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Cloud-Based Video Analytics – The Next Big Thing

Cloud-Based Video Analytics

We may not be aware but we are using video analytics since many years. These used for motion detection, people counting dwelling time in retail stores, facial recognition, reading of license plates, check out sending alerts etc. Most businesses are using video analytics software with advanced features or their surveillance systems.

Some of the issues faced by those who are using video surveillance systems are backing up managing the recorded video streams, high-cost bandwidth usage, installation, transmitting video to and storing the video. One solution for all the above issues is cloud-based video analytics.

Cloud-based video analytics provides a storage solution which is centralized. That is expected to grow and reach a huge market size in the coming years. The demand is expected to grow as it is going to apply for security and non-security purposes by healthcare, hospitality, education, retail and entertainment industries. The customer preference insights in real time can gain with the help of cloud-based video analytics and further helps them to improve their business in cost-effective methods.

Unlike the traditional video analytics, cloud-based video analytics does not need a server on site. This system is also suitable for a surveillance system that uses more than four or five cameras. The demand for cloud-based video analytics is growing to increase among industries as this is compatible with most cameras types and they can watch the video from any camera, switching between them using mobile devices anytime. The service providers of cloud-based video analytics are expanding their services to other portfolios also.

The market size of video analytics will grow considerably by 2012, according to a study and most companies are adopting the cloud-based technologies. cloud-based technologies further increased the demand for video analytics software.

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