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The Complete Guide to Facebook Live 360 to all Pages and Profiles

Facebook Live 360

Every time Facebook is coming with new ideas with the successful implantation that results in the building a strong brand. Now it has come up with the new impression “Live 360 Ready Program” to reach the expectations of the users and creators with the Facebook Live 360 degree video.

Live 360 Ready Program

The concept of live 360-degree video on Facebook has changed the beauty of Facebook. This has made audiences to be active i.e. everyone is engaging the Facebook by broadcasting the live shows, events and weddings.

To boost that concept the Facebook has stepped into the updated advancements in live 360-degree videos as “Live 360 Ready Program”.

In this, the 360-degree cameras and software that have been associated with the third party are verified and certifies that are ready for Facebook Live 360.

The Facebook will certify them by considering the quality of the video and user experience while going on live.


The brands that are being in the part of ‘Live 360 Ready Program’ will highlight their website or products with “Facebook Live” logo for identification.

The call-to-action will strike at the audience to buy the camera that has been used in capturing the live video.

Cameras for Live 360 on Facebook

In the present market, a bulk of cameras are competing with each other that might be available at low or high cost and quality. Some of them will support all the online streaming platforms and some not. But we collected some Ultra-branded Cameras to broadcast the 360-degree live streaming, especially on Facebook. Those are

  • Samsung Gear 360 V2
  • Insta360 Air/Nano
  • Giroptic IO
  • Nokia OZO
  • Z Cam S1
  • ALLie Camera
  • Insta 360 Air for Android

All these devices have unique specialty from each other and these can bring the real time experience of being in that world through Facebook Live 360.

Click here to go deep into the each individual camera

Facebook Live 360 Software

Facebook Surround 360-degree camera has been arrived to record the moments by covering all 360-degree angles. The outfit of this camera contains 17 cameras. The software that has been coped with stitching technology to edit the captured moments which is going to broadcast on Facebook will be available on Github. Here all the installation and implantation information will be available for the usage of both hardware and software of Surround 360-degree camera. It is open source software that anyone can use.

Other software that can give effective streaming experience is Wowza, Groovy Gecko, Assimilate SCRATCH VR, Z CAM Wonder Live, Teradek, Limescale 360 and Voysys.

The Software can be accessed by using the Facebook Live API and Facebook login.

4K Support and Watch in VR

Facebook is taking great measures to attach the audience completely in the world of Virtual Reality 360-degree videos. For this Facebook is digging the strategies to pick the high-quality 360-degree videos.

With the use of Oculus and Samsung Gear VR headsets are flexible to watch the 4k resolution 360-degree VR videos on Facebook.

The built in icon “Watch in VR” of a Facebook app will direct the users to have the 360-degree VR experience.

The live streaming VR videos can be embedded after the completion of live as the VOD post. The 360-degree 4k resolution video along with VR will boost the user experience on Facebook.

Facebook has linked the new icon ‘Donate Buttons’ on Facebook Live 360-degree video to fundraise for non-profits. The certified pages of iOS have been introduced with this donate buttons.

This helps to fundraise through large brands, organizations, celebrities and businesses, especially on the account of Facebook, while live streaming 360-degree videos.

Along with it, the personal fund rising will also be involved by using the Donation Button to help the friends, pets or someone.


This amount will not be used by the Facebook personally and this is only to give safe hand to the helpless people.

Scheduled Live

By using the Facebook Live API the live videos can be scheduled to broadcast.

Through this scheduling live video activity, the audience of your profile will be announced with the coming live video on Facebook News Feed from you.

This notification can attentive the audiences shortly before live casting.

The live video scheduling can be done before one week. The schedules video can be embedded to share on blogs.


Only the verified Facebook pages will be allowed to make scheduling of live videos.


This program is really a great idea to explore the brand of cameras throughout the world. This is the crucial platform to most of the companies to elaborate with the hallmark of world stunning social media platform Facebook.

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