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Facebook Creator App for Video Communities: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Creator App

The most well known social media platform Facebook is stepping towards to magnetize influencer’s flock through the launch of Facebook creator app. This app enables the creators to become the most powerful Facebook influencers that allow creating innovative videos, live streaming, edit videos and tracking the statistics of videos. Facebook Creator App is the most efficient app to build huge followers.

Facebook creator app can be accessed with the use of Facebook Page.

Facebook over YouTube

  • The main motive of all the creators they may be from any platform is building the fan base with pioneering video creation. Most of the creators are spending much time in generating excellent videos.
  • The heavy competition of YouTube creators leads to having the fewer subscribers when compared to the past era.
  • By considering the intention of the experts and newbies, the Facebook is beep with ‘creator app’ to bring their mind’s eye to the real time of the vision.
  • Most of the YouTube creators are a focus on the viral topics like cultural and politics leads to earning the income from advertisers to place the video ads.
  • But it has become the little bit complicated that flags each content of the YouTube creator  by notifying it as the inappropriate content that is not suitable to place the ads in the video.
  • Through the launch of Facebook Watch, the creators can place the ad campaigns in the video content that goes live and as well as on-demand that is beneficial to both the creators and platform in gaining the ad revenue.

Step by step ways to get started with Facebook video creator app

  • Initially create the Facebook page through the Facebook account.
  • By accessing the page the analytics and performance of the uploaded video can be determined. The Facebook users can easily identify the creator’s video content, and the profile videos can be displayed to the public.
  • To do all these one should have the Facebook profile that enables to create the Facebook page.
  • Sign in to the facebook account and then click on create a new page.
  • Then pick the ‘Artist, Band or Public figure.
  • Now choose the ‘video creator’ from the list of categories.

Creating Creator Page through already having Facebook Page:

Click on ‘settings’ that appears on the Facebook page.

Then choose ‘edit page’ option.

Advanced features of Facebook creator app

Live creation kit:

While the creator is live streaming the video content than the various emojis, intros of ‘welome’ and outros like ‘call to action’ added. It makes the live video go viral with amazing visual effects that bring the attention of every individual. Different frame formats for the borders can be added that completely create the creative environment while launching the live.

Enabling the live creation kit:

  • Just click on settings option on the page.
  • Now choose the videos.
  • Select the ‘create’ appears on the ‘live creator kit.

Cross-posting through Twitter and Instagram by using stories and camera:

The sharing options of Facebook like camera, stories, and AR from creator app will allow the users to share their content. The amazing thing is that video content can be shared on both the platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It helps to push the high-quality video content to the users by looping Facebook sharing content on other social media sites.

Unified Inbox:

This feature will reduce the burden of commenting on every comment from the fans. It allows the creator to respond to all the comments from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram through the integration of all messages and comments.

Analyzing demographics:

With keen analysis of the analytics of the uploaded video content will help to sketch the strategies to improve the performance of the video content by picking the best performing and low performing video content. The insights of the demographics can be obtained.

Making money through Facebook creator app

The videos on Facebook can be monetized in three different ways.

Branded content:

Delivering the branded content will be the preferable one to monetize the video content.

Ad breaks:

These are the better ways to organize the monetization through Facebook creator app.


The selling of own products like caps and T-shirts etc. can be sold.


If you don’t find the better way to reach the mission of your target in making revenue, then go on using the Facebook creator app. Facebook creator app is the most advanced way to fulfill the requirements of the creators to turn them as the influencers.

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