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Top 10 Apps To Create Music Videos

Top 10 Apps To Create Music Videos

Shooting and sharing videos is not an easy task. Video editing is the biggest task over past years requires lots of memory in your CPU, big RAM, and much more equipment. But now, Creating Music Videos is quick and easy task a single smartphone can do it.

Hundreds of apps available in the market shooting, to edit the videos and sharing.The inbuilt and intensive tools in the apps can do everything.You just need to get new phones with new apps enough for shooting music videos.

There are a variety of apps for creating motion videos, virtual reality videos, action cum funny videos the app can automatically create all this stuff. Let us see in depth one by one.

Apps for Music Videos Creation


FX GURU gives amazing special effects to the music lovers for creating music videos. You can add A huge custom action video effects, Motion Graphic effects. Long lasting effects that enhance creativity and share on Facebook and YouTube. Virtual Decals allow to just limit your imaginations. Amazing app for android and iOS users.

FiLMiC Pro:

Make your best music videos using an ultimate iPhone app FiLMiC Pro. It’s easy, low cast and creative app for creating your own music band with high resolution quality. All in built tool available when you buy this app.


If you would love to create your own music video using iPhones, iPad this is the best option for creating. iMovie, owned by apple company , creative and innovative tools are built in. It’s free version unless they mentioned for premium. After creating you can share it with friends through social media. Shoot by your own or add multiple element edit and share your band.

Android Vid Pro:

The best app for Android users to split, merge, trim and add music to the videos and share as a music album. You can delete middle parts of the video in editing. It converts all your audio files to video format. To wallpapers it Sets video frames. The new version can give effective results to your music videos. It supports 3g formats for transcoding. It is ad free for commercial users.

Pinnacle Studio Pro:

The best music video editing app for iPad. Compared to the iMovie the advanced option for creating music videos with Pinnacle Studio Pro premier version. It started in early 90’s when desktop computers running editing with desktop style videos. This feature work for touchscreen also editing, creating, shooting, snapping the pics , zooming and adding sound systems.


Splash focus on 360 degree videos just like snapchat video on mobiles. It can access for iPhones, iPads, android devices and all smartphones. This app can shoot and share all images and videos in 360 degree format that can capture from all types of smartphones and virtual reality devices. Technically it good for VR headsets and instead of the pic you can directly record 360 degree Videos and share through this app.

Power Director:

Powerdirector video app is powerful for creating music videos and action movies. It gives exciting features like motion pictures, timeline, videos, musical highlights and awesome title videos. This can shoot 4k videos in HD and soundtracks. You can add watermark to your videos and quality of 1080p. Extraordinary working environment and tool kit.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

You can create, edit and share creative music albums with Adobe Premiere Clip video editing app. This works for both iOS and android environment developed by Adobe. It’s a straightforward app to rearrange clips automatically, simple and easy to work with this. It gives seamless working environment to edit, assemble and post the videos in timelines.


At first designed for instagrammers but now it’s a masterpiece for creating music videos. Quik is relatively free , easy to work with app to create, edit and share videos, photos , soundtracks can do automatically without big strain. It works equally with the Gopro cameras work for creating music videos.
It’s free of cost giving the variety of IAP’s for creating different styles of videos and owned by GoPro.


MobCrush is now trending on worldwide live streaming on any mobiles. All app stores this app is hot for android and iOS platforms. It can stream live event and shoot live music video and share with friends. It’s trending and all distributors are ready to work with this app. You can easily work with this you need to download the app, setup, start stream enter titles for the video and stream it. It is hottest in Live TV and online.


Here we have listed the Top 10 Best Apps for Creating Music Videos.Realize the power of apps instead of doing all stuff manually. A lot more apps available in the market, but we have shortlisted some may be free, and some are premier versions.

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