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Getting Started Guide to Facebook Messenger Instant Video

Facebook Messenger Instant Video

Facebook messenger is used by many to keep in touch with people who are close to them. Now Facebook introduced a new feature Facebook Messenger Instant Video that allows sharing quick moments with friends. While sending text messages you can now be face to face. Is n’t it exciting!

Apart from text messaging Facebook is now offering one more communication option. It is now introducing instant video on its messenger platform. Facebook Messenger Instant Video is different from the video calling feature that is already available.

Facebook Messenger Instant Video features

messenger video call

messenger video call

The users of iOS and Android latest versions can now add visually to in their conversation threads. All they have to do is to tap the new video icon. As soon as the icon tapped, the camera smartphone will activate, and the user can capture a video and share it with the recipient. The video streamed without any sound, and the audio can activate by tapping the speaker icon. The users can capture video using both the rear and front cameras.

The instant video feature of Facebook messenger plays the videos shared in the conversation at the top right of the display. The user can continue to send text messages by accessing the keyboard.

To use the instant video feature of the Facebook messenger, both the users have to have latest versions of iOS or Android on their smartphones. Tap the video icon that appears in the top right corner while sending text messages and it now allows you to share real-time video.

Videos are becoming more and more popular on social network sites. They have become a regular part of life with the easy access to internet connection and the video cameras on mobile phones. Snapchat and Twitter made this trend popular, and Facebook is also following this. Facebook expects to engage the users more with this video sharing feature.

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