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Fascinating Facts About Twitch


Twitch plays a vital role in live streaming of Games, and everyone knows about it. By using Twitch, the gamer can get benefits for the regular use of it, and the following are Fascinating Facts About Twitch.

  1. Twitch is the best place for the gamers and the enthusiasts of video games for real-time live streaming of gaming content
  2. Most of the internet traffic was accounted to the Twitch website along with the giants like Netflix
  3. More than 48 million unique viewers are noted every month on Twitch
  4. More than 40 percent of the streaming of video traffic was reported on twitch
  5. Nearly more than 2 percent of the traffic on internet was accounted from US users
  6. Twitch has amazed everyone with 8 million unique users in a month span
  7. The site is now having more than 58 million users
  8. More than 60 percent of users are using the twitch for more than 20 hours per week
  9. More than a million broadcasters are using the Twitch platform
  10. It reported that more than 14 billion minutes watched by the users and people
  11. Twitch have ranked as number 4 in internet traffic after the Netflix and Facebook platforms
  12. Users on Twitch can use and include the Catchy alias or monikers in User ID
  13. Many different comments on the videos and other factors are the responsible for the youth attraction towards the twitch
  14. If Twitch have merged with Youtube then we can expect some user restrictions and may lead to depletion of user basing
  15. Twitch is becoming the world’s largest video gaming site
  16. The monthly active users on the Twitch was revealed as 46 million
  17. Twitch has witness massive growth in its revenue and fame and increase of users comparing with other platforms in 2011
  18. Twitch allows the live coverage of the video gaming events
  19. Nearly user watches more than 14 billion minutes per month with an average of 100 minutes accounted per day per one user.
  20. More than two million unique broadcasters are signing on to the twitch every month


The fame of the Twitch can be easily defined by looking at the million users of it and the other platforms tried to occupy the place of it but it never gave chance.

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