Entertaining YouTube Channels

Top 10 Entertaining YouTube Channels

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we have compiled theTop 10 Entertaining YouTube Channels

Entertaining YouTube Channels

1. HolaSoyGerman:

He is most known Spanish YouTube figure of generating comedy videos of present generation issues especially, in youngsters. He composes the videos in a generous way which reflects the present situation for which the people are being affected. This channel has 30,560,403+ subscribers and 2,922,971,044+ viewers. He is a brand of multi talent i.e. comedian, musician, singer, entertainer and writer as well.

2. YouTube Spotlight:

It can be the most entertaining channel that it promotes videos on its own website. It offers all the angles of entertainment like Music,comedy, Award shows, shows of modern technology and campaigns through celebrities. It gathers latest trends from our surroundings. It has 25,423,399+ subscribers and 1,097,268,653+ viewers.

3. TheEllenShow:

Ellen show is one of the brand ambassadors of YouTube entertaining shows. She conducts shows by making conversation with celebrities, movie actors, comedians, normal people, kids and singers in an extraordinary way which is very humorous. No one can be calm while watching her show; simply we can feel that it’s really happening in our environment.

4. Whinderssonnunes:

It’s completely Portuguese channel and the guy Whinderssonnunes makes funny things trough his expressions. He conducts open auditorium shows and makes people to laugh at louder. The hilarious comments will never stop someone to laugh.

5. ERB:

This channel is very famous for producing videos on public figures of celebrities and movie actors by making funny controversy of war between the two people. This is completely different channel by comparing with the other channels in YouTube. It’s very funny and entertaining channel which grab the attention of the public.

6. T-Series:

One of the channels that have its own image in Indian YouTube channels is T-Series. We can say that it is completely the world of Indian Music. This holds all the music albums like upcoming movies music, all time history crated music albums and much more.

7. Porta dos Fundos:

It is the first step of the entertaining YouTube channel of Brazil through their comedy videos. They make the ultimate fun generating scripts through some characters by considering the mind frame of comedy fans. It has 12,878,178+ subscribers and 2,932,513,655+ viewers.

8. Werevertumorro:

This channel is the home of comedy channel and they upload the videos of short films, sketches and themes which are more interesting to watch.

9. FailArmy:

This is the ever best channel of YouTube entertaining because they compose all the videos of epic fail. They suit all failed issues in hilarious way, which generally make others to get enjoyment.

10. BuzzFeedVideo:

This is the American based channel which never leaves the single bit in entertaining the public. They generate the breaking news of ongoing issues and entertaining videos.

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