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Facebook Video Ads Design Guidelines and Steps

Facebook Video Ads

The designing of the ad plays a vital role in success of the advertisement which can help the users to monetize the application with Facebook platform. Facebook is the platform which allows best targeting and metrics with real time optimization which are very much required for the advertisers. The network on Facebook helps the advertisers to reach some millions of audience within a short period of time. So,in order to maximize your ad ability and outlook, the designing of the Ad on Facebook is very essential in order to grab the attention of the audience. Here are some best ways to design Your Facebook ad.

Designing Guidelines

Know the formats

A specific format that is suggested by the Facebook platform can helps you to reach the audience with good quality of content and easily accessible content. Always try to upload the video which is below 1.75 GB in size. Also keep your video frame to 30 at maximum. Be careful with aspect ratios and choose it wisely by following the suggestions given by the Facebook platform. Keep H.264 compression on video and scan it progressively and make it fixed frame rate. Go with MP4 format.


Thumbnails are the first look to your video content. So, choose effective thumbnails which can attract the viewers at first sight on your video on Facebook platform. Don’t include more than 20 percent text in the thumbnails. Make it relevant vibrant to the viewers. Choose 128Kbps and Stereo AAC video compression.

Designing of Slideshow

Design the slideshow in the news feed images with the 1280 into 720 pixels size format. The text must be within 90 characters and not more than that. The images with the same suggested size the aspect ratio is preferred in order to avoid the cropping of images.

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