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Facts about YouTube Multi-Channel Networks

Facts About YouTube Multi-Channel Networks

A multi-channel network is an organisation that works with video platforms such as YouTube. To offer assistance in areas such as "product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and/or audience development"in exchange for a percentage of the ad revenue from the channel, according to Wikipedia. YouTube has scaled unimaginable heights when it comes to promoting content in the form of video. What started as a simple service for one to upload videos of any genre or kind, has now grown to a stage where it has become the backbone of the YouTube race. It has now reached the pinnacle of success whereby other #technologies wish to partner with YouTube to help the channels that belong to specific products, market them and bring about promotional events that help steer the product’s brand. This multi-channel network concept has opened the floodgates and is bringing in more and more collaborations among business of every kind.

Here are a few areas where MCNs can provide value in:

  • Some promote your channel via collaboration with other creators and tools.
  • Some may have their own ad sales team for advertising and sales.
  • Some may create the adequate marketing strategies to help promote the product of a particular channel that garners heavy traffic.
  • Some share best practices and recommendations on how to optimise your content.
  • Some may provide production studios and facilities for their creators and build tools to help streamline production.

In short, building a business (or an audience) in the video category has become incredibly popular. Millions of people are using YouTube on a daily basis. It’s the favoured search tool of the millennial generation. Now, with MCN’s it’s going to get bigger and better. Have you jumped on to this bandwagon yet?

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