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Decentralized Live Streaming using Blockchain

Decentralized Live Streaming

Video streaming has become the second most Innovation Technology at the End of 20th century. Many Innovative technology Companies are importing Blockchain technology to build next-generation Content Delivery Networks and business models for Decentralized Live Streaming.

According to the stats, more than 67% of the Internet traffic comes from the video streaming. The new streaming technologies promised that Decentralised Live streaming is more efficient and using new distributed Blockchain technology in their Business.

What is Decentralised Application?

Are You looking to build a Scalable and Profitable Application?

Bitcoin Interoduced on its own! Come up software called decentralized Applications with the features of Cryptographically sorted order, Peer-peer technology, and scarce-asset models.This is massively transparent, distributed and more flexible when compared to the current software models.

What is Decentralized Live Streaming?

The current streaming system has shifted their balance power with the online content creation and Monetization. No Live streaming system is without the issues especially the problem occurs to the Entrepreneurs at the time of monetising their creative content through streaming providers.

The streaming service providers have a host of complaints about transaction cost, Privacy and centralisation issues. So the companies unanimously go for the Blockchain System.

A streaming platform only provides a single interface for data delivery and to make payments and make these payments tradable they introduced Datacoin.

The decentralised data streaming uses a decentralised P2P network where no one node has a connection with each other. That means no one node is instructing the other node.

The Bitcoin is decentralised because if one node fails, the network is still operating through other, other node support.
Many companies use decentralised networks for content creation and distribution. These systems support Blockchain technology that allows creators and distributors pay on their own with the help of tokens.

Role of Blockchain on Video Streaming

The Blockchain technology is growing faster regarding its diversity as well known through cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin. The Decentralised technology using blockchain can reduce unnecessary mediators and provides direct medium to the users. The blockchain massively replicated database of all transactions on Bitcoin Network.

The Blockchain technologies have branched out their cryptocurrencies on Trading and implementing the number of practical services has increased. When we consider Video streaming service companies, video streaming companies have become popular on blockchain services. Various companies are encouraging the video streaming services to make competitive environment.

The Decentralised streaming services were encouraging users to earn and spend on the token that pushes up the streamers to create creative content for more viewing. The Blockchain Technology allows users and content creators to access and share what they like monetise and promote the quality.

There are three reasons we can say why Video streaming needs blockchain Technology.

Monetisation Of the Content:

Blockchain platforms allow users to monetize their content directly in creative ways, rather than having the centralized hub to gain reward points.The primary goal of blockchain system is tokenization.

Independence Of the Content:

Blockchain allows for Peer to Peer distribution creating the system where the independent filmmakers can directly market and distribute to their viewers and efficiently removing the centralized system.

Restriction Of The Content

Blockchain technology allows restriction free content distribution and creates distribution among the peers directly. The distributors and creators can directly sell their content to those who can consume it.

Decentralization Using Blockchain Technology

  • The video content that can be created shared and monetized by using the blockchain technology of decentralized networks. The decentralized networks are established and distributed over blockchain technology.
  • The blockchain strategy of decentralization will enable the multiple users to view the database simultaneously that can’t be changed.
  • Motivate the audiences in turning them to be the creators and distributors to share out the content.
  • It allows watching the new video content on the payment of cryptographic tokens.
  • The creator can broadcast the live video and can obtain the compensation that boosts the content performance. It all will happen within the network.
  • On the purpose of gaining the ad revenue, the creators are focusing on creating the viral content to drive the continuous engagement than to generate the user intended content while using the centralized platforms.
  • The creators can upload the online video content that they need and promote it to monetize that video content without any restrictions.
  • The decentralization through blockchain technology will make the user or creator have the full control over their video content.

Decentralization Data Streaming platforms

The video streaming industry is being transformed by the arrival of platforms of community-based video distribution.


It is completely run and owned by the users in the network that gives the full control over one’s content. It empowers the monetization strategies of creators in streaming the required content without failure through decentralization of the video content.


It is one of the top trending decentralized live video streaming platforms that use blockchain technology to broadcast the content safely and securely. It allows the creators to participate in monetization.


It provides the complete customer’s satisfaction through the blockchain technology of composing the decentralized video content that drives the real traffic. It allows the creators to earn the income for the creation of the content.


It is one of the leading decentralized live streaming platforms to deliver the live video gaming basing on the blockchain technology. The esports fans and gamers can make use of this platform to reach the real-time audiences through the live video gaming streaming.


The live video streaming through the involvement of decentralized blockchain technology will helps to launch the continuous data streaming by reaching the real-time audiences. This technology helps creators to add the monetization.

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