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Clipchamp – Share Videos Fast, Record Video Easily

Clipchamp is the only app that has been provided with the advanced services to record the video at high quality. The video uploading is the very time taken the process as it takes some minutes to hours to upload the video content on the platforms. Especially for the content creators who frequently upload the content on the platform requires a lot of patience during the uploading of the content. And sometimes the video size becomes too large and there is a need comes to compress the content. So, to avoid wasting of time here comes to a new app called Clipchamp which allows you to record compress and upload the video in a faster way.

Clipchamp is the new app which helps in converting the video formats and also used to compress the video content and enhance the easy recording and uploading of the video content easily. It also records the webcam videos. The users can also upload the content on the YouTube platform very fastly by using this application.

Working and Features

Clipchamp had released the improved version with updated technology which can able to convert the videos in the Chrome browser from your computer offline. The users can record the video through webcams up to five minutes of length. It also allows you to compress the video and convert into MP4, WMV formats. The user can also allow uploading the content directly on to the YouTube, Vimeo and as well as on to the Facebook platform too.

The content gets integrated into the Google drive. On compression, the video content with the Clipchamp, the quality of the video didn’t change. It is compatible with the Mac, Windows, chrome books, Windows PC’s etc. it also supports the video files and supports various formats. The first video upload may be slow but, it gets faster from the second video itself. It is beneficial to everyone and is user-friendly.


Clipchamp app helps your video making easier in creating the video, editing, recording and uploading sections. The article is an excellent guide to use ClipChamp app in the video production process.

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