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eCommerce Video Marketing: Powerful eCommerce Video Trends in 2020



The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Video Marketing

Ways to execute an eCommerce Video Strategy to Increase Your Sales & Traffic

Ecommerce is like an ocean, and you must dive with your skill with the perfect strategy to shot the success target. E-commerce business greatly increased from the past few years and marketers were targeting the consumers with different tactics and making the audience into their customers on their sites. They are trying to grab customer attention and making them purchase more than they want to buy from them. It is tough for a new startup to face the heavy competition that is facing in the present eCommerce business through eCommerce Video Marketing strategies.

Every business need recognition and must stamp a better identity among the other sites. So, the strategy must be executed in a right way with perfect planning.

Apply your strategy by connecting with audience on your blogs

Maintain the blogs for your eCommerce site and post the related content that audience is interested in and make a view line scrolling on your website which allows the audience to land on your blog to watch your video content. So, maintain URL and get linked with the audience with newsletters in their mailbox with attractive video ad.

Become social and react to the people queries

Some eCommerce sites didn’t bother the negative comments and queries that usually people were asking. Don’t do that, if the comment that was made by the audience was genuine, then interact with them in real-time and answer them about your products and their questions. That makes you build the audience towards your site.

Tips for Better eCommerce Video Result

Ecommerce is the biggest thing in business. Every small startup to the large-scale business holders was going online and making their presence even better by reaching millions of people with different social media platforms and by constructing the blogs and websites. There is a huge competition in eCommerce, and many businesses were competing one another for the better identity. Majority of the marketers were switching to the

Construct good website with responsive design

Mobile devices are playing a great role in the advertising online as people were surfing the internet via smart devices. More than 89 percent people were shopping via smartphones on eCommerce websites. So, you must focus on the responsive designing of the website succeed in eCommerce marketing. The website must be perfectly suited and must be compatible with the mobile screens that are in use to reach the consumers.

Connect with social media and use it professionally

Social media are the great way to connect some billions of consumers online. So, you can make your eCommerce business profile pages and maintain your blog and get connected with every platform like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube etc. always share the content via social media.

Create better videos like product videos, testimonial videos, demonstration videos, beauty tutorials…

Create the videos, not for just advertising but, create them for people and your consumers. The product related and the tutorial videos are beneficial for the consumers, and they can attract them towards your site

Ecommerce Video Advertising Trends

Ecommerce business is very vast, and today every retailer was transforming their business to online. They are focusing on their websites and especially on advertising. When comes to advertising online, Video advertising was one of the most effective ones to target the audience online towards your site. The marketer targets the audience interests and the growth of their sales. They explore the link between the audience and videos and they are trying to attract the consumers online towards their products or services by following various trends in eCommerce. Here are some interesting trends in eCommerce video advertising.

Responsive web designing

More than seventy percent people were watching the videos from the smart devices. They are also spending their time on eCommerce websites to know about the offers and latest updates from different stores. So, marketers are targeting the responsive web designing and following this trend to make their marketing videos compatible with the mobile screens. That is the most important point that must be focused to grab the customer attention.

Product videos in eCommerce

The description of the products and services help the consumers as well as they also like to watch the videos to know more information about the product they are going to buy. It is ongoing trend that every online retailer was following online today.

Demonstration videos

Some demonstration and working videos are also one of the trends in eCommerce. The videos become a guide for the consumers and they can learn how to use the products and everything about what they had ordered. This made them to come again to the same store for the best support that marketers are provided with video tutorials, guides and many other things only in the form of videos.

Using YouTube Video for eCommerce Marketing

Video is the best way to convey your words into the hearts of the audience. There is no other form of advertising that is effective than the videos. When comes to the word Video at once, the name of the platform that strikes in every mind is “YouTube”. Yes, YouTube is the biggest video searching platform on the web which allows the marketers, artists, individuals to with their favourite videos with a free account to reach millions of people across the globe. It is the effective platform to succeed with your marketing tactics. YouTube will be there in every marketer’s strategy when they plan videos.

YouTube is very helpful for the eCommerce marketers in the following ways in marketing

Go with your ads on YouTube

YouTube offers various types of ads for the marketers to advertise on its platform. So, marketers can use the true view ads and can sign into the platform with skippable video ads that can display the videos with affordable marketing expenses. So, it is the best way to reach the millions of people on YouTube platform.

video advertising for their eCommerce business leads. Here are some tips for the eCommerce video for better results.

