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The Ultimate Guide to Creative Commons on YouTube

The Ultimate Guide To Creative Commons On YouTube

YouTube use the creative commons license in the content that is uploaded on its platform. While marking the videos, the YouTube users can use the Creative Commons CC by license. A signature is a generation to the video automatically.

The source video title also will appear in the title below the video player. Copyright of the video remains with the creator and others can reuse the video but under terms of the license.

There are different ways to look for creative content licensed videos on YouTube. There are websites which are the best places to find creative commons licensed videos. Type in the search term and at the end includes the word ‘creative commons’. Related videos with creative commons license will appear.

To use the YouTube creative commons in making the videos, go to the YouTube editor and creative commons videos.

Choose the video you want o edit and incorporate in the project.

Use the YouTube search bar to find the videos to use. Go to and select the CC tab.

Select ‘Creative Commons Attribution License’ on video description of the upload page. The source title of the videos will appear in the video player.

The videos in which creative common license videos are used, other people can share and reuse them as long as they give credit to the maker of the video.

Creative Commons licenses are the way to grant permission to others to use the work by content creators. Content makers can mark their videos with CC By license.

The videos marked thus can be accessed by YouTube users in their videos or commercially using the Video Editor of YouTube. Videos on which there is content ID claim cannot be marked with Creative Commons License.

Only original videos can be marked and the right to reuse and edit them is granted to entire YouTube community.

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