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Fascinating Facts & Figures about Second Screen

Fascinating Facts & Figures about Second Screen

In modern life Mobile devices has increased, there is no surprise in that media consumption also increased at the same time second screen alternatives. The Younger generation was using 91% of second screen devices along with Television.

All age people using combination of TV and smartphones worldwide.The second screen devices come under Laptops, Tablets, video games and Smartphones. People in the USA they use second screen devices for chatting with friends, send SMS to near ones through social media.

  1. The total interactions socially in our daily life took place through the second screen
  2. Nearly about 32% of people are watching live sports through mobile devices
  3. the Second screen is allowing us to access the updates of the sports events live
  4. It also allows the people to share unique content on it
  5. It helps the marketers and users to build fans and followers and the community discussions too
  6. The second screen had already integrated with the advertising and marketing
  7. It increases the value of the entertain content
  8. It also provides us with the alternative content like replays and facts, statistics and many other essential things that we don’t know about.
  9. According to 2011 census reports, it was revealed that the mobile revenue had increased dramatically up to 100% during the football season
  10. Nearly 85 percent of people are accessing the internet by using the smart devices other than PC and laptop today
  11. Nearly about 59% people are accessing the internet while they are watching the traditional TV shows. Many people tweet while watching TV
  12. Nearly about 59% discussions on the live programs on TV were discussed on the Facebook platform, and about 79% reviewed from by using the smart phones
  13. According to the 2013 census reports revealed that the nearly more than 49% tweets noticed while watching live sports event
  14. The app market that related to the second screen sports was expected to more than 1.9 billion dollars, and it may reach at the 2018 year
  15. The app market that relates to the second screen had increased to 8.8 billion dollars
  16. 82% of people are watching the second screen devices while they are watching the TV
  17. Nearly 47 percent of social media users are switched to the news on smart devices
  18. One out of six users are retweeted on branded sports content
  19. According to 2012 in London, during the 16 days of Olympics nearly 160 million tweets have noticed on Twitter
  20. Nearly 219 billion likes were recorded on Facebook platform during the world cup


Social second screen has become one of the beat advantage to the marketers to brand their products live streaming the events. The above article gives amazing facts and figures about Second screen devices.

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