Use the metrics

YouTube also provides the metrics about the engagement of the videos and the present view count and growth and depletion reports for the marketers. The analytics on YouTube can be very helpful for the marketers to edit their videos as well as to succeed in achieving the better branding on the platform with the videos.

Go with product descriptions and eCommerce testimonials

When comes to eCommerce business, a buyer wants to know about the product clearly before having it. So, the marketers must take the chance with the videos and make some product demonstrations to educate the customer about the product they are interested. So, you can make one and share via YouTube and embed the links. Testimonials made the consumers confident about what they are getting from the eCommerce store.

Using Facebook Video for eCommerce Marketing

Facebook is the leading platform and most engaging social media today. Many marketers were already connected with Facebook and started advertising with the latest features of the Facebook platform. Videos have great attention from the audience, and even marketers are thinking creatively while making their videos for marketing. Facebook platform is also allowing the video content on its news feed, which can reach millions of people. Even many marketers were also expected that Facebook platform would very soon compete the YouTube platform in quality and advertising.

Facebook autoplay videos

You can use the Facebook autoplay video feature to advertise the products or services offered from your eCommerce business. Know your objective and convey the audience with 30 seconds video, which will be auto-played on the Facebook platform in three different locations within Facebook. The autoplay videos play without sound automatically without clicking. Facebook auto-play videos Grab the attention and curiosity of the audience about the video. So, whenever the users click on to the video, it can be viewed in full screen with sound.

Facebook real-time analytics for marketers especially for Ecommerce

The real-time analytics services offered by the Facebook will provide the marketers with the video analytics by analyzing their views and length of the videos and at which part the audience are interesting in and at which part they are not much interested. so, accordingly, marketers can edit the videos and target the sales leads.

Using TikTok Video for eCommerce Marketing

TikTok app become very famous and attracted many young people towards it. It allows the users to record short videos which can be able to share on the social networks. Millions of people are using the TikTok App. The users can shoot the videos simply and also can edit accordingly. As there is a great demand for the videos in the present digital marketing era, eCommerce marketers were also focused on the TikTok application for their marketing.

Using TikTok to showcase the products

TikTok videos captured by the smartphones with iOS or Android platform. The videos of the products can be shooting in a 360-degree view and can share to the audience. The marketers must keep the quality and clarity of the videos. You can demonstrate your product video with a stop-motion photography.

Building brand with TikTok videos

TikTok videos were also useful in effective brand building. The main thing with the TikTok videos is, you must maintain the quality and convey the audience what you want to tell them about your product or services in short span. The video must be designed with complete focus on your target.

Engage more audience with TikTok

Short form videos have great demand in the market as the people didn’t want to waste their valuable time in watching the videos that are related to products. They just look at what they exactly want and that is the reason why they choose online marketing. So, TikTok is the perfect platform for the marketers to reach large audience within a short period.

Common eCommerce Video Marketing Mistakes

With the rise of e-commerce platforms and video marketing practices, the e-commerce business was also turned towards video advertising to promote their services and products to the audience. The audience is like to prefer watching the videos to know about the products and services, and these days, they are not interested in reading the content related to your company and the services you are offering. So, it is the time for Video marketing for e-commerce, many e-commerce companies have already got succeeded with the video marketing, but some are failed to do because of some common mistakes in video marketing for e-commerce. So, let us explore those common errors in e-commerce video marketing.

Traffic Estimations

Many e-commerce companies are making the biggest mistake while estimated the traffic towards their website. The number of visitors and the traffic estimation is difficult, but they can go with the Checking of the hosting plan or CDN to scale the things. So, the website must be capable of withstanding the traffic. So, there will not be any delay in website loading time. If it not done correctly, then the e-commerce companies can lose their consumers. Traffic Estimations is the common mistake that was going with E-commerce companies in video marketing.

Videos are not optimizing to mobile

Today, there is a rapid growth in the usage of video via mobile devices. Many e-commerce video marketers failed because they are not getting optimised their websites and video to mobile formats. Some companies failed in an optimisation of Mobile devices. It is also one of the common mistake in ecommerce video marketing.

