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Ways to Increase Engagement with Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video

The Facebook live video feature is now available to all active users. Many publishers are already integrating live video content in their social media marketing strategy for driving engagement and to grow the audience. Here are few ways in which engagement can be increased for Facebook live videos.

• Live video should be long enough so that more people can join and spread the word. Live videos on Facebook should be at least five minutes and we have noted that some of the successful live videos exceeded this limit.

• Let the information of your Facebook live stream reach other social communities. Tell them before hand about your Live Stream.

• Ensure that your WiFi or data connection is strong enough.

• Ask your live viewers to share your video. This can help to reach more viewers.

• During the live streaming react to the comments of the viewers and interact with them. This helps the publishers to know to which part of the stream, the people are reacting positively.

• Ask the viewers questions such as from where they are watching the live stream, reward those who leave good comments. You can also offer prize to person

• While responding to the comments, mention the name of the person who left the comment, this will thrill them.

• Encourage your audience to comment, ask questions and give suggestions.

• If you have a Facebook page or a website, ask the people to follow or subscribe them.

• Don’t forget to check the statistics of the video.

After the live video streaming, save the video and let the people who missed the live stream replay it. This will boost the viewership and the video can be embedded into a blog post also. Apart from all these, the best way to increase engagement is to create content which is useful to the viewers.


Facebook live streaming is the most popular social media platform to broadcast the live videos and most of the marketers are getting benefits through this Facebook for the better growth of their business as there is a continuous flow of audience.

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