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Top 10 Online Explainer Video Creation Platforms

Top 10 Online Explainer Video Creation Platforms

Explainer videos are a great way to promote the online business and to boost conversions. Compelling explainer videos can be created using online platforms. Some of them are free and some ask the users to register and pay the fee to use their software. Here is the list of Explainer Video creation platforms.

1. Animatron makes video creation easy. Awesome explainer videos can be created using this platform to engage the audience.

2. RawShorts is another explainer video software. Explainer video template is selected and customized. Media can be uploaded and it is possible to add text, transition, effects and audio.

3. PowToon allows creating explainer videos from images, props, shapes and animated characters. It is also possible to upload text and photos.

4. Wideo is the platform to create videos easily. Readymade templates are available to create videos in just a few clicks.

5. Animaker platform helps create videos that look like studio created videos.

6. Biteable is the simplest video maker, as they claim. Awesome explainer videos can be created in HD quality and thee can be published directly to YouTube.

7. Animoto helps you to create explainer videos with the text, photos and video clips. The videos thus created can be posted on the company websites, social media sites and can be used in the emails also.

8. GoAnimate helps you to create professional explainer videos in a couple of minutes.

9. Sellamations offers scriptwriting, voiceovers and storyboarding services also.

10. VideoScribe features are voiceover recording, call to action, adding text and automatically animating whatever is placed on the canvas.

Explainer videos can engage the viewers and complex ideas can be made into easily understandable visuals. Explainer videos also improve the click-through rates and also increase the SEO. Make use of the above platforms that help in creating explainer videos in the tone that suits your business.

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