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10 Reasons Why People Don’t Watch Your YouTube Videos

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YouTube is like a video ocean, and it is not an easy thing to grab the audience attention towards your video. Creators are putting their efforts in the creation of new video with various specifications and equipment and finally uploading to the YouTube to count the engagement. Brands and companies are also going with their new video content to reach their targeted audience. But, many videos are just not getting any views and engagement from the audience. There will be several reasons behind why your video not connected with the audience. Here are some top reasons why your YouTube video is not reaching the people.

People unable to find your video

Your video needs to optimize in order to get identified among the crowd and People must find your video in search results. Try to concentrate on the keyword research to reach the audience.

Lack of information

People may find your video but unable to know more about your video which made them go away from your videos. So you must need a good description of the video which must convey why you have uploaded this video to the audience. So, it’s time to optimise the video description.

No reason to watch

People may think there is no use of watching your video and no reason. So, why not give them a reason to watch your content within the description and title itself.

Over promotion of your company or your product

Over promotion of yourself and your products or services will not work to increase your reach towards audience because audience need useful content whatever the purpose may. So, though you are creating some promotional video, you must not target blindly about your services. Try to create something useful to the audience.

Your social media promotion is weak

Social media plays a great role in your video success. Because it is the social media that can take your video to reach the people. So try to post and promote your video across social media platforms.

Self-hosting on zero traffic sites

Hosting your video across the websites which don’t have much traffic will not get you good engagement levels. So try to choose the best platforms to host your YouTube videos online in order to drive the traffic.

You are not linking or embedding

Another reason behind why your video is not watchable is you are not at all linking it towards your site. Linking and embedding can generate good traffic towards your site and makes your videos more watchable.


Your content is not relevant to the title or your thumbnail image may be not relevant to your videos. This is the biggest drawback.

Video length

Lengthy videos might not get good viewers as it takes a long time to watch your content. So make it short and interactive to the audience to gain good attention.

Finally, these are some of the main reasons behind why your YouTube videos are not engaging. Follow these and make a better plan.

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