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How to Convert MKV Files to MP4 Format

Most of us might have come across MKV files and these are multimedia container formats. But not all media players support these files. These can be played only on MLV compatible media players, or appropriate codec needs to download. But to watch them on devices other than computers these need to be converted to a more standard format such as MP4. There are several ways this can do.

There is free software such as Handbrake to convert the MKV files to MP4 format. PLEX is another solution for conversion of files with Windows and Mac.

There is some online converter to convert the files to MP4 format easily. The Vlc media player also can be used for the conversion.

  • To use VLC media player for conversion of MKV files into MP4 files first run the VLC media player and choose Media > to convert/save option.
  • Click on the file tab and add the file then choose the convert/save button.
  • Select the format and then click on the video codec. Select the audio and choose to keep original video track and audio track.
  • Then click the save button. Select the destination and then click the start button.
  • A progress bar will display the progression of conversion.
  • There are also many online sites that allow conversion of MKV files into MP4 files.
  • Cloud convert is one such site. This is very simple to use. Go to the homepage and upload the file.
  • Choose the audio MP4 format. Preferences can be customized. Then click the Start Conversion button.
  • After the conversion, click on the download icon.
  • There are also many online converters which are free to use.
  • The files need to be uploaded and then can be downloaded to the computer.
  • Convert these files to MP4 and then play them on all the devices on various media players.
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