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Guide to Increase Facebook Video Reach & Engagement

Guide to Increase Facebook Video Reach & Engagement

If you’re looking for ways to increase the reach of your videos over Facebook, the buck stops here.

Read on.

Inspire Viewers

Inspirational videos get more shares and engagement than sales messages. Marie Forleo regularly posts answers to questions to inspire her audience to go farther in their business. Her videos are very professionally done.

Educate Your Audience

Another type of effective video is to give a quick tip or teach something useful to your audience. For the Super Bowl, Lowe’s created a fun set of hyper lapse tips.

One 17-second video shows people making a fun Jenga-like game with Lowe’s tools; the other is people making a chalkboard table for game-day treats.

In less than a week, each video had over half a million views.

The Food Network also has quick-tip videos that get a lot of shares. A video of the chef creating the recipe in 15 seconds links to the recipe itself to drive traffic.

Be Entertaining

People go on Facebook to have fun. But that doesn’t mean you have to post cat videos or something completely off-topic just to get their attention.

Entertain with informal, behind-the-scenes interviews at your company or create something fun like a cartoon video that has a business purpose.

With the tools available online today, making an unusual video is easier than ever.BuzzFeed regularly posts humorous videos that get lots of shares.

The video below is just a series of images and text set to music. It received more than 45,000 views and 620 shares in 17 minutes.

Add a Featured Video

Featured videos are still currently rolling out on Facebook. When you add a featured video, the video is more prominent. It’s placed above your ABOUT section and is larger on your Videos tab. Featured videos have to be enabled by Facebook for your account.

There is no way to request it. They are still in the process of rolling it out. You’ll know you have it when you go to the Video tab and see the button to Add a Featured Video.

Create a Playlist

Something else you can do on your Video tab is add playlists. You can have multiple playlists, so you can control people’s experience navigating through your videos.

At Social Media Examiner, we’ve added a playlist of hot tips so people can get them all in one place.

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