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Difference between TV Ads & YouTube Ads

TV Ads YouTube Ads

There is a huge competition taking place between the TV ads and YouTube ads. But everyone choosing YouTube for promotion and the YouTube advertising cost is reasonable for the ads we promote.

Advertisements are important to make the products of the companies reach the customers. Advertisements are a part of the marketing process to introduce the products to customers. With changing equations, the effect of print media was reduced with the introduction of television a few decades ago. There is a huge difference between TV Ads & YouTube Ads. Now social networks such as Twitter, Google, Facebook and YouTube are being used by companies to reach a large number of audience.

Television has become a central point for lakhs and crores rupees worth businesses. Five to ten seconds advertisements, scrolling advertisements are helping the television to earn few thousand crores of rupees. Because of the reach and accessibility of television, big companies and industries consider television as the main platform for releasing their products in a market.

The Internet is now reaching even remote areas, and this is leading to major brands shifting their focus to social platforms such as YouTube for advertising. YouTube commercials are now being considered more effective to reach young customers. There are few differences between TV ads and YouTube ads.

TV advertising is costlier as to reach the large target audience, one has to select a prime time space. The advertiser will never know how many people watched the advertisement. Some people hate to watch advertisements on television in between the programs and change the channel. It is also said that most of the people who watch television nowadays are elderly and the perfect way to reach the younger generations to increase the sales is to make use of YouTube advertising.

When advertising on YouTube, the advertiser will pay based on the views. Advertising on YouTube is also affordable and moreover engaging. It is possible to know how many times the advertisement watched on YouTube, how many times clicked and what the cost per view is. On YouTube, the advertiser can decide to whom he wants to show the advertisement. It is also difficult to plan to get consistent ROI with television advertising.

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