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Facebook Live Video Spam – A Big Headache

Facebook Live Video

Facebook is a good source for breaking news and videos. But after Facebook Live Video launched, the platform became more video-centric, and most of the people and brands are miss using Live Video feature by doing spam with Live Video. A major headache with Facebook Live Video which users or brands are facing is as follows.

Unnecessary Live Streaming:

People or Brands are creating unnecessary Live Videos and Streaming in their profiles and pages.


Illegal Sports Live Streaming:

Some People are streaming Live Sports and Cricket matches to Facebook Live by capturing Live TV. Popular TV Broadcasting Brands are buying rights for sports streams with huge millions but people are streaming this Live TV in their Facebook Pages. There is no control from Facebook. This will be the major blow for TV Broadcasting Brands.

Pre-Recorded Videos as Live Streaming:

Some Facebook Page owners are streaming already recorded videos as Live Streams into their Facebook Pages. Some pages are streaming even full movies as live videos.

Live Voting Streams:

Some Popular Facebook Pages are creating side by side live voting and displaying the voting count as Live.


Mobile Live Streams:

Facebook Pages are Live Streaming restricted events without having permissions from the concerned people from that event using their smartphones.

After Facebook Launched Live Video API, people/Brands are miss using and creating unnecessary and prerecorded videos as Live Streaming Videos to gain instant popularity and gain. Facebook announced that the platform will give more preference for Live Videos. After this announcement lot of pages are creating Live Streams even though they are not important for their users.

Real Example of Facebook Live Video Copyright and Threats:

If some latest movie is released and someone from the theatre live streams that movie in the Facebook pages people are ready to watch but that damage will be huge for the Movie producers. How will Facebook solve this problem?

Even if we report that copyright issues to Facebook there is no instant response from them and by the time you receive any response from them huge damage already done to the copyright owners.

Some major types of videos which are coming under Live Stream are as follows:

  • Full Movies as Live Streams
  • Adult Content as Live Streams
  • Hoax Videos as Live Stream
  • Loop Videos as Live Stream

There is no instant blocking and controlling for Facebook Live Streams.

Dear Facebook please have a mechanism to control these unnecessary Live Streams.

Solution for Facebook Live Streaming Video Problems:

The Best Solution for this is… Like Facebook Ads, we need to have review and approval team. If someone makes a Live Stream that should be a valid one which will be monitored, reviewed after the approval that stream will be Live on Facebook Platform.

Look into this Facebook! Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems for the platform stability.

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