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Facebook Mobile Video Advertising Agency

by Jag

Facebook was already made its mark as the biggest competitor to the video giant Youtube platform. Facebook platform is one of the most interactive social connecting platforms. Many brands are giving priority to the Facebook platform for better promotion and advertising.

Facebook always competes with the other platforms in a development of the content ID and video content features. The majority of the Facebook users are accessing the Facebook through the Facebook Messenger application. The mobile Facebook users are increased which has, in turn, increased the mobile video targeting.

Facebook has introduced the native, in-feed and the autoplay video ad formats for the mobile devices. It has introduced the best ad performing across the platform. The Facebook audience network ads for the better monetisation of the applications.

The publishers of the networks are utilising the native video ads as they are better than seven times in performance comparing to the traditional banner ads. The new ad formats included the autoplay video ads. The autoplay video ads have acquired the highest conversion rates across the platform which enhances the branding across the platform.

The dynamic video ads also designed for the product-related advertising and promotion within the Facebook video ad platforms. The clicks to play video ad formats are also very engaging video formats on the Facebook platform which has good conversion rates.

The Facebook mentions application is also gained great popularity across the platform. Facebook is going to develop more compatible mobile ad formats for the virtual video advertising also as it has already introduced the 360-degree videos.