

YouTube offers various types of ads for the marketers to advertise on its platform. So, marketers can use the true view ads and can sign into the platform with skippable video ads that can display the videos with affordable marketing expenses. So, it is the best way to reach the millions of people on YouTube platform.

video advertising for their eCommerce business leads. Here are some tips for the eCommerce video for better results.

Use the metrics

YouTube also provides the metrics about the engagement of the videos and the present view count and growth and depletion reports for the marketers. The analytics on YouTube can be very helpful for the marketers to edit their videos as well as to succeed in achieving the better branding on the platform with the videos.

Go with product descriptions and eCommerce testimonials

When comes to eCommerce business, a buyer wants to know about the product clearly before having it. So, the marketers must take the chance with the videos and make some product demonstrations to educate the customer about the product they are interested. So, you can make one and share via YouTube and embed the links. Testimonials made the consumers confident about what they are getting from the eCommerce store.

Using Facebook Video for eCommerce Marketing

Facebook is the leading platform and most engaging social media today. Many marketers were already connected with Facebook and started advertising with the latest features of the Facebook platform. Videos have great attention from the audience, and even marketers are thinking creatively while making their videos for marketing. Facebook platform is also allowing the video content on its news feed, which can reach millions of people. Even many marketers were also expected that Facebook platform would very soon compete the YouTube platform in quality and advertising.

Facebook autoplay videos

You can use the Facebook autoplay video feature to advertise the products or services offered from your eCommerce business. Know your objective and convey the audience with 30 seconds video, which will be auto-played on the Facebook platform in three different locations within Facebook. The autoplay videos play without sound automatically without clicking. Facebook auto-play videos Grab the attention and curiosity of the audience about the video. So, whenever the users click on to the video, it can be viewed in full screen with sound.

Facebook real-time analytics for marketers especially for Ecommerce

The real-time analytics services offered by the Facebook will provide the marketers with the video analytics by analyzing their views and length of the videos and at which part the audience are interesting in and at which part they are not much interested. so, accordingly, marketers can edit the videos and target the sales leads.

Using TikTok Video for eCommerce Marketing

TikTok app become very famous and attracted many young people towards it. It allows the users to record short videos which can be able to share on the social networks. Millions of people are using the TikTok App. The users can shoot the videos simply and also can edit accordingly. As there is a great demand for the videos in the present digital marketing era, eCommerce marketers were also focused on the TikTok application for their marketing.

Using TikTok to showcase the products

TikTok videos captured by the smartphones with iOS or Android platform. The videos of the products can be shooting in a 360-degree view and can share to the audience. The marketers must keep the quality and clarity of the videos. You can demonstrate your product video with a stop-motion photography.

Building brand with TikTok videos

TikTok videos were also useful in effective brand building. The main thing with the TikTok videos is, you must maintain the quality and convey the audience what you want to tell them about your product or services in short span. The video must be designed with complete focus on your target.

Engage more audience with TikTok

Short form videos have great demand in the market as the people didn’t want to waste their valuable time in watching the videos that are related to products. They just look at what they exactly want and that is the reason why they choose online marketing. So, TikTok is the perfect platform for the marketers to reach large audience within a short period.

Common eCommerce Video Marketing Mistakes

With the rise of e-commerce platforms and video marketing practices, the e-commerce business was also turned towards video advertising to promote their services and products to the audience. The audience is like to prefer watching the videos to know about the products and services, and these days, they are not interested in reading the content related to your company and the services you are offering. So, it is the time for Video marketing for e-commerce, many e-commerce companies have already got succeeded with the video marketing, but some are failed to do because of some common mistakes in video marketing for e-commerce. So, let us explore those common errors in e-commerce video marketing.

Traffic Estimations

Many e-commerce companies are making the biggest mistake while estimated the traffic towards their website. The number of visitors and the traffic estimation is difficult, but they can go with the Checking of the hosting plan or CDN to scale the things. So, the website must be capable of withstanding the traffic. So, there will not be any delay in website loading time. If it not done correctly, then the e-commerce companies can lose their consumers. Traffic Estimations is the common mistake that was going with E-commerce companies in video marketing.

