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Exclusive Interview With Ryan Stone: Founder & CEO Of Lambda Films

Ryan Stone Exclusive interview with Ryan Stone: Founder and CEO of Lambda Films.

Tell us something about your Company Lambda Films?

Lambda Films was started following my University graduation. As students, my partner and I had experienced the rise of YouTube and the invention of Facebook, and the first hint that online video was around the corner. We started Lambda to make video specifically for online use.

What are Lambda Films services?

At Lambda Films, we produce high-end video productions and animations for brands and businesses. This covers the whole production process; initial creative and concept, scripting, storyboarding, production and post-production.

What are the latest Trends in Online Video?

We’re still experiencing the continuation of advertainment, which is essentially soft-sell video content. These take the form of stories, or short documentaries essentially ’sponsored’ by a company. It doesn’t aim to sell a product but instead position the affiliated brand in the viewer’s mind as one they’d like to do business with.

More recently, we have 360° video and VR content which is still a little exclusive to be mainstream but (VR especially) has the potential to revolutionize the way we consume video content.

What are Lambda Films motion graphics & explainer animation production Services?

Lambda Films has some talented artists and animators and so we can create very bespoke animated content. In many cases, animation offers a much more interesting, effective and engaging way to impart information than regular video.

Tell us something about your Lambda Films process with respect to Video Production?

It’s been hard to get to grips with a fool-proof production process; creativity is subjective at the end of the day so we’ve found all we can really do is provide clients with as much information as possible upfront.

This may be in the form of reference videos, storyboards, style frames, shooting scripts and animatics.

What is Lambda Films Success Model?

Our view of success is quite simple really, we just want to make videos that are loved by both the client and our team.

What are the Latest Lambda Films Services that can help brands?

Our services remain as simple as video production and animation, however, we’re always aiming to stay on-trend and produce interesting videos that perhaps go beyond the comfort zone of the client. This just helps the brand stand out as contemporary if not progressive.

How can Upcoming Brands benefit by using your Lambda Films Services?

We really only want to work with brands who are open-minded and who respect our discipline. If a brand can trust us to produce something special, then they’ll walk away with just that.

Thank you Ryan Stone for sharing valuable inputs for readers.

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