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50 Design Principles for Creating Effective Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can engage the potential customers. Businesses can get benefit from these explainer videos as these familiarize the business. It is however not easy to create the right explainer video. The right explainer video can clearly describe the business and drives sales. Here are design principles for creating killer explainer videos.

Explainer Videos

1. Define the target audience 

2. Know about your audience because it is important to know about the people whose attention you want to capture.

3. Don’t simply introduce the brand, service or product.

4. Write an engaging and short story to introduce yourself and your products.

5. Viewers love to watch catchy stories.

6. See that the explainer video is not long to bore the audience.

7. Keep the videos short and sweet. Don’t try to give many details in the short time in the single video.

8. Attention spans of the audience are very short on the internet. Video length is definitely having an effect on audience engagement.

9. The ideal video length is around 2 minutes.

10. Use the services of a professional voiceover artist.

11. Ensure that the background music is not annoying the audience. It should be pleasant and nice.

12. Choose the music carefully and see that it matches with the video mood.

13. Use short and impressive visual elements in the video as this help capture attention.

14. At the same time do not focus on visual gimmicks. Concentrate on delivering the right message.

15. Always keep in mind how the target audience is going to receive the video.

16. Focus on a specific niche.

17. If you are targeting different niche, create several explainer videos.

18. Considering multilingual dub also helps to increase viewership and reach a maximum number of audience.

19. Surprise the audience by offering something that they are not expecting from you. This helps gain the attention.

20. The design of the video should be according to the target market.

21. When creating explainer videos, focus on the age segment of the audience.

22. The success of explainer video depends on how well the script is written.

23. Choose someone to write the script neatly and in a way that can be understood by anyone.

24. Shorter is the better is the typical rule of thumb in video marketing and this applies to the explainer videos as well.

25. The longer the videos, the fewer attention people are going to pay to it.

26. Address the problems that the customers are facing in the video.

27. Introduce the product or service you are offering as the answer to the problem they are facing.

28. Briefly, describe the product or service.

29. Include a call to action.

30. Do not talk about technical nonsense but tell people how the product or service is going to make to make their lives better.

31. Ensure that the audio is of great quality. A bad audio can ruin a video faster.

32. Remember people love to be entertained.

33. Add an element such as humor, a surprise to the video.

34. Put the message in the first 30 seconds of the video.

35. Speak to the audience directly.

36. Show the things that the audience cares for.

37. Do not try explaining things that the audience already knows. Focus on what new things they want to know.

38. Make the audience trust you.

39. Choose the tone of the video carefully.

40. Decide what you want from the video and what you want your audience to do at the end of the video.

41. Follow these four things for the explainer video. Present a problem first.

42. Introduce a solution to the problem.

43. Explain how the product or service can help to solve the problem.

44. Drive viewers to take action.

45. Avoid lifeless content in the video.

46. Do not use more than 150 words of dialogues in a one minute video.

47. Make sure the videos are engaging and easily understandable.

48. Never compromise on the quality of the video.

49. Choose the right video hosting platform.

50. Integrate the video with your site. Marketing the video well.

An explainer video is a great tool to grow the market for the brand, product or service. Being creative can help gain maximum advantage from this powerful tool. The right explainer video can help dramatically boost the conversion.

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