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What is Cloud DVR ?


The video usage had greatly increased, and the creators and distributors have to know about the change in trends to stand with the present competition. The linear television viewing has greatly increased, and the VOD, OTT services are already going well.

Cloud DVR is simple digital video recording from the cloud which may be a third-party cloud service. That means the subscriber of the Pay TV can able to record the live content by utilizing the cloud storage in a third party or other network providers without any hard drive in setup a box of home DVR.

The shows that are recorded can be watched anytime from anywhere. The VOD and other content can be stored indefinitely and can be delivered to the Setup Box. Many additional services like pausing the Live TV and recording and rewinding is also made possible.

The parallel recordings are unlimited and recording ability.

Cloud DVR Architecture

The cloud DVR technology helps the people to record the live streams, shows etc with an unlimited storage via a cloud network. The service is very appealing and users can replay the content across devices at their comfort.

The Cloud DVR is the new way towards the pay TV, cable and other telecom operations in order to attract the subscribers and increase the revenue generation.

Classic Architecture

Every cloud DVR video stream initiated with the encoding by the providers of the channel. The commercial ads are inserted basing on the geographic basis by splicing the devices.

Once it is received, the Transcoding will apply to transform the content that was incoming in a proper format for better ABR distribution.

The packaging stage will get prepared with different resolutions in possible formats. Different combinations of the codec’s, DRM, formats, and bitrates are get recorded in a high-performance large data storage center.

When it is requested by the subscriber device the ABR contents can be delivered through a streaming server towards the consumer devices. The delivery can be performed via the internet and get cached in the content delivery network to offload the systems to increase and improve the performance.

The cloud DVR service platform will be the interface between the infrastructure and the user and helps in managing the information of the recordings in an electronic program guide. The security is the main key encryption that can be applied at different locations basing on the system architecture.

The encryption is generally performed within the initial recording and was decrypted on the user’s device.

Sling TV Cloud DVR

Sling TV users can record their videos and some TV shows and also store them online to watch them later or whenever they love to watch.

It is available to the customers with Roku Hardware and the feature will expand to other additional platforms. The DVR feature works with subscribers of both slings Orange and the sling blue services.The users can record the movies, Shows and other TV episodes with full series.

Cloud DVR Platforms and Software

The cloud DVR is available on different platforms like Ericson, Comcast and many other platforms. The cloud DVR utilizes the Google drive as its cloud storage point.

The users can install a software on mobile and Pc’s which can serve as a cloud station. The software supports the built-in cameras on computers or other devices and stream over the Google drive cloud account. The software will automatically manage your storage.

Therefore the cloud DVR storage will be more helpful to the users to go to their favorite TV shows and other videos to watch later without any limit.

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