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Ways to Contact YouTube Support or Customer Service Team



Contact YouTube Support

Are you frustrated to contact YouTube Support or Customer Service Team?

Is your channel struck with the unsinkable bug?

Here are the simple and easy ways to contact the YouTube Support or Customer Service Team who can detach your channel bug immediately.

Ways to Contact YouTube Support Team

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the World. Billions of active users and 1 million partners to the YouTube. It is not an easy task to contact through phone calls.

So, YouTube provided many alternative ways to contact the YouTube Customer support team. YouTube offered several online resources to submit the contact form.

Sending Email from the YouTube Account

  • Sign in to the YouTube account through YouTube mobile app.
  • Click the account ion appears on the top right.
  • Then choose the Help.
  • The select Email option will pop up in the window. It appears when your account is eligible to access.
  • If it doesn’t appear then login through the channel’s YouTube Partner Program.

Still, you are unable to contact the YouTube Support Team then use some more alternatives.

Send Feedback

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Then select the Send Feedback option.
  • Now mention the issue you are getting. Note that the more information about the issue you provide will helpful for the team to give a keen solution.
  • Attach the screenshot if you want to give a clear explanation.
  • Then click send.

YouTube Help Center

  • The Help option will appear on the left or right side of your YouTube page.
  • Then click on the Help option.
  • The Search Help bar will appear.
  • Then you can mention your query.
  • Otherwise, click on Browse All Articles at the bottom of the same Search bar that directs to YouTube Help Center.
  • Here you can find solutions to the number of queries.
  • It can help to solve your problem.

Need More Help

  • Go to the Help option on the left or right side of your YouTube page.
  • Then click on Need more help.
  • Now you can find ‘Connect with the YouTube Community Help.’
  • Click on that. Then Forum or Help Channel will appear.
  • You can choose any one of two to get the solution to your query instantly.

Contact YouTube For General Enquiries

You can Find Contact page on YouTube where you can choose the depending on the issue. For all YouTube users, it has given YouTube Global address including, Phone and fax numbers.

The phone number takes you to an automated Google switchboard which will allow you to contact the persons only if you know the extension number.

If you don’t know the extension number, you can choose from the service list regarding the advertising, Google products, Google search and appliance, recruitment and customer service. You need to pick one service at a time.

It also provides Google Website and contact mail id for further more information. For enquiries, you can send emails or visit their press room directly.

YouTube Channel Issues

There is no direct way to contact the YouTube for general enquiry. Regarding some technical and copyright issues we should fill the contact form accordingly.

Video Content Copyright issues:

You can email the YouTube [email protected] for copyright issues, give the specific information about the problem.

Content removal/reporting, Abuse issues, Misc legal issue, false complaints and Report Impersonation issues come under Copyright issues.

Technical Issues on Videos:

Technical issues occur most probably on active account some internal points when you log in the YouTube account.

Account recovery, Playback issues, site security and YouTube/Google + issues come under Technical matters.

Legal Issues:

Privacy claim issues, trademark content in videos, violation of constitutional law issues and other I.P issues including on legal matters.

Partner Program Opportunities:

If you would like to become a partner on YouTube, you take help from the YouTube customer support to join.

YouTube approached you through YouTube Partner Program Interest Form, and Partners Forum also provides you a guideline for YouTube partner program.


Among Millions of users on YouTube, only a few people came to know how to Contact YouTube Customer Support team, and the remaining people do not how to get help from the Customer Service team. Here we have described clearly on Number of ways can Contact the YouTube Support successfully.

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  1. Dave

    September 29, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    For some reason I am not able to access youtube on line anymore. I want to contact youtube but need a phone number of email. Can you help with this information?

  2. Robert A Nolen

    February 28, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    YouTube sucks. No one to talk to.

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