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What is DFP Video Advertising?


Do you want to go beyond the regular ways of launching video ad campaigns?

Have you tired of using the non-sticky video campaigns that are being dead in your channel?

Is there any exciting video advertising strategy that gives full refreshment while running the video ad?

DoubleClick for Publishers video advertising is the one you are looking for.

Is it sounds something aggressive then just go through the below phrases.

DFP Video Advertising

In this type of advertising, the video ads are served along with the original video content while the video is playing at the audiences. This process is similar to the TV ads that means as the ads are displayed during the show.

If your videos are already rolling at the audiences, then these will help to have higher revenue. It is the best way for the publishers to launch the vast video ad campaigns.

As the Audience engagement increases, the need for most advanced features increases.

Categorization of Video and Display Ads

Mainly based on three factors the video and display ads have been categorized by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Impression counting:

Display ads: When the ad is requested then the impression count starts.

Video: If the video ad is playing then the impression will be counted.

Tracking Events:

Display ads: This can be done by considering the clicks and impressions.

Video: The metrics can be used to measure the reach of video to the audiences.

Where the ad serves:

Display ads: The ad slot will be empty before serving the display creative ad. After that, the page will be served by the creative ad.

Video: The video player will play the content of another on the page before serving the video creative.

Supporting Ad formats of DFP

To launch the DFP video advertising, three types of ads are more flexible.

Linear video ads:

This type of ad format will be used to launch the video ads in the original video as the pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads to play the ad in the starting, middle, and the end of the video plays. It facilitates the advertisers to create an innovative ad by applying visual and audio effects that are having higher demand.

Non-linear ads:

It will not interrupt playback, and the ads will be displayed during the video content playback.

Campaign ad:

These ads will be displayed in the original video and will be appearing on the page of the video player.

Video player and ad serving

The video player plays the common role to display the video content and also the video ads on your website. This video technology partner can provide, or we can build our own. The video player should be VAST-compliant to have the DFP video advertising.

Principles for serving video ads:

Video Ad Serving Template (VAST): VAST XML and VAST chain must have a direct line for very tag we use. It will not support HTTP redirection. It is the standard to track and serve the video ads.

Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlists (VMAP): The multiple video ad playlists can be managed to make a schedule.

Video Player Ad Interface Definition (VPAID): This is the interface will play a role to make communication between the video player and video ad.

Integrated Video Players and Video Platforms

Here online video platforms and video ad serving platforms will collaborate with the Google. The online video platforms will enable us to maintain the video content by proving the video player. The video ad serving platform will generate the video monetization platform for the video player.

List of video ad serving platforms:


Features through video platforms:

Adsense for video
DFP video
Video on the Ad Exchange
Adsense for games
Games on the Ad Exchange


To make your campaign to roll on the multiple screens that drive continues audience engagement with various ad formats just go on using the DFP video advertising. It is one of the best services from the most reliable brand ambassador Google. With the addition of all these, it helps to have more revenue than regular.

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