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Do’s and Don’ts of Twitch LiveStream

Twitch LiveStream

What is Twitch? Not to be left behind in the sector of content promotion Inc also started its own services under the name and style of Twitch. Originally starting its journey as Justin TV, the original activities included video gaming, VoD, etc. Initially, the ventured enjoyed good response with 45 million unique viewers, and Twitch LiveStream was considered (way back in February 2014) as the 4th largest source of peak internet traffic in the US.

During August 2014, Justin TV rebranded as Twitch Interactive indicating their shift in focus to branching out into music-related streams and content. During 2015, Twitch had 1.5 million broadcasters & 100 million visitors per month. Twitch is designed to be a platform for video game related content and it also ventured into non-gaming content. It is also active in music streams.

Twitch aims to provide the best social video platform created with an option for the users to interact in real time. With this aim in mind, Twitch has been very strict and encourages its users to participate in such way that promotes safe& positive experience, for its global audience. Twitch has been keeping its right to suspend any account of its users (for conduct to be inappropriate or harmful) and the methodology to decide inappropriate behaviour is kept secret by Twitch. Of course, there is an option to appeal to the users, but the channel’s decision is final – to suspend or withdraw suspension.

The channel is implementing the dos and don’ts for it, users. Brief summary of the list is as detailed below:

Dos (for the users of Twitch):

• Respect all applicable laws – local, national & international.

• Promote entirely original work/content that could be copyright protected.

• Adhere to applicable copyrights laws including fair use.

• Obtain all required rights before broadcasting.

• Promote content featuring performances only within Twitch Creative.

• Promote live music performance & creation on Twitch Creative. Do ensure that the live music content should be original – both audio and video.

Don’ts (for the users of Twitch):

• Don’t put any content or activity featuring illegal activity.

• Don’t attempt to circumvent a site-wide or chat suspension as the suspensions are binding until expiration or removal (of suspension) upon appeal.

• Don’t evade suspension as it will increase the length of suspension which may ultimately lead to an indefinite suspension of the account.

• Don’t promote any content that is likely to endanger life –of self or others. Examples include suicide threats, use of illegal drugs etc.

• Don’t indulge in targeted harassment, threats and violence against others – both users and nonusers.

• Don’t indulge promotion of hate speech – based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, religion or nationality.

• Don’t impersonate an individual or organization.

• Don’t promote content including phishing, authorized advertisement as the same may disrupt, interrupt, harm or otherwise violates the integrity of Twitch services.

• Don’t encourage pornography and sexually explicit conduct including exploitation of minors.

• Don’t encourage nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behavior.

• Don’t publish content that exclusively focuses on extreme or gratuitous gore & violence.

• Don’t promote unauthorized rebroadcasts and/or other copyright violations.

• Concerning to gaming conduct, Twitch advises its users to avoid cheating in online games, broadcasting prohibited games or games before official release date.

• Don’t indulge covering someone else’s music, lip-syncing/impersonation on Twitch Creative.

As Twitch has been able to constantly increase its viewer base through innovative concepts, the users need to adhere to the code of conduct implemented by the channel and ensure they are fair in promoting their content on this channel.

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