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Cross Screen TV Advertising – The Next Big Thing


Cross-screen advertising is the most talked about topic since few years. People are consuming content on various devices such as televisions, smartphones, tablets and desktops and are no longer tied to the television sets. Advertisers are observing the shifting attention of the users and are taking their campaigns across screens. Cross-screen advertising is running the campaigns across different channels separately. Let us now see what is cross-screen TV advertising.

What is Cross-screen TV Advertising?

Studies proved that same content is consumed differently on different devices. The level of engagement is also different on different devices. However, the engagement of people for advertisement on Television is more compared to other second screens. Most people who watch TV ads could recall what they watched than those who watched the same ad on other devices. The one size fits all rules are not applicable for cross-screen advertising.

Cross screen TV advertising is the overlap between traditional television and digital world. This allows the advertisers to target effectively and measure the reach. The audience is fragmented across devices and it is becoming difficult for the advertisers to reach their target audience.

Marketers should make their presence on whatever device the consumer is accessing the content. Why then they should separate television, smartphones and digital ad campaigns. Why not create a strategy that includes all the three. Cross screen TV campaign works when all the three types of devices are used effectively to engage the user. Measuring the results of cross-screen TV advertising is a difficult part.

Cross-Screen TV Advertising Solutions and Platforms 

Cross-screen advertising solutions and platforms address the second screens such as mobiles and desktops but television occupies biggest ad budgets. There is some software that helps reach across television also.

• TubeMogul cross screen software allows the advertisers to buy ads across different screens and measure the reach accurately. Use this platform to reach the right consumers at the right place on the right device.

• RhythmOne offers cross-platform digital advertising solutions. Maximize ROI by using RhythmOne that gives the ability to target segments across all devices.

• helps to make a meaningful connection between the devices on which the content is accessed and the consumer. ID reconciliation, cross-screen association and data management are the three important things that make Bluecava a powerful tool.

• Videology is one of the leading ad platforms. Customers who use this platform can optimize digital video and also TV advertising.

Cross-Screen TV Advertising Market statistics 

There is a big change in the way advertisers are reaching their audience online. The advertisers and marketers now need to reach their target customers across televisions, laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. The days of measuring the ad success with browser cookies are not there now. The real challenge now is to reach the consumer on different devices they are using to access the internet. Cross screen TV advertising campaigns are continuing to grow. Cross screen TV advertising campaigns increased by at least fifty percent since the last year. Most brands are using television advertising campaigns in conjunction with a digital presence. This is important because one-third of the TV viewers check online for information about the product that he just watched a television ad. It is also proved that eighty percent of these searches happen within minutes after the ad is aired on television.

Advertising on television though is a traditional method, it has two major benefits and these are the audience reach and the second is the advertiser can tell audio and visual brand stories created greater emotional engagement.

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