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Facebook Video Hacks: 10 Tricks You Probably didn’t know About

Facebook Video Hacks

Facebook video views were around four billion in 2015 and since then they have increased to an average of eight billion per day which is almost double. Facebook video consumption is rising on mobile. Here are few Facebook video hacks to get the maximum from them.

1. Upload videos directly to Facebook but do not share it from other hosting sites such as YouTube. This captures more attention.

2. Get creative and try capturing the attention of the viewers in the first four seconds of the video. Use humor to entertain them.

3. Maximize the potential of the video by showing something interesting in the initial seconds of the video.

4. Use the Facebook 360 video feature to engage the views more.

5. Add call to action for organic video uploads to direct the audience to the place where you want your viewers to go after watching the video.

6. Use an appealing thumbnail.

7. Facebook videos play automatically without sound in the news feed. If a viewer watches the videos for just three seconds, Facebook considers three seconds play as a view.

8. Create videos that are inspirations and educations. See that the first frames of the videos are of high quality.

9. Maximize marketing potential with Facebook Live feature. Have a playlist for making it easier for viewers to find the videos.

10. Making data-driven decisions is very important for successful video strategy in social media. Facebook insights help to get metrics and this data can be sued to improve the video campaign.

The video is a powerful tool and contributes significantly to marketing strategy. The Facebook live streaming and video capabilities are easy to use. This is the reason why most brands and businesses are using Facebook video for success.

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