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Idea for Facebook Video: Trending Videos

Video become the most powerful word across the web, and every platform was completely busy in focusing on Video development on their platforms. Everyone’s target was the video giant YouTube. Yes, more than 85 percent marketers were choosing the YouTube platform as their main marketing destination because the YouTube videos have higher rankings in search results and also helps the marketers to gain more exposure and better sales leads for eCommerce industries. YouTube videos makes everyone to go towards YouTube for the video marketing.

Facebook introduced a new feature now it’s been trending, for now, Facebook video in Newsfeed page. Facebook video is not as popular as the YouTube videos but for branding their business in the Facebook video get trending. It gives the best result for eCommerce websites, fashion boutique and food video channels.

The Facebook Video should be clear, and eye cache should explain everything in the minimum of 10 seconds. then only people get excited to know what is going to be next.

But, today, the completion was substantially on raise as the social media platforms like Facebook was entered into video marketing and turned as a big competitor to YouTube platform with its new video services and quality maintenance. But, still, it was unable to beat the Video giant.

There are many factors behind the Facebook video services, features which are still lagging. That is the reason why it was always unable to cross the YouTube platform in the video. Here are some best ideas for the Facebook platform regarding the trending videos feature on its platform.

Provide the users with a Dedicated Video Screen

The users are not feeling comfortable with the Facebook video as there is no such dedicated video screen to browse the favourite videos.

Design a video Based Genre

Provide the users with video based genres which help them to have better search for the video content on the platform.

Location Based Trends

Provide the users with the videos based on the location which is not there in YouTube platform. Location-based trending videos can help the business as well as the users too. It also helps the platform to develop more business too.

Develop better Filters for Trending Videos

Provide zoner wise videos for the users along with the best filters which can display the trending videos basing on the last hour to three months in a line. Allow the users to access the trending videos for last hour, 24 hours, one week and three months etc. This will helps the users to make their search easy.


Now a days no where in the world people who does not know about Facebook. People who got smart phones they definitely having Facebook account. In this article we have explained how to create Facebook Video for your business. we have clearly given an idea for Facebook Video features and trending things in Facebook.


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