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Facebook Video Campaign Checklist and Best Practices

Facebook Video Campaign

Are you planning video campaign for Facebook? Facebook videos receive more than four billion views every day. Video ads are the most successful campaigns on Facebook. They get greater engagement. Here are the checklist and best practices for a successful Facebook video campaign.

• Content is the important feature of any campaign including the videos. Choose content that attracts the audience and increases the number of clicks.

• Ensure that there is a strong call to action that diverts the audience to encourage taking necessary action.

• Target different groups and see how these audiences respond to your video ad. Do not run the video campaign without defining the audience.

• The initial five seconds of any Facebook video are very important and should be able to attract the attention of the audience. Make the content informative.

• Keep the videos short and simple to make them more appealing. If the video is long, the audience may skip it without watching it till the end.

• Keep track of where your videos are getting traffic. Decide the length of the video depending on the platform.

• Retargeting is available for Facebook video ads. Retarget the audience who watched your previous ads.

Facebook videos can be uploaded directly to the site for better user experience.

Having short and powerful video campaign that grabs the attention of the audience will help to build brand awareness and will do a lot of good for the business.


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