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20 Facts and Figures about Viacom 18 Voot VOD Platform

Viacom 18 Voot VOD Platform

Viacom 18 has launched VOD Platform for VOOT in Mumbai. It will advertise VOD platform for Android, iOS and Web users. VOOT originals include the Indian celebrity characters and different kind of kids Characters. Viacom 18 Voot features are explained here.

Their services are for both Mobile and desktop users. It is easy to use and for advertising purpose. VOOT further introduce premium and subscription models.

Viacom 18 Voot

  1. Viacom 18 was founded in the year 2007
  2. Viacom 18 had launched the VOOT platform recently
  3. VOOT is an advertising platform which is like Video on demand platform
  4. It is available on iOS and Android platforms.
  5. VOOT application is offering more than 17000 hours of content.
  6. The content on Voot is also get included with the celebrity content
  7. The platform has also targeted the kids with different kid-friendly content.
  8. VOOT originals is the shows that roll out both the long and short formats across the genres including the drama and comedy
  9. It is going to plan entire library to VOOT from Viacom 18
  10. The Viacom 18 Voot platform has planned six originals which were going to introduce the top shows.
  11. Viacom 18 Voot is joint venture between the Viacom group and Reliance Industries
  12. More than 400 million internet user are targeted across the globe
  13. Over 201 million Smartphone users are spending their time online with entertainment as the price point.
  14. The digital advertising in which the video on demand category was set to develop around 1 billion USD by 2020.
  15. The platform was lined up with both business and marketing strategies related content
  16. The platform is evaluating the market with both freemium and as well as premium features
  17. Viacom 18 Voot is complete kids friendly application can be available in different languages
  18. The App consists of shaking feature in which the kids can shake the phone to access the next four videos
  19. The original content can be shown every month with latest updates to the users
  20. The platform was launching other four original web series.


This is a guide for how to use Video on demand platform. We have classified 20 facts and figures about Viacom 18 VOD VOOT platform. Make use it for further reference of the VOD VOOT platform.

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