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Exclusive Interview with Eric Wolfram, WPRNY Principal & Founder

Eric Wolfram

Eric Wolfram, WPRNY Principal & Founder- Exclusive Interview with
A leading video production company in New York

Can you give brief outlines about your company WPRNY Video solutions?

WPRNY helps businesses to engage their staff, consumers & business partners using creative video solutions that are produced specifically for today’s networked and remote viewers.
Exclusive Interview with Eric Wolfram – Principal & Founder of WPRNY

Can you explain about the services of WPRNY Video solutions?

We produce all types of videos that help businesses — training video, FAQ video, support video, promotional video, product video, partner engagement video, onboarding video, recruitment video, social media video — anything that helps businesses communicate and engage their partners, employees & customers.

What is the success model of WPRNY Video solutions?

We use the latest techniques to create high quality low cost solutions. We love our diverse and distributed team from places like Vietnam, Pakistan, UK, Austria, Brazil, US and even Nigeria. We manage them to use best practice in production to deliver video in a way that engages today’s online viewers across the latest platform channels.

What are the unique services that you assist for the clients?

One department that is unique, we have a group who can broadcast conference presentations onto the internet in TV broadcast style. This allows our clients to maximize their reach.

What are the measures do you take to satisfy the customer requirements?

Although our clients do have requirements, we try to discover their true objectives. Then we hope that they will allow our experience to guide their requirements so that the end product meets or exceeds their objective.

Do you offer any special bonanza in price for your regular customers?

You can count on us to be both reasonable and upfront with pricing. Since we can produce hundreds of videos in a month without breaking a sweat, when preferred customers buy in bulk, say 100 or 200 videos, we certainly deliver top quality video at extremely low unit prices. In other words, we can be efficient and we can pass those savings on to our clients.

Are there any upcoming features that will not be afforded by the competitor?

Our experience distinguishes us from our competitors. We have years of experience with traditional broadcast like CNN or helping firms like American Express. We are pioneers in online broadcasting and we are early adopters of new types of media, social, networked, online. So we bring traditional production skills to the new networked world.

How do you conquer the opponent by attaining the attention of clients to be in peaks?

Most of our business comes from repeat customers. We do not need hundreds of new clients. We just have some quality customers and we love helping them. Of course, we are always interested in talking to new quality customers.

Thank you Eric Wolfram for sharing your valuable inputs for Reelnreel Readers

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