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Top 10 e-Sports Streaming Websites

e-sports Streaming Websites

Most of the gamers from casual gamers to professionals live stream their gameplay. E-sports space grew with the help of streaming and is developing at a rapid pace making the streaming websites very important. Streaming also helps to pick up tips and tricks from best players. Here is the list of top e-sports streaming websites.

e-Sports Streaming Websites

1. Azubu is a video streaming service that can be customized. It is easy to get live feeds online. There is sleeker and intuitive interface video player.

2. Dailymotion games are exclusive service for gamers. This is attracting causal players and e-sports championships.

3. Hitbox is equally popular as Twitch and is considered an alternative. Large audiences can be reached by streamers and broadcasters. It provides a faster and cleaner steaming experience.

4. InstaGib is another streaming website for which is exclusively designed for gamers. This is a free service.

5. YouTube gaming is an e-streaming video service that allows sharing, connecting and chatting with the users. There is also a dedicated mobile app.

6. Twitch is the popular e-sports streaming website. This is owned by Amazon ad is used in e-sports tournaments.

7. U-stream service is capable of handling more bandwidth compared to many other live streaming sites. Thus is used by enterprises.

8. Steam Broadcasting is a website on which the players can watch others play. They can even help the live chat feature if they are stuck on a difficult level.

9. Veetle allows uploading of video formats and is used by most mobile device users.

10. DeNa gaming stream is popular with the Japanese gamers.

There are many other e-sports streaming websites apart from those mentioned above. Some of them can be used completely for free. Choose the one according to your requirement and learn the skills and build confidence.

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