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The Ultimate Guide to Editing 360 Degree and VR Videos

360 Videos Editing

A virtual reality and 360-degree video format have become the most important part in marketers dairy. When comes to the Editing 360 Degree VR Videos online, many people has a different perspective towards the VR videos.

Do you know what exactly are VR videos and 360-degree videos?

Can you differentiate the VR with 360-degree videos?

Do you have a complete knowledge of concepts, terms and technology of VR?

You must know all these things before entering the guide to editing 360 and VR.

So, let us jump into the basics and grab some knowledge about these trending elements. Here we go..

What exactly are this 360 degree and virtual reality videos?

Virtual Reality for different professionals has different perspectives.

Some people means it as a Stereo VR, Mono VR and some as three levels of viewing experience varies from YouTube, Mobile and tethering and much other head mounted displays.

When comes to its meaning, the Virtual reality is the advanced technology which delivers the audience with an immersive video viewing experience to the people.

That means people can experience the real-time as if they are in that place and experiencing the emotion and feel of the scene.

This immersive experience is highly required for the marketing to target the clients towards their message.

So, VR has become the targeting part for marketers today.

Differentiating VR with 360-degree videos

If you are a beginner and following the tech blogs regarding these 360 degrees and VR information, you might confuse between the Virtual reality and 360-degree video content online.

The main difference between the virtual reality and 360 degree videos is, in VR video the user can control the immersive environment which was created by the VR technology in the VR headsets where when comes to 360 degree videos, it just provide the immersive environment where user can look as if they are in that place but cannot control the environment and will just go with the flow of immersion within the video.

Well, you might clear your confusion right?

Yes, let’s get on to our main concept

Editing of VR and 360-degree videos

Let’s start with 360-degree videos

There are many different camera rigs and specialized spherical cameras that are manufactured specially for shooting the 360-degree video content.

You may also go through some of those cameras as they are presently trending across the web.

During the camera shoot of 360 views, it is very important to remember that everything around you will be there along with you in the picture too.

When comes to editing, there are several popular platforms and tools to edit the 360-degree video content.

The video stitching is the main key thing to go with during editing as you have to obtain a spherical video view at 360 degrees.

The primary thing you have to focus is about choosing the editor for your 360-degree video editing with the exact dimensions.

The settings are different from one device to other and one editor to other. The 360-degree video stitching plays a key role in output.

The 360-degree video can deliver the 4K and HD output basing on the camera and its capability. But comparatively, with the VR editing, 360-degree video editing is simple and easy.

Editing of Virtual Reality video content

When editing on the nonlinear video editor software, the first thing you will face about the video is to export. Previously it is very difficult to go with the exporting of the videos but there many updated software today which made the exporting very easy.

The latest Adobe premiere software is one such updated editing software for the VR videos. you can stitch the equirectangular media which can be capable of both mono and the stereoscopic video

With the latest software for the metadata exporting like Adobe, you can now directly get on the metadata exporting to the premiere. After effects, editing can enhance the viewer experience while watching the VR video content.

The editing must not miss out the point of storytelling and its effectiveness. The editing must enhance the viewing experience and with good stabilization of the video content.

Virtual reality with the coupling of augmented reality enhances the viewing experience and can also deliver the long story telling with great immersive experience.

Finally, You can find a number of video editing editors for your video stitching and editing of VR and 360-degree videos.

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