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Erik Huberman – Founder and CEO, Hawke Media Interview about Video Industry

Erik Huberman

Tell me something about your Company Hawke Media ?

We are your outsourced CMO, month to month, a la carte, cheaper than hiring in-house with a full menu of marketing services from Facebook ads to search, to email, web design and more

Why is Video is the future of Marketing?

With video becoming more accessible to produce, it is making more and more sense to use video entertainment to also market brands.Traditional advertising using video is declining, but branded content is becoming more prominent and more significant

What to expect in the near future with respect to Video?

Short clips and videos that are created by brands but not necessarily commercials. Think Red Bulls content strategy, but across most brands

What can we expect on Video Consumption Globally?

Amount of videos will increase, time per video and appetite for length will decrease

Why is Hawke Media different from others?

Other than outperforming virtually every other marketing agency out there on hard metrics. The fact that we don’t require long-term commitments, we don’t charge high rates, and we make it very easy and transparent to work with us all speaks to our mission of helping businesses grow revenues online.

What are Upcoming Trends on Video Industry?<.h2>

It really goes to branded content. It is the way production pencils and makes sense. Content monetisation has become more difficult, so including brands, the whole way through can help fund these projects.

Thanks “Erik Huberman” for your valuable inputs to users.

All the Best to Hawke Media

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