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Dan Howell YouTube Channel

Dan Howell, born in England is a popular YouTuber. His YouTube channel danisnotonfire has the largest number of subscribers. It has over 6,062,766+ numbers of subscribers and 579,766,720+ video viewers. The channel launched in 2006 and the number of uploads is 130+.

Dan Howell created a trailer introducing himself and promising that he will make the audience laugh. The trailer created for his channel DanIsNotOnFore. He targeted the young audience, and he understands well that youngsters do not spend much time in front of the television but prefer laptops as their companions.

Dan Howell has many online subscribers who are very loyal and wait for new video content to be uploaded by him. Howell does not disappoint his fans and regularly publishes his new videos. The viewers for his channel are mostly in the age group of 14 – 25 years and are from various countries such as US, US, Australia, Sweden and other countries in the world.

There are many reasons for the success of Dan Howell including the way he markets his videos. He uses social media sites to promote his videos. His content is original, and he presents his videos in a very appealing manner that his audience keeps coming back to his channel. Being one of the most successful YouTuber, Dan Howell knew what his audience look for from him. When a web series made, the new video should come out on the same day every week.


Conversing with the audience is an effective way to engage them. Howell and his friend Phil Lester uploaded a video on their channel a couple of years ago which was titled the AmazingDan and answered the questions of the viewers. After becoming very successful on YouTube, Howell and his fellow YouTuber are offered to host a show on BBC Radio 1.

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