Videos are not optimizing to mobile

Today, there is a rapid growth in the usage of video via mobile devices. Many e-commerce video marketers failed because they are not getting optimised their websites and video to mobile formats. Some companies failed in an optimisation of Mobile devices. It is also one of the common mistake in ecommerce video marketing.

Confusing Checkouts

Some e-commerce marketers are providing the consumers with long steps to checkout from the site, which leads to the retention of audience attention towards your video content and website. Remove the bulky advertisements on the site and don’t let the consumers confused during the checkout and registration steps.

Lengthy Videos

People are not interested in long videos, so, make it short and interesting. So that the customers can approach in a positive way towards your products.

Irrelevant Content

Some e-commerce companies are not focusing on the relevancy, and they are just playing a game with irrelevant content on their sites to gain traffic. Irrelevant Content will not work well for a long time and leads to severe marketing failure as customers lose trust in your site.


Some e-commerce companies are not focusing on the cross-platform advertising, and they are just going with the single platform and not exploring anything. It is also one of the common mistakes. Targeting a particular platform is not a mistake, but only that platform for promotion is the mistake. So, go beyond the single one and promote your e-commerce ads on different platforms.

10 Key Steps to Plan Your eCommerce Video Marketing Strategy

So here you are, looking for steps to plan video marketing strategy for the eCommerce site. As you already know, many online retailers do not doubt whether to pursue video in their strategy or not but want to know how to choose the right video strategy. Here is the complete guide to eCommerce Video Marketing Strategy.

A well planned video marketing strategy is effective in brining results. let us now see the important steps to plan the video marketing strategy for the eCommerce sites.

1. Though it is good to have video content for every product on the eCommerce site, it is wise to start small.

2. Choose few products and see what impact the videos can produce.

3. Video marketing strategy for e-commerce site should focus on popular products on the site that are receiving good volume of traffic.

4. The center of video marketing strategy for the e-commerce site should be the needs of the visitors.

5. Shoppers are greatly influenced by what other users say about the product. Video reviews that help in increasing sales.

6. Another powerful trigger for shoppers is unboxing videos. Unboxing videos are the most powerful type of videos on YouTube.

7. How-to-videos can help clear the doubts about products for the online shoppers.

8. Producing original content will help to sell niche products and brands.

9. Curating the video content created by others is another option. Content shared on social media is also a smart strategy.

10. Track the performance of the videos. Find how the videos are engaging the customers to the e-commerce site.

The type of videos that are required by the e-commerce sites online depends on the type of products sold. Luxury retailers may require brand videos produced professionally and niche stores may require user videos to engage new customers. Choose videos that reflect the philosophy of the store.

12 Intelligent Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales via YouTube

Video marketing is an effective tool for successfully digital marketing.   Through the marketing video, you can explain the product features, how to use the product or service, etc. that is sure to increase sales.   A product description video proved to bring new customers to eCommerce Sales via YouTube. Here are a few ways in which eCommerce Salescan be increased via YouTube. Here are the 12 Intelligent Ways to Increase e-Commerce Sales via YouTube.

Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales

1.Make a video that answer all the questions of the customers about the product. When the customers have confusion, he is not going to buy anything.  Thus FAQ YouTube videos are the best way to increase customer conversions.

2.Don’t create videos to attract new customers. Instead, make the customer experience better for the existing ones.  A satisfied customer will bring more customers.

3.Allow your viewers to share your YouTube video.  This helps to expand the brand.

4.When the content is relevant and unique more people would watch your video and this expands your audience.

5.Create your YouTube marketing videos more informative.

6.Using annotation perfectly in YouTube video is sure to generate leads.

7.Having a product description YouTube video increases the chance for the e-commerce business to get better rank in Google search results.

8.People love watching videos which are easier than reading content.  Videos keep the customers engaged and can influence them to purchase the product.

9.With YouTube marketing videos, it is possible to emotionally connect with the customers.

10.If you are selling a technical product, make a video that explains the technical information so that consumers easily understand them.

11.Online sales can be increased with the videos that help visitors in product selection.

12.There is no need to spend much for creating a marketing video. Just take care that your video is informative, short and interesting.  This automatically increases conversion rate.

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