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Best way to Implement Cloud-based Live Video Streaming

Best way to Implement Cloud-based Live Video Streaming

Now that the Cloud is being seen as the ultimate source for many activities (mainly on IoT data), the same is holding good even for live video streaming. Once we talk about cloud (for storing, retrieving, analysis and viewing of data), it is quite natural that there is a protocol to be followed. The protocol can simply be termed as the set of rules for putting/accessing data in the cloud.

There are many protocols that are being presently used for using the cloud to live video stream. Some of them are included RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) etc. The RTSP is designed for use in entertainment & communication systems to control streaming media servers. RTSP while delivering a real-time streaming, also allows control of playback. RTMP provides an opportunity to reconnect (in the case of connection loss during file loss).

Best features that are required for implementation include:

• Scalability: There should be no 1 to 1 connection between server and client.

• HTTP support as most networks support.

• Minimization of network bandwidth usage.

Coming to best ways for implementation of cloud-based live video streaming following suggestions may come handy for the marketer:

1) Use of video switches to create visually interesting & dynamic show.

2) Multiple channel promotion.

3) Encoding – software & hardware.

4) Optimum bitrate. For single stream approach, the best format would be 1280×720 frame size feed encoded at 4 Mbps.

5) Best communication models to stream the video including public internet bandwidth, satellite, fiber or cellular technology.

6) Early start of the webcast will ensure that no mistake occurs at the live streaming.

In view of the fact that the live streaming is able to offer good platforms for the marketers to promote their products, he needs to use the best format and also best channels to ensure that his Live Video campaign is a grand success.Streambox is one of the best platform for Cloud-based Live Video Streaming

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