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Facts and Figures About Apple TV

Facts And Figures About Apple TV

Several ways you can stream online content on big screen devices. If you’re fed up with using different streaming devices, let’s give a chance to Apple TV. The Brand itself reveals Apple TV is best for clarity with High resolution. Here we have compiled some Facts and Figures About Apple TV.

Powerful Siri allows users to communicate with the media through voice recognition and direct you easily to get movies, music, actors, singers whatever you love to.

Facts And Figures About Apple TV

  1. Apple is the most well known and famous brand across the globe
  2. The Apple company was generating some billions of revenues since from few years
  3. It was first introduced in 2007
  4. The Apple TV is mainly designed for the consumers to get access to the sports , movies and many other shows
  5. Apple TV supports continuously with the users by introducing the various versions and formats time to time
  6. The Apple TV is offering more than 26 channels for the users along with the content in the iTunes store.
  7. The third generation Apple TV had released in 2012 march
  8. The most influential advocate of Apple television is Piper Jaffray and Gene Munester
  9. Apple TV is also offering the Netflix and HBO GO deals of works.
  10. The second generation of Apple TV is supports the 1080p quality content
  11. Apple Tv also offers some third party channels on its setup box
  12. The Apple TV also supports the Airplay
  13. The Airplay supporting that allows on to the iOS compatible devices and also to stream the music and videos
  14. The device didn’t have any integrated type of control in which it can be controlled by using the remote
  15. It also had a feature which can have the capability of Wi-Fi
  16. The Apple TV also allows the displaying of the images or photos through the Flickr and icloud
  17. The videos from the Vimeo and Youtube is also plays videos which can viewed on Apple Tv via applications
  18. Youtube account is not required for the user to setup a personbalized options via apple TV.
  19. Hulu plus also have integrated into the Apple TV on 2012
  20. Various channels are also integrated and the users can also easily access the social media via apple and its applications


We have given an idea why to choose an Apple TV for big screen to telecast online content. In this article we described the inside facts and figures about the Apple TV to browse online content.

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