Confusing Checkouts

Some e-commerce marketers are providing the consumers with long steps to checkout from the site, which leads to the retention of audience attention towards your video content and website. Remove the bulky advertisements on the site and don’t let the consumers confused during the checkout and registration steps.

Lengthy Videos

People are not interested in long videos, so, make it short and interesting. So that the customers can approach in a positive way towards your products.

Irrelevant Content

Some e-commerce companies are not focusing on the relevancy, and they are just playing a game with irrelevant content on their sites to gain traffic. Irrelevant Content will not work well for a long time and leads to severe marketing failure as customers lose trust in your site.


Some e-commerce companies are not focusing on the cross-platform advertising, and they are just going with the single platform and not exploring anything. It is also one of the common mistakes. Targeting a particular platform is not a mistake, but only that platform for promotion is the mistake. So, go beyond the single one and promote your e-commerce ads on different platforms.

10 Key Steps to Plan Your eCommerce Video Marketing Strategy

So here you are, looking for steps to plan video marketing strategy for the eCommerce site. As you already know, many online retailers do not doubt whether to pursue video in their strategy or not but want to know how to choose the right video strategy. Here is the complete guide to eCommerce Video Marketing Strategy.

A well planned video marketing strategy is effective in brining results. let us now see the important steps to plan the video marketing strategy for the eCommerce sites.

1. Though it is good to have video content for every product on the eCommerce site, it is wise to start small.

2. Choose few products and see what impact the videos can produce.

3. Video marketing strategy for e-commerce site should focus on popular products on the site that are receiving good volume of traffic.

4. The center of video marketing strategy for the e-commerce site should be the needs of the visitors.

5. Shoppers are greatly influenced by what other users say about the product. Video reviews that help in increasing sales.

6. Another powerful trigger for shoppers is unboxing videos. Unboxing videos are the most powerful type of videos on YouTube.

7. How-to-videos can help clear the doubts about products for the online shoppers.

8. Producing original content will help to sell niche products and brands.

9. Curating the video content created by others is another option. Content shared on social media is also a smart strategy.

10. Track the performance of the videos. Find how the videos are engaging the customers to the e-commerce site.

The type of videos that are required by the e-commerce sites online depends on the type of products sold. Luxury retailers may require brand videos produced professionally and niche stores may require user videos to engage new customers. Choose videos that reflect the philosophy of the store.

12 Intelligent Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales via YouTube

Video marketing is an effective tool for successfully digital marketing.   Through the marketing video, you can explain the product features, how to use the product or service, etc. that is sure to increase sales.   A product description video proved to bring new customers to eCommerce Sales via YouTube. Here are a few ways in which eCommerce Salescan be increased via YouTube. Here are the 12 Intelligent Ways to Increase e-Commerce Sales via YouTube.

Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales

1.Make a video that answer all the questions of the customers about the product. When the customers have confusion, he is not going to buy anything.  Thus FAQ YouTube videos are the best way to increase customer conversions.

2.Don’t create videos to attract new customers. Instead, make the customer experience better for the existing ones.  A satisfied customer will bring more customers.

3.Allow your viewers to share your YouTube video.  This helps to expand the brand.

4.When the content is relevant and unique more people would watch your video and this expands your audience.

5.Create your YouTube marketing videos more informative.

6.Using annotation perfectly in YouTube video is sure to generate leads.

7.Having a product description YouTube video increases the chance for the e-commerce business to get better rank in Google search results.

8.People love watching videos which are easier than reading content.  Videos keep the customers engaged and can influence them to purchase the product.

9.With YouTube marketing videos, it is possible to emotionally connect with the customers.

10.If you are selling a technical product, make a video that explains the technical information so that consumers easily understand them.

11.Online sales can be increased with the videos that help visitors in product selection.

12.There is no need to spend much for creating a marketing video. Just take care that your video is informative, short and interesting.  This automatically increases conversion rate.

E-commerce Video Marketing Statistics

72% of the people prefer video text over on E-commerce product Videos.

Introducing Product Videos on the landing page will increase by 86% of the Conversions.

According to the Survey, 56% of digital marketing spending increased by 2020.

The average spent on E-commerce Video Advertising is $10 million.

More than 73% of the buyers say that they watch product videos before buying the product.

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