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How Facebook Playing a Key Role in YouTube Social Media Success [Study]

Whenever we go through any article then everywhere we found that the YouTube is the only platform to explore the Business or Personal Branding through Video.

When we are willing to watch any video then the immediate striking word in everyone’s mind is YouTube.

How has it established such a Success? Is there any Secret?

Yes, that is the involvement of other Social Media Platforms in sharing the YouTube Videos.

In the list of major Viral Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, the Facebook is the Top Source to feed the YouTube with Ultimate Traffic Continuously.

This is happening becuase Facebook has the Millions of active users around 24×7.

Facebook is the only Top Social Media Hub that has a huge demand in making Communication.

Once the YouTube video has been shared on Facebook then immediately it goes viral through the interlinked users of it.

When the audiences go through that link that has been shared on Facebook then straight away directs to the YouTube Channel.

From there they can find plenty of videos and entice them to watch regularly with wonderful YouTube Recommendation Algorithm.

Here are the Top Viral Videos on YouTube that have gained more Engagement on YouTube. They are

Adele – Hello:

Twitter: 20K

Facebook: 20M

Google+ : 1.5M

LinkedIn : 7.3K

Pinterest: 2.4K

Total : 21M

Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee:

Twitter : 13K

Facebook : 19M

Google+ : 329K

LinkedIn : 940

Pinterest : 473

Total : 20M

คนทางนั้น GiFT My Project (official audio):

Twitter : 308

Facebook : 16M

Google+ : 37K

LinkedIn : 1

Pinterest : 0

Total : 16M

Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]:

Twitter : 7.8K

Facebook : 12M

Google+ : 159K

LinkedIn : 2.5K

Pinterest : 1.1K

Total : 12M

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain:

Twitter : 16K

Facebook : 12M

Google+ : 102K

LinkedIn : 2.7K

Pinterest : 985

Total : 12M

When we have a look at all the above video statistics we can easily figure out that the only Facebook has more views than any other social media site.


The real fact to get such a Tremendous Social Media Success for YouTube is the participation of Facebook. We can find a bulk of content that displayed on YouTube Vs Facebook, but it’s not Vs, and the exactly matched one is YouTube with Facebook.

One of the first YouTube Social Media Success is Recommendation Algorithm. The user keeps on engaging and watching videos one by one with this video recommendations.

Social Media Stats Source: Ahrefs (As of 25th July 2017)

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