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Digital Video Ad Spending in China [Report]

Digital Video Ad Spending in China

The Digital video ad spending has greatly increased with the increasing importance of the video content as it is considered to be the fastest medium to grow. Video ads provide the best level of visual content to the users and it was equal with the television as it offers the better targeting of the audience to the marketers and best experience in viewing for the viewers and audience.

Digital Video Ad Spending in China

Digital Video Ad Spending in China

Reports were revealed that more than five billion dollars were expected to spend on digital video advertising in the future. And the ad revenue on TV has greatly declined to the four percent comparing to the previous years. The online video ads and the formats are bit expensive but they can easily get the average CTR rates. The Viewability is also increased with video ads in digital marketing. When come to the China, the digital video marketing ad spend has changed and increased differently with year to year comparisons in the present market.

  • It was estimated that more than $49 billion ad investments in China were expected to be in the year 2017
  • According to 2014 census reports in Digital video ad spending in China was revealed as RMB 36 billion and raised in the year 2015.
  • China spent RMB5.49 billion video ads on mobile devices in the year 2015
  • More than one-third of the companies expenditures were spending on the digital video advertising in China.
  • The mobile devices were acquiring the high CPM rates with the digital ad spending in the country.
  • The digital ad spending in the year 2013 was reported to be 340 percent
  • 31.9 percent in the year 2014 and expected to be 34 percent.
  • It was also estimated to be 36 percent and in 2017 it may cross 38 percent ad revenue in the country.

China Online Video marketing statistics

China is one of the largest countries in the video marketing too. It has a great number of viewers online and more than 450 million viewers are connected to the internet. That means more than eighty percent of the people in China were connected with the videos. According to the 2015 marketing statistics in China, it was reported as more than 500 million video viewers are from China and expected to be crossing 700 million in the year 2016.

  • China online video market had reached $3.89 billion.
  • According to the research reports, it was noted as that China online Video market has exceeded 6.18 billion with an increase of 220.5 %
  • The ad revenue was increased from the business was reached to 53 percent and 40 percent increase.
  • More than 438 million people in China were watching the online video
  • More than 300 million users in China were accessing the data plans with their mobiles.
  • According to the research reports, it was revealed that the online video
  • Users in China were raised 74 percent referring to the consumption of video.
  • The social video viewers in China was exceeded 142 million
  • The number of users expected by the end of the year 2015 was 250 million
  • The China internet watching users have increased to 7.5 percent comparing to the previous year’s consumption in the country.
  • The Chinese market transaction value in social video market was 600 million US dollars which were notably increased about 54 percent QoQ.
  • The users who are using the social media services were accounted as 93 percent in China.
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