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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Covers

No one will be there without knowing about the viral communication using Social Media Facebook Video Covers. This is the sovereign of the social media platforms that no one can beat.

Do you want to find something new about the advanced feature of Facebook?

Of course every day it’s coming up with the ultimate features with unbeatable success.

Facebook Video Covers

Facebook has stepped ahead to disclose the video feature “Facebook Video Covers” which gives much exciting for the hardcore fans of it.

This gives a lot of fun for the Facebook users to upload the videos with ultimate visual effects.

This is more advantageous for the expansion of the brand. The video content is more attractable than the textual content.

The brands can make use of it to attract the audiences to stay for a longer time by watching the video.

Facebook Video Covers Best Practices

As we discussed this is most useful for the business brands to communicate with the audiences to turn them into customers.

  • The resolution of the cover video should be 1080p.
  • The length of the video can be 20 to 90 seconds.
  • This cover video feature can be accessed on Facebook pages.
  • Focus on the centralization of the video while uploading i.e. make sure get all the required content to be displayed at the audience as the cover video.
  • Choose the options like mute or unmute to play your video at your audiences.

Creative Ways to Use Facebook Video Covers

  1. Explore your brand through outstanding story telling.
  2. Reveal the upcoming products or services.
  3. Disclose the latest offers of your tools or services.
  4. Make use of effective thumbnail and captions.
  5. Define the advantages of your products or services.
  6. Reveal your customers on cover video.
  7. Describe your page is about.


It is really exciting topic to discuss the Facebook cover video which is the most important feature, especially for brands. This can deliberately clutch the huge engagement for the page you create or created for the promotion of products or services.

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