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Exclusive Interview with Matthew Watts – Creative Director of Viva

Matthew Watts

Matthew Watts-Creative Director of Viva Exclusive Interview by

Can you give brief description about your company Viva Media?

At it’s core, Viva Media is a full-service video production company for corporate, commercial, branded, product and animated explainer videos. Servicing all of Toronto

and the GTA.

Can you define about your Viva Media video production services?

At Viva Media, we’re business people first and video producers second. Strategic thinking, experience, and an unmatched approach to corporate video means the

work we do is not just a pretty picture – it’s smart, well-crafted and tailored to our client and meet’s them where they are currently at.

What is the success model of Viva Media?

That’s the main driver in our business. Video is all we do. We don’t develop websites for one client and brochures for another, graphic design or signage. We are a

corporate video company. Period. And it’s because of this disciplined focus we’ve developed proven processes that allow us to work side by side with our clients

through every step of the video production process.

How can you pull down the competition of others with your services?

To help ourselves stand out in the Toronto market, we engage with innovative companies to help them understand our 3 core values:

Simple is better than complex: if viewers cannot understand what they are seeing and hearing, how can they form an opinion, make a decision or take action.

Stories are better than messaging: Stories introduce emotion and people form strong opinions based on how they feel and make decisions. Stories don’t always

need words, you can tell a visual story without a single word being said and still connect with the audience.

Video is the best format for business storytelling: Better than written word and pictures combined, video allows you to engage the senses and help viewers

understand how they should feel about the product or service.

How do you meet the customer expectations in providing branded video services?

Transparency and communication is a key part of Viva Media’s approach to the creative process, ensuring every client’s project is 100% to their satisfaction, which

has been a vital part of maintaining strong client relationships and building Viva Media’s reputation for exceptional work.

What is the unique factor that grabs the concentration of clients?

We envision a world where all companies create entertaining and beautiful outbound marketing content. Where companies of any size focus their marketing efforts

on creating simple uncluttered outbound video messaging that moves viewers emotionally. There is always a story behind each video project we work on.

What are the upcoming services that are going to add?

We’ve just branched into offering professional photography and marketing services! Very excited to see where that will take us and how it helps our client base!

What is the main reason behind the well reputation of Viva Media?

A stellar client experience has taken us to where we were today. We’re hungry to show the world what we can go and make it fun to do so. We bring a youthful

energy and strategic approach to every project we work on and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make our projects the best they can be.

Thank you “Mr.Matthew Watts” for sharing your valuable inputs with readers

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