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10 Commandments for Facebook Video Marketing Success

Facebook Video Marketing Success

The video has the ability to effectively engage the viewers when the video is combined creatively with social media such as Facebook, the results are going to be much more effective and it will reach more and more potential customers. Here are ten commandments to make video marketing success of Facebook.

1. Marketers must identify what works for them and what does not.Facebook insights allow viewing how video is effective the engagement of the audience.

2. Adding a custom thumbnail to the video uploaded ensures that it gets the attention of the customer.

3. Make sure to set call to action URL.The link should take the viewers to the relevant landing page.

4. Encourage viewers to comment to keep them engaged and conducting contests also helps boost engagement.

5. With the introduction of autoplay videos by Facebook, it comes important to get the attention of the audience in seconds, before they scroll past the video.Marketers must make their videos appealing.

6. Do not just create video content and wait for the success of it.Instead, create videos that are inspirations and informative.Try telling the story of the product or service in better ways.

7. Identify your goal with the video ad and then decide what the audience must do after watching the video. Include relevant calls to actions.

8. There is a feature in Facebook that lets you create videos for the custom audience. Use this feature to target the existing customers by adding their user IDS, email addresses etc.

9. Experiment with different types of video ads.Measure their performance.

10. A/B test the headlines, call to action and other things in the video apart from the content.

The visual power of videos help gain customer engagement on Facebook and marketers must make sure that they make video ads that ensure great conversions.

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