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Exclusive Interview with Krish Arvapally – Co-Founder and CTO of Unreel Entertainment

Exclusive Interview with Krish Arvapally - Co-Founder and CTO of Unreel Entertainment

First of all thanks for your valuable time with Users.

Tell me something about your Company unreel entertainment? was founded on March 2015 by a small group of passionate entrepreneurs in the video and advertising space. Unreal was inspired after we felt there was a need for a better video search – something that not just searches a video but the exact moment/scene of what I am looking. For example a backflip on 3:45-second mark of a video. It ultimately led to building a powerful video discovery and moments search technology which was perfect for content creators.

Tell me about your Video Streaming Product?

Unreel.Me allows content creators to sync their content from various video platforms like YouTube/Facebook and also upload their content with our built-in CMS (we ensure content is encoded and viewable on all platforms including apps and smart TVs). Our tech crawls all videos engagement data (comments, tweets, likes) and builds an index of searchable moments around their content. Creators get their own page with a discover guide on their videos across all channels on one page. An awesome player to go along with it that displays various moments inside of videos and search capabilities around them. And lastly, creators can set price page-walls for exclusive content access/subscriptions and even plugin merchandise on the page for additional monetisation. Fans can engage by creating GIFs and MEMEs on their content and sharing it with their friends.

What are Video Streaming Trends in the future ?

I think we are going to witness both unbundling of content and bundling of material again.’s strategy is to help unbundle the content, make it premium, make them highly engaging and then bundle them the right way. Video is growing at a faster pace than ever – and with millennials getting in on creating fantastic content, we feel we are well positioned to be in space.

Tell me something about Trends and Video discovery engine and sharing?

Our video discovery engine powered by engagement – which is indeed more unique than any other platform. Our tech understands hotspots inside of videos, and we come up with our ranking algorithms to figure out to show the right video, to the correct user at the right time.

What is unreel entertainment Success Model?

Our success model is reliant on creators being able to engage with their fans a lot more than on our platform and maximise revenue opportunities by delivering/plugging in monetisation engines directly on!

What are the Latest Tools for unreeling entertainment that can help users and brands?

To name a few:

Video highlight reels – making a 2-minute highlight video against a 1-hour video automatically based on Bumblebee AI is going to be very. Personalized video recommendations based on engagement data around a video both on the moments/scenes and overall video insights will help in targeting the right videos to display to users.

How can Upcoming Users/Brands benefit from using your products?

We believe is a home for content creators and brands. We allow all video content to be in one place to be consumable by fans. Keep more of the revenues with new monetisation capabilities around paid content and merchandise. Create more engaging content and provide tools to gain superfans!

Thank you “Krish Arvapally” for an exclusive interview with our Team and all the best to “unreel entertainment” from Reelnreel.

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