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Getting Started Guide to Facebook 360 Video Upload

Facebook 360 Video Upload

The 360-degree video is the latest trend in the videos across the social media platforms today. It created with specialized camera systems which can record the 360 degrees of the picture where the viewers can rotate the video and can watch in different angles. The viewing angle can be changed by dragging the mouse on computer and finger dragging on touchscreen mobile devices.

How to upload 360 videos to the Facebook?

The video can be recorded by the 360 degrees supported camera system which can add 360 metadata to the video. That file uploaded to the timeline. If the camera was not able to add the 360 metadata, you can add directly to the file and then upload to the Facebook timeline. The general length of the 360-degree video content is 10 minutes, and the maximum size is 1.75 GB.

If the video had recorded with the 360-degree camera which added 360 metadata and you can publish that video to a page. Before publishing the video to the Facebook page, click on to the advanced option and click on “This video is recorded in 360-degree format” and click on publish button. The initial position of the camera and the vertical field view to the 360-degree video that uploaded. The text boxes can be appeared on the screen to enter the position of the camera and the vertical field position.

The cameras like Ricoh Theta, 36fly, etc. automatically add the 360 metadata to the video file which can be very easy and helpful during the uploading of the 360 video file on to the Facebook platform.

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